Rafael Nadal - Press Conference after Round 3 | Roland-Garros 2022

Rafael Nadal - Press Conference after Round 3 | Roland-Garros 2022. Watch Rafael Nadal's press conference after his victory against Botic Van De Zandschulp at the 3rd round of #RolandGarros 2022.

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Roland-Garros 2022: from 16 May to 5 June.

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36 comentarios:

Sandra Oledan Rodriguez
Sandra Oledan Rodriguez:
It’s been 13 hours… how has no one from the Roland Garros team noticed that Rafa’s highlights have not yet been uploaded? Terrible.
Patrick O’Hennesy
Patrick O’Hennesy:
Seriously your coverage of the tournament has been shocking. Only like 2 highlights per day, no rafa highlights, horrible highlights and just horrible in general.
Whoever is running this channel needs to step up their game . The highlights aren’t even posted and somehow the press conference is on
Yuval130 Geeahrs
Yuval130 Geeahrs:
You need to understand That he is already 36 years old and it's harder He's not like all the young players that it's easy !!!!!!! Nadal is the best ever It does not matter what he will achieve from now on He did his part in his huge career ! even if he loses, everything's fine
Allan Ford
Allan Ford:
Really want Rafa to win 1 more Roland Garros that’s my one wish. I think he’s looking good so far. Slightly worried about him facing Djokovic. I hope the match is played during the day because I can’t see Novak beating Rafa in warm sunny conditions. At night I know Djokovic will beat Rafa because of cooler conditions look at last year even with the foot problems the conditions were cooler in set 2,3 and 4.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
One match at a time. Basic principles, champion principles.
XRP Heist
XRP Heist:
Lets go Rafa!
Mohammad Ismail
Mohammad Ismail:
Where is the hell of Rafa Highlights ? Your coverage is very bad this year
Axs CS
Axs CS:
I kind of pity all Rafa haters. The fact that the male tennis player with most GS has been injured throughout practically all his professional career must be UNBEARABLE 🤣🤣
Younes Mirkabdi
Younes Mirkabdi:
i just want to congratulate you guys about the worst grand slam's channel ,, you really deserve it guys well done 👏
Qu'il n'y ait pas de meilleurs moments de Nadal contre les Néerlandais lors du match du troisième tour, en dit long sur la mauvaise qualité de qui gère cette chaîne.
La plus grande légende de Roland Garros et je ne connais pas la place qu'il mérite.
Une vraie honte de votre part!
Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal:
Today have been a very good and positive test, no? I am always respecting the opponent, but I don’t know why is very difficult to say the names of the people in my draw
Why not show the full press conference? Roland Garros is the worst in providing highlights, out of the 4 grand slams.
Gokul vrindavan
Gokul vrindavan:
Most humble, nice guy... It's costlier to be mean and nice to be cheap... Cheapdal
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Toni is family, so I guess we know where his loyalty is 🥳🤣 not with Felix but with Rafa. Felix can beat Rafa but doubt he has the right mentality to do it. Not sure, lets see 💥🚀
manish dsouza
manish dsouza:
Roland garros i have a request for you that i will not be able to attend quarter final night sessions so can you please schedule rafa match in day.

And ofcourse he is in the first quarter of the draw so he will play first so I'm pretty sure that he will play the day session.
Pham Dat
Pham Dat:
I can’t find Rafa’s highlights, where the hell it is?
Where is the highlight video of his game today? Thats reallt stupidity!
Kek Porkins
Kek Porkins:
Press Conference but no actual match highlights? What's wrong with this channel lol
Simon Pegg
Simon Pegg:
I think ATP might need to introduce a rule where a player has to retire mandatorily at age 40 irrespective of health condition and ranking.
Otherwise, our grandchildren might also be seeing Roger, Rafa, and Novak playing tennis.🤣
Bakhyt M
Bakhyt M:
Why don't you post full press conference videos?
Tim Jones
Tim Jones:
I hope Rafa gets past Djokovic in the quarters, would love an all Spanish final Nadal vs Alcaraz!
Philosopher King
Philosopher King:
Match Highlights?
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen:
đề nghi ban tổ chưc ghi lai nhữg lơi phỏng vấn của nadal cũng như tất cả các tay vơt ở phần bình luân .vi sau đó đươc youtobe và google dich sang từng tiếng cko mỗi quôc gia .đoc dễ hiểu hơn.
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇨🇭1) Federer: King of Grass.

🇪🇸2) Nadal: King of Clay.

👑3) FEDAL: King of Hardcourt.
Berthold Knecht
Berthold Knecht:
Your coverage is very bad
Uhh, highlights? Hello..?
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
Golden era of tennis list: ❤️

🇪🇸1) Nadal.
🇨🇭2) Federer.
🇺🇸3) Sampras.
🇺🇸4) Agassi.
🇸🇪5) Edberg.
🇷🇺6) Safin.
🇦🇺7) Hewitt.
🇺🇸8) Roddick.
🇧🇷9) Kuerten.
🇦🇺10) Rafter.
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
The GOAT of tennis list: 🎾

🇪🇸1) Nadal: 👑
🇨🇭2) Federer: 👑
🇺🇸3) Sampras: 🐐
🇺🇸4) Agassi: 🐐
🇸🇪5) Edberg: 🐐

The most grand slam title list: 🏆

🇪🇸1) Nadal: 21st major champion.
🇨🇭2) Federer: 20th major champion.
🇺🇸3) Sampras: 15th major champion.
🇦🇺4) Laver: 13th major champion.
🇸🇪5) Borg: 12th major champion.
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷
ninja warrior the cerebral assassin 🥷:
🇨🇭GOATderer (Federer): GOD of Tennis. 👑

🇪🇸 GOATdal (Nadal): KING of Tennis. 👑

Plus, Witness a true greatness and greatest achievement in tennis, legacy will live on 100% forever!!! Vamos 💎 King FEDAL!!! Cheers!!! 👑💪🐐
๖ۣۜℜoyสlτy BS
๖ۣۜℜoyสlτy BS:
First viewer and comment
Hazi Boi
Hazi Boi:
Unfortunately, Nadal is not gonna win this year ! Unfortunately, 🤣Alcaraz is ! first Slam Win mark my words !!
Djokovic will win Nadal in quarterfinal!
Warren Brewin
Warren Brewin:
Joker is the Goat. the only reason Nadal won AO was he wasn't there. win loss over both fed and nadal is superior