Rafael Nadal "I can't tell you now!" - Madrid 2021 (HD)

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Rafael Nadal Pre-Tournament Press Conference - Madrid 2021 (HD)

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Michael Black
Michael Black:
"Most difficult event for me" - Still won it like 5 times 😂
Nadal doesn't adapt to clay, the clay adapts to Nadal
Sayantani Bhattacharjee.
Sayantani Bhattacharjee.:
" Clay adapts well to my game " - RAFAEL NADAL.
The most unintentional,unplanned & unnoticed & true remark by him about himself is in the history now, officially.
Love how he says that the clay adapts to him rather than himself adapts to the clay.
Ruck fules94
Ruck fules94:
The most humble and kind soul ever. Vamos Rafa. 🐐
Chandrika Spiritual Coach
Chandrika Spiritual Coach:
What a silly question " Why were you so excited to win Barcelona?" Rafa handles it with such grace and patience!
Sir Benjamin The Bold
Sir Benjamin The Bold:
Personally i think Rafa needs the crowd, practically all of his losses recently have been when there’s no crowd
Bamdej Communication
Bamdej Communication:
Love the way Nadal always seems hungry for more! How much more can this Gentleman and amazing athlete win?
Elizabeth Howard
Elizabeth Howard:
Roland Garros is the priority and he just needs to keep healthy and improving with every match without pressure. I think that Rome is a better tournament for him but know that the crowd in Madrid love him.🇪🇸🌟🍀
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai:
Rafa setting himself for an encore at Madrid. Tough draw, but I believe he's gonna get the job done there for the 6th time. Vamos!
Paolo Antunes
Paolo Antunes:
“Clay adapts well to my game” 😂😂😂

King of clay and understatement
Angela Nolan
Angela Nolan:
Rafa your passion and love for your sport. Keeps my head up. Very ill and u inspire me keep fighting. Younr king of Clay. All my best for rest season. Keep ripping up that court..
Angel's Music
Angel's Music:
Good luck for the rest of the season !!! Nadal's favourite frase
Wingzy Tales
Wingzy Tales:
Always under good self-control 👍 😀😃
finuela barnachea
finuela barnachea:
One of the greatest!!!!!! Just keep going Rafa. The tennis world is blessed to have you.
Noro Shut
Noro Shut:
Madrid is the most difficult for him on clay, yet he is the only ATP player to have won it more times; its true that the clay adapts to him because Madrid wasn't played last year, so I guess the lack of consistency contributed to Monte Carlos and Madrid losses. Vamos Rafa any day, anytime.
What he achieved last year at RG2020 was beyond belief. Slow, heavy conditions, heavier ball, indoors, brutally cold at times when he got little to no spin and yet he adapted to slow low bouncing conditions (by blasting the cover off the ball especially against Sinner and Djokovic). Most special win of all his RG wins in my opinion. I'm happy to proven wrong, I thought Thiem and Djokovic had better chances last year.
Sandra Richards
Sandra Richards:
King of the clay congrats my favourite male player Nadal ❤️
Mohd Fadzel
Mohd Fadzel:
I want him to continue playing until he’s 40. For Djokovic I hope he will retire this year. 😃
Kay Day
Kay Day:
Best of good health RAFFA. Enjoy your games and go on and win Paris..🤗
Virginia knighten
Virginia knighten:
Why in the world did the reporter ask about his exhilaration over winning the Barcelona title?
Blanca Androvic
Blanca Androvic:
King of Clay !
Michael Black
Michael Black:
Rafael for 21 at RG this year 🤞
Miljan Kostadinovic
Miljan Kostadinovic:
His left eyebrow should have an interview itself
M L:
VAMOS RAFA 👑💪👍🏆🍀🍀🍀🐐
Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson:
Esteban Cuéllar Hansen
Esteban Cuéllar Hansen:
Grandeee Rafa, hay que apretar ahora, que las nuevas generaciones están avanzando. Si te quieren coger el trono, que trabajen duro como tú lo has hecho
Amado Bustamante
Amado Bustamante:
It’s on home soil ; so for sentimental reasons , victory will be sweeter .
Carol Morris
Carol Morris:
The clay determines Rafa, NO, rafa demonsted the clay
Saeed Ghnayem
Saeed Ghnayem:
Is Nadal's match scheduled?date?
Emilda Antido
Emilda Antido:
Go Go RAfa stay safe and godbless
What a stupid question about exhiliration after winning ? What?! He should be somber after saving mp and winning? The patience these guys have answering these out of no where stupid questions, - my god man.
Barış Alkan
Barış Alkan:
how stupid are these questions? Yes, one-week postpone of Roland Garros will change everything for Rafa to prepare RG 2021 !!!! Did the guy say how " "different difference" 2:26 How on Earth are these journalist from UK so bad...
Sergio Molina
Sergio Molina:
Taryn B
Taryn B:
Have to admit that Rafa is set up very well each year for RG with all the warm up clay events prior. Very favorable for him being that clay is his favorite..We don’t really get that with AO or Wimbledon.. This needs to be more balanced for other majors.. just saying 🤔
Edoardo Artioli
Edoardo Artioli:
"de sisson" :D
Janely Paredes
Janely Paredes:
Hola Rafa Nadal cómo estás porque tú eres tan malo que las mujeres que se hacen no les regala ni siquiera un chocolate una ropita un hot dog una pizza cómo yaneli
J Lodge
J Lodge:
Such stupid questions. Ugh
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
I work harder than anyone else also* I don't believe in God, I have total free will no!*