“Prison Break” Official Clip | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

A family that plans a prison escape together, stays together ❤️ Experience Marvel Studios' Black Widow this Friday. Tickets and pre-orders available now. Marvel.com/BlackWidow

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100+ comentarios:

Hopper escaping the Russian gulag in Stranger Things Season 4.
Marvel finna break the world record for most trailers and clips dropped for a movie at this rate
Ali Bali
Ali Bali:
Steve Rogers: i can do this all day
Marvel promoting black widow: i can do this all year long
They should just give us the whole movie in Youtube with all this clips coming out.
Akmal Niyaz
Akmal Niyaz:
Fans : You Can't Stop can You ?

Edit : 1.4K likes ? Well Thank you !
WandaVision: You don't know what to expect.
Black Widow: You know everything to expect.
Poor Hopper, he’s just trying to get back to Hawkins.
Normal movies: releasing 2 minute clips after the movie
Marvel: it’s good to be early let’s release all the clips before the movie comes out
Samyak Jain
Samyak Jain:
This is gonna be so good!!
Imagine how many trailers and clips Marvel is going to show on Thursday
Micah Johansson
Micah Johansson:
I love how this movie has a different feeling. More like The Winter Soldier and not like the other movies. I can except a thrilling movie.
sam joseph
sam joseph:
This movie has broken the world record for producing most trailers
Ayushmaan Singh
Ayushmaan Singh:
I think that marvel has already shown us the 80% of movie
Writing Life
Writing Life:
How many more Black Widow clips or trailers are you going to show? This is turning into the Cyberpunk 2077 of the MCU.
David Emanuel Rosini
David Emanuel Rosini:
Marvel Studios: How Many Black Widow Clips Do You Want?
Kevin Feige: Yes
Surya Teja
Surya Teja:
Alternate title: Eleven saving Jim hopper from Russia.
status captain
status captain:
What if, Tomorrow the movie release got extended to next year and they will show us the 99 % of the movie before the next release date.
They are hyping this movie up more than they did Infinity War
Spider Rocket
Spider Rocket:
Producers: Okay it’s you’re first movie back in theatres since 2019 how many trailers and clips do you want to give fans?
Marvel: Yes
AlmightyESSO 47
AlmightyESSO 47:
I love how Marvel is establishing Multiple super soliders in the MCU.
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that Prison Break made our day notch' better:
Alessandra Saronni
Alessandra Saronni:
So epiiiiccc !!! Love Nat’s comment : “ You’ve made a scene didn’t you ? “ love heerrr !!! 🥰🥰🥰
Swarna Mullick
Swarna Mullick:
I've officially lost count of the number of Black Widow clips that Marvel has released
    ​ ‎
    ​ ‎:
Breaking news: EVERY MARVEL MOVIE CLIPS RELEASING YOUTUBE CHANNELS WENT DOWN: Stating the official Marvel channel uploaded their own content!!!
Mr Green
Mr Green:
Gotta love those magical ear pieces that every character seems to always have. Amazing range and clarity, outstanding battery life and pretty much invisible. They can make earpieces this good but locked suitcases still just open if you drop them.
Mz Ryme
Mz Ryme:
Okay, we've got a lot of bw's clip. Maybe we can join and arrange all the clips into a full movie
Soham Sadhukhan
Soham Sadhukhan:
Honestly, from her references in previous marvel movies, I expected Black Widow to be darker, more gritty & more down to the earth.

A little like Dark Knight Rises perhaps.

& neither did I expect the cheesy music.

Let's see the whole movie now.
Almacén De los Secretos
Almacén De los Secretos:
I hope they continue with the Red Guardian character 🇷🇺✨

It would be EPIC to see it in more movies ✨
Md Shad
Md Shad:
0:54 i thought for a second that humans got their hands on reset weapons
I don’t understand how Nat looks so calm in the middle of David harbour fighting his way through a prison break riot-
Hunter Weintraub Weintraub
Hunter Weintraub Weintraub:
Can wait on Friday I’m so excited for this action packed spy thriller. It’s gonna be Awesome.
Subodh Thallada
Subodh Thallada:
Marvel literally will release all the clips. We just need to watch them in order.
Kishan Bhatt
Kishan Bhatt:
"How many clips of Black Widow are you gonna upload?"

Marvel: YES!!
Ty Jurom
Ty Jurom:
So Red Guardian is a super-soldier?! That's awesome😎!

Just so you know, in the comics, he doesn't have a super-soldier serum, he's just a highly-trained combattant, marksman and Tactician, Bucky Barnes also doesn't have a serum.
I’m just waiting for someone to string all these clips together and give us the full movie before Friday
No one:
Literally no one:
Not even Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo:
Marvel: let's just give sufficient spoilers of Black Widow even before it's release
Agnia Vardanyan
Agnia Vardanyan:
We need a full Lokis song!
Paramjit Kaur
Paramjit Kaur:
I think on July 9 marvel just release a more trailer and it's caption is like arrange the trailers and make a movie😂
Aaditya Shah
Aaditya Shah:
They've released so many clips, I can literally arrange them and make a movie out of it. Don't even need to buy the tickets.
S L:
When No way home marketing starts , i need a clip of toby saying some dude about fixing doors. I want Marvel to embrace the memes of Raimi trilogy.
A red room story without seb as the winter soldier? I already know it won’t be as good as CATWS. But still just as fun to watch
Joshua GC Wong
Joshua GC Wong:
I've seen the movie now with all these clips, I can literally piece it all together and have a 120 minute movie.
Can we all appreciate marvel for posting the entire movie on YouTube through clips...
So that we can avoid theatre crowds
Man this Phase 4 sure has some greattt music score!
Ground Breaker
Ground Breaker:
i mean this scene already lookes legit but can't wait to see red Guardian face off task master that is the one im hyped for🔥🔥
Huzaifa Abbasi
Huzaifa Abbasi:
If there's new footage in the movie, which we haven't seen in the trailers or TV spots! Marvel deserves an Oscar!
Madhvesha YN
Madhvesha YN:
At this point I think we have all the clips we need...
We just have to rearrange it so we can watch the Full movie😂😂
klloyd plata
klloyd plata:
No matter what you hit against the superpowered person, he can always get stand on his feet up again. Red Guardian is NOT to be messed with. I'm soooooooo very hyped and excited for MCU's Black Widow film.
One Direction Updates
One Direction Updates:
They've been Releasing for Over a Year and still has More Clips, that Proves the Great Marketing Strategy of Marvel
Ah! Yes I can Edit the whole movie together now
Kevin Carvalho
Kevin Carvalho:
I've waitied so long for this, I kinda can't believe its here
Sebastian's Mind
Sebastian's Mind:
The next Season of "Stranger Things" looks Great!
Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect:
Taskmaster Is Great In Hand To hand Combat Fight He Will Be Second Winter soldier Type Villian In Bkack Widow His Style of Copying Other Avengers Is Insane
Big Chungus
Big Chungus:
It's so sad, theatres still haven't opened in our area. I can't believe I'll miss this 😢
John Smith
John Smith:
I truly wonder how many people actually know that in the comic books he is Nat's first husband? This is like what they did with King Nereus in DCEU'S Aquaman.
Omg they showed how Hopper gonna get out of Russian prison
New Music Promos
New Music Promos:
Marvel! Please read this! You guys need to do a Disney plus exclusive of The avengers and Shang chi fighting off against the alien dragon Fin Fang Foom in a city in ruins setting. A legendary action scifi movie that goes for about 60 mins exactly. No slow burns just straight to the dragon city invasion! @marvelentertainment
Master Shifter
Master Shifter:
Marvel is actually making Black Widow to be an interactive movie
They release hundreds of tiny little clips and we bind it together to form the whole film
This movie really looks so well made , Peoples just needs to stop to look at the Flaws of the Movie
krishna k
krishna k:
Eagerly waiting for release, Avengers memories brought back
Captain SoMeister Assemble
Captain SoMeister Assemble:
It’s nice to see another clip before the release
Yasmim Ribeiro
Yasmim Ribeiro:
I can't believe the premiere date is coming up. 😃
Subprakar Qa
Subprakar Qa:
Bruh I feel like with the amount of trailers and clips that have been released for black widow we may as well have watched the whole movie already😂 jk but like fr tho
Abell Seyfu
Abell Seyfu:
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🎈
Aevoa👣 :
*I don’t know what’s worse that I’m gonna see this in theaters alone or that I’m gonna watch it twice once on Disney and in theaters* 😂
Ira Ford
Ira Ford:
Really love the tone can't wait.
Man I'm so excited to watch this
Prabhat TIWARI
Prabhat TIWARI:
This feels like hopper trying to escape from the Russian base😂😂...lol
That was amazing scene! 😂 I want to see this
Jan Edith
Jan Edith:
Dude I waited for 2 years for this movie , I've been dying to see this movie only for this to not release in India...i really wanted to watch it in theaters...this is my 13th reason 😭💔
Karthik Pagadala
Karthik Pagadala:
Imagine playing all the trailers in theatre and they say this is the movie, I won't surprise
Varun Patel
Varun Patel:
This is kinda killing the hype(if any left) instead of building it LMAO
The Bong Fiction
The Bong Fiction:
We can make our own full length *BlackWidow* movie if we put together all the clips *Marvel* has released from last 2 years !!
0:23 what we are looking at looks like a crossover between an ICBM silo and a SIGNIFICANTLY shrunk copy of the DON-2M radar (it's one of a kind). The question is: how any of this has anything to do with any prison?
E Christl
E Christl:
Pretty soon Marvel will just be subtly posting the whole movie in a series of these mini-clips and we’ll be none the wiser
MIri Gonzalez
MIri Gonzalez:
Natasha deserves better. She needs to come back!
Ashish Horo
Ashish Horo:
This is gonna be amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Yannick Heller
Yannick Heller:
I swear, let’s cut all the clips together and we’re missing just about 4 minutes of dialogue.
Arpan Bhattacharjee
Arpan Bhattacharjee:
At this point I feel like I already have watched the movie several times
Aevoa👣 :
*Steve Roger: I can do this all day*
*Marvel promoting Black Widow: I can do this all year long*
i think by now almost all the clips have been released, one just needs to arrange them in order lol
Aaron Odne
Aaron Odne:
I really hope someone takes every trailer scene and matches it with every scene in the movie to find out if we really did watch the majority already through the many many many many many trailers.
Anais Arielle
Anais Arielle:
You can hear what the scores gonna be like 🤗
There are 2 kinds of people when Marvel releases a clip
: I'm going to watch it and complain why they released the clip

: I'm not gonna watch it and enjoy it all in the theaters
Kurt Gavin Ponce
Kurt Gavin Ponce:
Ephraim Belnap
Ephraim Belnap:
Love how they subtly showed he wasn’t quite as strong as Captain America. He can climb the walls and arm wrestle everyone, but he folded under the taser and couldn’t out-muscle Taskmaster. He’s just a LITTLE less cool than the original
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo:
This looks AWESOME!
Abishek Vijayan
Abishek Vijayan:
I thought it would be the trailer for season 6 Prison break
Leyvisha Ganasan
Leyvisha Ganasan:
Finally! Cant wait for this friday!
Can't wait for this friday it looks very good
This is going ti be great.
Jordan Watson
Jordan Watson:
At this rate I can return my tickets and piece together all these mini clips and watch the whole movie
Eric Alvarado
Eric Alvarado:
Imagine if we had supervillain cameos lol
Pat Lee
Pat Lee:
considering how many clips we seen so far, i m surprise we havent see who is taskmaster
I still don't know how to feel about Alexei's character...I don't want to feel negatively towards him.
Pierre Mack
Pierre Mack:
Love this sneak peak for stranger things season 4!
Arie Acosta
Arie Acosta:
This where Hopper ended up after Strangers Things the connections are so unreal lmaooo 😂😂😂😂
Wash Urhands
Wash Urhands:
At this rate we are gonna see the whole movie before it even premieres 😭
If we literally start combing all these clips one after another we can make the movie (so many clips )
Hamdhan Fiyaz
Hamdhan Fiyaz:
So we're gonna see another super soldier in MCU, aren't we ?