QAnon Shaman - Jake Angeli - Interview - ORF

Jake Angeli - You all know who Q is?

Interview from 2020 in Arizona

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I can't wait to see him in South Park.
Shai 69
Shai 69:
This is your reward when you complete YouTube.
James Towne
James Towne:
This reminds me of when someone tries to explain game of thrones to me
fuzzy fuzzy
fuzzy fuzzy:
imagine you are at a house party and you meet this guy at the kitchen table
When you throw a Republican, a ton of shrooms and MDMA, a scratched DVD of Vikings season 1, and a sweaty yoga mat into a boiling pot, you get something that looks like this.
Gemini 7
Gemini 7:
His poor future cell mate won't get a moment of peace and quiet. 😁
Is this the official mascot for ADHD?
Alex Plastow
Alex Plastow:
I can almost hear his lawyer saying "sir, my client is not guilty by reason of insanity"
He's really quite intelligent and well-spoken. Imagine what he could have achieved had he focused his efforts on reality instead of the Twilight Zone.
This guy is the bus in Speed, if he stops talking he'll explode
"all over the globe" well at least he believes in round earth, that's something
Dylan Stephenson
Dylan Stephenson:
For how all over the place and unfounded his arguments are he's surprisingly articulate.
David Moore
David Moore:
One of the sad things about this Q nonsense is the lack of originality. This crap or some version of it has been scaring impressionable people for a very long time.
To be honest, he sounds like old-school Alex Jones
Jesse Mag
Jesse Mag:
Seems like a very well-adjusted young man to me.
Leonardo Marcano
Leonardo Marcano:
I can't imagine how the search history from that dude's laptops looks like.
Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin:
If you close your eyes, you can hear Jay, from Jay and Silent Bob. 😂
Junior Altamont Ent.
Junior Altamont Ent.:
"Look out for pedophile symbolism like Pizza.. and Horns!" (Is wearing horns) Huh...
I think I found my halloween costume next year 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bryan Chiville
Bryan Chiville:
I got to say he's more well-spoken then I thought he would be. He says all this with a lot of conviction.
Electric Life
Electric Life:
FBI will never find him bc he blends in so well
Alyss Kennedy
Alyss Kennedy:
Ugh, I bet he’s fun that parties.
B Ezenby
B Ezenby:
"I want to be taken seriously, and therefore I'm going to dress like a post-apocalyptic member of the Village People on speed. Holding a spear and appearing bare-chested will also lend credence to the strength of my theory, which is very succinct and to the point without any pointless digressions whatsoever."
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops:
His future cell mate had better get practicing a convincing Spanish ‘I don’t understand’
Sven van Leeuwen
Sven van Leeuwen:
This man is clinically unhinged. I hope he gets the help he needs.
wow that's so interesting, its seems like a whole new religion evolved in less than 3 years or so
Joe Me
Joe Me:
I wanna see y’all talking once we are in the new world order !
Kei Naarr
Kei Naarr:
"Pizza + Pasta + Horns = Pedofile".
- Interdimensional Q being.
Source: Dude, trust me.
GamingFluxx 88
GamingFluxx 88:
When the mushrooms really start to kick in!
He's just pumped that someone is listening to him.
What I always found funny about conspiracy theorists is that they try using long, uncommon, sophisticated words to make it seem like they are smart and know what they are talking about.
He would still be talking and not be in federal custody if they hadn't turned the mic off.
Pamela Hall
Pamela Hall:
Oh Lord. Well I guess he’s enjoying himself.
I can see how he managed to breach security and get on to the floor of Congress. He just blends in to the crowd, does not draw the eye in his behaviour or appearance.
Ray s
Ray s:
If he has a cell mate. He'll talk him to death!
Looks, talks, and thinks pretty much exactly like my last boyfriend (I clearly have questionable taste in men which is why I decided to swear off dating for a few years 🤣) I seriously had to go look up his name just to make sure they weren't the same person.

Having spent a lot of time with Angeli's doppelganger, I'll say that people like this are picking up on how fucked up and miserable the world is, but they totally misplace their blame because it's too hard to acknowledge how complicated the real world is, and how miniscule their own impact on it is. But in reality, the only way it will get better is if people can be brave enough and smart enough to understand what's really happening, and work together, as opposed to labeling everyone as evil and enemies.
Bramlin Trent
Bramlin Trent:
Maybe he needs to cut back on his organic foods intake.
Mad Undertaker
Mad Undertaker:
Some time in solitary confinement might give his poor brain some rest.
This looks like a casting tape for Idiocracy Part 2
The man is right on target ! Just wait !
Bowler Bob
Bowler Bob:
"satans pizza is opening in the arrowhead mall - I saw this via the 3rd eye......" "Mom more hotpockets please....."
Smallstudio Design
Smallstudio Design:
He’s a One Man Talk Show with an endless guest list in his head.
Astro Dan
Astro Dan:
The crazy thing is he thinks he’s actually smart.
Kelly Kizer
Kelly Kizer:
He's the Grand Poobah of the Water Buffalo Lodge, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are members there.
I could see how "the trickster" coyote skin fits him.
This is actually a screen test for Dennis Hopper’s character in the Apocalypse Now remake.
This guy makes perfect sense. The buffalo outfit gives him credence.
This is what the internet does to people. It's sad that he'll likely end up in jail for a portion of his youth
so he is basicly against capitalism, the outcome would be socialism
Electric Life
Electric Life:
The triangle symbol for "Boy love" as he calls it, is the same symbol on his chest.
You nailed it Jake. You sound like me when trying to explain to my friends about being woke. They also think I'm crazy. Lol
Dale Williams
Dale Williams:
I’ve heard this before, as a paramedic transporting 5150 patients to a psychiatric facilities
Noam Bukowski
Noam Bukowski:
Where he's going now, I don't think he'll be allowed to bring his spear.
Ferg Ranson
Ferg Ranson:
Classic "OK?" as he tries to convince himself.
I give him credit mentioning the Big bank's cartels, but he lost me after that.
I've met some real conspiracy theorist wackos in my life but he really takes the cake.
Dante Mancini
Dante Mancini:
About 2 minutes in, I found myself starting to think about my grocery list.
jon doe
jon doe:
This is my long lost brother that hasn't been to a family reunion in 8 years
He is an actor more than some realize, and he absolutely nailed it!
Kodie Kulp
Kodie Kulp:
There's some girl out west who wishes she never slept with him and just wants him to stop sleeping on her couch and leave
Electric Life
Electric Life:
What would a conversation look like with this guy and takeshi 6ix9ine
O M:
Its not his third that is "open", I think he means to say his "brown" eye is open.
chocolate mouse drums
chocolate mouse drums:
I just hope he gets his organic food soon his mom is really worried about him in jail
Leah Graced
Leah Graced:
9:13 When people explain the meaning behind their tattoos
Wow, this guy sounds like a very intelligent person who have been sitting just a tad too much online and not been out in the real world lately.
when the ayahuasca never wore off 😂
WOW never thought all this would come from the same guy.
Electric Life
Electric Life:
How does 3 people die of heart attacks or complications at a riot? This guy was talking
Cam Brandreth
Cam Brandreth:
He almost had me up until the talk about being an interdimensional being.
When aliens land he will be our representative.
raymond walsh
raymond walsh:
When he said that the election was stolen I just couldnt listen to him anymore.
chris price
chris price:
after listening all the way through i kinda feel bad for him. he clearly has issues and needs help.
Jordie Jordan
Jordie Jordan:
*Having a hat like that you wouldn't need to wear a jacket. Keeps you warm enough*
Drink every single time he says like/ok. Blackout drunk in less than 10 minutes.
Mr Roberts
Mr Roberts:
If they already run everything, why is their goal to run everything?
“I may not always storm the Capitol building, but when I do, I always choose to wear the most distinctive outfit possible so the FBI can catch me”- Viking Hat Guy
sebastian cuello
sebastian cuello:
Hahaha this guy is a walking laughing stock
To my surprise, I like him.
He should have just auditioned for Village People
Christian White
Christian White:
Id kinda like him if he wasn't completely brainwashed by the gaia channel
Somewhere Alex Jones is watching with his arms folded, saying: “Wow, this guy’s a nut-job.”
Andersson & Löf AB
Andersson & Löf AB:
.....and his mother sitting home goes:
- I’m soooooo pride of you son
Poor baby isn't getting his organic food while locked up 😂
Apart from some extreme assumptions he raises a number of valid points in my opinion
“I’m on camera bro”. Complete Bill & Ted body language.
Deedee The Artist
Deedee The Artist:
Finally someone speaking some sense!!! Tag YOUNG PHARAOH
Keep It Classy Chicago
Keep It Classy Chicago:
Ashley Barlowe
Ashley Barlowe:
I need whatever he’s smoking. 😫
Ray s
Ray s:
Imagine getting advice from some dressed like that! Lmao
Jon Bates
Jon Bates:
Still, one great advantage of having him on TV and YouTube rather than in person - you can turn him off!
I'd laugh my ass off if what he says came true and all the people ridiculing him in the comment sections faces dropped when they realize he's the sane one 🤣🤣
Austin Staley
Austin Staley:
This is just one of Alex Jones' brain cells.
Putting Descartes Before the Console
Putting Descartes Before the Console:
I've known several people throughout my life that sound like this guy. They will eschew common sense and science in favor of the far fetched every damn time. This clown needs to be instituted.
Kalst kim
Kalst kim:
hes is just silly to have around, we need this to laugh
Brownbaereyes Ger
Brownbaereyes Ger:
❤️ I luv him. A real man.
John Allen
John Allen:
I see why they're called Clue Anon.
Erick Azarkman
Erick Azarkman:
He reminds me of Brad Pitt from the 12 Monkeys.

"Hey I'm on camera, bro." ( 3:17 ) LOL
D truthing
D truthing:
You know from now on every prisoner can request organic food cooked per their specific orders or they have grounds to sue and get even more tax payer dollars. When a judge agrees with a case like that it becomes almost like a law as later cases can use that given that justice must at least seem consistent and applied to all.
Jim James
Jim James:
We made old treasure maps in grade school like how he burned the edge of his Q sign
It’s beautiful watching all this privilege unfold. 😌 how can it be overlooked or ignored at this point?!