Rafael Nadal - Diego Schwartzman Match Highlights (2021 Quarter-final)

Watch the Match Highlights from Rafael Nadal - Diego Schwartzman, 06/09/2021
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100+ comentarios:

When winning a set against Nadal is considered an achievement in RG, you know what a Legend this man is. Unbelievable
Leo Yang
Leo Yang:
huge kudos to diego for showing us mortals how to take a set off a clay god
Prashanth Viswanath
Prashanth Viswanath:
They should start handing out trophies for winning SETS against Nadal at Roland Garros
Adithya Naren
Adithya Naren:
Nadal cannot stop giving bagels. Ridiculous level of tennis!!! Vamoss
Manny Zooster
Manny Zooster:
Nadal finishes his last 2 matches with bagels! Shows he truly mentally and physically drains his opponents. 👏
Non Stop Tennis
Non Stop Tennis:
"You break my streak, I break your soul, no?"
Kyla Law
Kyla Law:
Beast mode Nadal. Scary to see him play so well, especially in the fourth set. Honestly, no one has a chance against him when he plays like this.
Uzumaki Barrage
Uzumaki Barrage:
Man diego would think twice before taking a set off nadal.Diego always plays well at Roland garros but whats sad is he almost always play in nadals draw. Proud of you diego. And coming to rafa, man you neevr cease to amaze me. You are a warrior
Veni Vidi take a Selfie
Veni Vidi take a Selfie:
Diego has always been like the second dose of COVID vaccine for Rafa at RG, strong side effects, but once come through, Rafa will turn into a different beast than the one in previous rounds. Immunity fully activated now!
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
Schwartzman played really well for 3 sets. Credit to him
Chris M
Chris M:
The scary thing is Nadal is just warming up at this point in RG. He just gets better from this point on all the way to the finals. 🤭😅
This was a sensational battle between two clay court specialists. But the greatest specialist out of them all, came through once again.
Nadal: *loses set at RG for the first time since 2019*

Also Nadal: .....and I took that personally
Farzad Mesbahi
Farzad Mesbahi:
Diego played a great 2nd and most of 3rd but playing at that level of tennis for a long time is sooooooo hard
K H Abhishek
K H Abhishek:
Rafa is playing nervous tennis in big moments. The fourth set was flamboyant, but that came only after he got his confidence back. This won't work against Novak in semis. Go Rafa! Find another gear
Víctor Maerovich
Víctor Maerovich:
After this one...Rafa Nadal in RG....105 wins and 2 loses......scares😳
an la
an la:
Nadal the Incredible Hulk of Roland Garros
Rafa has now bagel’d 3 out of his last 5 opponents. Who else is hungry?? 🤣🤣
2:38 match defining moment
Neil Shen
Neil Shen:
Man, I really hope they escorted out the banshee that was screaming at 2:40... unbelievably disruptive behaviour
Sim W
Sim W:
Diego played really well and credits to him for giving a fierce battle
Nadal is such a beast
Steffo T
Steffo T:
Nadal is just a monster.
Coming from Novak fan.
Ekene Okeke
Ekene Okeke:
Took a set from god... so you got the bagel
Zoro Roronoa
Zoro Roronoa:
Man! The 4th set was so brutal and merciless from Nadal...his angles got wider and wider
Zachary Keddington
Zachary Keddington:
I had a heart attack when I saw Diego in the thumbnail, I thought he may have won
Jeff D Yeom
Jeff D Yeom:
He got mad for dropping a set so went 6-0 in the next haha love it!
Antonis Cr7
Antonis Cr7:
This happens when you break Nadal's record of 36 consecutive sets.
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok:
In the last set Diego had given up the longer the game continues the harder it is for anyone to survive against Nadal...that last set was ruthless from Nadal...
leon zawodowiec
leon zawodowiec:
What a performance🙂, in the end of 3 set he was just untouchable and absolutly amazing in 4 set😁
High-quality tennis here, awesome to see. But wtf was up with the crowd
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Luis Rodriguez arregui:
Hasta hay llego' el sueño de Diego..😎
Ouided DELADJ:
Bravo monsieur nadal magnifique 😍
Jerod Roshanfar
Jerod Roshanfar:
Taking a set off Nadal here is a hell of an effort, but bageling Shwartzman is not easy either.
pizza cat
pizza cat:
so little coverage of diego during RG, he's awesome to watch!
hector hyat
hector hyat:
Friday is looking good
Yussepi G
Yussepi G:
Schwartzman pissed Rafa off, so from 4-4 Rafa took Diego over his knee and spanked him and put him in the naughty corner.
Nadal's power made the difference in the end, especially on his forehand.
art vandalay
art vandalay:
Mess with the bull, you get the horns
That's the problem with trying to take a set off Nadal (or Djokovic) - the opponent spends so much energy that, they have nothing left to finish the match, end up getting bagelled.
Age of 75 nadal in RG
Final : nadal vs who ever that time comes to final and winner nadal
Crina Bodea
Crina Bodea:
Best performance! 💪🏆🎾🥇
Rajeev Shrivastava
Rajeev Shrivastava:
Diego was punished for taking a set from Rafa
Andrey Rudin
Andrey Rudin:
vamos King!!! vamos!
Jean-charles Péronnet
Jean-charles Péronnet:
Awesome match!!
Jim Sheldon
Jim Sheldon:
Vamos NADAL!
Philipp Schlauberger
Philipp Schlauberger:
Why cant Schwarzman catch an easier opponent in quarter finals? Sad to see how Zverev goes to semi final winning that trash match against Fokina and Schwarzman busto again, while playing great :(
Robert Radwanski
Robert Radwanski:
Bravo Rafael, and Thank You Diego.
Mzolisa Mzolisa
Mzolisa Mzolisa:
Love Nadal i always want to see him win until he retires
Trevor Longley
Trevor Longley:
Diego is one tough customer. He makes up for his “shortcomings” by playing super aggressive, hugging the baseline everyone point, which robs his opponents of time. But the outcome was never seriously in doubt.
Schwartzman proving you don't have to be over 6 feet tall to make it deep into the draw of a grand slam.
Sachin Hegde
Sachin Hegde:
The finals will be played at the semis this year 🤣
It always makes me giggle when the British commentators say “that was a really watchable contest.” 😂
Huxwell Dad
Huxwell Dad:
Big respects for Diego
Nine Nine
Nine Nine:
The God Warrior is on the way !
fang. Clarke c
fang. Clarke c:
The domination by Nadal time and time again on red clay leaves you speechless. How does he find that extra gear every single time?. There's always a solution. How? It's remarkable because players don't let down. He forces it by upping the anti. It's unforgettable to see this man compete like this, doesn't matter what you throw at him his brave enough to try something that looks to hard and execute to perfection on each occasion. Up there with the all time most resilient sports people on earth that's for sure.
j r
j r:
Nadal a gagné...mais quand on voit le niveau et l'âge de bons nombre de joueurs qui arrivent on se dit que c'est pas se siècle ci que l'on verra un français au 3 eme tour. Plusieurs de nos vieux français ça doit faire un demi Schwartzman. Un immense bravo aussi à Tsitsipas et Zakkari la relève est assurée, de grands champions déjà...sans oublier Alejandro Divanochich, la toute jeune Coco Gauff que l'on REVERRA mais toujours pas l'ombre d'un ou d'une française c'est vrai qu'au tennis il n'y a pas de douzième homme en bleu avec un sifflet, il n'y a pas de pénalty ni de hors jeu imaginaireS pour la france, pas de but refusé à son adversaire, Bref...pas de truandage, au tennis c'est que du sport et seuls les meilleurs gagnent, pas de flons flons pas de paillettes, pas de cinéma
Damn—what does Diego have to do to win this match! Amazing play by both. I have to think Schwartzman would end up with two or three RG titles if not for Nadal.
فن الزراعة
فن الزراعة:
Vamoooos Rafa 💪
Nadal will win champion of Roland Garros 2021! 21-21-21
Cloclo 480
Cloclo 480:
Diego n'a pas démérité. Bravo a ces deux joueurs que j'adore. Vamos Rafa 👏👏👏
Darth Tleilaxu
Darth Tleilaxu:
Je suis très content de sa victoire !
Allez Nadal ! 🇨🇵
Sharon Morgan
Sharon Morgan:
The best of the best 🇪🇦🇯🇲
liza kalu
liza kalu:
Rooting for the short guy. He had to work harder and faster
Had no idea Diego was playing so superb in action. Nadal has/makes shots others dont, simply put.
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
Great to see Schwartzman back in shape, but for now... GO RAFA, GO, GO, GO, GO!!!!!
Kweli Walker
Kweli Walker:
Pietr Piepir
Pietr Piepir:
Hector v Achilles sadly :(
Rohit Kumar Reddy Reddy
Rohit Kumar Reddy Reddy:
Diego would may have been in top 5 if he was also having the height advantage... especially for serves and overhead smashes
You see what i did there
You see what i did there:
35 year old uncle rafa, only lost 1 set on the road to semi final of roland garros. What a legend!
Mario Oliveira neto
Mario Oliveira neto:
Creo que la Navidad volverá a ser campeona
Prendre un set à nadal à RG c’est une petite victoire déjà.
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
Always a joy to see Nadal in victory!
Sean Eckhart
Sean Eckhart:
Im surprised Shortman was able to snatch a set off Nadal
Aiden Kim
Aiden Kim:
abid avin
abid avin:
will nadal win his 14th french open this year? let's see your prediction
David Flores
David Flores:
Que increíble vienen los amigos de Nadal por la siguiente eliminatoria, a rodar y sin faltar en el retroceso Nadal. No ganará Roland Garros?!!!
Archi .Gorski
Archi .Gorski:
Très bon match.
Esteban Nicolas
Esteban Nicolas:
The Match finished third set
2:43 he wanted that break so desperately like damn. He would've let it pass if it wasn't break point.
No one has doubt about Nadal winning.. but most of us are unhappy that he lost a set..
Zhangxianping Zhang
Zhangxianping Zhang:
Diego played super good already. But super good is not enough when you facing clay king Rafel.
Soy argentino y Diego siendo millonario no se cuenta que nadal hoy los 3 primeros sets lo peloteo haciéndole creer y haciéndonos creer que estaba en su máximo nivel... Eso hace para que Diego no se acostumbre desde el principio a un nivel alto, eso hace nadal no es aconsejable mostrar tus mejores cartas desde el principio porque después no vas a sorprender y se acostumbraran a tu juego, por eso ganó 9 games seguidos porque quiso acelerar y Diego quedó confundido pensando pero si estábamos al mismo nivel, nadal engaña mucho mentalmente a sus oponentes haciéndoles creer que pueden ganar pero cuando saca su verdadero juego los destruye anímicamente al verse engañados
Shyness Breakthrough Community
Shyness Breakthrough Community:
Diego is a gladiator but Nadal is still the GOAT on clay
stanley 7
stanley 7:
This channel always has more views than the main channel but I think YouTube or because of reports the videos are taken down later.
lol the crowd trying to mess up the players shots.
Mario de Blas Silván
Mario de Blas Silván:
Thinles Dorjay
Thinles Dorjay:
Had diego been little tall he would have challenged nadal for roland garros title
Raul Aguilar
Raul Aguilar:
Peque te toco bailar con la más fea , felicitaciones. Nadal es Nadal ,un grande .
Daniel oliker
Daniel oliker:
Diego is wildly underrated
Johan Ananda
Johan Ananda:
As a huge Rafa fans here, I should confess my fearness to keep watch his match when he lost a set or even just a break..I know It's a Shame as his fan not to trust his ability on clay, especially on his backyard here in Phillipe Chartier, but I just can't handle my nerves and as always I turn off the tv and unfollow the live score...Then I just sit with all my anxienty about Rafa's game in my bedroom, I pray to the "source of energy" to give all the positive energies to Rafa, also I send all my energies and wishes to him and his body, just like this match and The match against Sinner, I just keep doing that for him until all my anxienty gone, and I know I am ready to watch the match again because I feel Rafa gonna come back, then I turn on my phone to check the live score (what I do at first as always), if the score favors to Nadal I Will turn on the tv quickly to rewatch the match, if Not I Will repeat the same thing again..fortunately this match and the match against sinner, I don't need to do that, instead of that, I just lucky still can enjoy the process of making 🥯 in the last set..
So forgive me Rafa for my nerves and I am so proud to be your fan..Please stay Focus and keep your high level in the Semifinal.. Vamos 💪🔥
Jason Lee
Jason Lee:
Nadal the undisputed GOAT. Most grand slams of any ATP player
Jorge Ojeda
Jorge Ojeda:
El mejor jugador de la historia del tenis.
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
Diego is really a good competitor but Nadal as always majestic at RG.
jacqueline lalande
jacqueline lalande:
The Ringo & Monte Show
The Ringo & Monte Show:
nice ...now get that 21 nadal ...cmon hurry up >_>
ach nix
ach nix:
Another choke... nadals nerves are his strongest asset.
Dr Anil babu Swarna
Dr Anil babu Swarna:
Rafael Nadal will win 14th French title.. Mark my words..
Robert Hays
Robert Hays:
I never could have seen that coming. Nadal won?? No way. Yawn.
My goodness you really can't stop rafa can you
Fong Tze How
Fong Tze How:
The thumbnail had me scare for a while. Thanks goodnesss Nadal through. Good job!