Rafael Nadal "Djokovic is Toughest Opponent possible" - Roland Garros 2020 (HD)

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Rafael Nadal Press Conference After Match vs Diego Schwartzman - Roland Garros 2020 (HD)
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Shaurya Sharma
Shaurya Sharma:
Djokovic in Roland Garros final against Nadal: The only time when Djokovic is an underdog in a tennis match
Others play to reach the final.. while these guys play for the record books.
Drop Shot
Drop Shot:
Nadal: "huh yes sorry different scenario here in Paris, Roland Garros is my house, I'm the owner, so yeah I'm unbeatable."
Luke Amendolara
Luke Amendolara:
Lol he just has his eyebrow raised the whole time
My God, Rafa's eyes at the end says it all. He will prepare hard for Sunday.
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Two days later: 6-0, 6-2, 7-5
B Ilic
B Ilic:
It should be a hell of a match it never disappoints.
As a devoted Federer man, but with huge respect for all three guys, I think I am hoping for a Nadal win here. It puts him level with Roger, and I think it's fitting. If either of them is going to tie or surpass Roger's 20, I give the slight preference to Rafa.
Sepherina Allard
Sepherina Allard:
Craig Talley - Hardcore Metal Detecting Radio
Craig Talley - Hardcore Metal Detecting Radio:
It’s going to be a great final 👍👍👍
Lol. The Rock is going to sue Nadal for copyright infringement doing "The People's Eyebrow" the entire video.
Dani. D.
Dani. D.:
Nadal vs Djokovic....final! Love it!!
Resurgent Life
Resurgent Life:
Look at his eyes... he is Ready for the Final.
bruce lee
bruce lee:
Pojest ce te Đole ko pituljicu...sa postovanjem Rafa
Alex 0ut-Of-Magic
Alex 0ut-Of-Magic:
Best thing that could happen for tennis this year, what a final it will be indeed!!!!
Zorica Veljanoska
Zorica Veljanoska:
Nole is one of a kind.You made yr country proud 🙏👏👏👏
Saurav Kamat
Saurav Kamat:
The respect Rafa and Novak have for each other 🙌🏻
The way he speaks always makes me laugh 😂
Ken Wang
Ken Wang:
the last few words when Rafa Speaks out, his eyes are looking straight to the journalist which means he means what he just said and we believe he can do it!
Tennis Rules
Tennis Rules:
He is very calm, and confident. Like the eye of a hurricane. the fury may be unnleashed on Sunday.
As a Novak fan I think that Rafa is the best tennis player on clay ever. I wish him health on court and of course in life, good match on Sunday and let the better player win. Good luck to both of you and greetings from Serbia.
Vamos Rafa
Idemo Nole kralju
Caspar de Groen
Caspar de Groen:
How Rafa says at the end of this video how he did a step forward today and that he is gonna make another step forward on Sunday at the final! Such determination in his voice, he’s gonna be beastly!
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops:
3:00 “Novak is ONE OF the toughest opponents possible”

There’s clickbaiting then there’s lying
billabong boomerang
billabong boomerang:
Probably the most enticing sporting event of this very barren and forgettable 2020.
This has been anticipated for a long time...this final and the clash of two absolute goliaths of tennis!
Jio Alternate Phone
Jio Alternate Phone:
1.Rafa says that Novak is One of the toughest opponents. Has he said the Toughest opponent as per your video caption. Kindly see, we should reveal the actual statement of the speaker without any fabrication because it tends to create misunderstanding.
2. Furthermore, Rafa is very humble in nature and modest in his approach and behaviour.He never is found to be disrespetful to any opponent
3. He is very matured while making statements. He all along says if he plays well he has the possibility of winning and if he plays bad he may lose the game. He is the one perhaps who seldom boasts of his records. He wants to be known as good human more than records.
Alex Jeremic
Alex Jeremic:
Will be a fantastic match. 5sets
der cheuk
der cheuk:
You forgot « one » in your title (that’s a bid proud)
jaydeep patil
jaydeep patil:
This is the best scenario.the best ever on clay and undefeated of 2020.nadal will prevail nevertheless.
Nadal ( Im going to work hard to make it happen)
Trung James
Trung James:
After this match, how long do we have to wait until these 2 playing in a GS final again?
Svetlana R
Svetlana R:
Ноле побјеђује! 💖🤗😍
3:13 At this moment Nole knew he fucked it up.
John's movie reviews
John's movie reviews:
rafa is a gem and so humble
ankit sharma
ankit sharma:
The last stare of Nadal is saying it all, all the best Rafa & respect to Djoker for giving his all against Tsitsipas.
Lets Go Rafa , Lets Go.
harish kumar
harish kumar:
has the other semifinals ended by time of this presser,? Novak in the final?!
Prem Rai
Prem Rai:
Weldone Rafa good luck for on Sunday you must win final i want to see 13th time champion france open god bless you Rafa!
Iam An Avenger
Iam An Avenger:
If Nadal Wins This Tournament In This Kind Of Condition Too... Then It Cant Be Rolland Garros Anymore... It'll Be Rafa Garros❤️
623 236
623 236:
BRAVO, Rafa 👏👏👏
🇷🇸 🌬 💞
Adarsh G Pandith
Adarsh G Pandith:
How did the media people know djoko will the match ?? The match wasn't even completed that time
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha:
"Djokovic is the toughest opponent".
Goes on to bagle him and then win in straight sets...😂

Congrats rafa!
Basil Carpenter jr
Basil Carpenter jr:
Thats going be a great match probably like 4 hours
Fej Delvahe
Fej Delvahe:
¡Qué dos representantes de España tan distintos! Ejemplar y benéfico Rafa Nadal. Farsante y maléfico Pedro Sánchez.
Bpm Bpm
Bpm Bpm:
Well I dont know , I think emh,... well yes, I know, sorry, whaha aa...
I love how Rafa automatically assumed it would be Djokovic. No beating around the bush here.
Santiago Cossio
Santiago Cossio:
Wow, simply wow man
Justin Slick
Justin Slick:
Why do I feel like I'm not using my eyebrows enough
If I was a betting man I'd have to give the nod to Rafa.
Samir SOLAI:
lol that thumbnail
Gegul Ngupok
Gegul Ngupok:
This man shows respect for all his opponents.
Everaldo Leal
Everaldo Leal:
Dessa vez seremos campeões #nolefan #rg
Harsh Uttarwar_17
Harsh Uttarwar_17:
Rafa fan here
Novak needs to step it up if he wants a chance at beating Rafa in the Finals.. or else Nadal's going home with his 20th GS
lukas pallerz
lukas pallerz:
Love you Rafa, coming from a novak fan
Scott Dao
Scott Dao:
Four hours is normal, nothing to worry about, Novak can do it
Ajay Upadhyay
Ajay Upadhyay:
As a Roger federer fan ..
I m routing to great bettel between two great tennis player....
All the best both of you 👍👍
world number1 is playing no.2
this is what tennis like of all time
ralf norenberg
ralf norenberg:
interviews in the 70 ties and 80ties were so much more interesting............
Mihir Ahuja
Mihir Ahuja:
do you just conveniently miss "one of the" ....?? 3:00
gregorius maria Wibiksono
gregorius maria Wibiksono:
still the battle of 80s gen or titan gen
Ade Tee
Ade Tee:
RafaNadal is the definition of Humble when he speaks about his opponents. #VamosRafaNadal❤ All the best in the Final.
Daniel J.
Daniel J.:
Mishra Saurabh
Mishra Saurabh:
One of the toughest not the toughest*
Wolfgang Wiesinger
Wolfgang Wiesinger:
It will be very physical on this slow court
Maria Winton
Maria Winton:
Jozef Sadlon
Jozef Sadlon:
I have filing, in my head Novak will be winner even if is prediction for Rafa. Novak is big warrior with big heart. I am going for Novak! Let see on Sunday.
sampatirao savara
sampatirao savara:
Congratulations King of clay 20th grand slam
Alley._. Mae
Alley._. Mae:
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
Samuel Flores Carrasco
Samuel Flores Carrasco:
Rafa has come a long way with English
Frank Rabbit
Frank Rabbit:
Cmon Novak! One Grand Slam closer!
Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar:
Actually it's a tough match.but like 2013 or 14 too Novak is in even better form and younger can't beat nadal in finals so this year also going to be the same...but let c the conditions on Sunday.....my gut feeling says nadal in 4 or 5 sets...because he had such a history here for one and half decade!!!!
Nawaz Pasha
Nawaz Pasha:
Nadal won against the toughest player so he is still not tough enough to beat nadal on clay....that's why 13th is not enough 20th grandslam is not enough and olympic Gold in singles not enough and olympic gold in double is not enough to prove himself as GOAT. Djokovic still waiting for his chances next year...
rajeev gauchan
rajeev gauchan:
nadal: i've won 12 french open, no?
people: yes, u really won..Not no, yes

😅🤣😂vamos rafa
Tulimatai Smith
Tulimatai Smith:
Put the super wings on your rackets Rafa n fly the highest, don't mess with the art of my drinks!!! All the best!!!
charles bromberick
charles bromberick:
puro caballero
My Baby Bro
My Baby Bro:
rafa never dies !!!!!!!!!!! vamossssssssssssssss rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
misquote in the title.... brilliant.
Nole kralj, najbolji teniser
Jiggs Paul
Jiggs Paul:
Rafa has a clear idea how good player Novak is..He is honest and humble and knows how tough it will be to beat him
dino cuk
dino cuk:
Dusanka Antonijevic
Dusanka Antonijevic:
Vineet Nair
Vineet Nair:
Lol Rafa never misses to troll even after humiliating them with his game. So humble ❤️❤️😁😁
Aarnav Kembhavi
Aarnav Kembhavi:
Víctor Maerovich
Víctor Maerovich:
Vamos Rafa....con determinación a por el treceavo💪💪💪💪👏👏👏🤗
Call me crazy but I feel like Nadal is going to prevail.
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
I like novak, but im rooting for nadal to win RG 2020. VAMOS.
He said Novak is ONE of the toughest opponents possible NOT THE toughest! There is a big difference. That's was another click bait title. Poor journalism.
shaun anthony
shaun anthony:
Novak dropshots win final. Nadal too heavy. Too slow.
Stephane Private
Stephane Private:
Now I noticed that eyebrow asymmetry I can't unseen it. When did he start to have that weird deformed eyebrow stuff??
Goran Dikic
Goran Dikic:
I would love to see that Novak get the trophy but he played against Tsitsipas to long and Nadal is to strong i think Rafa wins it in straight Sets! Good luck Novak
Douglas Grosch
Douglas Grosch:
Djokovic said Rafa can be beat on clay--Rafa says hahaha -- pissed now and destroy and prove dominance....HERE..
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf:
The most difficult opponent possible got his ass WHOOPED 6-🥯, 6-✌️, 7-👋💥pimp slap 😂!!!!! 😂 No one is even close to GOATdal 😂!!!
im a huge djokovic fun,but good luck to both of you,just cant wait sunday,you guys make history tomorrow, let the better tomorrow win!!!
Jonathan Cano
Jonathan Cano:
Diego Has given Nadal a lot of trouble in Roland Garros for like 3 years in a row now
umit cinar
umit cinar:
He doesn't say the toughest, but one of the toughest..
Worawat Srisawasdi
Worawat Srisawasdi:
Rafa: Djokovic is the toughest possible opponent.
Also Rafa: Proceeds to destroy Djokovic and giving a bagel in the process.
Is one of the toughest opponents, doesn't say is Djokovic is toughest opponent possible ... Big difference. Not the one hahaha
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serge bureau
serge bureau:
Not true, Thiem is the toughest opponent. Although this tear he looked tired. Wawrinka is also tougher than Djokovic on this surface.
Chiocciola e pecorino.
My Space
My Space:
He is the Clay Court King.