Protesters Gather Outside Former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin’s Home

Christian Cordero reports that the protest Tuesday in Oakdale was peaceful. Derek Chauvin is the former Minneapolis police officer who had his knee on George Floyd’s neck in Monday’s fatal encounter (2:03). WCCO This Morning -- May 27, 2020

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Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray:
Derek Chauvin does not deserve to be at his home. He should be in jail.
RN 11:11
RN 11:11:
This is not a tragedy! Floyd didn't accidentally die... he was murdered!!
So stop downplaying it!
Lal sagar
Lal sagar:
The other cops also should be charged they didn't even try to stop him.
to the police chief: your words mean nothing, those pigs are free instead of in jail awaiting murder charges, untill that is no longer the case, you have nothing to say.
Andrew F
Andrew F:
Just watched the 10min video. 110% murder. Forgive me Lord for being absolutely pissed.
Che Li
Che Li:
This is not a tragedy. This is a murder.
J Burton
J Burton:
So we going to just gloss over the fact he was acquitted for killing someone else in 2011
Alicia J. Ajen
Alicia J. Ajen:
Normal human won’t even treat animals like that. Let alone treating another human being that way.
George Floyd was straight up lynched! Instead of a noose the cop used his knee!
Rolling X
Rolling X:
Officer Thao is a disgrace to the Hmong community. We are so ashamed of his part of killing a man.
shamoni *
shamoni *:
ALL RACES JOINED THE MOVEMENT.. THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT . white black hispanic asian Chinese Japanese indian arab and more WE CALL COME TOGETHER!!!!!!💗💗💗
Stu Liw
Stu Liw:
Funny how the cop gets to live to see a "fair trial" but that man he killed didnt
Skittles31 skittles31
Skittles31 skittles31:
If you kill someone and 3 of your friends are with you. Even though they had nothing to do with the killing. Guess what? Everyone gets charge for murder
even if they had nothing to do with it. Your 3 friends get charge because of the fact that they were with you. Well guess what? 1 Officer murdered this
man and 3 other Officers were there. They should get charge too because they were there. Why should these Officers get special treatment. Because
they wear a uniform. I don’t think so. Fair is fair. Charge them all and put them all in Prison today. Something drastic has to done for murdering this man.
They need to send a message that something like this won’t be tolerated anymore. End of story.
Murder that's what it is. Imagine if that was your brother, father, or son who was murdered. How would you feel?
Police brutality needs to end in America. Enough is enough. Protesters are right.
Ricky Vargas
Ricky Vargas:
Stop staying he died a short time late.... He was murdered on the street
L P:
Derek Chauvin was judge, jury, and executioner... A special place is saved for him in hell.
Tronald Dump
Tronald Dump:
When did the penalty for murder become “clean out your desk”?
Mike Park
Mike Park:
Derek Chauvin is another good reason to bring back the death penalty
How is it "corageous " to shoot a person fleeing . WTF.
R. N.
R. N.:
The police union defending these cops are just as corrupt and guilty.
doves1 Pellegrino
doves1 Pellegrino:
The Chief should have know about this Officer's
past behavior. But still hired him???
CG Kavosseaye Dinero
CG Kavosseaye Dinero:
None of the should be home they should all be in jail
A Kricket
A Kricket:
Derek Chavin is an ANIMAL! A pure, through and through psychopath! This was MURDER!
Master Try
Master Try:
chief should be also responsible for keeping such a man with a history under his team
TrailBlazin Zach
TrailBlazin Zach:
Police don't stand with the people, they stand ON the people now
G Alpha
G Alpha:
well huh the medics didnt even bother CPR so yea they all wanted him dead.
Chauvin had 12 misdemeanor with his 19 yrs being in the dept, really? He’s a very bad apple in the police dept.
F'ing Alex
F'ing Alex:
They better arrest that dude otherwise that crowd is going to give them street justice, wtf
I was born a poor black child - Navin Johnson
I was born a poor black child - Navin Johnson:
This will end when accountability isn't just part of a mission statement.
Matth M
Matth M:
Never deserved that badge nor did anyone who allowed this.
Sounds like the Minnesota Police dept is just a bunch of CRIMINALS IN UNIFORM ?
Deosha Singleton Ford
Deosha Singleton Ford:
They were also laughing and mocking him, whilst bundling him with 3 police officers 1 was standing on his neck with his knee then they were saying things like come on get in the car in sarcastic jokey accent, this was clearly arranged but murderous cops
trueman mann
trueman mann:
“Officers” 😂 😂😂 they are criminal thugs!
This was an Authoritarian Crime !
The Murderer must be Charged !
Even watching a few seconds of the incident is hard.
Tragedy? This is not "tragedy". That's what you call an airplane crash due to unforeseen mechanical failure.
crusty old salt
crusty old salt:
and then the reason for the second amendment becomes painfully obvious....
Jarrett Reynolds
Jarrett Reynolds:
This was a public execution!
Captain Misery
Captain Misery:
Im getting the impression that american police are the worst!
Joel Uldrych
Joel Uldrych:
The police are nothing like courageous. Take away all their pensions, disarm the police and arm the public. Most police today are nothing more than thugs who just happen to have the wink and nod from the State governments and the Democrat run cities and States are actually the worst.
Bob White
Bob White:
Here we go with the " ignore the one bad apple" excuse, most are good, are they? I watched three officers stand by and let that idiot murder Floyd, I assume they are bad apples too?
Derek had the blessing of going home and eating dinner with his family George Floyd did not. Remember that.
End qualified immunity and you'll end police tyrants like these 4. Simple.
Czechmex m
Czechmex m:
Fight back America, these officers are trying to knock us down
NeeNee B.
NeeNee B.:
Like conservatives say: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
They deserve all they get, and all they probably won't!
Christiniana Mariah Sain
Christiniana Mariah Sain:
He Shouldn’t Be Home He Should Be In The Ground...
I am so sick of Police Chiefs who play the few bad apples card every time this happens. So all four bad apples just happened to be there at that time, right.
Marie Lee
Marie Lee:
Those cops have history of using excessive force.
Kon Champ
Kon Champ:
Why does he even still have a house?
Armando Delgado
Armando Delgado:
"DEAD SENTENCE TO Derek Chauvin!!!"God knows is not my desire to want someone dead, but if this it needs to the police forces understand that they are here to protect not to kill, so be it in god will.
Say it Loud! Radio
Say it Loud! Radio:
Why is cup foods still standing... let the mf burn🤬✌
barbara archer
barbara archer:
these men, especially chauvin, should be in jail headed to prison
Stan Smith
Stan Smith:
Zayd Shakur
Zayd Shakur:
So weird how NONE of the media correspondents are willing to call this murder.
Rau Kenneth
Rau Kenneth:
Getting ready for his new job at a suburban police department. Probably be the chief of police.
Nivram El-sanh
Nivram El-sanh:
Derek Chauvin lawyered up with the lawyer who defended Philando Castile's murderer.
Michael Scarn
Michael Scarn:
Why is he home?!?!? If this was a civilian they wouldn’t see the light of day ever again? Everyone should riot his house like the police station!!!
Nick Salvatore
Nick Salvatore:
The Son of the BattleCry
The Son of the BattleCry:
Its time for these Above the law cops to be made an example of bun they're homes down
That Guy James
That Guy James:
Why do people get to be free after murdering someone if they're wearing a certain costume when they commit the act?
the watcher 777
the watcher 777:
Stay away from Minneapolis!! The "police"there are killers HA HA HA h
CJ Russ
CJ Russ:
Apparently, this was the 4th person this police officer has killed, he’s no better than a serial killer.
Kev Mon
Kev Mon:
do they lose their pensions? Do they keep their abilities to own firearms?
i S a y
i S a y:
Derek Chauvin - Dead man walking!
Davis Horowitz
Davis Horowitz:
Good, he should be terrified to leave his home.
This is the worst kind of murder. At Least when cops shoot someone, they do it in the moment without fully thinking the situation through. They had every chance to let that man live and they killed him. He posed no danger to them. He was defenseless.
jenny liew
jenny liew:
He is the murderer ! He is evil!
Fernando Conde
Fernando Conde:
Well their regular citizens now🤔 eye for an eye🤨
james abraham
james abraham:
No charges? RIP George Floyd 🌹💐# I can't breathe 😥👊🇺🇸🔥
“The vast majority”
What the media leaving out: this very cop killed 3 people before this, Wayne Reyes in 2006, Leroy Martinez and Ira Latrell Toles in 2011. His (cop) name is Derek Chauvin, they dont wanna release his name because they wanna paint the narrative. He's a murderer.
Req Uietsuka
Req Uietsuka:
I just talked to a friend that this would happen. The message is "Talk time is over. Do something or we will". *We* referring to the protestors.
The cops always like to tell us that we shouldn’t be filming them. I wonder why....
Media lives in their “White World”! Yes, I said it! High on the HOG!
string him up!
Sleepy Joe
Sleepy Joe:
“Put the black police chief out there to show that we are a diverse police organization “ 😂😂😂
Nunya Bizness #1
Nunya Bizness #1:
Shot in the "torso?" What are you saying, that he was shot in the BACK MAYBE ?
Roshan iruku
Roshan iruku:
Where does he live?
Edi .S
Edi .S:
Switzerland Europe 🇨🇭(here) CAN'T BREATHE!!!🔥🔥🔥
Scott Geoffrey
Scott Geoffrey:
I'm glad I don't live in America, the police there aren't vetted properly, they're too trigger happy
You just killed a handcuffed HUMAN!!!
You're fired?
Eulogio Olivo
Eulogio Olivo:
1:10 you liar.
Just cause they got caught, ok otherwise they'd approve of the officer's actions
Debbi Blakeslee
Debbi Blakeslee:
I’m sure he and all the others are “out of town’ !!! 😉
Thankful someone recorded it otherwise just classified as natural causes. Im 50 and one of the hardest things to watch was that video.
Foodz Recipes
Foodz Recipes:
First degree murder charges NOW!!!!!!!
hillbilly Nomad
hillbilly Nomad:
I wonder if I killed someone while working if I would just be fired?
Diamond Lil
Diamond Lil:
No Justice No Rest ✊ Stand Up 😥 this one truly hurts my heart, Enough is Enough, Death penalty and unlimited funds for the deceased family NOW.......Send the Message ⚖️
Michelle Griffin
Michelle Griffin:
BURN 🔥it too.
Tiyana Lashae
Tiyana Lashae:
He had murder on his mind 🤦🏾‍♀️
Cihan Biricik
Cihan Biricik:
Karen B
Karen B:
Derek Chauvin was the murder and shouldn't been on the streets going to his house isn't ENOUGH.
England 2 Germany 0
England 2 Germany 0:
Are they going to lynch him? Hahahahaha how times have changed.
Lonati Armando
Lonati Armando:
Melinda M
Melinda M:
Cop's hand in his pocket, looked like he was diddling himself, and getting off on killing that man!
Tommy D.
Tommy D.:
Get em!
Throw Away
Throw Away:
i am a white man miles away but if i were close i would be with the protesters. this was sick and when nothing comes of this will make it sicker
Tammy Soprano
Tammy Soprano: