Rafael Nadal ● Roland Garros 2020 Preparation (Practice Sessions)

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sLlorca TV
sLlorca TV:
Go Rafa!
Edit: from 5:12 on is Day 4 with Sinner!
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It’s gonna be the toughest RG in Rafa’s career. But he can do it! No doubt!! Vamos Rafa!!!
Effy Rea
Effy Rea:
Vamos rafa!! Dale! 2020💪❤
Kimo Williams
Kimo Williams:
Rafa’s training is super intense - as always!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!!💪🏽🇪🇸
Sharang Bhattacharya
Sharang Bhattacharya:
Great practice better than rome's. Vamos Rafa!! Looks like he's gonna decimate this year.
Practicing for quterfinal clash between the two.
mohlodi tshimollo
mohlodi tshimollo:
Though I'm kinda busy now, I still can spare a few minutes to see the 👑 King 👑 doing his thing 💪
Allan kake
Allan kake:
Lots of love and respect for this great sport man, forever a joy to watch. here is a player that leaves everythng on the court each and every game!!! With love from Namibia!! GO RAFA!!!
Boum 💥 boum boum thé king terminator .
Mohammed Ayaan
Mohammed Ayaan:
Were the Wilson balls also used in Rome this year??
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Luis Rodriguez arregui:
Y es pra'cticas ?...😂
This will be the toughest RG of Rafa's career but he will give it his all , as he always does. Vamos Rafa.
Jerónimo González Martínez
Jerónimo González Martínez:
El revés paralelo a dos manos podrías ajustarlo más a la linea, pienso que podría darte muchos puntos. Así no dependerías tanto de tu derecha que requiere bastante esfuerzo, además de dejar gran espacio en la pista.
Test Power
Test Power:
more vids of rafa prac please
Rafa had to take it a little easy at times practicing with the Wilson ball because it is slower and heavier and that makes sense. I wonder if he reduced his string tension a little ? John isner reduced it by 6 lbs for the French open for example.
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf:
Damn... roof cold new ball and Rafa still destroys everyone in practice 😂!!!! He’s hitting flatter and attacking. Zverev and Krajinovic were playing well, making Rafa move and then the point turns and they lose Control 😂 you can see their frustration. Just give Rafa the trophy now.
Zik Sud
Zik Sud:
So far behind the line
jorge rodriguez
jorge rodriguez:
Every match he plays will make him better. he'll become lethal after a couple more matches.
Goran Matulovic
Goran Matulovic:
Nadal is especially dangerous on clay because, being after all an Octoroon (sorry for such an ancient term), he combines a discipline of a White player with physical agility of African half-bloods.
mohammad rashyif
mohammad rashyif:
He will lose rolland garros 2020