Rafael Nadal - Press Conference after Round 3 | Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal - Press Conference after Round 3 | Roland-Garros 2020. Watch Rafael Nadal's press conference after his victory at the 3rd round of #RolandGarros 2020.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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53 comentarios:

The only thing Rafa is better at than tennis is being a good person. Class act.
There will never be a sportsperson plus a human being of such high quality. We are lucky to have this legend of legends called Rafael Nadal :)
The French Open is so dedicated to not uploading videos longer than 2 minutes that they edited out the questions and just showed Rafa’s answers out of context. Thanks guys.
Chocolate children
Chocolate children:
I want to have FULL interview, not only chopped onions.
Literally why i love Rafa, he knows that what he does serves a bigger purpose than just winning trophies and money, he loves what he does and he knows many of us get inspired by his qualities as a player which are only surpassed by his qualities as a person <3
Rollin Leonard
Rollin Leonard:
why not show more or even all of the press conference? i don't understand why it has to be so chopped up. also, why not play the questions? a lot of the answers lack context. just strange editing choices.
Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh:
Rafa, it’s good that you’re saving your energy
Expected to face Sascha, Thiem (v tough opponent), then Djokovic

Keep Going.. Best wishes from your fans 👍
Dave Fincher
Dave Fincher:
Rafa Nadal you’re the Boss man, your presence here is massiv and enough💪🙏🏿 come on just reach the final please the real entertainment begins there🤘 you are the master of clay go and win that Trophy and equalize the Federer record 👏
Hahaha the sass "I think he has an amazing future, hopefully not yet"
Sahil panjwani
Sahil panjwani:
The interviews of the big 3 and now thiem are so good to watch
I really admire there maturity and being a sportsperson myself I always take inspiration from them for being a good human being
DyL DyL:
Thanks for all Rafa. You are simply legend of this sport. The day you will not be here we will miss you so much and maybe apreciate all you did (same roger and novak)
Romaine Brown
Romaine Brown:
13th French Open title for RAFA! just give him the title already no one will stop him not even that player novak that people are claiming that he will win not at all the French open belongs to rafa and it will stay that way! VAMOS!
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid:
Come on Rafa. I expect you to get to the final against your nemesis Novak. You can do it. 😉
Venkat Vijaykumar
Venkat Vijaykumar:
Rafa is definitely the most kind-hearted and down to earth member of the big three.
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai:
The Path to an Unseen Thirteen seems tough but clear:

Qtrs: Sascha or Sinner
Semis: Thiem or Shorty D
Final: Djokovic.

One by One they all bow down to the 👑
lmao even rafa suffers from ageism🤣
Purified Water
Purified Water:
“Hopefully not yet” HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHA Rafa the goat
You are so amazing
Knight Of Tennis
Knight Of Tennis:
Ma boi Rafa💪🏽🐐
Nicky G
Nicky G:
Etzetra Etzetra 😂😂
Learn French Online Courses
Learn French Online Courses:
well said for the people of the world that are suffering with so much difficulties
Job Tuang
Job Tuang:
The only way to stop Rafael Nadal in winning the Roland Garros is Covid -19.
Anuj Khandelwal
Anuj Khandelwal:
Rafa: "But here we are.."
Brain autocompletes to: "We are in Rome"
Rocky Sullivan
Rocky Sullivan:
I was never a fan of Nadal until I saw him at the Laver Cup, his support for the team, his passion, his encouragement of younger players and his lack of ego was great to see. Djokovic on the other hand was just there for the photo opps
dor ryoku
dor ryoku:
Just upload the full interviews dammit
Djoker Vuk
Djoker Vuk:
I know you might hate me now but how rafa is saying future is hilarious.......
"Fjutur" 😂😂😂
Zengerle Thibaut
Zengerle Thibaut:
I hope Rafa had a children who played tennis like him with the same passion and attitude on court ;)
Brigitte Navarro
Brigitte Navarro:
Le plus Ford Nadal 👍😂💯💯😊😁😉
I wonder if Rafa is just as hungry as Novak ?
Rahul Patwa
Rahul Patwa:
Why not upload the full press conference? At least include the question that was asked
Ben Sona
Ben Sona:
Love his 1 million dollar wrist watch.
No matter what your haters say about you...You are the True GOAT
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer:
He says himself that the condition is very different from a normal RG. That's a negative factor for him.
Ketan Goyal
Ketan Goyal:
The watch which rafa is wearing is priced at more than 1 million dollar🙂. What do he wear in parties then🤣
Last First
Last First:
Nadal and Federer are the two greatest tennis players of all time. Fun to watch and great people.
Magdi Selim
Magdi Selim:
Shame on Roland Garros No single video for schwartzman
bruce aai
bruce aai:
My king, you're #1 in the world!😘
Celestial Spartan
Celestial Spartan:
Weather prediction till Friday is that of rain.Last two days are expected to be Sunny.Providence aligning towards No.13,...it appears.
Bishal Chettri
Bishal Chettri:
I have never met rafa and I am sure that most of us here haven't but the way he speaks and the person that he is makes us all feel like he has always been a part of our lives, if lucky someday we could cross path in our lives with rafa and still then he would be the exact same person he is. Tons of respect to the one the greatest champions of the modern era and best wishes for number 13 at RG.lets make it 20 in 2020.
aris orais
aris orais:
Clay Court Owner Press Conference.
Edwin Paul
Edwin Paul:
So selfish Mr Nadal you want young tennis players career to pick up and go the nxt level only when you retire??!
August 25th
August 25th:
i miss roger :( and fedal
SELVA KUMAR Rajamanickam
SELVA KUMAR Rajamanickam:
Is there any match highlights
Cmon Rafa.. 1 GS more and Rogers lie will fall...
Total Tennis
Total Tennis:
The Roland Garros youtube channel is the worst out of all 4 grand slams. They'll die before they upload videos longer than 3 minutes.
Nora Anovic
Nora Anovic:
What's wrong with this guy?
Roger’s All Like
Roger’s All Like:
Why they upload only 2 minutes what a jerks we do not deserve the hole press-conference What a jerks
Finasma Joyeria
Finasma Joyeria:
the short guy is coming be carefull
Why do you need to add subtitles? 😐
Aakash Arayambeth
Aakash Arayambeth:
who is rafa talking about?
The Destructor
The Destructor:
rafa is not happy for his age
S M:
2020 will be a really special win for whoever clinches it.
Hoping Rafa does!! Zverev/Sinner and Thiem will be crucial for Rafa before he meets Djokovic.