PS5 vs Xbox Series X: full comparison

Do you have a next-generation gaming strategy? Now that Sony and Microsoft have both shown their respective hands, Jeff Bakalar takes a look at the messaging behind Xbox Series S, X, PlayStation 5 -- and even weighs going with a PC instead -- to give you all the information you need to know before jumping into the next generation of console gaming.

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100+ comentarios:

I love watching things I can't afford.
Sargis Narssi
Sargis Narssi:
This guy did not make anyone’s choice easier 🤣
Microsoft finally figured out that the PC is basically their gaming console as well. There never should have been a divide.
Kosta Razatos
Kosta Razatos:
"Just wait." " Best advice i've heard all year.
He Repeats saying its “ to early to
Tell” then what’s the point of this comparison.
Doesn't he look like Seth Rogan's redhead cousin?
HeKtor Perez
HeKtor Perez:
I can now upgrade from ps3 to ps4. 😂💸
Benjamin Malave Jr.
Benjamin Malave Jr.:
The price of the console doesn't matter, the price of the games do.
Fact: a true gamer will respect both consoles.
Tinman Chroniclez
Tinman Chroniclez:
Me: Looking at my credit card.
Debt collectors: we dare you.
Me: aight, bet.
Metallica Fan!
Metallica Fan!:
I'll take the Xbox.
Damien Segura
Damien Segura:
After everything is said and done Microsoft still gets rich
“Should you just get pc and call it a day” I’m dying
Blx2 Gaming
Blx2 Gaming:
Me: hmm which to chose

Rich people: I’ll just get all three
Charlton Laurel
Charlton Laurel:
If seth Seth Rogen were sober this is what he’d look like
"You can have any color car you want, as long as it's black." Henry Ford.
I couldnt get it to work so I just went back to using - opcodes . top
Ryan LaFave
Ryan LaFave:
Well the subject of exclusives took quite a turn today!
Antonio Marcano
Antonio Marcano:
Just get to the point and tell us the specs. Everyone hates when YouTube’s talk about everything else but the point . That makes 50% of us just go to another video
Matic Drnovšek
Matic Drnovšek:
Best advice so far on next-gen consoles: WAIT AND SEE
ill just buy whatever they have in stock when i come to the store
NNGX 678
NNGX 678:
Who remembers when running gta 5 on pc was a flex?
Matt Ball
Matt Ball:
Microsoft buying bethesda might make a pretty big difference
"Just wait a little bit," the best advice that most will not take; but I will.
Demon souls/GoW. Thats enough for me to get the PS5/console.
Rosso Gingo
Rosso Gingo:
After having a ps4 for manny years, I have to give Xbox another chance.
I recently got a ps4 and finally got to play GoW, Uncharted, and Last of Us. And I’ve gotta say, I didn’t miss out on much. Still plan on getting a PS5, but Xbox is my priority.
I fee like Sony and Microsoft are really good friends and it doesn’t matter the both making a lot of money 😂😂😂😂😂
Ron King
Ron King:
I miss the old days of just drop the disc in and voila, heaven on earth
Tejas Raj
Tejas Raj:
I think I'm going for an xbox series S. 300$ is such a great price point, and I don't have a 4k TV, nor see one in my college paying future any time soon. And this is me switching from Team PC (and switch of course as I'm also not a monster). Xbox S lets me get a high end gaming device for the price of what I'd end up paying for a graphica card in a PC. So for me that makes the most sense.
oren flotech
oren flotech:
The PS5 is so appealing for my gaming zone...
Jason Valenti
Jason Valenti:
Hey, man I gotta say out of all the Youtuber's out there. You are the only one that actually has alot of good info. Good job man.
"Imagine not having any good games on release date"
This comment was made by the playstaion gang

"Imagine being a next gen console yet still having 30fps"
This comment was made by the xbox gang
Watching this knowing I’m going to the PS5 regardless lmao. Always been a PS guy for the most part but Series X packing hella power for sure
Liam Boyle
Liam Boyle:
Either I’m getting a pc I can upgrade or a ps5
Itachi BTK
Itachi BTK:
Well I'm starting my part time job this week. Will save my money to get the PS5 as God of War is coming 2021.
Bryan Marcia
Bryan Marcia:
I’ve skipped on the ps3 and ps4 , and only owned the first 2 playstations so the PS5 is yes for me I finished saving up for it a year ago lmaoo
w c
w c:
It's gonna be hard sell this time around.
Paulo Renato Lima
Paulo Renato Lima:
Waiting for Bloodborne 2 the decision is easy!
Kinda invalid on the the exclusives now that they bought zenimax
Tiansheng Chen
Tiansheng Chen:
I love playing forza horizon on a 65 inches curved TV screen at a better images. So XBOX Series X absolutely
Gref Steel
Gref Steel:
I'm just gonna wait and see how all y'all fools buy these things, and wait for the comparisons.
roy SJ
roy SJ:
10 mins of my life iant getting back.
Ankit Thakur
Ankit Thakur:
"It's too early to tell" Thanks for the help .
Frank Coglianese
Frank Coglianese:
Ok we get it u really want everyone to just own a pc 😂🤣
Akpakpa Will
Akpakpa Will:
My advice just get both.... That's the choice I've been left with 😉😉
conner choquette
conner choquette:
Just Subscribed! Very straight up and unbiased. I’m going to buy the series X but my brother is getting the PS5 and I would love to play both
Michael lees
Michael lees:
Its gotta be 4k.
The quality of the picture is everything especially on a large tv
Connor Grigg
Connor Grigg:
Advise: “don’t get one yet” ok thanks mate!
Looking great Jeff! Love you on the beastcast.
Nathan Custance
Nathan Custance:
Can you imagine once they add the ability to do PC streaming?
Daiku Coffee
Daiku Coffee:
$840 over 2 years is insane. Especially considering stand alone costs 499.
Christopher Montero
Christopher Montero:
This guy is really good.. very informative..thank you dude!
Marion Cravens
Marion Cravens:
I love how when he tries to compliment Microsoft, its always a backhanded one. Every time.
Slight walk back by Sony lol - they lied to their most loyal customers.
Alden Etra
Alden Etra:
You gotta update this for the new ZeniMax purchase by Microsoft.
I am getting the Xbox game pass ultimate and playing on my laptop until I save up for the ps5 in a year. This is the best solution I got for now
Just Ashtern
Just Ashtern:
I'm trying to convince my brother to buy a pc instead... he still wants the xbox
I'm such a Jeff fan. And I'm getting both.
Ning Ma
Ning Ma:
Only children are going to make a choice, adults just take both🤣
What’s complicated PS5 didn’t know it was even a question I’m just watching this because I’m bored 😐
Kingsley Boerz
Kingsley Boerz:
Thanks for confusing me sir! I appreciate it
NUFC 1892
NUFC 1892:
Don't need to wait, xbox all the way simply for forza! never been keen on playstation's exclusive games.
Classy Operator
Classy Operator:
"Full comparison" when the actual consoles haven't been released 😑
*Set the video on half speed! The guy sounds like he's drunk ...*
Muhammad Shayaan
Muhammad Shayaan:
Finally something that I can afford
"Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one". That was a very helpful overview and opinion. Ill be waiting early next year to decide what ill be getting. Thank you!
Watching this after Microsoft bought zenimax 👀
Afghan Lyrics Songs
Afghan Lyrics Songs:
may be i one day watch these videos to really make up my mind on getting one
Nikolas NunnFears
Nikolas NunnFears:
i won’t even get these until next holiday year lol, or when they stop making new games for older consoles
Alex K
Alex K:
I really love your channel keep up the great work!
Egg smuggler
Egg smuggler:
How come whenever someone says the truth about something people always deny it and fight it

Edit: i recommend not to go in the replies
Heha Direx
Heha Direx:
PlayStation 5 digital edition is mine, and I am in love with it! Can't wait to put my hands on it!
Evan Emery
Evan Emery:
Great video, very informative and neutral. Still stuck between the 2 choices.
Big Ben
Big Ben:
I was thinking on getting the series x but thank you for giving me some advice to help wait
G Bea
G Bea:
I'll sum it up for ya
Xbox: Now owns bethesda and all its subsidiaries
PlayStation: Doesn't
The PS5 shouldn't fit in the thumbnail
Gabriel Bracho
Gabriel Bracho:
Thanks for the video, helped me make up my mind
Zelda Of Hyrule
Zelda Of Hyrule:
I won't get a PS5 or the new Xbox till maybe after 1 year it has been out.
Already have an xbox from 3 years ago. And I preordered the ps5. Can't wait 😭😭😭
I expect you to do an update in Janauray on this video
Jaymond Sperling
Jaymond Sperling:
I am getting the ps5 at launch. Got my preorder! Then when halo comes out I am buying series S
hey can u join ps4 player parties on the ps5 and can i play online with them please reply
Nikolas Maes
Nikolas Maes:
Series X pays $40 more then series S for their 2 years subscription
Now how does that make sense
Akash Lakshmanan
Akash Lakshmanan:
Dude.. you just confused me even more! Man it's hard.
Hey man, can you stream on Twitch at 1080p?
And is the Standard Video Editor good?
Hunter Zolomon
Hunter Zolomon:
He mentions that the ps5 will have a number of ps4 backwards compatibility titles yet fails to mention that the series x is compatible with every single xbox one game and a large chunk of 360 games as well.
Porter Francis
Porter Francis:
I can’t wait bro I’m getting the Xbox the day it’s out
TheOneWhoGives Likes
TheOneWhoGives Likes:
First, I have to replace my old analog TV
steven sarwat
steven sarwat:
Me: watching the video to get information about which console is better
Also me: not have the money required to buy any of those two consoles
Superior im
Superior im:
Is VR going to be on ps5 and if so how will the change or improve feel like this would be big selling point
Anyone know if there is going to be a day one edition Xbox Series X special edition like how they did the Xbox one X Scorpio edition?

The reason why I asked this is because for 2 reasons.

1- Because there was that leaked Xbox conference and at the end I thought there was going to be a thing at the end where were going say a special edition anaconda/Lockhart like how they did the Conference one the Xbox one X then show up the Scorpio edition.

2- PS5 with some retailer just let people pre order there console early. I figured Microsoft was going to try and surprise us with this special editions. 🤷‍♂️
Simple for me. PS5 digital and Series S. Already preordered and secured both 👍
thegreenshujaa Thegreenshujaa
thegreenshujaa Thegreenshujaa:
You look like Seth Rogan 😀
Thanks for the update though
Ive had a ps4 and ps3 for a long time I wanna try to change to xbox
Death by Pizza Gaming
Death by Pizza Gaming:
I'll get the xbox series x, then upgrade my pc if I'm looking for that extra emphasis. That game pass is a monster if you put things into perspective. Pc gamer's can really benefit from xbox over playstation. I'll maybe get a ps5 eventually just for the exclusives.
lanre salau
lanre salau:
I'll buy the PS5, then get the XBox Ultimate Game Pass and play Xbox games on PC!
Bmt Blinds
Bmt Blinds:
gonna wait for any first time recalls
be smart about it
Microsoft buys Bethseda...bam! No Doom, Fallout, Quake, etc.... for Sony.
Manuel Montes de Oca
Manuel Montes de Oca:
I decided on PS5 physical, Xbox Series S, and my Pc equivalent to a series X. I will be ready this for this next gen