R. Federer: First Round Win

Roger Federer (SUI) speaks with Tennis Channel following his first round win at Roland Garros 2021.

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Okto Lalian
Okto Lalian:
Federer is forever a legend
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
The perfect answer: Confidence is more important than experience! So true, its like having the wind on your back, think clearly, good decisionmaking, relaxed.....wow what a great answer. 💛🇿🇦We love you Roger! I was at the match for Africa in Cape Town! Was awesome. Roger forever, Goat!🏆
Aryan Awasthi
Aryan Awasthi:
My favourite tennis player of all time
King Roger 👑
Lakshay Shounak
Lakshay Shounak:
He speaks as smoothly as he plays, such a joy to watch him. Feel so privileged to be able to see this exceptional artist doing his craft. Hopefully many more years of success and artistry awaits. Let's Keep bel21ving!!
Hes a class act and one of the greatest individual sports athletes of all times
Sridhar rao
Sridhar rao:
This man wins match and then gives interview all around definitely a Goat..
Tommy O'Neill
Tommy O'Neill:
I’m so happy for Roger. Hope he goes far and stays healthy for Wimbledon.
Gary Miller
Gary Miller:
Great to see Fed back in a major. He is real simply - class personified!!
Nicolas Van herle
Nicolas Van herle:
Good questions from the journalist, we don't see that everytime
Federer combines gracefulness with power like no other. Super athlete and human being. Good luck the rest of the way
Paul Elverstone
Paul Elverstone:
I will watch him until the day he retires and then thank him wholeheartedly afterwards. I've never seen the game played so beautifully...
The Dark Lord of NTR
The Dark Lord of NTR:
When he was giving his interview in French with Fabrice Santoro, I was smiling like an idiot the entire time. And I don’t speak a lick of French. 😂😂😂
Anne Finlayson
Anne Finlayson:
So incredibly happy to see Roger on court again and with his usual beautiful style of play, it felt like he'd never been away. So I wish him good luck for the Championship and can't wait for the grass to see him back at Wimbledon. 🙏
Hard to imagine Roger will turn 40 years old in a couple of months... I watch every one of his matches like it's the last one...
Blossom Chinaka
Blossom Chinaka:
Roger: ''You feel like its going to go your way...'' So, Confidence I really believe is everything''.
Loving you more Roger Federer! Well done and Congratulations!!!
Flo Wo
Flo Wo:
interesting point he made with the game happening at a faster pace when there are not as many spectators as usual...first time I heard one of the guys mentioning that.
Tianna Campbell
Tianna Campbell:
Poetry in motion! The GOAT FOREVER!
Peter W
Peter W:
"How to handle the towels in the corner"
Oh boy, this is why I love this guy😂
pekka gaming
pekka gaming:
Roger, please bring old days back - looking forward to see your QF against Novak and SF against Rafa.
self analysis
Trishanth Diwate
Trishanth Diwate:
such a beautiful insight on the crowd being a part of slowing down the game and making sense and gravity of the situation better
Deona Tongpalen
Deona Tongpalen:
Bravo Roger.. We love you
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
I hope Roger is able to make it to the semi-finals in spite of lack of practice/matches!
Anandhi S
Anandhi S:
Let’s go Roger let’s go!
Good substantive interview. Glad to see Roger looking comfortable and confident. I think as he increasingly feels he can trust his knee, his play will get back to normal, as well.
Markus Antonious
Markus Antonious:
Nice to see him not wearing a damn mask while being interviewed. Good on 'ya mate.
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops:
Federer seems to be as self-aware as he is smooth
Elangbam Roshan
Elangbam Roshan:
This is Roger playing like this almost at his forty.
He always set the standards very high for others players.
He is something else.
Experience leads to confidence. It is the only path.
sunny days
sunny days:
Goat on every level! Mr Tennis that is Roger Federer 👌
Great win Roger! Amazing to still see him playing at such a high level. But did you hear the interviewer ask Roger what adjustments he had to make because of the small crowd size?? How dare he! What is he saying that Roger isn't good? Is this some kind of trick question? Roger, you gotta pull out of the FO. That question was over the line.
Michael Black
Michael Black:
No one can replicate this guy's swagger. On and off the court. Fed has too much style
Sherry Islam
Sherry Islam:
Talking to the press nice. Take note osaka
peggy hui
peggy hui:
Thank you for doing this, Tennis Channel. He gave an on court interview in French and I was like what , what ?
Nilesh Shinde
Nilesh Shinde:
He is the living legend.
Hakeem khan
Hakeem khan:
The ever joyful tennis player in many respects !
Chavhan Mukesah
Chavhan Mukesah:
What a class keep it up Roger beat in Quarter final Djokovic's
TerryE VP
TerryE VP:
What a class act..!!!
Bassline Rally
Bassline Rally:
The target is Wimbledon this year and will be for next few years.
Show clips
Show clips:
I am sure he is so prepared for this year's tournament
He's Back 🥰
steven gao
steven gao:
Next match with Cilic gonna be great!
Yenne Jaber
Yenne Jaber:
Fed's eloquence is so satisfying.
De Men
De Men:
The great Roger Federer👌
Always love his jovial positive attitude.
Striker Bowls
Striker Bowls:
GOAT performance
Sunit Raithatha
Sunit Raithatha:
Roger federer will win the next 5 french open titles i..e. till 2025 without dropping a set 😳😳😳😳 okay critics get started 🤣
Alex May
Alex May:
He definitely was one of the best players in the world. 👍
Semifinal RG...
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Back to form with Confidence!! All the best Champion 🙏🙏🙏
Leonardo Costa
Leonardo Costa:
Macron must to learn from US and start to respect peoples right, steady of being prohibiting people to live their life. Everybody has the right to choose what to do with their live!! If we follow government advice we end up poor and homeless.
Vinit Patel
Vinit Patel:
It doesn’t matter 100 or 100k crowd. Everyone supports the King
Lalitha Ravindran
Lalitha Ravindran:
Oh yeah, Istumin is a great player who has been nowhere in the last few years.
Jitendra Vasa
Jitendra Vasa:
performance is temporary but class is permanent,
this is what we can learn fro , Sir Roger.
Interesting that the Covid conditions. Clearly bothered him more in Geneva than Doha.
Home pressure? His own higher expectations? Or just first match on clay maybe.
Anyway, good that he diagnosed it & recognised its effects here in Paris & sliwed himself down.
Sharla T
Sharla T:
Ma boy! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Blessed sam
Blessed sam:
In this content of Federer sublime interview, those who are commenting about djokovic and Nadal are morons and delusional dolts. No one can near feds quantum achievements and proliferating victories. At this age if he has class and power means he is the greatest athlete ever on the earth.I swear that some morons will be here.
the king is back
Chris Rossi
Chris Rossi:
Best Player Ever 😋
The classiest man in tennis
Ana Bergamin
Ana Bergamin:
Very good Roger 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
paul aymeric rodrigues
paul aymeric rodrigues:
Mozart is not dead.
His name is Federer😍
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes:
12 years ago he won it.......12 not 2 or 8..........what a champion.......go Roger go.
-the islander-
-the islander-:
it takes a fighter to come back from that sort of injury.
however i don’t think he‘ll win another major.
Kumarjit Chakraborty
Kumarjit Chakraborty:
Even watching him speak is much better than watching other matches.
Nilesh Shinde
Nilesh Shinde:
I love Roger so much.
Aleksandr Poian
Aleksandr Poian:
Such a nice speech
Ralph Asuncion
Ralph Asuncion:
He has risen.
David Acosta
David Acosta:
Federer foreverer. ;)
Rosa María López Castañeda
Rosa María López Castañeda:
Es un gusto y un privilegio verlo nuevamente en Roland Garros; lo disfrutaremos.🖒👏👏
「Confidence is everything.」単なる日本の(片隅の)テニス愛好家のゲーム(遊び)にも頷ける言葉だった。
Eugine Tharian
Eugine Tharian:
Go on Roger
A Gentleman.
Norbert Steidl
Norbert Steidl:
Ich bin sogar dafür, dass die Profis ohne Publikum und auch ohne Fernsehübertragung spielen. Die Sportler vergessen, dass Tennis in erster Linie Unterhaltung ist. Auch ein Federer spielt schließlich für Geld. Ich hätte mir mehr Widerstand gegen die absolut sinnbefreiten Massnahmen gewünscht, die nach wie vor ohne Grund beibehalten werden. Tennis hat für mich an Attraktivität verloren, obwohl ich selbst weiterhin spiele.
Who is inserting Atari sound bites during this interview?
Rekha Sundaram
Rekha Sundaram:
Micah Rhwe
Micah Rhwe:
Good win RoG ✊🏼
Jon M.
Jon M.:
Kyle Links
Kyle Links:
Roger gives interviews even after heartbreaking losses. Now wtf is Osaka's problem?
M.K. Mishra
M.K. Mishra:
Prashant Kumar Singh
Prashant Kumar Singh:
Now where are those idiots who were predicting first round exit ...
Eshwar Velisoju
Eshwar Velisoju:
2021 french open winner rojar federar
What’s with the Nintendo sound effects?
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
Roger has had the biggest, most positive influence on tennis this century, maybe ever.
I am big fan French open champion
Vy Hoang
Vy Hoang:
What happened to people who clicked to watch this video then clicked dislike? @[email protected]
Anthony Ayala
Anthony Ayala:
Very humble
Nguyen Chanh
Nguyen Chanh:
What’s up with the subtitles?
Mikolaj Nowak
Mikolaj Nowak:
2nd appearance.since 2019 ! Not 2016 !
Maureen Roberts
Maureen Roberts:
Fed the BOAT - Best Of All Time.
Michael Juitsch
Michael Juitsch:
Like before watching the interview 💪
Rajender Dusa
Rajender Dusa:
Roger the G.O.A.T for ever ❤️ from 🇮🇳
Bouke Hirsch
Bouke Hirsch:
Paul Atling
Paul Atling:
Lots of well wishers no surprise.
Geria Wright
Geria Wright:
I lost all respect for King Federer when he sided with the Austrian jerk against Serena over pettiness of a press room? Keep out of politics Rog and play your game!
Net Way
Net Way:
Roger Roger Roger
Haider Raja
Haider Raja:
French open 2021 champion right here

What im serious.....