PSG vs Marseille Brawl (5 Red Cards)

After 9 years Marseille was bound to win in the Parc des Princes again, yet the end of this hard-fought victory was anything but a walk in the park.

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100+ comentarios:

Martin Vereda
Martin Vereda:
When I read "brawl" I expected a brawl. This altercation at best.
Fernando Hernando
Fernando Hernando:
Neymar at the end "he's a racist, he's a racist, that's why I hit him"
RJ Carrillo
RJ Carrillo:
if your wondering why Neymar said Alvaro was being racist, well its cause apparently he called a PSG player a monkey and told him to get out of his face....
Jose Fraile
Jose Fraile:
If Ibra was still on PSG, there would have only been one red card.
Raul C
Raul C:
They should make Zidane ref.
Ariel Rivera
Ariel Rivera:
Neymar to the other player: I like ya cut g
Scotty Arbour
Scotty Arbour:
“That’s as ugly as it gets”

Meanwhile, Ron Artest at the Palace...
Jung Hoon Kang
Jung Hoon Kang:
They lost leadership... Thiago Silva will be missed
Neymar said the guy was being racist
Ref over here like
“You get a red, you get a red card, everyone gets a red card!”
kevinsUtube1 P
kevinsUtube1 P:
“Brawl” seems like a bit much. 1 slap and maybe 1 actual punch.
Rogers crowley
Rogers crowley:
Was Neymar saying "racista" at the end? That's why the players weren't so angry about getting red cards
Yung B #UnitedGang
Yung B #UnitedGang:
The commentator said "theres a headbutt there"! When clearly there wasn't lmao
Trey Stiemsma
Trey Stiemsma:
Marseille are lucky herrara wasn’t on the pitch, that would have been another red card for sure
Jack 11
Jack 11:
Baseball announcers: Ooh it’s getting a little ugly out there

The quarantine been getting to everybody..
Carlos O
Carlos O:
This is great for Ligue 1 they need competition & somebody to knock off PSG whether it's OM, OL, Lille, or Monaco the league needs some life & not PSG always winning it by match week 20 something
Maxwell Tan
Maxwell Tan:
Absolutely Nobody:

The commentator: "Ooooooo, that's a headbutt there, Phil!"
Ahmed Gafar
Ahmed Gafar:
Ray Hudson turned into a UFC Announcer lol
Csokops #glazersout
Csokops #glazersout:
😂I love it when players show passion 😂😂😂
Paredes just fouls and fights hahaha no wonder PSG loses
Austin Jones
Austin Jones:
00:07 there was no head butt. That was clearly a flop

edit: he got tapped on the back of the head then flopped. Red cards should be for flopping
At the end Neymar said “he is a racist, that’s why I hit him”
Alex Olvera
Alex Olvera:
0:07 That Marseille guy that fell is absolutely disgraceful. What an absolute wimp and joke.
mostafa naga
mostafa naga:
this paredes guy, every match he starts a fight
El Brujo Mayor
El Brujo Mayor:
Paredes overrated player starting fights, seems reasonable since his career isn't going far
Gontrand Jojo
Gontrand Jojo:
Neymar: "I will play the racist card, works all the time"
Referee: "Uno reverse red card"
teymur karimli
teymur karimli:
Most of you probably know, but whoever doesn't know, the ref in this game was the ref that gave Neymar a yellow card last season for doing a rainbow flick
This was the best part of the match 😂😂 especially neymar reaction 😂😂
Matthew Wodatch
Matthew Wodatch:
Only in soccer (forgive me I’m American) could this situation be labeled a “brawl” haha
Fortunate Fool
Fortunate Fool:
This crap is easily solved: Both teams forfeit and take an "L" for the game. End of story.
Mark Soucek
Mark Soucek:
The title makes it seem like they actually fight
Sweet Draw Mix
Sweet Draw Mix:
*It's weird how most of us living on Earth will never meet or even acknowledge each other's existence. For example, if you're reading my comment; this is probably the first and last time you'll ever see me.., 🙏❤*
I can I was blessed to watch this ufc fight live.
BW Skills
BW Skills:
They should learn how to stay calm especially PSG players because they were the one losing in this game.
Ignacio Prera
Ignacio Prera:
Should’ve dropped the marsielle players, would’ve been much more entertaining. Maybe someone getting knocked out as well
Johnny McLaren
Johnny McLaren:
Imagine a goalie fighting XD
Gun Kun
Gun Kun:
1:49 Sakai👏
That death flop and roll from such a light tap is so hilarious to me.
Finally! The beautiful game!
I like how everyone just steps over him in the beginning. Everyone knew he overreacting😂
The Bosman Viewing
The Bosman Viewing:
A lot of anger being carried over from champ league final loss
paredes went after his own country man lmao
love how everyone stopped fighting for 2 seconds just to appreciate the refs decision at 1:43
Tacoman salsa
Tacoman salsa:
When the director says “cut”
That’s when we see the real acting.
Jeffrey Boulton
Jeffrey Boulton:
Love how the two guys who fell initially and were writhing in pain suddenly jumped up when people were actually getting hurt.
Lmao when he gave the other guy a little shove and he dropped dramatically 😂
This was recommend to me it’s perfect
I love how the announcer lost his mind when the Marseille player got head-butted
Jacob Chavez
Jacob Chavez:
Lol great first appearance for the new “King”
This is some great acting! I love this show!
When this year ends we will all yell jumangi and teleport to the real world
Aurun 50
Aurun 50:
This is what I payed for.
jahir lopez
jahir lopez:
Neymar was like, "like your cut G!"
ahmed gamal
ahmed gamal:
The game has ended already 😂
ffej kk
ffej kk:
I need more hockey in my life
Chippewa Guy
Chippewa Guy:
Good lord the flops in soccer are amazingly hilarious
bryan rodas
bryan rodas:
This was called a “brawl”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
442oons is gonna love this
King Leunitas
King Leunitas:
I hope everyone makes a full recovery!
Damn I wish I could be outside doing that
Pluto's Forest
Pluto's Forest:
Went exactly how I imagined it.
wtf, they're still packing stadiums with covid?
uri mascka
uri mascka:
I love how the top of the stadium is empty due to virus but the bottom sections have alot of people and close together as well😂
Kyle Manning
Kyle Manning:
Softest fight I’ve ever seen
Dropped Boez
Dropped Boez:
The most interesting thing in the history of this league!
Julio Nieblas Perez
Julio Nieblas Perez:
ahh I remember Benedetto scoring a hatrick on his first appearance for my mx team Tijuana.
D. Márquez
D. Márquez:
One of the most entertaining games ever. Glad I watched it
This is the most effeminate brawl I've ever seen in my life. lol
Wyatt Carr
Wyatt Carr:
Going to need @jomboy to break this down
Arnaud Guigui
Arnaud Guigui:
Just so you know it’s always intense between these two teams. They are like Barca and Real Madrid of France.
Weldon Sirloin
Weldon Sirloin:
Always sad when farmers fight each other.
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz:
First one to get mad losses 🤙🏼
Oh now i know why it’s called “Farmer’s League”.
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson:
amazing flopping
Nawaf Alkerayf
Nawaf Alkerayf:
I respect and love how there are soome calm and chill players like kimpembe and caleta carr who arent those people who fight and instead break up the fight. While you have some idiot who think they are indimatting by causing fights cough cough Parades.
S Steel
S Steel:
I've seen more hands thrown at an Italian wedding. Brawl my ass.
Sumaia Hassan
Sumaia Hassan:
Playing this at 0.25x to make sure I’ve seen everything
Astronaut Ninja
Astronaut Ninja:
That's a brawl?! WHAT? 🤣😂 Ron Artest and the NBA would be like, "that's a love tap.".
Some of you guys have been watching sports for so long y’all can tell what’s going on. I have to rewind several times to see what’s up.
Cristian Catalan
Cristian Catalan:
I'm just about ready to fight someone as well
Vlone -
Vlone -:
Hall call that a brawl. 😂😂😂
Look up Kansas vs Kansas st, that’s a real braw.
Alvaro said goodbye for neymar after red card hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂 Allez OM 💙
San Wani
San Wani:
The Barca - Madrid El Clasico scene we've missed all these years
Villas Boas 🔥
He really said a "I like your cut g" *slap*
Don Leon
Don Leon:
I'm still looking for the headbutt
From Singing To Soccer
From Singing To Soccer:
Wasn't it like last week when Neymar was said to have COVID? Why is he playing?
Daniel G
Daniel G:
Footballers are the biggest sissies when it comes to fighting. 😂😂
Meth Bear
Meth Bear:
The force is strong with these ones
Landon Jones
Landon Jones:
Best fight ever
Hassan Talha
Hassan Talha:
Omg such good acting from everyone there👍👍
Lokiz Hand
Lokiz Hand:
still waiting to see the brawl
Best thing to happen in weeks to soccer
It’s Jay
It’s Jay:
When the game mode has double shot gun damage
HiiiPower Booty Licker
HiiiPower Booty Licker:
The farmers league should be an embarrassment to all
Alexx Cloud
Alexx Cloud:
Soccer fights are so soft 😂😂
Wow they even flop when they fight each other
COVID got everyone tight 🤪
How many red cards can we give out today

Refs: YES