Rafael Nadal: "The feeling is completely different" on-court interview (3R) | Australian Open 2021

Rafael Nadal's on-court interview following his Round 3 win over Cameron Norrie at the Australian Open 2021.

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Beka Stepanishvili
Beka Stepanishvili:
I hope he will get through Fognini, if he is on his day and mood, he’s gonna win it. But i hope Rafael pulls it out
Siamak Afshar
Siamak Afshar:
Rafa 's style of his overhead shots tells me he is ready !!!
David Bosquette
David Bosquette:
It would be so sweet after the year we have all had to see this iconic ambassador for the sport make more history this week. History he so richly deserves 💕
Narasimha Murthy
Narasimha Murthy:
Looking forward for the Fourth round , Vamos Rafa.
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Fognini, a very dangerous player when he's in the mood. I'm sure that Nadal will be ready for that match.
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Very much looking forward to the match against Fognini!
Was waiting for the crowd to clap, then I remembered there is no crowd 😂
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Nadal, the legend, the icon!
Lakshya Manchanda
Lakshya Manchanda:
Less than 2 min for highlights and 3and half for interview
Great going Australian open
Vamos Rafa!
juanjo gomez brugarolas
juanjo gomez brugarolas:
This is a message for all journalists in the ATP tour: LEARN SPANISH, most beautiful language worldwide.
Expat Properties Mumbai (Expat Properties Mumbai)
Expat Properties Mumbai (Expat Properties Mumbai):
Rafa on course to win an epic against the boogeyman Fabio. Vamos!
fabri fabri
fabri fabri:
Vamos Vamos great Rafa!!!!!!!!!!
very nice match Vamos Rafa!!
Nice to see Fitzy on the court again. 😜👍🇦🇺
Dario Palmieri
Dario Palmieri:
Congrats Rafa!!!
TommY BoY
TommY BoY:
The reporters reaction on 1.44 is priceless haha its like I’m trying to understand you but in a nice way of course!
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero:
Fognini will be his toughest opponent, as of yet, in this tournament. All the best to Rafa. Nadal Is My Champion!
Samuel Joseph
Samuel Joseph:
Wishing all the best for the forthcoming matches too Rafa.✌️💓
Without the crowd, it looks like a rehearsal. =D
Tulimatai Smith
Tulimatai Smith:
Yeah smash it Rafa! There is Jesus all the way! Love you 👍
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown:
How is the interview longer than the highlights?
Go rafa!
You see what i did there
You see what i did there:
Rafa is a complete player now. Serve, volley, forehand, backhand, overhead. As long as his back is not problematic, he might actually have a chance to win
I Think Rafael Nadal Claim 21th GS In AO Open 2021... Vamos Rafa...
Keshara Batawala
Keshara Batawala:
with injured djokovic and crazy medvedev now rafa is the firm favorite for number 21 at ao open
Warhammer boy!
Warhammer boy!:
Great vid
If theres no fans, why are they doing an on-court interview?
Saïda Bibi
Saïda Bibi:
Superb outstanding sensational match...i was expecting something like this i was served rafa takes it all...he seems confident about his back problem lets see against fonini...i am sure it will be a completely different match schedule as we known all opponent are different and fonini is a usual one and rafa know quite well how to play him...so lets wait and watch...rdv on monday tennis rafanadal fan be there...he need us all...vaaamooosss rafa...we love you...always in our heart for ever and ever...
Sadik Muktar
Sadik Muktar:
Nice match
Ethan McElhone
Ethan McElhone:
1:45 meme alert
Gaurav Gummaraju
Gaurav Gummaraju:
The interviewer's face at 1:44 tho
No crowd ? Thats ridiculous
fercedez rary
fercedez rary:
The Great Rafael Nadal
Rock star Dude
Rock star Dude:
Rafael <<👑 unicorn👑 >> Nadal
Vamos Rafa
Lliljana Butcher
Lliljana Butcher:
Rafa the best
- 23
- 23:
Thought it was about his back🖕
juanjo gomez brugarolas
juanjo gomez brugarolas: