Rafael Nadal vs Jordan Thompson - Round 1 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2022

Rafael Nadal vs Jordan Thompson - Round 1 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2022. Watch the best moments from the match that opposed Rafael Nadal and Jordan Thompson at #RolandGarros 2022. Rafael Nadal won 6/2 6/2 6/2.
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Roland-Garros 2022: from 16 May to 5 June.

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100+ comentarios:

Rudresh Kalgutkar
Rudresh Kalgutkar:
Everytime he enters Philippe Chatrier he looks different Rafa altogether. It's like Lion in his Den. His footwork is popping, baseline play, heavy crosscourt shots and booming forehand. I truly hope he stays fit for two weeks then nothing is impossible. Vamos Rafa till the end.
WivoRN Productions
WivoRN Productions:
Rafa looking much better than he did in Rome & Madrid,
Let's hope the foot is holding up because he'll surely need that in the upcoming rounds!
Swagatam Ghosh
Swagatam Ghosh:
I wince everytime I see Rafa running full-pelt. If that foot stays fine, he will be a match for anyone.
Jacob Phillips
Jacob Phillips:
Rafa is looking good, hopefully the foot stays healthy throughout the tournament. Would be a pleasure to see a Rafa-Alcaraz matchup.
This is why i love Rafa... he never takes his opponent easy.. from the first point he plays with such a high intensity.. never ever i have seen him taking his games for granted.. Vamos Rafa..
It's an absolute joy to watch Nadal play and right for every point
Luis Carmona Delgado
Luis Carmona Delgado:
Espectacular ver moverse a Rafa, ningún jugador transmite tanto, pura energía.Go Rafa
Jack Reilly
Jack Reilly:
Honestly he must be the most humble hardworking sportsman of all time
Nadal made a few errors but overall he's looking great! The biggest takeaway is that his foot looks good right now. He's playing smart, trying to conserve his energy for the important matches. I hope he can get through the first week without any trouble so that he is fully fit for the tougher opponents.
Manohar Sk
Manohar Sk:
Feel for all the players that draw Rafa in the first round. Damn those long flights and these short exits.
futures ToT
futures ToT:
His left-handed forehand is a legend. Humanity should keep it remembered forever and ever.
John Smith
John Smith:
Thompson's reactions were priceless. Let's go Rafa!
Brant Buckley Music
Brant Buckley Music:
Nadal is such a beast, even injured he is going to be very difficult to beat. His tennis work ethic and point to point focus and intensity is above and beyond just about everyone. Great to see him moving well again.
He's the best ever He achieved everything in his career in 20 years It does not matter what he will do now all these years Is at an age where it is already more difficult And with injuries like everyone
Andy Roo
Andy Roo:
Court Philippe Chatrier looked almost to capacity. Were they there to see a Legend at the horizon of his game? Give us another, Rafa. One more French Open title.
Alex Twin
Alex Twin:
If the foot holds, he's winning the tournament. I got zero doubts.
Jon Las
Jon Las:
Congrats Rafa! Hoping for him to win this tourney without great toil.
Joshua Jobbe
Joshua Jobbe:
Pretty good start. Hard to tell. Sometimes in majors Rafa can start well and higher ranked guys get him later in the tournament like Djoker did to him last year. And other times he starts slow and finds better form later and wins the whole thing. So it's a mystery. Time will tell. Hope he wins though.
Saon chishty
Saon chishty:
Everytime Nadal gets a point the crowd goes crazy.
José Manuel Moreno Cidoncha
José Manuel Moreno Cidoncha:
Imagine if Rafa would have stayed healthy all the season. He would be at his peak now. Despite of that, he is always able to be over the majority of the players. Amazing warrior.
damn nadal looked very sharp! usually, he starts kind of slow... i don't know if it's good or bad that he is so sharp this early on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jason Rennie
Jason Rennie:
Nadal is such a joy to watch! I wish I had a 1/10th of his skills!
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Thats a solid start of the tournement and important match for rafas confidence
ShockWave ZERO
ShockWave ZERO:
That forehand that he just smacked down the line from far back for a passing shot? That is still very scary. With such a short motion, he can just pop that thing. That’s not just because he’s strong, but surely it’s because of his incredible balance.
Ohh! You touch my Tralalà! Mhh! My Ding Ding Dong
Ohh! You touch my Tralalà! Mhh! My Ding Ding Dong:
I, as a fan of Djokovic, somehow can't help wishing Nadal to win here one more time. He's simply too legendary on this court.
But, on the opposite of most people commenting, I still don't see him in a particularly good shape. Unfortunately. I think that Djokovic and most of all Alcaraz look much stronger today. And maybe even Tsitsipas. But he's a warrior so who knows.
Emily An
Emily An:
Great to see him moving well again.
VAMOS! If his foot holds up and he's able to build confidence leading up to QF and beyond.......#14 could be in play!
Dr Stew Harvey-Wilson
Dr Stew Harvey-Wilson:
He looked pretty tired after this. As much as i love seeing Nadal win this. I cant see it happening this year…
Awangan Das
Awangan Das:
rafa is always good at the beginning of the tournament but as the times goes, he became very dull due to his foot problem. I hope he is completely fit for the remainder of the year
Juan Luis Plaza
Juan Luis Plaza:
Que bueno es x dios ,!!
Un ejemplo de deportista
Guru Preetham GP
Guru Preetham GP:
Man! That return at 1:06
BRILLIANT! Thanks Rafa. 💜💜💜
Philosopher King
Philosopher King:
Unfortunately his foot's not good. His movement is therefore limited. You can see it especially during his serve. He barely jumps, his feet barely leave the ground when serving when you would expect him to hover ~20cm off the ground. He's a fighter though and much loved by the millions of fans. Hope the foot can improve, hope he can be pain free to really focus on his game and give the best players a tough time. Animo Rafa !
꧁༒ƛƘƲ - ŰMƛ༒꧂
꧁༒ƛƘƲ - ŰMƛ༒꧂:
Amar ver a Nadal, una vez más en su casa!!!!
alex sokolov
alex sokolov:
Браво Надаль, браво! Боец, всегда на азарте.
Congrats Roland Garros you made a vid longer than 3 minutes! Bigger milestone than Rafa winning 21 majors 🏆
10 years ago Rolandgarros 2012
Nadal was on his beast form unbeatable
Even cannot take a set from him
Rohan Mungla
Rohan Mungla:
Just wow 🤩 vamos💪🏽❤️‍🔥
Karthik Shettyan
Karthik Shettyan:
Insane top spins .... Great ball used specially from the way 2021 ball behaved ....
jack woods
jack woods:
Nadal is Still Great on Clay but He is not even CLOSE to how Good he Used to be Years ago on Clay...He was in Another Galaxy
It's insane how far behind the baseline Rafa plays
vishrut mittal
vishrut mittal:
he makes my day .... thanks rafa
Sevara Alimova
Sevara Alimova:
This is what this man does… he absolutely rips apparat everyone at the French open and does that 7 times every year. Like a routine
Ramone Cricket
Ramone Cricket:
Rafa out there looking like he’s ready to represent Australia in Davis Cup. Love him in the green and gold.
Genaro Flores
Genaro Flores:
Absolutely mind boggling what one has to come up with to earn a point off this guy
Vamos King! All the best! 💪👑
Pilar Pueyo Castan
Pilar Pueyo Castan:
Eres el mejor deportista de todos los tiempos. Has superado lesiones y eres una gran persona .no tienes nada que demostrar.pero porque no cerrar 14 que es más bonito que trece ánimo rafa!
Hope _
Hope _:
C'mon Rafa, you can do it! 🍀🙏🏻❤
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma:
I believe Rafa should avoid longer rallies to keep that foot intact for what's gonna come in the second week of the tournament. He's seeded to meet Novak in QFs. That would be so awesome ❤❤
Nikhil Chakravarthi
Nikhil Chakravarthi:
That’s one of best Rafas outfits in French open … looks stunning 🤩
Karthik Shettyan
Karthik Shettyan:
Now this is fast French open tennis ....we will see more like this in the coming matches ....
Misha Savin
Misha Savin:
Nadal just warming up 💥💪🏼
Hazar Orbey Nacar
Hazar Orbey Nacar:
Don't know how situation will develop with the current injuries of Nadal but this is his best outfit on Rolland Garros I have ever seen.
kevin motley
kevin motley:
in person LIVE & REAL line judges too. LOVE IT
"Rafa has mastered the art of longevity in tandem with adversity"

Next up Quarantine Moutet in straights!
Will Reed
Will Reed:
Uno más maestro, uno más por favor!!!!!!
woswas denni
woswas denni:
he looks exhausted. never see him playing such shots before. it feels like he rather play some physically impossible balls instead of doing 2 more steps. but with his routine he easy forsees anything that can happen and if nessesary stumble into a volley for the winner.
his hands worked verfy well and they and his brain compensated for his feet very well too.
but against a certain very young powerhouse this is gonna be very difficult
Nacho Croes
Nacho Croes:
Let's go Rafa. Also I like this yellow outfit like last year's.
Alex Javier Alonso Besil
Alex Javier Alonso Besil:
Si sigue jugando asi, Roland Garros esta mas que complicado para cualquier jugador que se enfrente a Rafa.
I love Rafa but Thompson is like the typical ‘free win’ so lets see how he fares in the later rounds. 22 would be amazing but i’m not so sure this year
Lynne Lintot
Lynne Lintot:
Vamos Rafa 💪🎾🇪🇸
Ismaeel Butt
Ismaeel Butt:
Simple win for Nadal,hopefully he keeps up this level of tennis until the quarter finals where he may meet djokovic 🔥
Dul Gaus
Dul Gaus:
He must finish the match in early to avoid the foot over use. I hope he will win this RG2022
Nadal normalmente, y mucho más en RG, sólo depende de su salud. Si el dolor es soportable y no sufre ninguna lesión nueva, ganará. Si no, no. Y dos semanas a cinco sets son muy largas, me temo.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr:
VAMOS! If his foot holds up and he's able to build confidence leading up to QF and beyond.......#14 could be in play!
Ron Harris
Ron Harris:
Thompson might as well have shown up wearing roller skates. This was a warm-up hit at best.
i’m lucky to witness this guy’s greatness
aswer huio
aswer huio:
Thats a solid start of the tournement and important match for rafas confidence
Just noticed that Jordan Thompson has lost in the first or second round in almost every single tournament that he's played. Even in the Challengers.
Kimmy Lavina
Kimmy Lavina:
Happy for Rafa won the first match it's important...auguri Rafa..keep fighting u are the King of clay champion of 2022🎾🎾🎾2022
Jasper Amorin
Jasper Amorin:
shani yan
shani yan:
he makes my day .... thanks rafa
King 🥰
Vamos !!!
Сергей Пахомов
Сергей Пахомов:
1:29 Nadal's fighiting spirit👏
Jon M
Jon M:
Good luck nadal may the force be with you, hit them hard and deep. Love the drop shots then the volley to finish.
Triple VVV
Triple VVV:
Nadal’s forehand is superb!
Thompson should be proud. He got 6 freaking games out of Rafael Nadal on Phillip chatrier. An unthinkable fest for most.
Tyler Thigpen
Tyler Thigpen:
Thank you for the highlights! Moving forward, would you consider not making the thumbnail pic reveal who won the match? Instead, you could show a thumbnail pic that features both players. For those of us who weren’t able to catch the live action, we’d be more likely to watch the full vid if we didn’t know who won before clicking into the video.
nice 3 minute highlights Rg ,a minute for each set , thats amazing .
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
If Nadal keep up this momentum and health he will be giving the tournament a good run and competition.
Joey A
Joey A:
El rey a vuelto...👑
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall:
I thought this might be a tougher match for Nadal but you know, God of clay over here. Oh well.
quarter and semi finals will be crazy ... the championship game will be a cake-walk in comparison with those two matches, if we see Nadal - Djoker - Alcaraz there
0:31 5x1, 1st Set, 1st Rd, easy match...
What the heck are you doing charging after that ball, playing the most important tournament of the year on painkillers?
Come on Rafa, give us some more "court IQ" at this point of your career, we want you to win this shit.
Vamos!!! Please Rafa hit out on the backhand more often!! Such a great shot when you hit it aggressively!!
Haryo Koconegoro
Haryo Koconegoro:
The real G.O.A.T
Vamos Rafa 🇪🇦🐃🎾
Gustavo Tejada
Gustavo Tejada:
Rafa is a beast in a class by itself
Ahamed shafi
Ahamed shafi:
feeling inspired when Rafa plays tennis..
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
Yep lets see other rounds but looking solid so far 😅
Antonio Silva
Antonio Silva:
Everything just super good. No more drop shots, the last point a pretty thing.
pat comerford
pat comerford:
Hail to the Spanish God of Tennis.❤💛❤
Am I the only one that when I see Jordan Thompson and I immediately see the 'Mario Brothers'?
Diego Casanova
Diego Casanova:
¡Vamos Rafa!
Богдан Чейпеш
Богдан Чейпеш:
Go! Go! Rafa!!!
I'm wincing everytime Rafa tries hard for a get... Please, save your energy and intensity Rafa.
Geoffrey Simpson Art
Geoffrey Simpson Art:
His drop shots are good but no where near as good as those of Alcaraz
I Love Caulk
I Love Caulk:
This is basically when you come into a new video game and they throw you in the mix with pros who have been playing for years
Shadow Agent
Shadow Agent:
One thing was pretty clear for me in this match,Nadal made sure for Thompson that it's 2022 not 1922,and he doesn't like a mustache himself.