Rafael Nadal vs Stefano Travaglia - Round 3 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal vs Stefano Travaglia - Round 3 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments from the match that opposed Rafael Nadal and Stefano Travaglia at the 3rd round of #RolandGarros 2020. Rafael Nadal won 6/1 6/4 6/0.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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100+ comentarios:

Nadal must be very worried about losing so many games per match, like 4
javier jesus baladés
javier jesus baladés:
96-2 🐐
What a Beast.
Just see the angles he can produce 😱
D.C. Stoy
D.C. Stoy:
Nadal is so cerebral in his ball placement and anticipation of the other players' actions, I love to watch him play, especially since he is a southpaw.
D M:
That is one of my favorites from Nadal, when he jumps in the air like that all excited after winning
Kieran Armstrong Productions
Kieran Armstrong Productions:
I actually went to the French two years ago and caught a glimpse of Rafa. He was handing out bagels and breadsticks for free. Glad to see he’s keeping with the tradition.
Karan Patel
Karan Patel:
First time the highlights were longer than the match. Vamos Rafa!
Emiliano Adame
Emiliano Adame:
The court should be renamed to Rafa Nadal Bakery because of all the bagels and breadsticks handed out

Edit: it was even open on Sundays for Novak
Gallaghers Marrs
Gallaghers Marrs:
Rafa is looking good, and he seems confident too
Isaac Garmo
Isaac Garmo:
Can't wait to see the day where highlights for a 3 set match are longer than 3 minutes.
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas:
Where is the incredible forehand down the line when Rafa was on the slide, I think it was second set? That should be in these highlights for sure.
franz steven pachon
franz steven pachon:
Que grande sos RAFA 🎾💪🏻💪🏻 ahí se va cogiendo forma , vamos por el titulo número 13 de Roland Garros
Dave Fincher
Dave Fincher:
Man nadal i just love they way he plays he is an matador he really is 🔥🤘 I hope he reaches the final and will be crowned champion once again in Paris. And he is left handed me to it’s kinda special
Drop Shot
Drop Shot:
Excellent move from Travaglia, running to shake rackets with Rafa at the end. Showing total respect and maturity. Thank you Travaglia. ❤
Pho Lee
Pho Lee:
Here the old Rafa killing instincts back!!! He replicated form match after match!!! It is so hard to beat him now in best of 5. Rafa will seal #13
Víctor Maerovich
Víctor Maerovich:
He never gets used to win....and every match is equal in importance...Rafa is unbelievable, unrepeatable...and the point is that since much time...
England Calling
England Calling:
This match was incredibly close it was only after the coin toss that it became a bit one-sided.
Said Miranda
Said Miranda:
That clash against Thiem is gonna be a bomb. I hope one of them takes the title, and not Djokovic.
Udtojan Pestillos
Udtojan Pestillos:
I think the only thing that nadal can stop of winning Roland-Garros will be his retirement.
All things Benji-Boy
All things Benji-Boy:
Wow, Nadal was cracking the ball.
Stefan Grubisic
Stefan Grubisic:
0:28 that forehand the noise was unreal when he hit it💥
Siyabonga Mchunu
Siyabonga Mchunu:
I love how Nadal is still jumping into the air after a round three practice session.
Bluejean987 Whitecat
Bluejean987 Whitecat:
I love Rafa he is my favorite player 😍😍 I always to follow him for a long time 😍😍Go Go Rafa
Cameron Tyler
Cameron Tyler:
Another bagel and breadstick for Rafa...has he not had enough? #Vamos Rafa
Leo Smileater
Leo Smileater:
Nadal is such a MACHINE! I'm a Djokovic's fan, but, Gosh! I love seeing Nadal play!
Ali Sattar
Ali Sattar:
Vamos RAFA ❤️
August 25th
August 25th:
nadal never fails to amaze me
Ether 12:27
Ether 12:27:
Vamos Rafa!!!! Class act
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Nadal is relentless on Clay!
ian walters
ian walters:
It’s early days but I commented after Rome that his returns were stellar he just needed to refine some of his shot placements and sort that first serve %, which clearly he has tweaked. To think he reached 5-7 in that 2nd set loss to Swartzman with a poor 40% serve shows his returning was on point. % dipped some in 2nd set today but finished match in the high 70%’s is a great improvement. Every match is helping when the other players who played those hard courts in US have had considerable more match play since lockdown. Some tough opponents ahead but considering the cold autumn conditions he’s made a very good start. To think a win here would equal a 100-2 win record is just insane. To hold such a perfect record on the toughest surface is just 1 of many reasons so many of us consider him the GOAT. Mind blowing. Good luck Rafa for a 13th RG and to equal Rogers slam record of 20👍👊🎾
Jay-R Isleta
Jay-R Isleta:
None of this kids is challenging
Rafa's genuity in clay. He is just warming up for the real battle starting QF or SF. Vamos! #13 #20
Nadal is so strong at the moment, i dont see him loosing to anyone!!
Michael Leung
Michael Leung:
@1:04 He definitely aimed at the kid to save the kid some running <3
It would be kind of fitting if the big 3 all retire with 20 slams, but you know joker keeps talking about being the one with the most so he’s not going to stop as long as the other two are active and ahead of him. Sorry for side tracking. Was a great match for Rafa!
Moneeza KS
Moneeza KS:
Have Nadal’s forehands always sounded like bombs or is just because the stadium is empty?
Rodrigo Escobar
Rodrigo Escobar:
Vamos Rafa🇪🇦🍀
Fabricio Santos
Fabricio Santos:
Fico imaginando o psicológico do cara jogando contra o Nadal acertando tudo....slkooooooo
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer:
But I feel like the rigidity of clay has changed due to colder weather. Do you think that'll effect Nadal's performance against tougher opponents?
Nadal: "I am done my warmup, you may bring out my opponent."
Rafa Nadal GOAT
Rafa Nadal GOAT:
Vamos Rafa!
nolhman nolhman
nolhman nolhman:
Nadal first serve is now around the 65-72% region and in Rome it was around the 40-50 percent region so it’s greatly improved and will improve his chances big time. He just needs matches
MuMaMo TV:
Whether its day or night
Whether u give up or fight
Nadal is the victorious Knight
You see what i did there
You see what i did there:
Its like playing against the wall...

Plus it knows how to direct shots
Francisco luis
Francisco luis:
💪🇪🇸💪👏👏👏👏Vamos Nadal.
Andreas Hoppe
Andreas Hoppe:
1:05 That ball kid caught that ball like a pro!
R Martinez
R Martinez:
Well done rafa. Keep going.
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
Damn must be nice to have a tennis lesson given to you for free by Rafa lol
Romel Banerjee
Romel Banerjee:
Nice to see this complete domination from fav Rafa.
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell:
1:05 The ball didn't bounce twice and the ball boy caught it, very interesting since it was quite obvious that Travaglia couldn't reach it but the same thing happened in 2013 against Novak, Rafa was countries away from the ball yet they gave him the point
Noro Shut
Noro Shut:
Rafa did well with the drop shots and another bagel. Vamos!
abel nicolae
abel nicolae:
Travaglia was just enjoying the oportunity to play Rafa on clay. I would do the same..
This isn't even really clay court, man. But, it's good to see Nadal in action in 2020.
Nadeem shah
Nadeem shah:
Nadal at his very best looking hungry for the number 20 ominous signs for the rest
Much admiration for Mr. Travaglia! https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/01/sports/tennis/stefane-travaglia-us-open.html "...continuing numbness in his right hand makes everyday life difficult. He sometimes drops money or his cellphone without immediately realizing it. There is a long L-shaped scar on his right forearm, and he sometimes has a harder time feeling his hand in colder weather."
Nadal looking so much better than the Diego match. Forehand down the line is back and the winner to unforced error ratio is much improved along with his first serve. Real test is yet to come obviously but I like the way he's building on the tactics he'll need (coming to the net, opening the court up especially with his FH) in this most unusual Roland Garros. Frankly, if you could design a French Open to suit Djokovic's game and strengths while neutralizing Nadal's strengths, it would look pretty much like this. So, if it comes down to a Nadal-Djokovic final, that will be a battle. Hoping Nadal gets 20 in 2020!
Vivek Bharwad
Vivek Bharwad:
Nadal looks solid, but Djokovic is looking very dangerous and the favourite right now. He has beaten Nadal at the French Open before.
bayu adrian
bayu adrian:
Who Believe like me,, Rafa bring back again this trophy on this year?
Hard to compete when you have only one shot.
На 1:05 нужно было переиграть, мяч второй раз не коснулся земли, его перехватил бол-бой😬
Harsantokh Gill
Harsantokh Gill:
No one:

Not a single soul:

Nadal: *Hands out bagels and breadsticks*
Caprise - Music
Caprise - Music:
It’s a masterclass
Ammaar Dawood
Ammaar Dawood:
I'm really worried that he hasn't been made to play serious defense or even offense yet. He's hitting his forehand well but he doesnt need to use more than 70 % to beat these kids. What's going to happen when hes on the run getting brutalized by Thiem. I think his chances are really slim.
Important fact, this match was indoor and the good new is Rafa's level seems to stay stable. If he keeps this good 1st serve and keeps hitting the ball so powerful with confidence, I don't see anyone beat him.
Dennis Angjeli
Dennis Angjeli:
Nadal honestly didn’t play well enough. Many mistakes from Nadal that a way lesser opponent couldn’t capitalize on. (Easy missed groundstrokes mainly) Obviously Nadal not playing his best still destroys someone. But he’ll need to play better if he wants to beat thiem or djokovic who prefer the lower bouncing balls more than Nadal.
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf:
Beat down... holy crap. Rafa is hitting the ball hard . His shots are penetrating the clay.
El mejor jugador del mundo señores
Udtojan Pestillos
Udtojan Pestillos:
96-2 for Nadal at Roland Garros.
kerry A
kerry A:
Rafael, I love the way u servs energetic lefthanded👌 enjoyable highlights 🥰
Jeff Hermida
Jeff Hermida:
he's doing pretty well for someone saying that the conditions are tough and wilson balls are too heavy. lol I wont be surprised if he gets at least one bagel per match up into the title.
There looks to be no stopping Rafa.
Giovanni Merlo
Giovanni Merlo:
I really hope to see Nadal vs sinner in the QF, the present vs the future
Elden Bing Chilling
Elden Bing Chilling:
0:27 can we just talk about the acoustics on this planetary collision of a forehand
Rafa doing Rafa things, again...
Kwansik Kim
Kwansik Kim:
The banana shot is usually one of good signs that Rafa's form is coming back.
Spegdufolous Jermain
Spegdufolous Jermain:
This guy had no chance. As soon as you hit even one ball down the middle to Rafa, that’s the end of that point.
Zaidoma Ri
Zaidoma Ri:
Dont get me wrong i respect both players and i love rafa

But why all the highlights shown are for points from rafa it is disrespectful to the other player.

1 point only was shown for him.
Le Monde de Marie
Le Monde de Marie:
En espérant que Nadal gagne une nouvelle fois roland garros ! De tout coeur avec lui 💛
arthur pascua
arthur pascua:
Can't wait for his last 3 possible matches... Zverev Thiem and Djokovic
Liam Laing
Liam Laing:
Rafa complained about the heavier balls but he sure is hammering them. Looks like they're making shots more powerful
Шерфедин Абкеримов
Шерфедин Абкеримов:
Daniel Newman
Daniel Newman:
brain surgeon accuracy, close to perfection
Nadal lost 5 games?!!! He's clearly washed up lol
Taieb Badar
Taieb Badar:
The king is back to defend his throne
Kai Watt
Kai Watt:
1:05 nice catch ballboy!
Jai Sharma
Jai Sharma:
0:18 The match is only 16 minutes in!
Myytchanneldinako Ha
Myytchanneldinako Ha:
Hope Rafa gets a better test in Korda. He needs it.
Myytchanneldinako Ha
Myytchanneldinako Ha:
Hope Rafa gets a better test in Korda. He needs it.
0:28 literal gunshot
D Dean
D Dean:
I feel sorry for this player who I've never heard of.
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson:
Needs more depth, but looks great
Anh Lê Hoàng
Anh Lê Hoàng:
1:25 The ballboy thought that Nadal couldn't return the serve :))
anfa tinjis
anfa tinjis:
Eres el mejor señor nadal vámonos
Nadals draw until semis is a walk in the park! Djokovic draw is also very easy until maybe like quarterfinals where he can face Berettini or RBA, but i do not think they have enough firepower to beat Novak in best of 5. Thiem actually has a very tough draw. He escaped Stan in the next round which is the only good thing. In quarters he can face red hot Diego Schwartzman and in semis Rafa Nadal! I would say we have 90% of chance to see Djokovic - Nadal in the final. It all comes down to Thiem - Nadal semis
Hes playin soo good bro
Raj DMan
Raj DMan:
Man, I just blinked my eyes and the match is over.
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke:
holy shit nadal looks COMPLETELY different from Rome. Shows what motivation slams
Malcolm Bruce
Malcolm Bruce:
Don’t think Nadal has ever had an easier route to the final, both him and Djokovic. Is there anyone who can stop him?
Perempat Final : Nadal vs Zverev
Semifinal : Nadal vs Them
Final : Nadal vs Djokovic
I Believe 13 RG & 20 Gland Slam
JS Cab
JS Cab:
Alguien sabe si Roland Garros subira algun dia un partido de Schartzman ?
Reefy Katu
Reefy Katu:
Only the semis will show his tru colours towards the final