Rafael Nadal Curses at Reporter for Questioning Marriage

Rafael Nadal lost his opening round match to defending ATP Nitto Finalist champion Alexander Zverev 6-2 6-4.

Nadal was clearly not the same player that won this year’s US Open, as hits shots were landing far shorter than usual and he make a plethora of unforced errors. This prompted Italian tennis journalist Ubaldo Scanagatta, to question the spaniard’s recent marriage to wife Xisca Perrello.

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29 comentarios:

Qasim Arshad
Qasim Arshad:
The journalist always asks the stupidest questions. He does it on purpose
Morena Balocchi
Morena Balocchi:
Maybe this time Rafa wasn't nice but he was right: that question was bulls**t!
Stefano Barzaghi
Stefano Barzaghi:
always nice rafa ... sometimes give it a laugh in life
maryca laloo
maryca laloo:
Why drag his personal life into this ?? Such a silly question to ask ...🙄
Clarcey Brown
Clarcey Brown:
What kind of nonsense was that asking Rafa Nadal such dum questions get real Mr. What nerve.
Yahbulani צ'ארלס
Yahbulani צ'ארלס:
Their questions should be reviewed before entering into that room.
Saujatya Mandal
Saujatya Mandal:
I wonder what John McEnroe would have said if he were asked this sort of question!!!!!, 🤔
Rajesh Venkateswaran
Rajesh Venkateswaran:
Though probably a silly question, it brought a different side of Rafa which was refreshing to see as a fan IMO. He can stop being Mr. Nice guy if you provoke him enough!
Tyran Mathurin
Tyran Mathurin:
I picked up on that journalist voice. He's asked nadal some silly questions in the past. Smh.
Vera Mcowan
Vera Mcowan:
Yes they ask a lot of stupid Questions his marriage has nothing to do with Tennis they make a beautiful couple
Do they even think before asking those questions some Theese players must think what crackpot will be on today
Sepherina Allard
Sepherina Allard:
What a very very stupid question ?
Sedona Brain
Sedona Brain:
As always, Rafa is the consummate gentleman. As a long-time journalist myself, I think the Italian reporter was way out of bounds and was just trying to get provocative. More importantly, the Italian reporter prefaced his comments with a valid note about Rafa’s play, in that many of his balls were falling short in the court, but squandered that observation with a b.s. question. ToRafa’s credit, he was patient enough not to dismiss the questioner out of hand and just ignore him completely.
They should have chair umpires attend the post match press conferences and issue code violations to journalists who get out of line with their questions.
A D:
Journalist made a mistake. Question is provocate
No doubt a silly question BUT on the broader issue of marriage, if I was Rafa I would not have gotten married. He has all the disadvantage and she all the advantage.
This reporter needs to get fired & Rafa should then ask him if his marriage had anything to do with it 😡
Debbie Webbie
Debbie Webbie:
I love Rafa and I feel he can do no wrong but I think this may have been lost in translation a bit. I agree it was not a great question but this reporter likes to be different and ask out of the box questions. I didn’t see it as asking if his marriage was making him play bad or anything negative about his marriage. More like maybe are you preoccupied a bit after coming back after your wedding. I feel he meant it to be innocent. Everyone knows Rafa had a long term relationship before marriage and how close and respectful he is with his family. I can’t imagine the reporter would mean anything bad about his marriage. I do feel Rafa overreacted.
Good answer Rafa. Nobody messes with your wife. May all be warned!
Derna De Silva
Derna De Silva:
This reporter has no class to conduct a productive and fruitful interview. Rafa a tennis legend should not be put through such idiotic questions as he is one who does not allow his personal life to go inline to disrupt his love for tennis.I hope this idiotic reporter has learnt a polite lesson for future interviews.
Mr Twister
Mr Twister:
This italian reporter is a tool
marcus brody
marcus brody:
Maybe Scanagatta is not a Nobel prize, but I think he didn't deserve such a despicable reaction for trying to ask something different from the same trivial subjects... which today players (kind of sociopathic robots that can only provide boring answers to boring questions) are probably used to
Aurelio Lanzi
Aurelio Lanzi:
Italian journalist!!!!!!!!!! Gossip journalist!
Goxy Eagle
Goxy Eagle:
He simply asked him is getting married distracting your play. He could simply answer no it's same but he instead offended journalist..
David Garcia
David Garcia:
That ex tennis player now journalist is a complete idiot... I have seen his line of questioning in many press conference with a variety of tennis players male and female and it’s always the same thing he tries to joke he doesn’t speak very good English or at least structure his question In a Proper manner, Most of the time when I hear his voice the first thing I think is....here we go.... what type of ridiculous question is he going to ask this time
Miroslav Varga
Miroslav Varga:
These journalist are real idiots.I cant believe what they are asking
James Owens
James Owens:
It's an idiotic question, losing to Zverev is no embarrassment. Nadal was calmer than many would have been.
Lucille Bonds
Lucille Bonds:
This is what you call """"AN UGHLY JEALOUS OLD MAN.""""" Go pray prepare for your end not scandalize people.
henri richter-werner
henri richter-werner:
Let’s not give the Italian journalist any credit. Since the beginning of times he is incapable of asking one solitary comprehensive question that makes any sense or draws any further logical verbal exchange in any interview. He has been an embarrassment and a joke to the tennis journalism. This time, clearly he confirmed ....himself to be a five star Idiot.
Michalis Cholevas
Michalis Cholevas:
Ubaldo Scanagatta is a stupid reporter. Rafa is not the only one who has suffered from listening to Ubaldo's stupid questions. It is amazing this guy still gets paid to ask these questions.