Rafa Nadal vs Carlos Alcaraz: UNREAL Tennis From Last Hour of Match! | Indian Wells 2022 Highlights

Nadal and Alcaraz delivered some insane tennis in the closing stages of their Indian Wells semi-final...

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100+ comentarios:

Master vs. Apprentice. Jedi vs. Padawan.....What a battle from Alcaraz! He will surely be a future grand slam winner. As for Nadal....what more can be said really....GOAT.
Andy Roo
Andy Roo:
I will never be tired of seeing that smile on Rafa's face. Great job! Alcaraz has come a long way from their first meeting in May 2021. May Rafa win the title! Nadal Is The King!
Randhir Nikam
Randhir Nikam:
Nadal to himself "so this is what playing against me feels like".
Those net plays from Nadal are amazing! Won him the match. Alcaraz looks really good too and has a lot of promise.
What’s beautiful is you could see how proud Rafa is of Alcaraz at the end admiring him
Rijul Gupta
Rijul Gupta:
Rafa definitely has the most underrated volley on the tour. Really awesome netplay. Some of them would leave your jaw dropped it was so good.
Outstanding play from Alcaraz!! But Rafa is not ready to give up his mantle yet! What an amazing match! Had to watch it again
Alcaraz has all what's needed to be a top player for a long time to come, both in terms of talent and dedication/attitude. His game is a joy to watch as is his exuberance and lack of whining/complaining for any reason, even when the gusts of wind almost blew him off the court! You can tell that, if he had to lose, he's glad it was to Nadal who he said was his idol; he's the one most likely to pick up Nadal mantle among the upcoming generation of players after Nadal retires. One of the best matches of the year so far, despite the wind.
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit:
That second set was super windy. The ball bounced a meter to the side in one game it was crazy. Alcaraz showed great grit and Nadal showed his fighting spirit. Young man vs. Old man. Nadal's reflexes at the net during the third set was out of this world - Alcaraz looked like he had a CLEAR winner but Rafa in the blink of an eye got it!
EDIT: Rafa got his stress fracture in his rib this match kill me
3:01 The look on Alcaraz’s face here gives me chills. A personification of what this sport is truly about. After such an unforgiving rally, after fighting so hard to the point where you’re on both knees and still having lost, you can still see the glimmer of admiration in Alcaraz’s eyes. The smirk from knowing that no one other than Nadal, his hero, could have emerged victorious after such an effort. This kid will become one of the greats one day. Vamos!! 💪🏼
P. B.
P. B.:
Nadal the GOAT! Even at 35 still competing at a huge level mentally (with a little bit of physical aging). Would love to see him continue his win streak into the Rafa's domain on clay at the French
Nadal you are simply a legend that can NEVER be compared to.. yes alcaraz is similar but he will never take your place as there is only one Rafael Nadal 🐐
I have always maintained that when Rafael Nadal retires, I will likewise retire from watching tennis. Someone may come at par with him but not the excitement Rafa's total personality generates - ON and OFF the Court, not one of the current crop of players come even close to Rafa's greatness and charisma personally and professionally at that! NADAL IS A TOTAL, COMPLETE PACKAGE!
El señor de la cancha
El señor de la cancha:
Yeah this match will be replayed a lot a decade from now. Nadal's net play reaching close to his highest levels and yet the young Carlos pushed him all the way with some incredible shotmaking. Legendary stuff.
One of the saddest days in tennis will be, when outstanding and extraordinary Rafa will be retiring! One hopes that day will never come! What a great great champion! No one will ever compare to him! Congratulations also to Alcaraz, the future of tennis!💪🏻❤️👏🏻👏🏻
S M:
Very tough match and very tough conditions with those gutsy winds. These matches will be epic forever classic matches when Rafa retires as to how he won against Carlos like we go back to see how Federer played Sampras or Rafa played Agassi.
Carliste Charles
Carliste Charles:
As a tennis fan this was really fantastic to watch. As a Nadal fan I'm ecstatic
ankit sharma
ankit sharma:
How well Nadal adjusts to a player is just out of this world 🤗
So dominant at net as he was aware Alcaraz was killing it from baseline.
David Fuster
David Fuster:
Nadal is unbeliable. But i'm even more impressesed with Alcaraz performance. If he can maintain this progresion would be unstoppable
Henry Martinez
Henry Martinez:
I have never seen RAFA play so well at the net his instincts are unbelievable that is an unforgettable game against a younger version of Nadal, not quite there yet but to see them play each other it’s a beautiful thing what a beautiful Match
Juan Quintana
Juan Quintana:
Congrats to El Maestro.
What a match!!
Carlos is getting closer, but Rafa in this sort of "wall mentality" is the best Rafa we have seen in years.
Well played Carlos..
Nadal is having an insane year !
Shapur Sasan
Shapur Sasan:
Nadal's net-game has reached another level!
Joseph w rocha Silva
Joseph w rocha Silva:
Jogar contra o Nadal e mesmo perdendo pra ele é um privilégio,. Go Nadal,
pure class from both players.
Alcaraz is just 18 now and he is giving such spectacular performance against one of the Greatest of All time. We are witnessing a future super star in Tennis.
Orgulloso de los 2!!! Que futuro tiene España en el tenis 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Saw the match in-person and it's definitely the most awesome contest I've witnessed after watching quite a few at Indian Wells over the years, with the wind making a surprise, annoying appearance to shake things up in the 2nd (hats were flying around in the stands, believe me). Carlos was spectacular, but Rafa dug deep and finished the job with his typical never-say-die spirit- vamos!
Now I know why Nadal said Alcaraz reminds him of himself as a teenager. Awesome play! Two Spanish bulls locking horns.👍🙆
Past, Present, Present and Futute. Nadal, Nadal, Alcaraz and Alcaraz
Julio Vazquez
Julio Vazquez:
La velocidad de este partido ha sido épica ,de los mejores partidos que he visto en mucho tiempo
ramiro fauno martinez
ramiro fauno martinez:
Épico partido !! Simplemente de otro planeta, los dos tenistas españoles dando una exhibición del mejor tenis del mundo !!
Shreekrishna Rao
Shreekrishna Rao:
Some of the best volleying in recent times in that third set. Rafa never fails to win my admiration! 21 time GS champ vs. future multiple GS champ.
Rafa is an absolute monster
Juan Pedro Arévalo
Juan Pedro Arévalo:
I saw the last hour of this match and seriously that was tremendingly unreal.
After Alcaraz won the second set, i felt everything could happen, because this guy delighted each more with his tennis to the crowd and made really harder the work to Rafa, who specially suffered at the moment of serving in several times, saving many break points.
One of better matches in the year at all 💪🎾
Luis carlos Rodríguez
Luis carlos Rodríguez:
El despliegue físico de Nadal es impresionante con Nadal tienes q correr más de lo normal es un tanque el mejor de la historia
Rudresh Kalgutkar
Rudresh Kalgutkar:
That 20 min game 4-4 in second set was very crucial. Countless break points, Deuces, Drop shots going haywire, Serves overcooking, Wind blowing practically everything off the court including Rafa's bottles but Carlos prevailed or else this would have ended in straight sets.
Rafael Nadal is the best tennis player I have ever seen
tata aroshidze
tata aroshidze:
Incredible game of the real Nadal against the future "Nadal". I take my hat off to this talented boy -Carlos 👏👏 and what can I say about Rafa !! Vamos King❤
Akhil Vashisht
Akhil Vashisht:
Don't know why but feeling sad for this 18 year old kid. The way he showed the guts against the one of the GOATs of this game. Simple brilliant! Future superstar is here for sure and his name is Carlos Alcaraz ✨❤️
Jean-Robin Merlin
Jean-Robin Merlin:
the way nadal changed his game since the beginning of his career is almost uncredible
The future of tennis vs STILL the present of tennis. What a show! Vamos! 🇪🇸
Павел Скоулз
Павел Скоулз:
Удивительное свойство великого чемпиона, побеждать в матчах когда соперник играет в отличной форме, сильнее и острее, а у тебя совсем не та форма. ВАМОС РАФА!!!
Ivan Radanovic
Ivan Radanovic:
Incredible level of tennis,Alcaraz is definitley future tennis star.But Nadal is king of tennis.
I love this version of Nadal.
He's a bit slower than before, but his tennis is at complete maturity.
At Australian Open he was serving extremely well (except vs medvedev), and now he has arguably the best volley of the circuit.
He s so strong mentally, tactically, technically, and still phisically, as we all saw recently in his 5 hours final
If he stays at this level, it s gonna be really, really hard to make him fall this season
Florentino Macasil
Florentino Macasil:
Best match ever. No drama, No shouting, No smashed racket. Respect.
Marramamberta Marramamberta
Marramamberta Marramamberta:
I am so proud of these two. Brilliant, brilliant match. Incredible tennis. Alcaraz, excellent successor to Nadal.
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
I hope these two play many more matches! Goodness that was breathtaking, even in spite of the wind
Rafa is an insane volleyer. He’s always been good at the net but it seems this season his net game is next level.
C E:
This match was everything we hoped it will be. The wind which added its own element tried it but they perservered and finished the game and in the end - #RafaNadal is the ultimate winner & we LOVE to see it ❤. He is the MASTER but the student #CarlosAlcaraz is going places too 💕
Nadal is God of Tennis 🎾. Rest of them just serve him
RccDB Cars
RccDB Cars:
What a monster! He's really playing on another level. So happy for him.
It was a game where energy was competing against experience, resilience, and a fortress of never give up mentality. Nadal takes the match and this kid takes the hope for being a GS champ some where in near future.
Momo Bonavera
Momo Bonavera:
Cuando se saludaron
Carlos: bien jugado, mucha suerte en la final.
Carlos: Well played, a Lot of luck in the final.
M faisal
M faisal:
This was insane seriously how could someone lose despite playing with such speed reaching every ball defending n attacking was equally good, yes rafa was on the other side that's y alcaraz lost superb tennis
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
Fritz already knows that it will require a miracle for him to hold the trophy at Indian Wells 2022!
Nadal at almost 36 is 20-0 on hardcourt. It confirm what I have been saying, Djokovic domination since 2020 is a fake show. Nadal is the GOAT without a doubt.
When you play your best tennis in your life and still not enough against Rafa. No doubt this young guy will hold some slam trophies in his hands. Amazing tennis from both !
What a match! - Rafa still being so fit is amazing.
Snapping his unbeaten streak looks more tough than ever with the clay court season starting soon
Hope he crushes Djokovic's record 😬
# 20-0
GF 陳
GF 陳:
Whatever Alcaraz's forehands, backhands, dropshots, volleys, lobs, all of them are very strong. So, if Carlos can train for more muscles, what will he play like in the future? Even though he lost against Nadal this time, he is still the brightest star in ATP in the future. Vamos Carlos!
prasad shetty
prasad shetty:
Carlos Alcaraz just hang in there you are absolutely amazing and with a brilliant attitude.. you and Sebastian korda will always have love and support from us Rafa fans
All hail king 👑 Nadal, all hail prince Alcaraz. What an extraordinary match. One of this years very best.
Man, Rafa basically faced federer's shotmaking, djokovic backhand but far more aggressive, young Nadal's speed and defense (drop shots and ability to change direction also like djokovic), and won.
What a match! If not the best, one of the best of the tournament! Alcaraz put it all out there! And Nadal, what can I say! At 35 he still amazing.
VenkataKrishna MS
VenkataKrishna MS:
3:19 that deep looping return to the bh corner that set him up for a aggressive FH followed by a volley, looks simple but the execution from the position he took the return ,almost a body serve is just an amazing shot. Tough to realize it during the match.
Whitney H.
Whitney H.:
Wow! Nadal's net play is the Great Wall of Spain. Nothing goes through. Love Carlos too! The court coverage is surreal!
Ronald del Rosario
Ronald del Rosario:
Amazing! It's only a matter of time before Alcaraz beats Rafa. He's already pretty close now. But once again Rafa proved his incredible toughness. I think Medvedev will be #1 for maybe a couple years, but Alcaraz and Sinner will eventually be the #1 & 2 fairly soon. They're both amazing talents and already great players at a very young age. But the thing I like most about them is that they both have that winner's mentality. They just don't beat themselves and force their opponents to beat them. Plus, they both seem to be very nice, humble young men. The future of tennis is looking bright.
prithvi krishna
prithvi krishna:
My God, what a match 😍 i wish i could see it live. I wish it is one of the grand slam finals.
althea graham
althea graham:
somehow I think Alcaraz is OK with this --what an epic match....
Most definitely the match of the entire tournament! Rafa's intensity and focus is just unbelievable.
César Jorrín
César Jorrín:
The future of Spanish tennis, and Alcaraz for years to come too.
Mario Castro
Mario Castro:
El presente y el futuro , en un épico partido ....grande Rafa .
Ruben Ramos
Ruben Ramos:
Nadal fenomentalmente increible y totalmente fuera de serie. Lo mejor de lo mejor. Felicidades!!!!!!
BEcause I love 슈
BEcause I love 슈:
I was smiling with Alcaraz when Rafa got to those amazing shots. Gotta love the kid, great attitude and fighting spirit.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez:
This is grand slam level tennis from both of them. By far one of the best matches of the year.
J. S.P
J. S.P:
What a box office match that was.
At the edge of our seats for 3 hours. 👏
Insane tennis level. Love these kind of matches!
Im totally on Alcaraz hype train. Dude is amazing
bruce g
bruce g:
"We are the Next gen" - Nadal proving what djokovic said again !
Nathalie Sandel
Nathalie Sandel:
Partido excelente!!!! Mereció ser la final!!!! Vamos fiera!! Y vamos Carlitos! Qué campeones!!
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
That was some superb performance from Nadal!
He knew he had to perform way better than usual to beat this WONDERFUL / TALENTED darling Carlos!
Sean Peters
Sean Peters:
I would imagine that tennis pros watching this match are shaking in their tennis shoes about how incredible Carlos plays. I think he's destined for some grand slams and he's only 18.
Me, watching this match: "ombeliabable volley"
By watching his playstyle, Alcaraz is Djokovic 2.0 I would say...
Nandish Siva
Nandish Siva:
I see both djokovic n nadal in carlos..he will definitely a huge sensation in tennis in years to come..And for nadal, with his age still competing n eventually winning against next gen is simply amazing...Tired of prazing this man..! GOAT for sure
Pol Thomas KEELEY
Pol Thomas KEELEY:
Sublime display of tennis. What a show. Brilliant.
Here comes Alcaraz. Already world class. But Nadal was out of this world under pressure.
obey daud
obey daud:
Masterful tactical changes by Rafa in the third. Carlito didn't see Rafa will be volleying him to the dust.
Nasir Osman
Nasir Osman:
Still the best Rafa and future successor .... good for tennis fans👍
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke:
I like how Nadal recognized Alcarez's baseline prowess and started to change it up with more volleys and aggressive pushing. Alcarez is amazing but Nadal's reign is not over yet.
Anyelis Vizcaino
Anyelis Vizcaino:
2 bestias, uno al final de su carrera y el otro iniciando…. Grandes 👏👏👏👏👏😘😍

Azzy In the Brambles
Azzy In the Brambles:
Absolutely incredible points. Rafa, man oh man
Ambos son unos campeones el Presente y el futuro Presente, Felicidades a los españoles tienen campeón para rato, saludos desde México.
Henry Denner
Henry Denner:
I am in love with this baby Alcaraz. He made my hero work his butt off. I am for sure ready to be an Alcaraz fan for the future. He is tough as nails and is marvellous to watch. And he is gonna be super difficult to beat.
Really liked the Rafa volley. Looks like Alcaraz was a bit surprised by Nadal's game change.
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph:
Alcaraz’s game reminds me a lot of Djoker’s…I can easily see him becoming a top 5 player in the next few years.
Babu Salam
Babu Salam:
Lot to learn from him. At his age still very fast. With this kinda form he is, it is hard for anybody to stop him.
Nadal being practically twice Alcaraz's age is just astonishing
Roberto Ruiz
Roberto Ruiz:
Qué tremendo partido! Realmente, Alcaráz forzó a Nadal a su máximo nivel, generándose un gran match, para deleite de los fanáticos del tenis. Gracias por el video
Intrige Z
Intrige Z:
Kudos to both players for playing in such extreme conditions 💯👍🏽🦾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Shantanu Sachan
Shantanu Sachan:
Whats the thing Rafa can,t do on a tennis court. He is really magnificent
abra xas
abra xas:
aalcaraz force of nature..speed and power. i personally dont like this style but with it he will for sure go far..