Rafael Nadal vs Jannik Sinner - Quarterfinals Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal vs Jannik Sinner - Quarterfinals Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments from the match that opposed Rafael Nadal and Jannik Sinner at the quarterfinals of #RolandGarros 2020! Rafael Nadal won 7/6 6/4 6/1.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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100+ comentarios:

Leo Yang
Leo Yang:
Man Sinner was very impressive for his age, this is honestly the best anyone other than djokovic and thiem can do with rafa at the french. His greatest talent is his calmness, his demeanor is like those of a 10 year vet, that poker face is his biggest weapon i tell ya
Sven Schmitz
Sven Schmitz:
Nadal's 100th match at the French Open and his 98th win. That is just incredible

Edit: woah I woke up and had 1400 likes, nice :D

Also two more facts about Nadal:
he is in his 555th week in the top 2, more than anyone ever.

And in 2 weeks he will equal Connors' 787 consecutive weeks in the top 10
S M:
It is ridiculous that the match started so late, French authorities MUST understand players are humans too and they are not robots. You are playing with the player's body clock, patience and mentality. How do you put so many matches on one court on a single day? Just ridiculous. I am still trying to get used to night matches at Roland Garros but it is definitely not the same as Flushing Meadows .
Sinner was 3 years old when Nadal had won his first French open. He is still here after so many years and favourite to win the tournament, talk about his greatness!!
Sinner is really good. Nadal ultimately beat him with his experience but I expect him to be back very soon
Jack Curley
Jack Curley:
Despite the score, Jannik played so well for his age. Looking forward to amazing stuff from him in the future
Nate M
Nate M:
Sinner's inside-out forehand is brutal
mudr kk
mudr kk:
Sinner is scary.
This young man can handle any shot and then send it back with such easy power and precision.
JC Lewis
JC Lewis:
Nadal just has such a complete game on clay. This is his tournament to win. He is moving better than ever. Wow
Oliver Whittaker Tennis
Oliver Whittaker Tennis:
jannik has so much potential hes gonna be great in the future!
Sinner: Rafa, how about a five-setter for my first QF at RG?
Nadal: It's late, no? I'm going to bed.
Sinner is the future of tennis, very rare now adays that someone so young go deep in the slams
LJ _
LJ _:
Sinner will dominate men’s tennis in the future. Will go back here after 5 years!
R Martinez
R Martinez:
Nadal is too big, too strong for sinner. Masterclass performance from him. Not bad for sinner, hes young and have a brighter future. The most important is he was experienced and the opportunity to face nadal on the court and learn from this to become a better player.
man, people talk about nadal's break back percentage (the percentage of the time he immediately breaks back after being broken) and that was on full display tonight. For most players, the lapse in focus or surge in the opponent's level means the loss of a set. Nadal could have easily lost the first two sets if he was like those other players.
Benjamin Bartlett
Benjamin Bartlett:
It just continues to shock me how much Rafa has adjusted his game to improve his longevity and success on other surfaces... while still maintaining his lethality on clay. The difference between his game in his early twenties and now is unreal. What a legend.
Aaron Tang
Aaron Tang:
I love how Nadal went for a handshake at the end of the match and then remembered that there’s a pandemic going on 😂
MarK trofflad
MarK trofflad:
Sinner is a Future french open champ. No doubt in my mind.
Fusion Flare
Fusion Flare:
Bruh they didn't even show the amazing 27 shot rally with the defensive lob winner?
Manuel Zambrano Monserrate
Manuel Zambrano Monserrate:
Dear organizers, could you include the set points in the highlights?
Absolute masterclass from Rafa!

Sinner had chances to win both the 1st, 2nd set and threw absolute bombs at Nadal. He was also able to counter the insistent Rafa forehand attack on his backhand.
But the Spaniard held strong, slowly chipped his way back. Neither relying too much on attack(like Thiem) or being too defensive. Just strategic controlled Tennis. Vamos!
It was scary how well Yannik was playing for the 1st set before he was up 6-5 and in the second set before he was up 3-1. He was able to break him twice, and if he wasn't nervous, he would have been up 7-5, 5-2, which is crazy, really hope he isn't gonna be another wasted talent
Kay Day
Kay Day:
What a brilliant future that young lad has.he is learning from the best
Great win for the master and the goat
Kerlian Ojeda
Kerlian Ojeda:
Everyone has a great potential until they meet Rafa.
The French are extraordinary silly for having this match this late. These folks can't even run a hotdog stand.
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Nadal's first test. His next opponent will be even tougher.
Mohamad Raj
Mohamad Raj:
Sinner almost gave me a heart attack when I saw he levelled with Rafa at first set. There is no shame in this match, it only shows that he will become great player in the right time.
Nurul November
Nurul November:
16 years age gap, under the cold weather were not issues for Rafa..... amazing
Ben Sona
Ben Sona:
This is Nadal’s toughest French Open ever.
Low bouncing balls from colder weather; lack of playing time due to COVID AND pressure to tie Rogers grand slam record of 20. If he wins Rafa should be considered one of the greatest athletes of all time.
Vamos Rafa, this 2020RG is yours and ours TOO!!!
That guy named Daniel
That guy named Daniel:
Sinner at 18 : compete with the GOAT player
Me at 18 : Compete with all the GOAT players..........on my Xbox
Primo Mend
Primo Mend:
Definitely Mr Sinner will be among the nextgen players, I wish him success in the coming years.
Kalle Koski
Kalle Koski:
The game started way past Sinner's bedtime. Nothing he could do.

But seriously what a lad and a future ATP 1. Such a shame that they didn't reschedule this match. These guys are not nocturnals.
matembwere chekai
matembwere chekai:
well done sinner, you are the next big thing, never believe that we have found the next generation from the big three till I watched you play, you are the solution, well done
Sinner couldn’t beat Nadal because he didn’t want to commit more sins.
san jeev
san jeev:
Great Rafael..... as always....
Rama Kamepalli
Rama Kamepalli:
Sinner should have take 1st set to get confidence. I didn’t expect him to win but play 5 sets would be the biggest achievement for now. Well played.
Amrit Pal Singh
Amrit Pal Singh:
Last year Theim beat nadal on ATP Barcelona and lost in French open final against nadal.
This year DIEGO beat nadal on Rome and he's gonna face Nadal on semi final.
sinner has very mature performance, he's free flowing and seems to know what he's doing against Rafa. Finally a worthy next gen player.
Adrian Sebastian Martinez Sanchez
Adrian Sebastian Martinez Sanchez:
He lose the match in the first set when he is serving for the set and lose his serve
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
Sinner played well, even though he lost in straight sets! He would have had a better chance on a hard court!
Luis Schamache
Luis Schamache:
The legendary “ God of Clay”
Andres Saenz
Andres Saenz:
Vamos Rafa!!!
Norman Peters
Norman Peters:
See what experience brings. The drop shots Nadal did was vastly different from what Sinner did. Hence the reason they worked. Also you can’t afford to lose your serves against guys like Nadal and Federer, among others. They will punish you.
Larry Tipton
Larry Tipton:
I'm a Fed fan, but what this man has done in The French Open is so far above everyone else words can't describe it. He might have 15 French Opens when he retires which is insane. Thanks for all the great tennis Rafa, you are something else and it's been a privilege to watch you play.
G L:
Nadal played like a King 👑 in the midst of his army (Clay) 🎾👑
Just two more wins and Rafa will have his twentieth grand slam title tying him with Fed.
Young Schollar
Young Schollar:
Wow it’s so cold that the clay is squeeking
A K:
Really enjoyed following Sinner throughout the tournament! Def see huge potential
We didnt get Nadal Vs Thiem so I hope we atleast will get Djokovic vs Nadal at Final.It will be epic Final and memorable one.
Brian Lin
Brian Lin:
Sinner played well this FO and I look forward to seeing more of him in the future
Great effort from Sinner. It'll be interesting to see how their meetings will pan out on a hardcourt.
Matt Haskel
Matt Haskel:
The way he dominated this match was unbelievable the way sinner was playing the match before was insane and he just brushes him aside at 34 just wow
T Clipse
T Clipse:
I love how the players are 🤗 hugging
Marsha Julessa
Marsha Julessa:
This midnight match was really good. First big test for Rafa. Sinner will be back such a talent 👍🏽
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas:
Learning experience for Sinner. I can see the next generation of greatness finall coming thru...
Abu Abdulaziz
Abu Abdulaziz:
Vamooooos 20🏆
Rick Davis
Rick Davis:
To lose in straight sets yet at the same time to play SO good!
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero:
Let there be a 13th French Open Championship for "The King Of Clay"!
Davide Carboni Music
Davide Carboni Music:
Andate ad ascoltare la mia nuova traccia "Raze" sul mio canale❤️💣🔊
Mayrose Wang
Mayrose Wang:
Weather is cold, wind not been silent, even the night is deeply, the King of invincible,standing on power. 👑🌞🏆🗼🎊
Rosalinda Cariaga
Rosalinda Cariaga:
i smell an upset to Djokovic’s side
Shiva Kumar
Shiva Kumar:
Highlight of the match for me was how Jannik was fearless in attacking Nadal's forehand time after time. He doesn't have the depth and angle of Novak to break down Nadal's foreghand but he will in couple of seasons. Jannik Sinner, remember the name!
cheslyn ribberts
cheslyn ribberts:
Sinner is a good talent with lots of time on his side , Nadal well done with a great record .
Stratos Kat
Stratos Kat:
Against Rafa on clay you are losing all three sets of the match. Question is, how close will the game count be.
Shelumiel Peroy
Shelumiel Peroy:
I like how Nadal anticipates the returns. Amazing.
Trish O.
Trish O.:
My all time hero, Rafa Nadal! Here’s to winning championship on Sunday. Go Rafa! Prayers, blessings, love and light coming your way. ❤️👍🙏🏻❤️👍🙏🏻⚡️⚡️💗💗💗
Damn, Jannik Sinner is only 19 years old and he did pretty well against Rafa! Rafa is just too good on clay!
Tatsushi koike 小池竜史
Tatsushi koike 小池竜史:
Nadal, Sinner, thank you for great match from Japan:)
Myriam LOE
Myriam LOE:
I'm so happy to Witness Rafa greatness what a Champion!
Sinner shots were massive but RAFA intelligence and experience were to high for him...VAMOOSS ALL THE BEST for the rest of the tournament...
Ali Lahlou
Ali Lahlou:
That remind me of the semi final with Roger in 2019, Roger played strong and still loose in straight set same as Sinner .
Rafa on clay is a monster , and at Roland Garros a Greek God , he always look motivated and determined #20 Grand Slam #13 Roland Garros is coming hoome !!
As it turned out, this was the hardest match for Nadal at the RG2020
bono hiuson
bono hiuson:
Man, the kid hang tough with the clay GoAt.. This kid will be great..
Rayna Riley
Rayna Riley:
Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to witness such a legend play right now! Wow just love Rafa! Lets enjoy every second of him!
naveen perera
naveen perera:
Great experience for Sinner
Easily the hardest task in all of tennis, beating Rafa at RG.
Georgina Paki
Georgina Paki:
The King of Clay Master 👏 🙌 💙
Zenco Suzuki
Zenco Suzuki:
Congratulations for Nadal!!! Sinner is very talented. He will be a terror to others soon.
Cesar Javier Romero De La Torre
Cesar Javier Romero De La Torre:
Excelente rafa!!👌🏻👏🏻
Esperaba la final contra thiem pero ahora que quedo eliminado sera interesante ver los que compiten para la final!!
David Skelton
David Skelton:
Sinner honestly looked incredible. So impressive for his age and experience. Just needs to get more comfortable coming forward and dealing with low volleys. Also some of his drop shots were atrocious. Otherwise his ground strokes were unreal, and his backhand certainly held up to how often Nadal was pressuring it. Kid has ice in his veins
Tyler McDonald
Tyler McDonald:
Sinner was on the brink of going up 2 sets close to upset but played the wrong shot in the big moments like drop shot instead of backhand drive
Jane Kihm
Jane Kihm:
The longer he’s on court, the better he plays! Vamos!!
Nanthakumar Ayah kanu
Nanthakumar Ayah kanu:
Im seeing sinner's future is brighter!
Mike Jones
Mike Jones:
Nadal's more well rounded, that's experience.
Kaspars Norbertons
Kaspars Norbertons:
As the great words from a great man

“Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half”
budda stud
budda stud:
I thought Sinner would win a set but it seems he hasnt comfortably learned how to consistently rip his BH down the line, even though his cross court is easily top 10. If he learns a Djokovic-like BH down the line he will be unstoppable.
@2:31 totally ridiculous. Rafa still incredible!
Younes Mirkabdi
Younes Mirkabdi:
is this the end of the world or what !! Roland garros last match finished at midnight in my country holy craaaap 😅😅
santiago lopez
santiago lopez:
By the time I rotated my phone to watch and take a good shit the video was over smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Those will be the days when we will be talking Rafa Nadal will come from dead to defend his French Open.
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd:
Valiant effort by Sinner, especially in the first set. But Nadal just wears you down.
Vale Giacalone
Vale Giacalone:
Too late, top bad organization....in this case wins the player with more experience and stronger nerves
클레이 기술자 ㅋㅋ
Helga Geraldine
Helga Geraldine:
I'm so happy I stayed up til morning waiting for this match (it started at 4:30am in the Philippines, was supposed to start at 11pm last night!) but it was worth it. Both players did not disappoint. I'm so happy Rafa won but Sinner was great, too!
Ed Murray
Ed Murray:
5 down, 2 to go :-) Vamos ; here comes the revenge on Schwartzman, a dish served best at 55 degrees F. cold.
Joe Publico
Joe Publico:
Nadal should be able to take the title - he will lose at most one set, on the way. He will tie Federer with 20 majors.
Very impressive match. Sinner'll soon be #1 if he improves at this level
Lee Antonio
Lee Antonio:
No doubt one of the greats, but that serving routine puts me off watching Nadal matches
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good match. Good to see Nadal still getting pumped up from every win.