Rafael Nadal vs Stefano Travaglia - Round 3 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal vs Stefano Travaglia - Round 3 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments from the match that opposed Rafael Nadal and Stefano Travaglia at the 3rd round of #RolandGarros 2020. Rafael Nadal won 6/1 6/4 6/0.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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100+ comentarios:

Emiliano Adame
Emiliano Adame:
The court should be renamed to Rafa Nadal Bakery because of all the bagels and breadsticks handed out

Edit: it was even open on Sundays for Novak
Best performance so far for him and improving as every match goes. Hopefully he gets that 20th Grandslam. Vamos
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
Nadal need to cut down on his carbs, breadsticks and bagels are not good for your health in excessive amount 😂
Nadal must be very worried about losing so many games per match, like 4
Isaac Garmo
Isaac Garmo:
Can't wait to see the day where highlights for a 3 set match are longer than 3 minutes.
Adithya Naren
Adithya Naren:
Name :- Rafael Nadal
Home :- Roland Garros
Job :- Serving bagels
Gallaghers Marrs
Gallaghers Marrs:
Rafa is looking good, and he seems confident too
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas:
Where is the incredible forehand down the line when Rafa was on the slide, I think it was second set? That should be in these highlights for sure.
Bill Zhu
Bill Zhu:
summary of the roland garros highlights: jeu nadal
D.C. Stoy
D.C. Stoy:
Nadal is so cerebral in his ball placement and anticipation of the other players' actions, I love to watch him play, especially since he is a southpaw.
Nadal lost 5 games?!!! He's clearly washed up lol
Udtojan Pestillos
Udtojan Pestillos:
I think the only thing that nadal can stop of winning Roland-Garros will be his retirement.
Cameron Tyler
Cameron Tyler:
Another bagel and breadstick for Rafa...has he not had enough? #Vamos Rafa
Nadal: "I am done my warmup, you may bring out my opponent."
Karan Patel
Karan Patel:
First time the highlights were longer than the match. Vamos Rafa!
javier jesus baladés
javier jesus baladés:
96-2 🐐
What a Beast.
Just see the angles he can produce 😱
imran a
imran a:
Nadal at his very best looking hungry for the number 20 ominous signs for the rest
Harsantokh Gill
Harsantokh Gill:
No one:

Not a single soul:

Nadal: *Hands out bagels and breadsticks*
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Nadal is relentless on Clay!
D M:
That is one of my favorites from Nadal, when he jumps in the air like that all excited after winning
abel nicolae
abel nicolae:
Travaglia was just enjoying the oportunity to play Rafa on clay. I would do the same..
bayu adrian
bayu adrian:
Who Believe like me,, Rafa bring back again this trophy on this year?
Rafa doing Rafa things, again...
Jai Sharma
Jai Sharma:
0:18 The match is only 16 minutes in!
Basil Ihuoma
Basil Ihuoma:
King of Clay!!!
franz steven pachon
franz steven pachon:
Que grande sos RAFA 🎾💪🏻💪🏻 ahí se va cogiendo forma , vamos por el titulo número 13 de Roland Garros
Moneeza KS
Moneeza KS:
Have Nadal’s forehands always sounded like bombs or is just because the stadium is empty?
Said Miranda
Said Miranda:
That clash against Thiem is gonna be a bomb. I hope one of them takes the title, and not Djokovic.
Dan De Nov
Dan De Nov:
Nadal’s eyes are damn scary 😳
Wow, Nadal was cracking the ball.
Pho Lee
Pho Lee:
Here the old Rafa killing instincts back!!! He replicated form match after match!!! It is so hard to beat him now in best of 5. Rafa will seal #13
Bluejean987 Whitecat
Bluejean987 Whitecat:
I love Rafa he is my favorite player 😍😍 I always to follow him for a long time 😍😍Go Go Rafa
August 25th
August 25th:
nadal never fails to amaze me
Jean-Charles Péronnet
Jean-Charles Péronnet:
"This year's conditions are different and will cause him trouble" said the idiots.
Charlie Spencer Clark
Charlie Spencer Clark:
TERRIFIC. Good to see the legend on high form again.
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
Name: Nadal
Job: handing out breadsticks and donuts.
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
Damn must be nice to have a tennis lesson given to you for free by Rafa lol
Dave Fincher
Dave Fincher:
Man nadal i just love they way he plays he is an matador he really is 🔥🤘 I hope he reaches the final and will be crowned champion once again in Paris. And he is left handed me to it’s kinda special
Thomas Cruise the tall one
Thomas Cruise the tall one:
2:03 when nadal finds out Kyrgios died
I actually went to the French two years ago and caught a glimpse of Rafa. He was handing out bagels and breadsticks for free. Glad to see he’s keeping with the tradition.
Stefan Grubisic
Stefan Grubisic:
0:28 that forehand the noise was unreal when he hit it💥
0:27 can we just talk about the acoustics on this planetary collision of a forehand
nick der
nick der:
Nadal got always exactly my style.cloths. love thos cloths
arthur pascua
arthur pascua:
Can't wait for his last 3 possible matches... Zverev Thiem and Djokovic
Michael Leung
Michael Leung:
@1:04 He definitely aimed at the kid to save the kid some running <3
Daniel Newman
Daniel Newman:
brain surgeon accuracy, close to perfection
Ezekiel X
Ezekiel X:
Well, that was easy...
kerry A
kerry A:
Rafael, I love the way u servs energetic lefthanded👌 enjoyable highlights 🥰
Kai Watt
Kai Watt:
1:05 nice catch ballboy!
Mohamad Raj
Mohamad Raj:
Man, I just blinked my eyes and the match is over.
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Velha Guarda Tricolor:
One has got to hand it to NIKE for coming up time and time again with the most horrible looking color schemes for Nadal to wear. This one looks like Pajamas.
Osmar Batalha
Osmar Batalha:
13th. Its getting closer and closer.
Anh Lê Hoàng
Anh Lê Hoàng:
1:25 The ballboy thought that Nadal couldn't return the serve :))
Charlotte's Head
Charlotte's Head:
Thiem:"Are you going to finish that bagel?"
Siyabonga Mchunu
Siyabonga Mchunu:
I love how Nadal is still jumping into the air after a round three practice session.
nice warm up session for the final
joan estornell
joan estornell:
IS this RG o AO? Same type of shots 🤦🏻‍♂️ RIP CLASSIC CLAY
Leo Smileater
Leo Smileater:
Nadal is such a MACHINE! I'm a Djokovic's fan, but, Gosh! I love seeing Nadal play!
Prateek Ropia
Prateek Ropia:
When highlights start with Nadal 3-0 up in the first set
Andreas Hoppe
Andreas Hoppe:
1:05 That ball kid caught that ball like a pro!
You see what i did there
You see what i did there:
Its like playing against the wall...

Plus it knows how to direct shots
Giovanni Merlo
Giovanni Merlo:
I really hope to see Nadal vs sinner in the QF, the present vs the future
Caprise - Music
Caprise - Music:
It’s a masterclass
England Calling
England Calling:
This match was incredibly close it was only after the coin toss that it became a bit one-sided.
Hes playin soo good bro
Hard to compete when you have only one shot.
Alzwei Jailson
Alzwei Jailson:
bully maguire
bully maguire:
0:34 hand move 🤠
Jan Merc
Jan Merc:
I’m bored with the same old !
Taieb Badar
Taieb Badar:
The king is back to defend his throne
Tongu Esama
Tongu Esama:
0:28 literal gunshot
Isn't interesting that nadal lost with swartzman ?
Ryan Acob
Ryan Acob:
Well done rafa. Keep going.
Jean-Baptiste Rousseau
Jean-Baptiste Rousseau:
Road to 13 titles ?
Nadal is so strong at the moment, i dont see him loosing to anyone!!
Ali Sattar
Ali Sattar:
Vamos RAFA ❤️
KasP :P
KasP :P:
Can someone explain the bagel meme? I don’t get it o_o
Rodrigo Escobar
Rodrigo Escobar:
Vamos Rafa🇪🇦🍀
D Dean
D Dean:
I feel sorry for this player who I've never heard of.
Drop Shot
Drop Shot:
Excellent move from Travaglia, running to shake rackets with Rafa at the end. Showing total respect and maturity. Thank you Travaglia. ❤
Kwansik Kim
Kwansik Kim:
The banana shot is usually one of good signs that Rafa's form is coming back.
idk, nadal kinda seemed like he struggled through this one.
Another name left in the shadow by the great wall Nadal
He is playing against random players created by virtua tennis... Gerasimov, Mcdonald, Travaglia, Korda...
Andrei Gheorghe
Andrei Gheorghe:
What's the rush with those highlights??
Malik Gh
Malik Gh:
With that game he's gonna destroy thiem
Pho Lee
Pho Lee:
Bagel-bread stick-fork!!!
That's how I swat a mosquito
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Highlights haven't even started and it's 3-0 Nadal already.
Ether 12:27
Ether 12:27:
Vamos Rafa!!!! Class act
Romel Banerjee
Romel Banerjee:
Nice to see this complete domination from fav Rafa.
Xavier Côme
Xavier Côme:
Top farming. One more minion.
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson:
Needs more depth, but looks great
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs:
Tell me really, who is gonna stop him here ? :-D
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee:
he's doing pretty well for someone saying that the conditions are tough and wilson balls are too heavy. lol I wont be surprised if he gets at least one bagel per match up into the title.
Francisco luis
Francisco luis:
💪🇪🇸💪👏👏👏👏Vamos Nadal.
Mark my words Nadal and Nole in the finals
just warm up
Jay-R Isleta
Jay-R Isleta:
None of this kids is challenging
Rafa's genuity in clay. He is just warming up for the real battle starting QF or SF. Vamos! #13 #20