Rafael Nadal vs Mackenzie Mcdonald - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal vs Mackenzie Mcdonald - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments of the match between Rafael Nadal and Mackenzie Mcdonald in the second round. The Spanish player won easily in three sets 6/1 6/0 6/3.


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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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100+ comentarios:

Ayaaz Bukhari
Ayaaz Bukhari:
McDonald’s breakfast was a breadstick and a bagel, whereas Nadal’s breakfast was McDonalds
Elias Swift
Elias Swift:
Surprised to see the legendary Mackenzie McDonald choke against this random Nadal guy I've never heard of
Golden Set
Golden Set:
nadal just ate mcdonalds for breakfast
Total Tennis
Total Tennis:
You know Nadal's gonna win when he stops grunting.
Siyabonga Mchunu
Siyabonga Mchunu:
I think Nadal has done more sweating at practice...
Press and Hold !
Press and Hold !:
People after R1: "Nadal doesn't look that good"
People after R2: "Congrats on #13"
Suggestion: show the stats at the end of the game.
Etay Abraham
Etay Abraham:
Nadal just doing Nadal things
Deepak Bhandari
Deepak Bhandari:
Nadal looked in a hurry to go to training session
Docteur Gilles Alewina
Docteur Gilles Alewina:
The highlights were as long as the match..
Fusion Flare
Fusion Flare:
the duration actually represented the score for once...
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons:
Did Nadal have a match after this warm up?
Djokovic/Thiem fans should be worried after this performance. I saw the 2017 Nadal and if he continues to hit the ball that strong, both of them have no chance against him. His style of play of today was a clear message, especially to Djokovic.
did the police came because this is an execution
David Liu
David Liu:
King of the clay!!!
Looks like Nadal is starting to really get comfortable in these conditions, let’s hope he can continue to build momentum for slam number 20.
1:33 that topspin ... amazing
I am Shadowbanned
I am Shadowbanned:
Excellent performance from Rafa.
soager009 69
soager009 69:
When Rafa is in his beast mode he's unbeatable! Especially on clay!
Yo look at his face at the end.
This man's on a mission
Cæmilo 1
Cæmilo 1:
McDonald lost for two obvious reasons..

1) Rafa is Rafa.

2) McDonald has a horrible diet consisting off Big Macs and Quarter Pounders.
Fig Watkins
Fig Watkins:
I like the colour of Nadal’s kit this year.
Vitor Oliveira Botelho de Carvalho
Vitor Oliveira Botelho de Carvalho:
É um monstro! Força, velocidade e técnica! Impressionante!
Vamos Rafa!!, VAMOS!!!...you the best!!!
Solo Amino
Solo Amino:
The only word that can describe Nadal is '' legend''
Ernesto Mejia
Ernesto Mejia:
He’s too good
Sooyoung Moon
Sooyoung Moon:
When I watch Nadal play in RG, it feels like he is playing the most perfect shot every single shot, his position, ball placement, movement, etc. I never get this feeling with Thiem, all I can see is that he hits the ball super hard. But recalling the last two Finals, Nadal played a smart game and Thiem‘s power couldn‘t really do anything. Maybe that‘s something the NextGens generally lack that they should still learn from Nadal & Fed.
القاضي The Judge
القاضي The Judge:
The best player ever!!!! ❤️❤️🏆
Fagun Shah
Fagun Shah:
poor kid got put against the GOAT in the second round
Irfan Nizar
Irfan Nizar:
Mcdonald got a free training session 😜
Ramone Cricket
Ramone Cricket:
Mark Woodforde said after the match that Rafa "did what he had to do." Imagine being so good that you only drop 4 games and people are still unimpressed with your performance. That's the standard he's set.
Lilia Benmokhtar
Lilia Benmokhtar:
I was there ... felt like 5min of Nadal playing for fun
Riley Riley
Riley Riley:
So cool to see Rafa doing his King thing!
Blink Owl
Blink Owl:
I always watch Nadal's matches against top players. Watching a game like this you appreciate what those players do much more.
Biggest mismatch of the tournament
Kieran Rankie
Kieran Rankie:
I see you made the highlights even shorter for this one. Thanks so much! The 3 minute highlights drag on for way too long.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Nadal with a good warm up.
TheNewGuy (TheNewGuy)
TheNewGuy (TheNewGuy):
too bad you didn't include that miserable underarm serve attempt
Asa Yagami
Asa Yagami:
McDonald, NCAA champion, the best that america's colleges have to offer, gets wiped off the court, makes you wonder how all the guys he beats in college feel? its a completely different universe
Sara T.
Sara T.:
I'll admit I was slightly worried after Rome. First round wasn't that great either. But this second round...damn, the King is back.
Jean Carlos Berasgoico
Jean Carlos Berasgoico:
I feel for the American but Rafa could play one handed and still win a clay court tournament. He’s THAT GOOD!
McDonald tried everything but he was against the Burger King of Clay !
B C:
Opponent really sore when he approached the net
Dan Fernando
Dan Fernando:
Still the best the king of clay court!🔥
the roo
the roo:
Why was McDonald so angry after that match? He got paid to have a lesson.
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
Looks like an improvement from round 1. Vamos!
Ed Murray
Ed Murray:
2 down 5 to go :-) Vamos
Long Tran
Long Tran:
This guy looks so much like Novak I thought I was watching Novak for a second
Joey Pierantonis
Joey Pierantonis:
ritty 55
ritty 55:
Mcdonald without his iconic cap looks quite weird
Fabricio Santos
Fabricio Santos:
Tá doidooooo joga demais as parabens
Linkin Mania
Linkin Mania:
woswas denni
woswas denni:
my favourite newcomer, glad to see him in paris, sadly his draw against nadal :)
i still think mackenzie is way behind his potential he already showed
Назарич Рофлер
Назарич Рофлер:
Для Надаля из мясо , забей )
Anonymous TG
Anonymous TG:
So he still tried to drop Nadal after all the failed attempts😂😂
Egyed Ervin
Egyed Ervin:
Keep on going baby, Djokovic is waiting for you :)
Patricia Moutoussamy
Patricia Moutoussamy:
Wouahhhhhh Rafa t'es super... continue... t'es vraiment le seigneur de la terre battue...oui notre roi du tennis. Nous t'aimons et te respectons.bamos Rafa.... quel bonheur ....
Next: Nadal vs Burgerking round 3
Шерфедин Абкеримов
Шерфедин Абкеримов:
Casper Lammers
Casper Lammers:
when the vid is only 2:25 long: Oh well, there goes Mackenzie
Adrian Ciscato
Adrian Ciscato:
Welcome home Rafa! CHAMP13ON!
Ba da ba ba ba
I'm lovin' it
Rocío Ramírez
Rocío Ramírez:
VAMOS 💪🏻🎾💙
I think Rafa's backhand has improved no?
imran a
imran a:
Vintage Nadal but this sort of match won't help him he needs more time on the court..go on Rafa for major number 20
Healing Light It ’s a masterpiece of Rafa. The assembly of the game is perfect!It was an awakening performance.
Fay Set
Fay Set:
Nadal is at “home”
Data Sports
Data Sports:
2:02 R-r-r-r-afael Nadaaal
Novak Will wait for him in the final.
Troy Haskins
Troy Haskins:
13 French open titles and still hasnt been to a 5th set in the Finals..looks like #20 AND a tie with The Fed Express for most GS ever for men. People forget that Roger had 10 Majors before Rafa got his first one in 2005 at the French
Victor Hassan Wirawan
Victor Hassan Wirawan:
On a whole different level
Ugljesa C
Ugljesa C:
Hahahaha i tyred more in bed while was sleeping than Nadal in thi match
kerry A
kerry A:
Rafael simply unbeatable grt player😍👌
Carlos jose Polanco esser
Carlos jose Polanco esser:
Saludos a todos de parte de un Venezolano viviendo en Lima Perú.
Siempre he admirado este torneo y en este caso a Rafael Nadal.
Lo felicito por este nuevo triunfo
Denis Verkhoturov
Denis Verkhoturov:
Great play
Finally we get a longer highlights video
95-2. What a crazy!!!!
Jiraiya Sama
Jiraiya Sama:
Mackie is my guy. I've had the pleasure of hitting with him. But we all know he's not gonna be too good in the ATP.
Christian Peterson
Christian Peterson:
that smash at 0:55 had ridiculous velocity!
I hope he at least had a McFlurry during break
Jorge Farill
Jorge Farill:
I just love Nadal's pijama
Павле Дикановић
Павле Дикановић:
Mcdonald reminds me on Djokovic. His movement and shots looks similar to Djokovic's in my opinion. Of course the quality is not nearly good as Novak.
Props to McDonald, really quick feet
Super G!
Super G!:
Masterclass- no charge Mac Donalds!
durhrbb Qndj
durhrbb Qndj:
맥도날드 햄버거먹다 체했나 ㅋㅋㅋ 경기 끝나고 표정 어지간히 썩창났네
Nadal´s balding becomes more and more apparent with the passing of years.
Damon Tan
Damon Tan:
LOL McDonald rolled his eyes at the end
Nadal ate McDonald's and loved it!!
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
Think Nadal has about a 99.9999 win percentage at the French
Afdeling Skillz
Afdeling Skillz:
We are in 2020 and these guys are still doing 2 minutes highlights 🤦🏽‍♂️
Maria Winton
Maria Winton:
Un grand much Rafa you're my boy love you buena suerte xxx 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
JoHn G
JoHn G:
Looks like a practice session!
Jack Liu
Jack Liu:
Nadal vs djokovic in the finals would be sickkkk
Dunia Film
Dunia Film:
You are very great rafa, I hope you win again france open
Nadal showing who's the boss.
33mins for a set is crazy fast
Chris Oak
Chris Oak:
Nice training match for Nadal.. NEXT please
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
imagine being the best college tennis player in the US and then becoming breakfast for an old man
Common Dirtbagz
Common Dirtbagz:
If it makes you feel better McDonald, you got the same amount of games that roger did in 2008.