Queen Guitarist Brian May Suffers Near Fatal Heart Attack

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May reveals he suffered a heart attack that nearly took his life if not for the heroic work of healthcare professionals.


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100+ comentarios:

Patrick Mulder
Patrick Mulder:
American: He almost died!
Brit: I had a bit of an issue, nothing major. Everyone was quite lovely, really.
Eros Medina
Eros Medina:
guess you could call it a “sheer heart attack”. For real though, thank god he’s still alive
I am Heffy
I am Heffy:
I thought 2019 sucked
Jesus. I'm glad he is still alive.

Thanks for the Rock News my man
JeremyHerrera VA
JeremyHerrera VA:
Thank god he’s doing alright. I was worried sick...
I’m glad he’s okay. 2020 really don’t care anymore.
We must protect and care for this precious man at all costs 🥺

I'm glad hes okay
John Wilkes Booth
John Wilkes Booth:
I read that title too quickly and nearly had one MYSELF! Thank god he’s still with us! Get well soon Doctor!
Sassy Karen
Sassy Karen:
He’s so lucky that he got to the hospital in time to save his life. I’m so glad he is still with us so he can keep on making music!!
Darth Benevolent
Darth Benevolent:
Sobering reminder of our finite state of being.
None of us are promised another day.
Be well Brian!
Megan is a gamer
Megan is a gamer:
Ok, but how flipping lucky to have his own doctor personally take him to the hospital 🙌 Be well Sir.
Ash Miller
Ash Miller:
I'm so glad he's still with us. I don't know how much more of 2020 I could take if he left us as well
Parker Ryan
Parker Ryan:
god if he would’ve passed away i would’ve cried so much
The worst part is that Heart Attacks can come completely out of nowhere.
Comanche Viper
Comanche Viper:
I’m glad that he is OK. He is a member of one of the greatest and most legendary bands ever. On top of that he has an excellent world class guitar player. And from what I’ve heard and all-around nice guy. I’m glad that the heart attack wasn’t worse. And I’m glad he’s definitely still with us. Get better soon Brian. Do you have the prayers and the good wishes of all your fans. God bless you sir.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
This almost gave ME a heart attack 😢😢😢
I’m gonna cry 😥 this isn’t supposed to happen 😢😢😢
Ox in the box
Ox in the box:
Freddie: Hey Brian!
Brian: Yes?
Freddie: Seems like you have a "Sheer Heart Attack"
Joseph Scinto
Joseph Scinto:
I saw on his Instagram, I’m glad he’s ok
Brian is everything. He mustn't die. We MUST keep him safe at all costs
Mike W
Mike W:
"I had a small heart attack, it didn't do me any harm". Sorry, I never heard the words Near Fatal in Brian's description. Do you write for the Enquirer in your spare time?
Lonely Rocker
Lonely Rocker:
Glad to hear he pulled through. My father passed barely two weeks ago from what appears to have been a sudden and fatal heart attack. No warning. Here one minute. Gone the next. Take care of yourselves and don't ignore the warnings!!
Imperfect Lioness
Imperfect Lioness:
So glad he's still with us! Would have broken my heart to pieces.
No No No not this year, we cannot lose another legend this year. Thank God he’s ok
Freddie probably saw that heart heart attack and said "Not today darling" Thats how i think Brian survived
Caleb Schreiber
Caleb Schreiber:
Geeze! I hope he makes it out ok. He's such a nice guy
ArchMagus Warlock
ArchMagus Warlock:
I'm glad he got treated. That could have been a bad deal man
Chris Hawkins
Chris Hawkins:
All I can say is that I’m glad he’s ok! After having a compressed sciatic nerve myself and subsequent disc degeneration I made the mistake of having spinal surgery which led to me having permanent damage and a worse nerve condition than previously. My point to all this is that I’m glad he didn’t have spinal surgery- and to anyone considering it, please do your homework because it totally ruined me!
Frediee Mercury
Frediee Mercury:
My best wishes for Mister May , I hope he's doing alright and remember guys , he will never die because he's definitely a legend like Freddie Mercury , Roger Taylor and John Deacon , so legends never die , period..
Who wants to live forever
2020 man...
Lori Reece
Lori Reece:
Whew! That was a close one, Brian! Don’t do that to us ever again! This crazy world needs you in it to loan is some sanity! Take care of yourself! We fans think the world of you!
Andre Pauli
Andre Pauli:
If there's one thing I'm going to be thankful for in this shitty year, it's that we still have with us legendary musicians who are hanging in there with their health...Brian May, Ozzy Osbourne, and several others.
Studio Šrauf'n Cingr
Studio Šrauf'n Cingr:
Queen was the band that got me into rock and then metal. God I hope he is ok
Patricia Gray
Patricia Gray:
Thank GOD Brian was able to get coronary artery stents. He received a second chance to live a healthy life. May the rest of us have a second chance to live healthy. Love Brian ♡
_Vixen _
_Vixen _:
I almost died inside when i saw this post but luckely he is alive
Jennifer Mosley
Jennifer Mosley:
He's such a great guy. I'm glad he's still with us.
Carlos Huicochea
Carlos Huicochea:
Thank God he's alright. Long live this legend
Jack Wolf
Jack Wolf:
Get well, stay well Brian May . 🎸
William Z
William Z:
I’m glad he survived. We don’t need another COVID death
D-Mack 70
D-Mack 70:
Thankfully he is still here with us!!!! In 1998 my dad had a very mild heart attack and the doctors thought it was going to be a 3 way bypass and it wound up being a 5 way somehow. He stuck around to January of 2014. These doctors can work miracles!!!
Andy Roid
Andy Roid:
He seems to be recovering well. ✓

Also, I see what he did there: *"I thank them (the doctors) from the bottom of my heart."*

On a side note, that gray afro ages him a little. I think a trim (but do NOT darken it) may make him look measurably younger.

I say this as the ex-boyfriend of a 'barberette'. : )
Man, I’m glad he’s ok now! But still I’m gonna be prayin for the guy.
It wasn't nearly fatal it was minor symptoms for about 40 minutes :)
Tapp Morningwood
Tapp Morningwood:
Glad Brian's okay, as well as his mad scientist hair.
Keran Souare
Keran Souare:
I’m truly glad he turned out okay.
Kaushik Kurudi
Kaushik Kurudi:
2020 really crossing the line now.
rogah taylah
rogah taylah:
Love that doctor so much and of course Bri😢
Lil Ibanez
Lil Ibanez:
I guess you could say he had sheer heart attack. On a serious note I’m glad he’s ok he truly is a legend and when he does eventually pass it’ll be a very sad day
Fire Woman
Fire Woman:
WOW, He still has all of his hair! Glad he's still with us.
Rock Roller247
Rock Roller247:
Glad you made it through Mr May . My grandpa had a heart attack he was out gardening in October it was hot that day he came inside talking about chest hurting he laid down in the bed. had to call 911 we live close by a hospital 🏥 doctors took him in quick he’s a lot better now .
Man once I read the title I almost had a heart attack myself, thanks for the update man.
Thank goodness he recovered. He is not getting any younger.
Vince Trujillo Jr
Vince Trujillo Jr:
It sounds like he had a panic attack. I had one before and it sounds very similar to what he was describing
Syrena Milani
Syrena Milani:
Blessings to you Brian May , you are so loved , & hoping you recover quickly & safely... ❌⭕💟🎶🎵🎼🎤🎸
Rohan Narain
Rohan Narain:
Thank God he's alright.
Misa Amane
Misa Amane:
i almost had a heart attack myself when i saw this omg but I`m so happy he is okay
Tea Obsessed
Tea Obsessed:
Glad he's ok ❤️
Wicked King Wicker
Wicked King Wicker:
First live performance I ever attended Brain May band opened for Guns N Roses March of 1993
Steve The Plumber Breeding
Steve The Plumber Breeding:
I'm glad Brian is ok!!! What a legendary guitarist!!! God Bless him!!!
Richard Brubaker
Richard Brubaker:
I have 2 stents in my heart, and figure they're THE magic things! This was in 1995, and I haven't turned back once!
Joe Volpe
Joe Volpe:
Stents don’t remove occlusion. They open up the occlusion.
Trent Wilson
Trent Wilson:
I'm glad hes ok I was scared
I'm so glad Brian is ok , and I hope he can have a good recovery
Registos e coisas
Registos e coisas:
Thank god he is OK!
I experience the same pain in my back. It was like someone was sticking a knife in my back. Then I started getting very cold and sleepy while my heart rate was getting faster and faster. My brother called 911, turn's out that I was having an embolism in my lunges. I almost died!
Brian may just went through the worst experience of he's life. I can guarantee you that!
Thank god that he’s ok and I’m also glad that the doctors helped Brian May with the situation.
Angry Mouse
Angry Mouse:
You know...this man is a treasure. He almost never aged, he's humble, delightful, a total gentleman. He should have formed a band with Ronnie James Dio when he was with us, adding Metallica's Robert Trujillo to the mix, so they would be called "Los Tres Caballeros" (The Three Gentlemen).
αλεξανδρος ραπτης
αλεξανδρος ραπτης:
our love and wishes for one of the kindest and nicest people in rock
Thomas james
Thomas james:
Damn man that was close glad he getting better
Over Bored
Over Bored:
OMG I read that he was dead and I got so scared!
Lee Rogers
Lee Rogers:
Yesterday it was a small heart attack.
If all heart attacks are "near fatal" then this story is true....LOL
Aaron DX
Aaron DX:
Bruh When I saw the woeds Fatal and heart attack I almost lost it Thank god he alive!
Thought he said it was a small heart attack.
John Peterson
John Peterson:
We All Hope You Get Better Soon! ❤🤘🏻🤘🤘🏼🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿
Lisa Stanton
Lisa Stanton:
in his near death experience, by any chance could he hear an angelic choir with freddys voice singing Spread Your Wings ?!
Brian I am so glad you got to the hospital in time to get this taken care of! Thank God you’re still with us!!! Prayers for a speedy recovery! ❤️🙏
The title is a bit misleading. He said it was minor. The majority of the pain was from a compressed sciatic nerve.
Brannagan O'Brannagan
Brannagan O'Brannagan:
Thank God this incredible man is alright. Thanks for letting us know.
Hatake Kurama
Hatake Kurama:
Mind satisfied! I was so scared to death when I heard that news! Dude thank God he's alive!
S.M.F Veritas
S.M.F Veritas:
Thank the Lord!!
Hope he is alright ❤️
Rock gods punishing him for lying and making The Bohemian Rhapsody movie PG-13.
Love Brian May!
Cheryl King
Cheryl King:
God bless you Brian !! Speedy recovery!!!! Forever fan!!!
Xl Bubblehead
Xl Bubblehead:
Well it comes in threes. Looking at his hair it looks like he’s been electrocuted as well.
Thank god he is still alive
Rock legend 😍
We love you brian.....😘😘😘😘
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez:
Thank GOD he's okay! I mean, the lord while he was having that heart attack said, "You're too good to die this young."
B*ch Please
B*ch Please:
He can’t die!! Queen will be over without him!! Who’s gonna play the guitar for us huh??
Tyler Gann
Tyler Gann:
Whew, good thing that he's okay, because I would've flipped out if he passed!
Thank god he's alive. He's a legend. his "Life Has Been Saved"
Anton UnLtd
Anton UnLtd:
He is such a wonderful human being as well as a legend, glad he is recovering. He once wrote me a very gracious letter for a tribute song I made Freddie back in 2001 which meant a lot. Wish him good health for many years to come.
Я̶adIøHeLL -95
Я̶adIøHeLL -95:
Im gonna cry hard if anything more happens to him stay strong and hope for well health. ✌🖖
Camilo florez
Camilo florez:
No this massive legend can't die
curt greco
curt greco:
Thank God your ok Brian..your not only my favorite musician but also my favorite person..God speed to you legend..
Linda Inglis
Linda Inglis:
I finally had three stents after a heart attack. I couldn’t understand why I kept passing out. Best to you, Brian.
Prath Gyula
Prath Gyula:
near fatal? :D he said a small...
Brendan Perrett
Brendan Perrett:
Glad to see he doing well and I’m glad I got to see him in concert this year just before Covid 19 hit New Zealand and all went to shit
Jamey Leanne Cooper
Jamey Leanne Cooper:
I watched this with the volume turned down so is he alright now
Sheezy Gaming
Sheezy Gaming:
3 Clog Artery?
- Corotid Artery
- Femoral Artery
Haley Michelle
Haley Michelle:
Damn what a miracle
kevin davis
kevin davis:
i was so surprised to hear this news and i am so glad Brian is getting well
john carlson
john carlson:
Bless your heart Mr May, no pun intended. When your time does come i hope it's just sweet dreams. Peace brother.