Quaker Oats retiring Aunt Jemima brand

Quaker Oats announced that it is retiring the Aunt Jemima brand and logo, saying that its origins are based on a racial stereotype.
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matthew eyo
matthew eyo:
As a black man aware of the struggle and our past. Aunt jemima lead to many delicious sunday breakfasts. Rest in peace
J U:
Aunt Jemima was just a cool aunt that made good syrup. Give it a break for Christ sake
Joshua d'Estoville
Joshua d'Estoville:
Any business that caves in at this degree to the perpetually offended won’t ever get a cent from me.
Robert Morris
Robert Morris:
I have loved this brand all my southern life and never ONCE thought of it as "racists" whatsoever!!!
nita lopez
nita lopez:
So long, aunt jemima. 😔 I'll miss you. So over this "woke" crap
It will be interesting when the newly named brands hit the market. They will lose all of the advantages of being a "name brand" for over 100 years. Even if the product has the same ingredients, it will have no advantage over similar products, and they themselves will be the new kids on the block. I imagine their sales will suffer substantially.
Anonymous Google
Anonymous Google:
I never looked at it as racist. Aunt Jemima was apart of our lives and played a positive role at our breakfast table.
American Politics Went Insane
American Politics Went Insane:
So...how about justice for Aunt Jemima who has been, clearly, killed by by racism. All she ever did was help feed people.
The democrats own the education system, the media, Hollywood, Big Tech and administrative government. If there is systematic racism or oppression, it’s at the feet of democrats. Lifelong democrat politicians who never did anything to improve the lives of their constituents, only to pander with the race card every time election season rolls around should be a wake up call for all to see the true hypocrisy that exists within the democrat party.
A C:
Yup, corporate America solving the REAL problems in society. 😂🤦‍♂️🙄
Prensa Amarillista
Prensa Amarillista:
This perpetual hunt for “racism” in every corner reminds me of the Salem witch trials.
Sam Tunks
Sam Tunks:
Imagine being offended by a syrup lady that must be a hard life to live
I associate Aunt Jemima with a good breakfast. You ruined it. You ruined it and I'm leaving.
Elli K
Elli K:
Aunt Jemima means a good breakfast is on the table. She is a beautiful black woman, why should her association with good food be taken away? This is absurd. What next, removal of black coffee?
Shadow People
Shadow People:
Is it time to remove Juan Valdez as the logo a Colombian coffee as a Latino I am deeply offended
David Benefield
David Benefield:
You know how many rap songs have the N-Word in them among other racial references and vocabularies? Aren't they going to be taken out too while y'all are at it?
1 million subs with no videos challenge
1 million subs with no videos challenge:
Black People been knew about Aunt Jemima for the longest time, we still use tho...
As a Canadian, I've never once considered "Aunt Jemima" a stereotype OR racist.
I guess it's a cultural perception thing, and by that I mean an American thing.
Before you argue the point, verse yourself with the "underground railroad".
Mari Christian
Mari Christian:
As a child, always felt comforted when a bottle of Aunt Jemima was sitting on our breakfast table. She's iconic. Please don't take her away!
Russell Peach
Russell Peach:
This finally solves racism.
Me U
Me U:
At this point they just wanna be mad at something. Everything's racist in the eyes of a racist.
D Max
D Max:
They need to remove Mitch McConnell's likeness from the oatmeal packaging also.
Jason Beaumont
Jason Beaumont:
Well someone at Quaker Oats marketing department is getting a raise.
J. Lo
J. Lo:
My wife says she's now going to buy Log Cabin!!!!
Enough of this PC crap!!!!
That’s Just Crazy Talk
That’s Just Crazy Talk:
I just heard they are going to replace the current image with the image of a black, trans, woman, with purple hair, a pierced eyebrow, a pierced nose, and a pierced upper lip. What’s next in the cancel culture wars I wonder?
Rhomis Rhemis
Rhomis Rhemis:
How long will it be before Quaker Oats drops the name "Quaker"?
Dollar Store syrup, here I come!!!!
Irina Krugler
Irina Krugler:
To me "Aunt Jemima" represents good homey type food. I always thought of her as a beautiful woman of color with a gorgeous smile. Are they going to put a white granny on the cover? Or are they taking pancake mix and syrup off their production?
Linda Cloud Observer
Linda Cloud Observer:
The oldest images were disastrous. Scarry. The 60's image was warm and sweet.
Le Chat Noir
Le Chat Noir:
How exactly does this lead to systemic changes, Quaker Oats? 🤔
Jeff Woods
Jeff Woods:
Thank goodness because no one really knew anything regarding this until you're making it an issue..great job tards..
Nick Allred
Nick Allred:
Uncle Ben is gonna be pissed.
They should remove the movie “white chicks” from streaming services. It offends me highly.

There. Turnabout is fair play.
Tamika's syrup and Tyrone' Rice.😄
Sura Angel
Sura Angel:
This seems to do more harm than good as a statement
Chris Morrow
Chris Morrow:
Sad losing food's that has made millions I can see a food shortage coming about
Lunky Straydog
Lunky Straydog:
I find this media company offensive.
Brian Lastname
Brian Lastname:
The syrup is still dark, does that mean it's racist??? 🤔
t g
t g:
For the record slavery was LEGAL, and owned by DEMOCRATS
Chris Trudell
Chris Trudell:
Yeah but where's Uncle Jemima been all these years?...🤣
Freedom & Liberty Bot
Freedom & Liberty Bot:
I was always saying it should be a white crossdressing man on the box..... Well, lets get to it!
Toby Swofford
Toby Swofford:
That finally fixed it!!! Racism has finally been erased. Thank you Quaker Oats for your great sacrifice!!!
Whew, now we can move on as a country. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Harry
James Harry:
2:50 this is actually nuts. Aunt Jemima is beautiful. How in any way is that perpetuating a racist stereotype?
Come and Take it
Come and Take it:
What about Taco Bell? “ run for the border”. What are you trying to say, the only time I would go to the border is to get a Crunchwrap supreme? I’m appalled
Sparky McSpark
Sparky McSpark:
Are we going to change Chef Boyardee because he's a stereotypical Italian chef?
How long before they come for Tony the Tiger?
I remember wearing a decorative scarf and having a patient call me “that lady on the pancake box”... 😑
Markus Näslund
Markus Näslund:
Aunt Karens Syrup "The sweet taste of justice... Social justice."
Martin Honan
Martin Honan:
Where are the CNN people going to hide when those officers Walk on charges? Extra fireworks this Summer in ATL
Tesco Primark
Tesco Primark:
I’ll buy some these brands and sell them in auction years later....hopefully it worth million dollars 😂😅😅
Imagine a bunch of executives in a room padding themselves on the back for defeating racism..
2:58 He said “...whom was very large.” 🤦🏽‍♀️ 3:22 Insensitive to women...he could’ve said “full figured”, “plus-sized individual”, “curvy”, “may be considered heavier than some”. He totally lost Anchor Briana after his statement.
Dubjax 30
Dubjax 30:
They should have done this years ago
King Johnson
King Johnson:
This is definitely long-awaited and anticipated for a generation or two!) My beautiful mom “Tootsie” Johnson is definitely overjoyed to say the least and everybody who truly and fully knows and understands the history with Jemima, Uncle Ben’s ( not to do with Spider-Man or Tatooine) and any other that there may be discover this is a long time coming!)
Ike Swp
Ike Swp:
BREAKING NEWS Uncle Ben has been changed to lazy Lamont
Billy Bob
Billy Bob:
Growing up, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben were the only relatives I had. Sad to hear this
Racial stereotype. Yes because eating pancakes i always think " yeah time for that slave syrup" so now instead of having a woman of color as a brand identity signifying diversity. We'll just get rid of that and replace it with a blatent attempt to drum up support which will drive sales. Because the image of a woman of color being associated with something as wholesome as a home cooked breakfast is problematic
Ms Forever Bree
Ms Forever Bree:
noooooooo we love aunt jemima. i’m so glad they’re getting rid of the name. keep the products. aunt jemima looks like she can throw down in the kitchen
Nan Matau
Nan Matau:
"I's In Town Honey !" LOL !!!
Relax guys, they’re just replacing Aunt Jemima with Nicki Minaj.
Затворник Шестипалый
Затворник Шестипалый:
The National Council of Ne●ro Women might have something to say about that...
Oh thank god! This was keeping me up at night. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Really you had too go and mess with aunt jemima syrup, my wholesome images, of a good maple syrup, and delicious on chicken and waffles!
Let's just put generic labels on everything, everything, no fancy cerealboxs nothing, no happy cows, or dancing bunnies 😕!
Lady snake84
Lady snake84:
How about this, remove the Gerber baby from your baby products? It's cuteness offends me!
Animal wrestlemania
Animal wrestlemania:
First they got Rid of Go Gurt Guy I hope makes a different way come?

Bazooka Joe returns how?
Konami Codex
Konami Codex:
Who else is old enough to remember when Aunt Jemimah got re-branded in the 90s from a "mammy" to the current image?....
Darling Dear
Darling Dear:
I don't see any of these products as racists. To me as non American they are just ... American
Frank Cunha III
Frank Cunha III:
Aunt Jemima ❤️ R-I-P
Carlos Cabrera
Carlos Cabrera:
You have to love these Democrats progressives,
Then we need to get rid of lots more productS.

Black eye pea, black bean soup, black beer, change the color of the eighth ball in pool. Luck charms because of being irish.
Remove chocolate ice cream,
Katie Brown
Katie Brown:
OMG!! Am so excited,am free from herpes virus and the result was amazing
Robert escobar
Robert escobar:
So the white Quaker is getting rid of the black woman? How progressive
Matt Foley
Matt Foley:
Due to racial insensitivity and to pander to today’s “cancel culture”, Mars Co. will be changing the name of their Uncle Ben’s Rice to Uncle Bob’s Rice, in honor of democrat senator and past Grand Wizard of the KKK, Robert Byrd.
nioxian lerma
nioxian lerma:
I always felt that brand was a stereotype
Thank God, now I can enjoy my pancakes in peace.
Can we extend this to all food products.
Melissa A
Melissa A:
Aunt Jemima syrup on eggs yum yum, :) I never knew it had a racist image.
Triggerhappy Ranch
Triggerhappy Ranch:
Why remove a tribute to her cooking talents? The real problem seems to be rampant stupidity.
The M Network
The M Network:
Wow, I thought that it came from a famous person. Never in my life would I thought this. My God, they do not like us but love to use us for money. This is pure sad
To be fair, Aunt Jemina did help us make some bomb-ass pancakes.
It's it Ggg
It's it Ggg:
My Favorite Syrup, What the hells going on
altitude illume
altitude illume:

i expect coke would never.
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love:
Next the Pillsberry doughboy, He offends me every time I see him
Roald Shakleton
Roald Shakleton:
The Cream of Wheat man is gonna be pissed.
Tweezy B
Tweezy B:
They coming for everybody and everything! I’m here for it tho
Crystal Phillips
Crystal Phillips:
I was wondering how long this would take. It is my favorite syrup ever. But I have always questioned this name if she was a real person or something they made up.
0:37 Aunt Jemima looks like 2pac.
What a pathetic country we live in now
Katie Brown
Katie Brown:
OMG!! Am so excited,am free from herpes virus and the result was amazing
Todae' Monegan
Todae' Monegan:
Wow!! What a history!! I often purchased these items thinking I’m supporting my people! Wow!!
David Willis
David Willis:
I normally don't research things like this. I assumed the "Aunt Jemima" and "Uncle Ben's" was like Colonel Sanders. You know, where the company bought the business from the founder but continued to use their name and face for the product line. I never saw it as degrading or racist.
Alexander Desert Eagle
Alexander Desert Eagle:
Daquan Johnson
Daquan Johnson:
I still have a bottle half full, it will be worth millions in a couple years
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler:
Now they will rename it with
Luther king jr. Original syrup and
Malcolm X original pancake and waffle mix.
Patricia Ramirez
Patricia Ramirez:
I am going to miss Aunt Jemima, it has been a favorite breakfast for my family for many years. Never in my life I though it was racist, I always looked at the box and it made me feel good in my soul.
Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher:
This is bull all of it. On the fake allegations again. Good job fake news
New Aunt Karen pancakes.
"Taste RRREEEEEEEally good!"
BBD Design
BBD Design:
Did he say Aunt Jemima is the equivalent of the "n" word?
Melissa A
Melissa A:
And it's so good. You have to love that syrup, you can almost drink the syrup alone, hehe.
Jazneo Gaming
Jazneo Gaming:
<,< i have black friends love aunt jemima brand. so basic steal there food away now
finally, i can sleep well at night now that aunt jemima is off the shelves.
William schlenger
William schlenger:
Welcome Betty White as new Aunt Jemima.
J Jags
J Jags:
I want everything with a white man or woman on it gone from the shelves. I want the color white out of my dictionary and all white meat out of my chickens.