Proof That Matt Groening is a Time Traveller (The Simpsons conspiracy Theory)

For years now, people have been afraid to look further into the fact that The Simpsons Creator Matt Groening is CLEARLY a time traveller.... until now. join me as I explore the facts that prove that the biggest cartoon creator of all time is in fact a time traveller...…….sorry

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Ian Awad
Ian Awad:
They don’t predict the future they create
Angy Firebomb
Angy Firebomb:
So if Matt Groening is correct, Lisa Simpson should be the next president
The Cabbage
The Cabbage:
This is some really solid evidence. My New Years resolution is to watch more of your videos. Brilliant work.
oedipa maas
oedipa maas:
"I think they might be dead"
-James Herr

Whatcha gonna do about it?
Shruthi Gunturu
Shruthi Gunturu:
My eyes have been opened. I think I have the Canadian flu.
36 kape
36 kape:
What if the government loves the Simpson so much, they're using the show as a guide to run the 🌎
Radar Hawk
Radar Hawk:
Matt Groening is obviously a time traveler. You didn't need to make a video to convince me James. Although you're on to something with seashells being rat helmets. Does this mean their armory is the beach?
Its actually frustrating that this guy doesn't have more subbs
Ravenous Cosmic
Ravenous Cosmic:
Kobe died and it's in simpsons
Lmao what a troll pic of Matt Groening from the 1920s that is photoshopped
the crab empire
the crab empire:
Why do tall building have lights

So highjackers dont get lost
This joke is so damn messed up
Zabdiel Vanegas
Zabdiel Vanegas:
I think that there are time travelers in the world and the reason they we haven't seen them is that there are time police or something...
Trace Sizemore
Trace Sizemore:
Wait... where does the bandaid and gravel come into play?
Lucas O'heyze
Lucas O'heyze:
Matt Groening *created* The Simpsons characters, but he's never written or drawn anything in a single episode.
John Porteous
John Porteous:
Trump becomes president
Everyone: OMG Groening predicted the future!
Groening: No, I just predicted human stupidity
Que sera sera
Que sera sera:
Truly there best explanation of the Matt Groening time traveler theory out there. You deserve a gold star! So take 3 🌟🌟🌟
Kimberly R.
Kimberly R.:
Welcome back to the world of the living, James!!! I've always thought that Matt Groening was a time traveler !! Some of his episodes were just TOO accurate!! I'm just glad you were brave enough to prove it!!!
Mister Lakhi
Mister Lakhi:
2 and a half weeks James... We'd thought you had been captured for revealing these conspiracies.
Shaggy with 1 000 subscribers
Shaggy with 1 000 subscribers:
No way i found real dumb ppl thinking he time traveled nd can create the future or it s bcz of the devil etc...😂🤣🤣🤣
I nees ti show this to mt friends😂😂
James, we get it if you need to take time off from the channel to be a FAMILY GUY.

wait that's not the right show
Trace Sizemore
Trace Sizemore:
We are dead but im sure you just travel back in time to feed us.
Serious though, if you could travel to any time period, which would it be and why?
GmurdA 410
GmurdA 410:
No clue if I should take this seriously ornot. At first. Thought, troll..then everything started lining up. Wtf is life?
AwesomeCowDoesStuff AndRandomChannel
AwesomeCowDoesStuff AndRandomChannel:
10/10 Time Travel Theory, solid math, rat helmets and dead Patrons
This is hands down one of the funniest videos I've seen
My brain after watching this video with evidences 🤯
Hubert Cross
Hubert Cross:
if Matt Groening were a time traveller, he'd never have chosen to go through the unspeakable agonies and many very public humiliations of FOX's treatment of _Futurama._
Fun 4Life
Fun 4Life:
Maybe he has just tapped into the collective unconscious. Maybe time isn’t linear at all....
Jeremiah Crimm
Jeremiah Crimm:
You're alive???!!!! That's great
Jesus Arana
Jesus Arana:
i believe that the reason you know so much about matt groening and him being a time traveler it’s because you are his acquaintance and you aswell are a time traveler
Steve Butabi
Steve Butabi:
The best part about this troll is you know a good amount of people think you are serious lol!
Gabriel Shapiro
Gabriel Shapiro:
spoiler alert: Matt Groening is actually Andrew Basiago
james p ironmanmtg
james p ironmanmtg:
I feel you missed that he also a timelord . I am pretty sure he the next doctor. He has made many doctor who references in his shows. I not saying he an alien but he is realy from gallifrey lol

Keep up the good work and great researching.
Inside the Booth
Inside the Booth:
Great job as always .. keep it up. This is Dan from Inside the booth.. lol
Makkusu Otaku
Makkusu Otaku:
5:20 It says that this was an early estimate of the speed of causality, which is actually 299792548 meters per second.

I'd like to point out that at this speed your movement through time will stop, in order to go back in time you'd have to go faster than this, although it would use an infinite amount of energy to reach that speed in first place. (Read up on time dilation if you want to know more)

Fortunately, there are much cheaper & safer methods, such as using two, top-spin, dual-positive singularities that produce a standard, off-set Tipler sinusoid.

I mean..... umm..... nice video.
Caleb Show
Caleb Show:
wow I made a new years resolution to watch all these even though it's not new years
lee jones
lee jones:
When you smoke to much weed
Caleb Show
Caleb Show:
either this is all true or you looked way to far into it, either way GOOD JOB!
Malcolm Adair
Malcolm Adair:
Lol to think Disney is a wholesome company. 😂😂
Qwerty and Azerty
Qwerty and Azerty:
Ngl, the first part was way more convincing than the last part
James uploaded! Happy birthday to me! Yay! <3
I had plenty of “time travel experiences I would like to share” if someone would like to know
Lisa Bowers
Lisa Bowers:
It's good to see that _nothing_ can keep your powers of deduction down, not even the dreaded Canadian Flu. It seems that the rash on your eyeballs may have improved your insight. ("Seashell rat helmets"?! *I rest my case.* 🐁)
the crab empire
the crab empire:
I agree all of us are from portland oregon
This is the most convincing time time travel video, Compelling photo evidence of Matt’s time travel, can’t be disputed . 🙌🏼
This is stupid 😂😂😂
Kaileb Turner
Kaileb Turner:
Where's the merch link?! :O
Tom Wilkinson
Tom Wilkinson:
This video started off serious with some actual creepy evidence then u thought you’d be funny... without having any humour 😂
You’d get a lot more views if you actually looked into it properly like the first part of the video
Xdsandwich 2
Xdsandwich 2:
It’s april 15
Justin W
Justin W:
Whats next? The blotting of the sun?
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas:
Jesus Matt Groening already met Jesus.
3 min mark totally Photoshopped
Brandon Stewart
Brandon Stewart:
On September 20, instead of storming area 51, we gotta pay Matt Groening to time travel to the date 2069 April 20.
And now again with KOBE BRYANT
Dj J
Dj J:
The Canadian flu sounds like the wuhan flu
2:52 looks fake
Troll Em
Troll Em:
U lost me and IT.
Carmen Barg
Carmen Barg:
you just took a picture
J G:
Maybe this guy is just a genius
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith:
Canadian Flu, or un-diagnosed covid
Loch A
Loch A:
This was really funny even though that one clip of trump was made to parody the real life clip
Dale Wilson
Dale Wilson:
The pic's of Matt groening are clearly photoshoped... come on ppl!
MR Gdogg
MR Gdogg:
Just got here from watching nardwaur
Only 30 seasons?
ben corr
ben corr:
I hate how you managed to connect all of this
Jason Blundo
Jason Blundo:
Nice video. You had me from 30 episodes of the Simpson's.
I wondered why I woke up dead this morning James but I can cut you some szyslak snice you where sick and alll.
Michael Boyles
Michael Boyles:
Oh great he’s back

How you read that will tell you a lot about yourself.
for some reason, I feel like a super computer and translate gate has something to do with topic. But maybe not
the crab empire
the crab empire:
Finally another upload from god
Music Channel
Music Channel:
And also, there is no thing you can say as TIME TRAVEL.
If there is a time travel they might get their old temple back without burning the world and innocent lives.
Who's here after kobe death?😥
Chocolate Face
Chocolate Face:
I watched a really good documentary about time travel.
The lead scientist believed it was possible. He actually spent almost his entire fortune on inventing a machine for time travel. He was later shot by terrorists for stealing plutonium from them
Stefan Schnabel
Stefan Schnabel:
Esra Erimez
Esra Erimez:
I'm tempted to take up time travel, but I'm not sure there's any future in it.
Rosa Cabanas
Rosa Cabanas:
eugene ignacio
eugene ignacio:
Boy u did ur research
Melanie Mayor
Melanie Mayor:
Yeah right 😏😏
XxRoyalKingZ 777
XxRoyalKingZ 777:
Justyn Grant
Justyn Grant:
Disney isn’t wholesome
Ramses What
Ramses What:
Ii is april 15th dammit
Ciara Klusch
Ciara Klusch:
u can literally tell that u photo shopped his head on there bc on both pics he has the same facial expression so u photo shopped the same photo into both
moen edits
moen edits:
Sensai Dre
Sensai Dre:
So real
icecream hero
icecream hero:
Funny but in Futurama they only Time traveled twice originally it was against the rules of Futurama because they didn't want problems to be solved easily.
pak lurah
pak lurah:
I have a theory what if matt groening wasnt a time traveller but was someone that can see visions of the future or just someone thats died in the future and got reborn...?
jordan w
jordan w:
Ithink people are just unoriginal and get there ideas from the Simpson's
Cory Mindel
Cory Mindel:
Is it just me or if they predicted the future of Donald trump does that mean that it was rigged
Humble 909
Humble 909:
S L:
I’m surprised to see that you don’t have that many subscribers. You should have more
That 1ne Martian
That 1ne Martian:
Time doesn't exist. Dun, dun, dun!
Tahlia Fawcett
Tahlia Fawcett:
Marry me
benjamin T&Tpaidfighter
benjamin T&Tpaidfighter:
Johnathan Santoni
Johnathan Santoni:
Disney is not wholesome... they’re really expanding their divisions in what it’s allowed by them as they keep buying all these studios and franchises
Jon Elervorths
Jon Elervorths:
I mean it's all fascinating and all, but I don't think you see the forest for all the trees knowwhatimsaying, "Mr. Herr" (if that is your real name)… Why did the rats run away? What are they hiding??
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez:
This stupid video waste of time
Maru 11
Maru 11:
ation tubby aka hyper mania 10 Thomas in i
ation tubby aka hyper mania 10 Thomas in i:
It's fake he's not going back in time or future.