Rafael Nadal vs Lorenzo Sonego | Match Highlights | Wimbledon 2022

The action from Centre Court where Rafael Nadal looked to surpass Lorenzo Sonego for a place in the fourth round of Wimbledon.

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souvik Dutta
souvik Dutta:
Total domination, his movement was so fast today. Less unforced error, service is remarkable,... It was like an edition of 2008 .. He was just flying like a falcon..
Justins Archive
Justins Archive:
It's cool to see how quickly he can adapt to a different surfaces now compared to when he was younger. He was faster when he was younger obviously but he is a much better ball striker of all surfaces now a days. A much more complete player with a bigger serve.
Frank G.
Frank G.:
Nadal is improving the more he plays. That's good.
S M:
Rafa was so solid today. It is unbelievable how he transforms himself from rusty one day to being aggressive and awesome the next!! Next up van de Zandschulp with big serve and heavy powerful hitting.
Rock solid game from Rafa. He improved a lot since match 2…if he plays like that he will be hard to beat… now I am positive that he can compete for the title… but still a long way to go… vamos Rafa
I remember the first time Nadal injured his knee on the court. I remember saying to my father, "That's it, he will never be the same." I figured, he would drop to the bottom of the ranking after that. Boy, was I wrong! He's amazing to make it through so much pain and still be a force today! Kudos to him for that. He's the toughest player I have ever seen in 4 decades of watching tennis.
Rafa had a huge improvement in this match against Sonego by substantially reducing the number of unforced errors. He almost had the usual third set get away from him after being up 3-1 & 4-2. After Sonego tied it at 4-4, Rafa kicked it up a big notch and closed the third set at 6-4. Rafa needs to keep improving because he has a potential matchup against Fritz in the quarterfinals. Through 3 rounds, Fritz hasn’t lost a set, his game is well-suited for grass and he knows he can beat Rafa.
Oussama gacem
Oussama gacem:
Rafa's Backhand is getting Amazing!!!
John Smith
John Smith:
Rafa's shots were fire here. Would be incredible to see him take the title, and then the Grand Slam.
Damnnn, He is just like wine. He improves every game. This is amazing. He plays with his mid 20 aged opponents like a toy.
Nadal is in amazing form. This guy just keeps on being great.
he's looking strong and really good. Then again, did we really expect anything else. The further he goes into a tournament the tougher he gets.
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg:
A performance like this was needed especially because he hasn’t been on his absolute best in the first 2 rounds
Hamzah Ahmed
Hamzah Ahmed:
I made a comment on the last match on Nadal and his play and this match was exactly what he needed. Like the 4th set in the last match he upped the level and intensity, the ball striking was much better. This Nadal, if he can play like this, can do well for the remainder of the tournament. This is also a good time to now play like this as well, first 2 rounds was striking at the right moments, this particular match was domination top to bottom, a slight dip after the roof closure but I personally this that was frustration but the way he responded was great and then going on to kill the match off. Great performance, VAMOS RAFA 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Arexis Ghastly
Arexis Ghastly:
I thought he would get destroyed judging by his last performance. That's what makes a champion though. The ability to adjust and adapt to become better. Can't believe how good he looked the man is incredible. Just goes to show Rafa should never be doubted. Vamos Rafa!!
Nadal's down the T serves were insane!! A serious weapon on grass.
Zaid Mohammed
Zaid Mohammed:
Whatt a masterclass… the placements, the receives,the serves, he was smacking it today… lovely performance… solid game
Pratulya Singh
Pratulya Singh:
We couldn't make worse highlights packages if we tried...well done wimbledon.
Zana satori
Zana satori:
What I like about Nadal is the fact that he never underestimates his opponents, that is why he never shows mercy no matter how innocent the opponent looks like
Ajay kk
Ajay kk:
Rafa was solid strong today Vamos rafa 💪💪💪
Arjunsinh Harer
Arjunsinh Harer:
Rafa’s looking ready to win it. That backhand is kicking and the lefty spin will always do damage on grass. He’s got it, mentally there is no question of his fight !
Mohit Sureka
Mohit Sureka:
Phew, he looks like Rafa in this match finally. the forehand was blazing and backhand, one of the best.

He dug deep in this match!
kenny thien
kenny thien:
Spectacular, age is just a number, his potential is just awakening.
Ricardo Enrique
Ricardo Enrique:
Nadal’s backhand is on fire 🔥
I can't describe how much I love and respect Rafa.
Vick JR
Vick JR:
Rafa was on a much better level today. Really solid and clinical performance, he needed it going into the second week
Ali Sattar
Ali Sattar:
What a legend?!. Go for the 23th GS
Vamoos Rafaa
Juan Pedro Arévalo
Juan Pedro Arévalo:
With this new victory from Rafa, we can already say that he and Nole will face to two of young tennis promises from the Netherlands in the next round.
What a moment gonna be for them being on the centre court to play against these legends of this sport 👏 🎾 🇳🇱
Nassar Qatar
Nassar Qatar:
The GOAT. Vamos Rafa!
Vismay Gupta
Vismay Gupta:
Rafa's backhand recently has been a revelation of sorts
tw park
tw park:
We can truely understand the meaning of ANOTHER LEVEL while watching this match.
Juan Pedro Tamayo Vizcaíno
Juan Pedro Tamayo Vizcaíno:
Nadal es impresionante de verdad
Orgullo de Rafael Nadal.Es ESPAÑOL!!!!!
F. S
F. S:
Nadal still going so strong. What a legend.
Gaurab Manandhar
Gaurab Manandhar:
NADAL’s backhand has been amazing. Especially down the line points. As fas as i can remember he usually takes the cross forehand backhand shots but now he is taking more risk with down the line shots
Nadal did not even give Sonego a chance to win a set, maybe an occasional point, but that is it. I think this is the best Nadal has played in a long time.
Jonathan Paul Calledo
Jonathan Paul Calledo:
Another very relax Nadal on the court grass. He will not slide and give too much effort because he is on grass court and he loved it. Hoping for his another Grandslam here in Wimbledon ❣️
Tiesto X
Tiesto X:
Nole is like my brother, but I must say that Nadal plays like a lion!
Mila Poching
Mila Poching:
GOAT here we go...Lets go....The man Rafael is a legend....End of story.
without Fed playing or nishikori, I want nadal to just win everything. vamossssss RAFA
Richard Lefaive
Richard Lefaive:
That's the best I've seen Rafa look on grass ... maybe ever.

The defensive quickness and the surety of the groundstrokes on grass is what popped out for me.

Trouble for the rest of the field, and that includes Nole.
David Bosquette
David Bosquette:
Great performance from the GOAT. 😍
John Ocampo
John Ocampo:
His serve looks strong 💪🏻
gioyu comi
gioyu comi:
Nadal's down the T serves were insane!! A serious weapon on grass.
Lukius Onesiforus
Lukius Onesiforus:
I hope Rafa can win this tittle this year...Vamos Rafa!!!
Abu Abdulaziz
Abu Abdulaziz:
Rafa looks solid for Today 🔥
We Believe 23🏆💚
Good job Wimbledon on not including the best point of the match 👍👍
Nadal is too much! Incredible
Time & time again Rafa shows us that he loves receiving slices from his opponents. He’s so quick with his footwork to get in position to immediately hit an explosive shot off that ball.
নবীন ইসলাম রিধ
নবীন ইসলাম রিধ:
Today, how aggressive nadal is! Just amazing
Lolke Van de Witte
Lolke Van de Witte:
I was there, for the first time in my life at Centre Court. I’m 58, been dreamin’ about being at Centre Court since I was a big fan of Björn Borg….
Nadal effortlessly destroying a player many levels below him. Quite the snoozefest, this highlights clip.
Kris Alcantara
Kris Alcantara:
rafa's backhand is usually the first thing that deteriorates when his foot causes him problems. needless to say his backhand looks scary for his opponents atm
Adam Frary
Adam Frary:
Love to see Rafa in this mode! vamos
Simplemente el mejor
Just enjoy. Living legend!
H. J. O. A.
H. J. O. A.:
Rafa was on fire 🔥🔥
Daniel Triantopoulos
Daniel Triantopoulos:
They make the court feel like its 5km long each side. Just so impressive.
Matthias Respondek
Matthias Respondek:
The Best... Rafa for ever...👍
Grecia Posada
Grecia Posada:
The Champ was in charge since the beginning. Bravo Maestro. 👏. One match at a time.
Now he looked like the rafa we know
He is coming back 💪
Gilda Davis
Gilda Davis:
Awesome player!!! Rafa is a superstar...just check his speed and lightness...go go go Rafa!!!
Vamos Rafael Nadal
André Spínola
André Spínola:
Rafa is a machine!
Osama Osman
Osama Osman:
I hope to see Nadal's 23th trophy soon!
Izazur Rahman
Izazur Rahman:
Another rock solid performance from all time great rafa.
I hope Rafa wins Wimbledon this year
Goose the Bearded Dragon
Goose the Bearded Dragon:
That backhand lob was insane.
David Sotos
David Sotos:
Se nota que ya es el tercer partido, vamos Rafa como cohete 🚀
danny white
danny white:
Just a good on court training session 4 d GOAT 👌
Antonio Zeron
Antonio Zeron:
Nadal plays much better when he plays with the big boys. That's why he is the GOAT with 22 Slams.
Bora Sumer
Bora Sumer:
Give Nadal a new pair of feet, he would play at this level for another 20 years... He plays even better today than 10 years ago.
Troy Gaspard
Troy Gaspard:
Go,Go, Go Nadal!!
I'm a Sonego fan, but it's like an amateur-professional match. Rafa is great.
This match looked like Nadal was playing on clay...lol. If he plays at his top level not even Novak can beat him.
Sam Holder
Sam Holder:
god he's still so so good
Shua DaBeast
Shua DaBeast:
It's honestly so scary how he takes apart the greatest players in the world like s shark hunting its prey
mohammed abdul muqtadir
mohammed abdul muqtadir:
Total destruction and annihilation by the GOAT
invisible user
invisible user:
Nadal is the king of tennis!
Patrick Jasper
Patrick Jasper:
wow with 3 minute highlights I get to see 2 points from each set! Really helps convey the momentum
Luis Carmona Delgado
Luis Carmona Delgado:
Bueno, su nivel real en hierba se verá a partir de esta ronda..vienen botic, seguramente Taylor Fritz en cuartos, y Kyrgios en semis..nada que ver con lo que ha tenido hasta ahora, y ya puede estar afinado porque cualquiera de estos te manda a casa como no hagas un partido de 10. Vamos Rafa
Sha Sha
Sha Sha:
I was missing this Nadal in the first match. My Tiger is back.
Muhsin Sazali
Muhsin Sazali:
yup as everyone expected, i think rafa was just warming up to the surface and all, now he's in the game
Gwyn Maverick James
Gwyn Maverick James:
He’s looking fantastic such skill could be a finalist for sure
Fractal Infect
Fractal Infect:
Great job, Wimbledon. Showing us highlights as soon as the match ends is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks!
Rafa is and always has been GOAT 🐐
Djoker and Nadal really are such badasses
Raven Taylor
Raven Taylor:
Much better performance by the GOAT.
Abdelmalik Launto
Abdelmalik Launto:
in sha Allah idol rafa will win his 23rd grand slam from wimbledon.
Rafa painting the line so many times ??? Never heard that He is a precision player
Pratik Kumar
Pratik Kumar:
He appeared into be the surface completely. Good for tennis lovers
R N:
This game was in cold blood!!! Wow there is another notch after this I’m sure and I can’t wait to see it. It’ll be something wicked. 😈
Sander E
Sander E:
Im so stupid, thinking Nadal couldnt lift his level after his win in the 2nd round, but he did today! It was really convincing. Already goosebumps yet, we will get a historical Nadal-Djokovic match again, thats for almost sure, fighting both for becoming or remaining best mens player ever and forever!
GOAT at GOD Mode
utube seller007
utube seller007:
Nadal is so entertaining to watch he’s definitely a natural killa!
MJ Caoagas
MJ Caoagas:
Dare I say, his backhand is improving rapidly in the same way Federer’s did in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s?
marian maslak
marian maslak:
Let's go Rafa 4 all 4 Slams in 22 !!!
Amazing how his foot has magically improved!! I thought he could never play.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk:
Wow nadal might actually win Wimbledon this year. Crazy.