Rafael Nadal vs Sebastian Korda - Round 4 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal vs Sebastian Korda - Round 4 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments of the match between Rafael Nadal and Sebastian Korda in the fourth round. The world number two lost only four games and won in three sets 6/1 6/1 6/2.


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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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100+ comentarios:

Ishan Perera
Ishan Perera:
Petition to change Roland-Garros to Rafa Garros
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Thats good to see this Guy played his idole ! Now he knows what it is to play rafa on central court of Roland garros
JS Mariani
JS Mariani:
I started the highlites, reached for my coffee and they were over.
Must be a crazy feeling to grow up idolising a player and then one day find yourself standing across from that player on the court. Korda even named his cat after Nadal. 😆
j j
j j:
Djokovic and Nadal should retire tennis and become bakers. Heard they make delicious bagels and breadsticks
Rafa reacts to winning matches at the French Open like most players react to winning games.
just in case your channel needed reminding: you have the worst highlights of any tournament
2 minutes and 10 full seconds?? wow that's way too much, try only 1 minute next time!
Raging Rabbit
Raging Rabbit:
Different years, same old 2 minutes long highlights.
I find it sick that Korda asked him for a signed shirt at the handshake and Nadal said no problem and gave it to him
Couch Investor
Couch Investor:
When the sun is out at Roland Garros and you're playing Rafa, you lost before it even started.
I'm confident they can eventually get these highlights down to one point.
Alejandro Dumpi
Alejandro Dumpi:
Rafael Nadal playing on central court of Roland Garros is INSANE. Probably, beating him here is the most difficult thing in sports history!
Harry HineS
Harry HineS:
It’s such a small world I literally saw Korda In my hometown playing a futures tournament last year. This is an example that anybody can do anything if they put their mind to it
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf:
When you truly realize why you idolize your idol... he’s really that good 😂
Doug Beaton
Doug Beaton:
I think that Korda just learned that you can't float easy balls down the middle of the court against Rafa. His forehand will eat you alive. Then again, when he's playing well, Rafa, possibly the greatest tennis player of all time, is unstoppable at Roland Garros. Congratulations on making it to the 4th round at a major, Sebastian. Dad must be proud.
1:25 ... that was a "bravo" ... nadal's acknowledgment to a great play by Korda
Thinking Out loud
Thinking Out loud:
One of the all time greats and a true gentleman. Come on Rafa!
Vamos Rafa! #20🏆
Chris Kilian
Chris Kilian:
First week of RG for Rafa is what the rest of us call "commute"
Man, Nadal and the Joker look formidable. Really hope we see a final featuring those two in their current form.
vasDcrak Gaming
vasDcrak Gaming:
His dream match looked more like a nightmare
María del Mar Fernández de Haro Salmerón
María del Mar Fernández de Haro Salmerón:
Vamos Rafa!
Lest go Rafa!
P L:
His "cat" won lol😂
Black Spectrum
Black Spectrum:
Thats typical Rafael ! 🏆
Rafael Clemente
Rafael Clemente:
Korda Jr. has no will to run to get any dropshot... he has to learn a LOT with RAFA!
Agustino Hadiyanto
Agustino Hadiyanto:
Big huge for his performance. Nadal is always nice to watch. well done king of clay 😍😙
Steven H
Steven H:
Wow, a tennis lesson on clay!
George McCauley
George McCauley:
Korda sounds like a really good guy. He said some amazing things about his Idol. Regardless of the career he has i will be following him, that’s for sure! 👍🏼
Azor Ahai
Azor Ahai:
Nadal: "Nice Sunday to take some sun light in my backyard"
Munaz Khan Shaheb
Munaz Khan Shaheb:
Man balls this year is heavy AF!!
Vamos Rafa #13th RG #20 Grand Slam
Total Destruction, as usual.
Siyabonga Mchunu
Siyabonga Mchunu:
In almost every other facet of life, abuse is classified as a crime...
Nadal got broken? WTF!! This never happens before the semis
Ibrahim Farid
Ibrahim Farid:
1:52 Nadal just slapped his butt with the racket loooool
A C:
Another 2 minute day at the office 🥴
@Roland Garros: You guys don't give telecast rights to major providers and then on top of that, you have the worst highlights ever! SMH.
Like Nadal's friendly encouraging demeanor at the end of the match, makes the loss easier for the opponent ...
Karol Wawrzyła
Karol Wawrzyła:
Vamos Rafa! You are the greatest tennis player for me! Let's go for nr #13 and #20!
Florent Di Meglio
Florent Di Meglio:
The person making all the highlights clearly has a drop shot fetish.
I am surprised you were able to make a highlights video of over 2 minutes for this match. 😆
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez:
El Lobo Hombre está en París, y su nombre es Rafa!
Wattanai James
Wattanai James:
Poor korda.
He's just get 4 more point than me against nadal.
Fenri lorf
Fenri lorf:
It´s cool to see a Korda again on the court of an grand slam. His father had a very interesting style and one can see a little bit of that in him! Go Kordas, I´m a fan!
Alz Shaz
Alz Shaz:
Wow, it looked so tough for Nadal -_-
I wonder how he manages to "marginally" win these matches -_-
dor ryoku
dor ryoku:
This reminds me of Wimbledon 2019. 1st day of the second week, when the big 3 dominated their opponents.
Antoine L
Antoine L:
Well... Korda broke him once!
Gavin Tunney
Gavin Tunney:
poor guy, we knew this was a sacrifice to the god of Roland Garros.
Pho Lee
Pho Lee:
Nadal form is impeccable!!!
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Nadal's drop shot looks so unorthodox but it works.
Savage Cat
Savage Cat:
looking at the score vs watching the actual full match, korda actually did really well. He has a bright future
Sergio Bazán 07
Sergio Bazán 07:
Vamos Rafa!! You are the BEST player on the world and the BEST example for young people.
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson:
Imagine redlining your game to win a point, then imagine doing that an entire match. That would be what it’s like to compete with nadal.... but still losing. An honor
Ed Murray
Ed Murray:
4 down, 3 to go :-) Vamos
DowifiHoangDangHoang Hoang
DowifiHoangDangHoang Hoang:
nadal 13 😂
santiago capitan
santiago capitan:
Sebastian Korda reminds me the great and inimitable Petr Korda ☺
this is so unfair LOL
Pho Lee
Pho Lee:
Here we go!!! 1st week is over!!! The clay monster-terminator is back!!! Some critics picked Nole, Swaertman, Thiem over the Great Rafa!!! I respect their opinions but they are a Jokes!!! Can anyone ready to suffer the best of 5 other than Rafa. He proved us years after years. Whoever is other than Rafa to win this year that should be the prince Thiem. Rafa will get 99% to win!!!
N X:
Bien joué 😊👍
Please respect your opponent Rafa ❤️
Reino de España
Reino de España:
3 matches for the glory 🙏🙏🙏
dr Oetker
dr Oetker:
Novak 😍😍😍
Nadal 😍😍😍
Yamil Matias
Yamil Matias:
Where can I see the entire game?
Playing vs your idol.
Yu Cheng
Yu Cheng:
これは無理だわ …
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd:
Welcome to the big leagues, Sebastian.
Asad Bajwa
Asad Bajwa:
Waiting for Theim/Nadal stunner
Fahd 19
Fahd 19:
The final score doesn't show how well Korda actually played. Go Rafa #13
Child's play...😉
David Fajardo
David Fajardo:
The shot selection for the highlights is at times weird to say the least.
what was that 1:16??? hahaha
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
I have never seen one player dominate a single surface like Nafal does on clay.
Mop James
Mop James:
Korda has a really nice all court game that I thoroughly enjoy
S M:
Open roof and some sun makes it a deadly combination for Rafa at Roland Garros..
Blake Trump
Blake Trump:
Waqas Khan
Waqas Khan:
Rafa you are just 3 steps behind from RG 2020
"You can feed those bread sticks to your starving dad if you like".
Kizzie Martin
Kizzie Martin:
Nice practice session
Just me or do these guys make every shot? 🤔
Al Alba
Al Alba:
A sweet defeat.
Judith Doyle
Judith Doyle:
Vamos Rafa.....make it 96-2
Highest Liked
Highest Liked:
72-23 games for nadal this tourny so far, insane
your mother
your mother:
maybe someone should ask nadal to take it easy on these guys. winning just 4 games in 3 sets has got to be traumatizing. There won't be any next gen left to play if he keeps this up
Daniel Yoon
Daniel Yoon:
one of the biggest upsets this year
Irene Perry
Irene Perry:
Vamos!!! Rafa the best!
is nadal about to have his easiest RG draw?
Me First
Me First:
Son of Petr Korda?
Karlo Marić
Karlo Marić:
Vamos Rafa!
Eric Faulk
Eric Faulk:
Nadal: Do you need some marinara to go with those breadsticks?
David Baez
David Baez:
korda should’ve asked his dad for some “supplements”
M S:
Good for Rafa it seems sunny and drier now
Kira concepcion
Kira concepcion:
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
ليبرالي مصري
ليبرالي مصري:
It will be strange if Nadal equalise Federer in 20 GS but without any crowd .. he deserves a legendary ceremony
Ziad Aboufirassi
Ziad Aboufirassi:
Too good
Cynthia Marston
Cynthia Marston:
Nadal is awesome
Adegbolade Adebote
Adegbolade Adebote:
Quick work. Nothing to see here folks 😅🔥