Protesters condemned for toppling slave trader statue in Bristol

The statue of Edward Colston which had stood for more than 120 years, has been toppled.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel has condemned its removal by anti-racism protesters and said it was "utterly disgraceful".

There were wild cheers as the statue was yanked off its plinth and later sprayed with paint and dumped in the harbour.

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100+ comentarios:

John Parr
John Parr:
Are we Removing the Pyramids Next?
Those who don’t learn from History are doomed to repeat it.
Ja On
Ja On:
Looks like Google Maps has already updated the statue's location...
Electricity taster
Electricity taster:
Funny thing is, they all have smartphones made with slave labor.
Richard F
Richard F:
Nothing said about the churchill statue defaced in London.
George Kettleborough
George Kettleborough:
Media egging people on by reminding them of the statues in other cities. Why else would they even mention it?
Alex Gillmor
Alex Gillmor:
They need to replace him with a Jimmy Saville statue then we can throw that one in the harbour as well.
A Macmillan
A Macmillan:
Remember what happened to Iraq when they toppled Saddams statue in the same manner.
chair power davros
chair power davros:
To think these are ppl who one day maybe in power is scary the kind of ppl who will have Orwellian society in a heart beat
Aziz kapdawala
Aziz kapdawala:
Britain was not just build on slavery of black people, but also looting other countries.
vincent vanWyk
vincent vanWyk:
Edward Colston just got tested positive of covid 19 before he ended up in the sea. R rate has now gone up by 1
Mazna Tv
Mazna Tv:
They tied his leg like he’s going to run away
Arnold Dalby
Arnold Dalby:
We should remove all rapper music that promotes violence as well.
Peter Bright
Peter Bright:
I remember that Greta thunberg and how all the demonstrations she caused changed nothing.
Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25
Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25:
"multicultural and diverse" means tearing down another cultures statue, riighhht.
Samir rai
Samir rai:
In the End, NO Petition was Needed. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
J K:
Is the Coronavirus Covid-19 still a thing?!?! 🤔🤨🧐
100 years later .
Scientists: we found a statue older than Egyptian *pyramids*
Those who don’t learn from History are doomed to repeat it.
Jim Black
Jim Black:
125 years later... The penny drops!
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles:
So these are the sort of thugs complaining they don’t get job offers, or are treated unfairly...... I wonder why 🤔
Jade Thompson
Jade Thompson:
Rioters, Thugs, Looters......your protest has lost any credibility
Edward Lemming
Edward Lemming:
This is 2020 and statues like these belong in a museum now, not in the public space.
Yep Bristol is a #diverse city, those knife crime stats show that.
john carl ancog
john carl ancog:
2:11 is that Tyler from dude perfect...?
Rhys Jay
Rhys Jay:
Man 2020 is just hell, it's what 2012 wanted to be
Dave Walker
Dave Walker:
Reminds me of Sadams statue toppling.
Tony Day
Tony Day:
How is it that this disgusting monument survived so long?
Kyle's iPhone
Kyle's iPhone:
I'm worried about Phil Lynotts statute in Ireland...... NOT
Bumber Clot
Bumber Clot:
Statue going into harbour? A priceless historic image 💚✊️
Ce ce Rae
Ce ce Rae:
It'll turn up on antiques roadshow in 50 yrs after someone fishes the statue out of the canal .👱🏻‍♀️
Ok who’s ready for an asteroid strike next?😂
Fergus Moonshine
Fergus Moonshine:
This is criminal damage. Every last f'king one of those responsible need bringing to Justice. These people are behaving like rats.
Is priti secretly working to destroy the Tory party from within? It would be the only thing that would make sense to me!
Jahed Miah
Jahed Miah:
They should have threw Priti Patel in the water as well.
Steve Bailey
Steve Bailey:
I think there is an element of post-lockdown cabin fever in all of this.
Why the hell did a slave trader even have a statue in the first place?
Saad Malik
Saad Malik:
They Did this To Saddam Hussain Statue in Iraq
KARMA: Hold my Beer
Kimberly H
Kimberly H:
Monuments are what they are – the physical representation of specific groups to tout their specific perspectives at specific times. Removing them will not “erase” history. Neither will removing them remedy historic evils. A dispassionate analysis of history, however, will provide greater insight into the evils, triumphs and attitudes of the past. Monuments, offensive and otherwise, provide narrow peep-holes into this fabric and nothing more.
Faiz Custom
Faiz Custom:
This gonna be part of the world history.congratulations guys
rocky primes
rocky primes:
This must have been good fun after long lockdown
Mr Frisky
Mr Frisky:
I wonder if the Italian government will look at tearing down the Colosseum in Roam or the Egyptian government tearing down the pyramids??
Or does this only apply to the UK??
Marcus Nadon
Marcus Nadon:
The next thing we know the mob will be digging him up and parading him around Bristol and trying to prosecute his descendants. Doh!
Billy Whizz
Billy Whizz:
Sir Nigel 'DRAKE' Farage is organising a flotilla to sail from the South Coast to salvage 'Ed.'
Priti Patel is expected to be the Rear Admiral!
So we’re done with the virus? On to the next month shenanigans?
Sophie playz Roblox
Sophie playz Roblox:
Me on my friends r talking tho y all of a sudden are they doing something now and not before?who spoke up or what changed their [email protected]@
Delphi Lungwyn
Delphi Lungwyn:
I feel that the world has come together to show how much we really love each other without the governments talking for us.
WOW! Historic Moment!!! ??? 🤣🤣🤣
Chris Evans
Chris Evans:
It was a monument of's now a quiet space of positivity
Vino Micson
Vino Micson:
“herd immunity”
Jonathan Day
Jonathan Day:
Saves the council from having to remove it
Elle Bee
Elle Bee:
Shooketh !!! 🙏🖤
if they want a divide then keep destroying the history, and hide from the truth, lets never speak of the past, never learn from the past and so whatever happened in the past does not matter.
MOG2296 MS18
MOG2296 MS18:
This comments 😂
I can absolutely guarantee that all people slightly to the right will be further to the right now than they were 3 Weeks ago.
Kelvin B
Kelvin B:
How am I being recommended to watch this when I'm not subscribed to Rupert Murdoch news outlet?
UK's getting closer and closer to ending up like the US so when does the rioting start?
Eric Sydnor
Eric Sydnor:
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 YES!
Alex F
Alex F:
This country has given these people EVERYTHING! Half a billion Africans would gladly trade places with them.
This slave trader tortured people to death!!!
Awoken world
Awoken world:
2020 Jezzzz, 6 more months of craziness !
Helen Middlemas
Helen Middlemas:
Did they complain when Suddam Hussein stature
Was brought down. Bearing in mind it was because of an illegal war
So right on so many levels! :)
Darth Monkey
Darth Monkey:
The irony of chanting I can’t breathe during a covid outbreak. I fear for their souls.
Jor Guev
Jor Guev:
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla:
Robbie Knight
Robbie Knight:
Pics of those involved in this vandalism are being spread, we want them identified and Arrested and sentences of at least 3 years!
martin sheridan
martin sheridan:
Skylabour must of loved it.
Johnny Hansen
Johnny Hansen:
That's the reason why I'm with the older generations! It's going to repeat itself..
sadie power
sadie power:
And to think we were all so Happy one time.
Eminem is dogshit
Eminem is dogshit:
Racism is widespread. People have called me a Brit for years..pure racism
Emmitt Abramoff
Emmitt Abramoff:
Hopefully these people can't breathe when they contract COVID.
Pau Simoni
Pau Simoni:
Love that
Should we tell them about the past popes...
Billy Whizz
Billy Whizz:
This is how the Irish problem started!
Politicians must listen to the people!
Statues first!
Then what?
ng tiger
ng tiger:
I hate you mother-fucker!
I hate you mother-fucker!:
We need to target the Buck Palace next and the Pedo Prince!!!!!
Dawn Sherlock
Dawn Sherlock:
Is it just me or I realise when the protests started the UK death toll went lower? Weird
Lamin 2ray
Lamin 2ray:
Johnnylounge Jazz
Johnnylounge Jazz:
Geoff Currie
Geoff Currie:
My family were moved from a Scottish Village during the clearances, am I supposed to hate all English people then??? I don't thibk so. These people in Bristol are total biggots!!!
Jumbo Jiggalo
Jumbo Jiggalo:
Cant even lift the statue, bless em 😂
Terry Sheehan
Terry Sheehan:
History in the making. Lets see what happens in the next 300 years.
the 4.23 video ''WHY USE THE BRISTOL POUND?''
Mr Sing
Mr Sing:
Protest on Sunday's, clap on Thursday's and accept 80% end of the month.
stephen roche
stephen roche:
That statue depicts a brutal time time in history but it did and would have continued to be a talking point by young and old and and remind people it is a history we should never ever repeat.
Just Michelle
Just Michelle:
Jazz Ukulele
Jazz Ukulele:
Bristol on top of the uk protesting table chart ✊🏾👏🏾
Dan Mallaburn
Dan Mallaburn:
"In the end, no petition was needed."
But, there was one. A very small one of 10,000 signatories in a city with a population of half a million.

And yet people are putting the entire city at risk of further infection while shouting about democracy being underridden.

In less than 3 weeks, Bristol will be on the list of covid deaths again.
The Zebra Finch
The Zebra Finch:
Loved it
Sky news glorifying protestors again. Good that the comments are turned on again, I suppose sky don't like critism
michael hamer
michael hamer:
itll be nelson next cos he had one eye...
Muz Wot
Muz Wot:
Starmer is wrong - it would NEVER have happened otherwise! - Great Moment with statue plunged into the river will go down in Radical History! RISE UP PEOPLE!!
You’d think the statue wouldn’t have even made it to the pavement without the local authority’s getting involved
Sahiba Speaks
Sahiba Speaks:
Okay well help me understand how and why it's okay to have a Slave Trader statue up?????🌬💋🦋🌻⚡🤓🧐🧘🏾‍♀️
I've always loved the English. Dem dash whey that bloodclaat !!! Peace and love and unity from Brooklyn, New York - USA.