Rafa Nadal vs Carlos Alcaraz: Special Moments & Shots | Madrid 2021

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100+ comentarios:

Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray:
I love how after nadal hits the sick return winner Carlos looks down and smiles. I imagined him thinking "My hero crushing a winner past me on my birthday, this is the best day"
Alcaraz: Hey it’s my bday Nadal, what are you gonna give me?
Nadal: How about 1 game instead of a bagel in the 1st set of our country’s biggest tournament?
Alcaraz: Best bday present ever
nadal won RG at carlos' age. what a monster.
Tom TheDon
Tom TheDon:
This kid was 2 when rafa won his first French open..... 😳
Sameh Aladdin
Sameh Aladdin:
Kid was laughing and actually happy while getting beat down by Rafa lmao
Kartikay Sharma
Kartikay Sharma:
How sweet is Nadal, he didn't bagel him in the first set.
Nadal is known to be a generous guy off the court but on the court is a totally different story!
Themba Mabona
Themba Mabona:
Strangely enough, I always feel like clay is the most tennis Tennis—few free points of service, few easy winners. Just outmanoeuvring and not making mistakes. Such a grind, such finesse.
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What a great experience for Alcaraz getting to play against his idol Rafael Nadal on his 18th birthday!
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
Seriously, "no mercy" is the best birthday present Rafa could have offered Alcaraz.
Rachmad Hidayat
Rachmad Hidayat:
Carlos calling his mom after the match: mom I did it, I broke Rafa's serve in clay and didn't get bagelled at all.
Happiest day of destruction I've ever seen
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
At least Nadal didn't charge him for the tennis lesson...very kind !
akshat sharma
akshat sharma:
I can feel how tough it can be to win a single point against nadal on clay🤣
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen:
Good experiences for Alcaraz. No shame in losing to the best clay court player in the tennis history!
It's distantly possible that Fedrer's Wimbledon record of 8 titles might be broken. Even less plausible, is someone breaking Djokovic's 9 Australian Open titles. But it's safe to say Rafael Nadal's record 13 French Open titles won't be broken in our lifetime. The guy is a BEAST!
Matteo Vitali
Matteo Vitali:
Every fan of a player that has the actual opportunity of playing his idol for the first time is going to be eventually too respectful and goes on to be destroyed like today
Shiva Kumar
Shiva Kumar:
A free clay court tennis lesson on 18th birthday by none other than Rafael Nadal. He couldn't have asked for a better birthday present! I really mean it, no kidding.
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan:
What a man! What a legacy!
P. B.
P. B.:
It’s a contest for best all time between the big 3, but it is undeniable that Nadal is best ever on clay
Mauricio Ugaz
Mauricio Ugaz:
His smile at the moment of the photos brings me joy
Alcaraz cross court backhand reminds me a lot of Djokovic or ferrero. His DTL forehand is quite powerful. Fairly big serve. He will only get better over time.
GeorgeB B
GeorgeB B:
He looks like he enjoyed it 😌
I think Alcaraz will easily beat Rafa's French Open record. All he has to do is -- win every single year, starting this year, till he's the age of 32. That will give him 14 titles. Not that hard to do 😂😂
Rubén Roy33
Rubén Roy33:
Al final del partido, Nadal a Alcaraz: “Muy bien”. Sabe que el chico tiene potencial pero en tierra batida contra Nadal…
- *Rafa Nadal winning* 💪
- *Carlos Alcaraz birhday* 🎉🎂
- *Feliciano López impeccably dressed* 🎩👔
- *Sun time* 🌻☀️🎾
Tom Nguyen
Tom Nguyen:
Best birthday present ever, played your idol and soundly beaten by the best clay court player 🎁 🥂 🎇
Robmart H
Robmart H:
1:39 That's a very positive attitude from this young guy, I really believe it will get him somewhere at the top in near future.
Alif Haikal Azhar
Alif Haikal Azhar:
Lost the match, but he totally won the fans' heart
The kid must have been so happy, playing against his hero and watching him put up such a dominant performance. The way he smiled at times at Nadal’s winners said it all. It’s gotta be an amazing feeling to see your hero living up to - and exceeding - expectations.
0:49 That never gets old for me.
Bagel and Breadsticks
Bagel and Breadsticks:
Perfect bday gift for the kid🎉
Ivica Pavić
Ivica Pavić:
That's why Nadal is the GOAT imo, regardless of what numbers say at the end of their careers. Imagine the mentality required of a 19 year old boy (almost the same age as Alcaraz now) to win a major.
Rafa was so impressive today...
yuan hu
yuan hu:
Nadal is a great human being!
Mahmudul Hassan Maruf
Mahmudul Hassan Maruf:
*I have never seen any pro smiling and being so happy while getting destroyed by the opponent!*
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan:
2:32 rafa appreciates alcaraz shot! ❤
Alcaraz: please go easy on me it’s my birthday and I’ve always wanted to play you
Nadal: no
1:40 :)) that brought a huge smile to my face.
what a special moment for this young man, playing his idol at home soil, and on his birthday.
Nadal was in complete control and looks like he played some of the points well below his level so as not to humiliate his younger compatriot. And Carlos looks like he enjoyed the encounter despite losing. Happy birthday.
I want it to see karatsev highlights, but I guess seeing a overhyped kid winning 3 games it's more entertaining.
The little boy had nothing to lose. He knew he would lose but gave his all😁
Ryan Yin
Ryan Yin:
“Oh it’s your birthday? I got you this breadstick as a birthday present.”
J Wizdum
J Wizdum:
A feeling very few humans are ever gonna experience, wonder what something like this actually feels like...
imran a
imran a:
Rafa has won 13 french opens since the birth of carlos, this is incredible
Even Nadals most ardent fans had doubts about his French Open defense, after his less than dominating performance lately. He's slowly putting them to rest. Hope he peaks during Roland Garros!
Zimbabwian Jesus
Zimbabwian Jesus:
The clay bull has awaken after getting some confidence by winning a tournament.
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai:
Rafa put out the candles for Carlos on his 18th 🎂

Valuable lesson learnt the hard way. Will agur well once he's a bit mature in a couple of years and his game is ripe for the big occasion.
Can’t wait for the Nadal-Thiem semi and Nadal-Tsitsipas final!!! Good luck Rafa!💪💪💪
Kabir K
Kabir K:
The boy never really got going today... He has a hell of a game though
Arjan Satjot Aiden
Arjan Satjot Aiden:
Great to see Nadal taking it easy on the young Alcaraz 😂
chding zuure
chding zuure:
It’s gotta be an amazing feeling to see your hero living up to - and exceeding - expectations.
Oh to be in Alcaraz's position one day.... Gotta respect this guy's fight
Unos Maps
Unos Maps:
Alcaraz is extraordinary, but there is just one Nadal, unfortunately
Mark Swindell
Mark Swindell:
Rafa’s groundstrokes were looking good today! I will be so pumped if he can manage to get #21 at RG ‘21 🤞
Mario Diaz Pedro
Mario Diaz Pedro:
Wow precioso de ver, momento unico para el chaval, felicidad inmensa de tener semejante trozo de historia delante. Se le ve en la cara que es el dia de su vida. Seguro que le jodió perder pero es un poco mas dulce así
Taarak Ahuja 5112
Taarak Ahuja 5112:
It's good that today is his 18th birthday cause now he can consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol after that defeat
Travel Portugal Brasil TPB
Travel Portugal Brasil TPB:
Great match, thank you. Present, past and future. Hope to see you always here as well.
Harish R
Harish R:
2:33 I like how rafa applauded Carlos' crazy shot here lol, there were some pretty sick rallies all match but Rafa of course too strong
Bratin Basu
Bratin Basu:
"Playing with(against) IDOL on 18th birthday."🤩😍
- best memorable moments for Alcaraz.☺❤
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero:
WOW! This is a moment Carlos Alcarez will always remember. Playing The King Of Clay, on Center Court, in Madrid, in his home country of Spain and on his 18th birthday!!!!!! It was meant to be. Alcarez had to have stars in his eyes and been filled with excitement today. He has that same boyish demeanor and smile as Nadal has. As far as Rafa goes; he did not hold back! He didn't cut any slack for the boy. Rafa might be a good sportsman, gentleman and champion but at the end of the day, he wants to win the match! Alcarez will remember this and he will play Rafa differently the next time they meet. This was just a nice match to see happen. Nadal Is My Champion!
Prof essor
Prof essor:
Best day for alcaraz. Love the spanish players👍
J. J.
J. J.:
He's playing amazing at the US Open
Who’s here after Alcarez’s win over Tsitsipas in the Us open
Очень способный парень, прекрасно выполняет мои идеи, но ещё не чисто. Да, достойный преемник Рафы. Даже Рафа никогда не заворачивал мяч в корт, всегда ошибался, этот заворачивает.
M L:
I liked the way Alcaraz laughed like "nothing to do here" , after the dynamit point from Rafa ...
Marcos Murakami
Marcos Murakami:
Great match, great future!!!
Seems a solid player. Can't wait to see the match against Tsitsipas on US Open
Leon Spy
Leon Spy:
Awesome game, Nadal you are a wonderful person, Alcaraz well done, you have future ahead of you.
Nastya Legoyda
Nastya Legoyda:
Great symbolic event!
incessant youtuber
incessant youtuber:
Nadal is just unreal 👍🏻
JC Simonassi
JC Simonassi:
What a day for Carlos. Best birthday gift ever! 🏆👍 😎
Ade Tee
Ade Tee:
RafaNadal is my G.O.A.T. Another great win #VamosRafaNadal. Lots of Love❤ London
Happiest defeat ever 😂
Que grande eres Nadal. Espero que alcaraz o cualquier otro compatriota sea capaz de seguir llevando a España a lo más alto en el tenis.
s account
s account:
Nadal just hammers everyone on clay. I definitely back him to win rg again
T M:
Nice young man - I like him a lot. You could see Rafa willing him to do well in his body language. Would've like to have seen in the highlights when Alcaraz pointed downwards to acknowledge Rafa's shot that, although powerful, dropped to the line at the last moment.
Colby Tong
Colby Tong:
Alcaraz competing at 18 is already impressive but Rafa beat Moya at 16... insane levels to it.
Ina Marie
Ina Marie:
Rafaaaaa my idol forever.. humble, great friendship for every one... very nice
Georgina Paki
Georgina Paki:
So nice respect always from the King of Clay Rafa Nadel Happy birthday young man a day to remember Alcaraz
The bounce seems so pronounced on this surface. And not just cos it's Nadal.
juan carlos vela ramirez
juan carlos vela ramirez:
Gran partido de Rafa¡
J T:
All you can really ask of Alcaraz in this situation is just to compete and give it your all.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy:
Carlos calling his mom after the match: mom I did it, I broke Rafa's serve in clay and didn't get bagelled at all.
Vanessa Camilleri
Vanessa Camilleri:
Second game and your man needs medical time out! Rafa has his stomach in knots! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aarnav Kembhavi
Aarnav Kembhavi:
His smile while playing Rafa and even seeing rafas shots fly past him on his bday just shows how much of an idol Rafa has been to him and so many others over the past so many decades
Tom Graham
Tom Graham:
It's going to be tough living up to 13 French Open title sort of expectation.
Teresa Rillamas
Teresa Rillamas:
The smile on Carlos face is tremendously stunning..!!!
Wojtek Jasiak
Wojtek Jasiak:
What a beautiful birthday present from Nadal. A tennis lesson for Alcaraz
I've never met a guy so happy being crushed in straight sets.
Hector Gomez Jofre
Hector Gomez Jofre:
que fortuna tienen los españoles de tener un campeón como Nadal, la inspiración y modelo para el talento joven es algo invaluable
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
This just shows Rafa is on a totally different level when playing someone like Carlos.
And then he comes and takes down #3 Tsitsipas at the US Open, yesterday!
It's the beginning of a future Grand Slam champion - mark my words.
Drstoo Stewart
Drstoo Stewart:
It doesn’t take much imagination to see that this young man will be one serious contender in the future…
Abra Kadabra
Abra Kadabra:
What a happines in this kids face, fantastic! Good luck to him in future.
Jay Cee
Jay Cee:
Almost appeared to mirror Nadal’s warm up leaps. A sweet image but still a young gun compared with the master.
Unquestionably we will see more of Carlos Alcaraz - right you are.
KJ Bennie
KJ Bennie:
When an 18 yr old Rafa was playing on tour, he was beating all the veterans! And won his 1st RG at 18. He was turning 19 though in June. Crazy
Kieran Rankie
Kieran Rankie:
Playing your hero for the first time in your home country on your birthday. Nice experience for him, even if he did get annihilated.
Jayant Varma
Jayant Varma:
Wow, I want a birthday like that🔥