Rafael Nadal Amazing Highlight Reel in Title Run | Barcelona 2021

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51 comentarios:

Radu Goran
Radu Goran:
It would have been "a crime" to not see Rafa winning at least a trophy in this PERFECT outfit... US Open 2019 vibez 😱
Wayne W
Wayne W:
And to think this is Nadal at probably 70-80% of his best..... FO#14 incoming
Yuttasak Arakkitsakul
Yuttasak Arakkitsakul:
This time Nadal had to struggle but he still could manage to win the title.
Emanuel Soare
Emanuel Soare:
Nadal just has amazing skills!!
jyothiprakash sajjan
jyothiprakash sajjan:
Nadal can only improve from here to beast mode.. Wasn't at his best and still won!
Vernelle Douglas
Vernelle Douglas:
Been watching Nadal for almost 16 yrs, yet sometimes his shot making....literal shock and awe.
Insane tennis, Nadal's just a different beast on clay, I'm hoping Roger can play a great French Open, but man Nadal is just always gonna be the one who will win the whole thing isn't he?
He is almost 35yrs old and still winning titles
Nithin Jonnalagadda
Nithin Jonnalagadda:
What ever happens whether you win slams or not I love you forever Nadal and I have utmost respect for u
Pytajnick 147
Pytajnick 147:
Not best tournament in terms of performance, but very very good in terms of HOT SHOTS for Nadal
Ally P
Ally P:
WIN still comes even when Rafa is not 100% ... Can't wait for the French Open! Vamos Rafa ❤️🔥🙏🙌🍿🤩
i I
i I:
Vintage Nadal- The greatest
Todd Banner
Todd Banner:
His strong mentality makes the difference. A phenomenal sportsman.
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Nadal to win his 14th french open will be fun to watch ! I think honestly he will stop at 15 ! Cause its a great number...or 20 FO
Pedro Ferreira do Amaral
Pedro Ferreira do Amaral:
Cannot remember Rafa delivering so many outstanding shots in a single tournament. What a machine!
6 Masters 1000 on hardcourt, 3 Masters 1000 on clay.
That’s the difference with Djokovic and Nadal.
Ramona Medina
Ramona Medina:
Nadie como Rafael Nadal que grande campeón
Watching Nadal problem solving and slugging out matches is one of the great pastimes in tennis! He is just an insane fighter, win or lose.
Nicky Maza
Nicky Maza:
This is so unreal😍 Rafa, it's so great to see you playing again🥺 He's a BEAST🔥
this tournament has been great getting Rafa back into shape
Gourmand ASMR
Gourmand ASMR:
SImply the Clay king!!!
Trae Beneck
Trae Beneck:
This tournament, Tsitsipas looked absolutely unbeatable. He was riding a ridiculous winning streak and his game was arguably the best it's ever been. He was dismantling players left and right, rarely dropping any sets...

And Rafa playing at 80% still won lol
4:42 you hear about the high-bouncing Nadal forehand getting over the shoulder, you see it right here. Look at the contortions PCB has to do just to get the ball back in play, but it's weak and he's a sitting duck for the next forehand.
First Last
First Last:
"You have to be kidding me"
Saïda Bibi
Saïda Bibi:
He is a genious...nothing else...
The shot at 3:26 - 3:34 is reminiscent of his winner against Wawrinka in 2017 FO final on the dead run. He is extremely dangerous when stretched out, on both sides. Crazy power. And scary to think rafa was not consistently at his best. Getting there though
Vasyl Shcherban
Vasyl Shcherban:
Amazing Rafael Nadal highlight...
Highlights are done well.
Nadal is a defender, an attacker and a finisher
tod dubow
tod dubow:
How in hell did he save match point there.
Armand Bomel
Armand Bomel:
You are kidding me. Je says this a lot of time😀😀
Sulakshy Beniwal
Sulakshy Beniwal:
Nice one sir! 😂😂
Tim Carter
Tim Carter:
Nadal is clearly on the decline as is Federer. Fed is just much older than Nadal
Herojit ningombam
Herojit ningombam:
In final .nobody can,t beat Nadal on clay.
ナダル は努力家
harish kumar
harish kumar:
Madrid,Italian,RG..queued up
Wilbur Strongman
Wilbur Strongman:
It will be sad to see him retire soon because he too just like Roger and and Novak is getting old......
sivanarayana thota
sivanarayana thota:
Vamos 💥
Monte sein Urgroßvater
Monte sein Urgroßvater:
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
Rafael "You Have To Be Kidding Me" Nadal!
Gilbert Lee
Gilbert Lee:
Did he throw a racquet at the end?
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
This guy is so talented is beyond a joke...
Exotic Editz
Exotic Editz:
I’ve done this before it just wasn’t filmed.... and no one saw it... but other than that yea I did this hundred percent no 🧢
Bobby A
Bobby A:
Gladiator !!!!
Noah Henderson
Noah Henderson:
Hope he wins one or two of the masters coming up in may. And he better win the french open. I know it's not his best season with fumbling out of a potential final in Australia and a win in Monte Carlo. But he improved his struggling during this tournament. He needs to keep training off whatever's messing him up! Vamos nadal
Celestial Spartan
Celestial Spartan:
Rafa and Roger, hopefully,play at least once this season.Looks unlikely.Roger may not go deep enough in RG ....Rafa may not go deep enough in Wimbledon....
Jaimin Trivedi
Jaimin Trivedi:
tbh......tsitsi choked it.
Yussepi G
Yussepi G:
Never poke the bear, Stefanos, you awake the beast who will eat you.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
Two dislikes- Tsitsipas and his dad.
was this just made public?
Jacob Schmidt
Jacob Schmidt:
What a great tournament by Tsitsipas and Nadal. Credit to Nadal for finding a way to beat the red hot sizzling Greek in three very tight sets, despite not being at his best. Granted Nadal was very lucky to get a net clipper that stopped Stefanos's momentum on match point. One point that was not discussed was Nadals very easy draw. This was huge considering Nadal was in horrendous form and he ideally needed average opponents to help him slowly, but surely round into form. He avoided all the potential threats that would have knocked him out in his current form--Sinner, Rublev, Swartzman, Fognini, etc. As fortune usually favors the bull, he got Ivashka, Nishikori, Norrie and Carreno Busta(a player he was 7-0 head to head against). Are you freakin kidding me? Falling down and roaring after winning a 500, as if it were a grand slam or something? Not the most gracious thing to do at tournament like that, no? I project Nadal to be a locomotive that will blitz through Roland Garros and lift #21. Only a resurgent Thiem can stop him at this point.