Rafael Nadal - 20 Shots In Grand Slam If Were Not Filmed, Nobody Would Believe Them

Best of Rafael Nadal in Grand Slam, Can he achieve the number 20 in 2 weeks and equal Roger Federer's records for most grand slams in Tennis history?

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Intro : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BtEm4loQrM

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WivoRN Productions
WivoRN Productions:
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg:
It’s crazy how many ‘winners’ guys can make, and still loss the ball to Nadal 🤔
iAm Satya
iAm Satya:
Two epic comments in the video:
1) i dont know how he gets there
2) i'm sure this guy runs backwards faster than many players run forwards 🤣🤣🤣
modern day gladiator. i've never been a fan of his play style, but his limitless determination has always been a spectacle unto itself.
Watching this masterpiece after Nadal serving a bagel to Djokovic in a Grandslam final is so relaxing 😅.. How generous our champ is 😂😂
Reilly Amason
Reilly Amason:
Can’t wait for Rafa’s no. 13 at Roland Garros😁😁
Saransh Sharma
Saransh Sharma:
Nadal, The GOAT.
Plus i want to point out in here how good Del Potro is, one of the most powerful forehands in tennis history and such a nice and humble guy to see on the court, with no Ego, no harsh feelings, he is also a special one.
José Míster
José Míster:
Two reasons to like this video:
- Rafa being Rafa
- Soderling being humiliated.
Tom TheDon
Tom TheDon:
06:56 possibly the longest pants rafa has ever worn
Mohamed Kamara
Mohamed Kamara:
The left-handed superstar a true tennis GENIUS no doubt, I'm rooting for him for Roland garros glory Tomorrow. Another great vid bro always a treat, keep up the good work
Rafa is a phenomenon and a true sportsman (as is Del Potro)
The new GOAT
Markus E
Markus E:
My fault, I thought I clicked on a video called The 20 Best Magic Moves By Gandalf.
Arnaud Malan
Arnaud Malan:
Whenever I wonder which one is Nadal, I just listen for the grunting.
David L.
David L.:
This dude, lol. And still writing his own legend.
ronieschoice roque
ronieschoice roque:
What an athlete and what a humble human being. My favorite Spaniard of all time.
anna kingdon
anna kingdon:
My goodness Rafa is superhuman and what an athlete and winning his 13th Roland Garros title and 20 overall just shows that he’s the world’s best player of all time
Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes:
Trying to watch tennis on YouTube be like watching two people waving their rackets around at nothing until the crowd cheers and one of them gets a point.
Naterolf Ziond
Naterolf Ziond:
Nadal is the " MICHAELANGELO " of the tennis world ,the GOAT !
Glory 2 Christ
Glory 2 Christ:
The banana 🍌 against Verdasco in the AO 2009 is 🔥
Charles Reesink
Charles Reesink:
8:05 - Arabic commentator!
Love your enthusiasm...
pham khoa
pham khoa:
Rafa: the GOAT already. 😎🇪🇸🎾
Ryan Zhao
Ryan Zhao:
Rafa won 13 french open
3:35 how to put your back out.
Pauline Follett
Pauline Follett:
The King of Clay shows just how great he really is. Long live the King.
Can't wait plzzz Nadal win this French open
dj Blackwing
dj Blackwing:
One thing I noticed on the french open final 2020, there were hardly any banana shots by Rafa, he played the crosscourt forehand more to Djokovics Bh.
Dawa Thongchi
Dawa Thongchi:
I trust you even if it was not filmed 😂😂
Francis Lee
Francis Lee:
Some of the shots against the great federer express..wow..Rafa ended a few tennis players career from this highlight reel.
Jackson Paluck
Jackson Paluck:
the shot at 6:12 was literally jaw dropping.
Mar Casabuena
Mar Casabuena:
PhenomeNadal. Amazing .💪 Vamos Rafa.🎾🏆👏
vamos Rafa!!! 🐇
Vincent Spencer
Vincent Spencer:
This guy is the best off all time in my book I was a big fan still of Pete sampras but as far as records go Rafael Nadal will break them all
maryca laloo
maryca laloo:
I'm so scared to watch tennis tonight in case Djokovic wins and Nadal loses.. am a die-hard fan of Nadal. Wishing you the very best Rafael Nadal...This is your kingdom..conquer it...Vamos King of Clay..
Hekato Achumi
Hekato Achumi:
This man got the stamina of a bull😱 always my fav in tennis❤👍
Mimi Verstuyft
Mimi Verstuyft:
Formidable,c’est un champion ❤️👍👍👍❤️❤️
Albert Esmat
Albert Esmat:
Simplemente the best player at the time.
One Of The Best Forehand Sidespin Player Since Becker.
the blacksheep
the blacksheep:
0:50 dude on the right with the hat,saw him at usopen 2019 against berettini. looks like he is a big rafa fan
Sam Chan
Sam Chan:
Nadal is a flying man, always try his feet to everywhere on the court
1)!everytime i see matches against Söderling i think about how Rafa was rooting for Roger to win that Rolland Garros final against Söderling.
2) if you see this vid you understand why i laughed hearing experts talking about how the slow balls will be bad for Nadal in Rolland Garros 2020. Even if his forehand isnt as deadly as usual, your strokes are slower too. How are you beating the greatest fighter of alltime when he brings back every ball? You dont!
gorgeous George
gorgeous George:
Can't see the ball in most of the clips
Jon bones Mahomes
Jon bones Mahomes:
That 2009.AO finals was unbelievable.
Some many unbelievable shots.
Shalini Pradhan
Shalini Pradhan:
He is the best when it comes to determination . Just amazing to watch him play, a true inspiration.
jon prou
jon prou:
You lost me with your 10 second ad. I refuse to watch anything with 10 seconds. This can’t become the new normal. In 3 years they will be 3 min ads we have to watch. No no no
Nadal means GOAT 😂🤣
Viktor von Rohr
Viktor von Rohr:
This video was recorded on a Nintendo
F S:
When you turn off your video game console thinking the other guy is definitely using a modded controller!
Mimi Verstuyft
Mimi Verstuyft:
Encore bravo pour 13v fois à Roland Garros ❤️👍🐾🐾👍❤️❤️❤️
Pong ! Ping ! 🥴
Cherish Carvalho
Cherish Carvalho:
Rafa truly is in a league of his own
Lucas Montgomery
Lucas Montgomery:
At 8:02 I was like "Gosh who the heck is that commentator".
Rino Tommasi at 3:38: "NON E' POSSIBLE! NON E' POSSIBILE!" :D
I remember when David Nalbandian played like this all the time. Such a pity he didn’t stick to his tennis. We would seen Jems galore
#Balance Ta Pute
#Balance Ta Pute:
5:30 > putin ce tueur !!, faire un passing de dos, avec la balle entre les jambes... lol
11:14 > ce passing serieux, dingue !!! il est tellement bon, qu'il joue sans le filet... mdr
futures ToT
futures ToT:
KYRGIOS: hmmmmm
Sun Hang
Sun Hang:
some games has such a weird color that I even wonder if I am watching a game from 1800's
Seeing is believing! 😊
Juan carlos Balsera irles
Juan carlos Balsera irles:
Nutella and Breadsticks
Nutella and Breadsticks:
Imagine going round the net and hitting the ball boy/girl
Cecilia D'Souza
Cecilia D'Souza:
Such an awesome capture of Rafa’s unbelievable shots!!! ##VamosRafa
Mangai Maniyan
Mangai Maniyan:
Vamas Rafa! The Goat(greatest of all animal in tennis)!
marco mac
marco mac:
Imagine 150 nadals decide to trabel to America in the year 1492.
Now you know why Spain conquer a continent against all the odds.
georges mkhu
georges mkhu:
those shots are impossible i cant even hit
evil joan
evil joan:
TOMA!!!🤣🤣best coment ever
Ghaith Mohamed
Ghaith Mohamed:
اسطورة ي ويفو ❤
Amanda loo
Amanda loo:
Im not sure enough commercials in this video:)
He is the GOAT!!!
Naveh Eckhous
Naveh Eckhous:
Here before 1 mil
Charles Reesink
Charles Reesink:
impressionnant!!! exactement, et on ne le dira jamais assez
Hitesh Gujarathi
Hitesh Gujarathi:
That last shot impressed me a lot. I mean you can not produce such a shot unless you have utter confidence in yourself. That shot is crisp to watch.
Δημητρης Παπαδοπουλος
Δημητρης Παπαδοπουλος:
Great moments but in no hd the ball is very difficult to see! Nadal is at another level for very long time!!!
Jay Kay
Jay Kay:
6 unforced errors for the first 2 sets and just 14 for the match. Impossible to beat.
God's Gamer
God's Gamer:
I still can’t get over how cool your intro is
Facundo Poblet
Facundo Poblet:
8:08 najanan najana najana
PikachuGetOut! !
PikachuGetOut! !:
Quality so bad i cant enjoy a single clip dude
عبدالله الشمري
عبدالله الشمري:
مبرووك يا ويفو ال ٩٠ ألف وعقبال المليوون وتستاهل كل خير
ويكفي انك ناداليستا ( nadalista brothers ) ❤❤
Azzy In the Brambles
Azzy In the Brambles:
Vamos Rafa!!
J Flow
J Flow:
marco mac
marco mac:
Soaniards pasión does it better.
Nada,, sergio ramos, iniesta etc
Lungas Sakata
Lungas Sakata:
Delpo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
7:49 I know 0 about tennis but isn't that particularly impressive?
Too bad the picture's not sharp enough- (can't follow the ball).
Srinath Kanugovi
Srinath Kanugovi:
plays like the Lion protecting his pride ...
on court he moves like mercury ...
greatness is he is maintaining same speed and agility even now ...

in my view :
1. Rafa
2. Federer
3. Djoc
Rafa the goat the king of the clay
Noel Cummins
Noel Cummins:
A masterclass from the master himself.
Arguably the GOAT.
He has it all...talent, grit and above all, humility.
He always respects his opponents and plays every point like his life depends on it.
Great compilation.
Let's hope he keeps going past 20!
Thomas Knapp
Thomas Knapp:
Every point against Nadal can be a war. He just tires you out physically AND mentally.
Lil Jermaine
Lil Jermaine:
Really hoping Rafa pulls through tmmr, the conditions aren’t in his favor
Jesús Pacquiao
Jesús Pacquiao:
The GOAT so far. But Djokovic is lurking...
Juan carlos Balsera irles
Juan carlos Balsera irles:
The A.F.K Show
The A.F.K Show:
Point at 4:28 though 😮
Lina Valenciana
Lina Valenciana:
Hola Espe! 👻
Vishesh Goel
Vishesh Goel:
I don't know if anyone realized it here but I think it's pretty awesome that the producer of this video used Naruto music in the intro. I see no comments here about that so I thought I should let it stay here for a while.
Daniel Hernández
Daniel Hernández:
It' s a SHARK !! and he play golf better 😯