Rafael Nadal vs Stefanos Tsitsipas: Extended Highlights | Nitto ATP Finals 2019

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100+ comentarios:

Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
Nadal vs Tsitsipas for a place in the semi=finals - who wins?!
Owen Benjamin Shapiro
Owen Benjamin Shapiro:
I was like... that's a lot of people not wearing masks! Then I looked at the title :(
nishant c
nishant c:
They get me everytime with these old highlights. I was like wait a minute, what's the time now?? What time zone am I in now ??
Alex Watterzoy
Alex Watterzoy:
Nadal’s voley is so underrated !!
First Last
First Last:
Scariest thing is that Nadal never faced a break point!
Moose and Spade
Moose and Spade:
I only realised this was 2019 halfway through the video. Realising that there was a crowd, so this couldn't be 2020, was like being dragged back into an alternate dimension.
I miss the crowd :(
Ismet Čehić
Ismet Čehić:
Fun fact: Tsitsipas had 0 break points in this match
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh:
Kindly post an extended highlight of the Nadal-Thiem match 🙏🙏❤️
Azhar Asim
Azhar Asim:
Rafa the king of big occasion what a fighter
doraiswamy chandrasekar
doraiswamy chandrasekar:
Unlike Nole nowadays, Nadal always plays the game with intensity.
Violy Andaya
Violy Andaya:
Amazing tennis!!! I love love to watch nadal play ..he always give the viewers a high level of tennis
Rafa arrived late at the tournament, and even after this win he was taken out. But after this match came his amazing Davis Cup performance, giving Spain the title.
Nadal is the Greatest Tennis Player! It doesn't matter if he loses or wins.
😌😌 Those were good times.

When you could sit together without worrying about wearing a mask, shake hands, be in larger groups....
Vasu Dev
Vasu Dev:
Nadal net play was insane in this match.
George Qiao
George Qiao:
If you need any convincing of Nadal's capability at the net, then watch this!
Nayeem 69
Nayeem 69:
8:03 " from the world No -1" 😭😭😭
Sachin Bharat
Sachin Bharat:
You will never see federer and nadal give up in a match or tank unlike novak. But isnt novak the most mentally strong of all timr? Hes had a history of tanking
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan:
I didn’t see the title said 2019. I was wondering how there was a packed crowd with kids bringing towels😭. Good times
In Joy
In Joy:
Nadal must be the Benjamin Buttons of tennis. The older he gets, the more bullish he becomes.
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf:
Same result in 2020 😂 GOATdal ate him for breakfast.
Leo Smileater
Leo Smileater:
2:32 I like her passion A LOT
kevin starski
kevin starski:
6 hours later, I'm realizing this was 2019!
Nadal went beast mode here.. bravo Mr Nadal bravo..
Almost 3 hours of play and not a single break point faced by nadal yet the match was as close as one can be. Absolute classic
Margarita Sy M
Margarita Sy M:
watching this while waiting for their match later...Vamos!
Owen Kim
Owen Kim:
Everyone saying they thought this was 2020 I knew it was 2019 from the startty
Maneeb Masood
Maneeb Masood:
Nadal was improving so much with every match. He was playing exceptionally well but unfortunately didn't qualify. One of the matches of 2019./\
Thanks for putting this up.
Alberto Gonzalez
Alberto Gonzalez:
Nadal: Amazing shots, Amazing performance, Amazing fighter, Amazing player ever!!
Nadal was the only one the beat tsitsipas in atp finals 2019
Daniel Tennis#1
Daniel Tennis#1:
Unlucky tsitsipas ( one of my favorite players and future world number 1) but vamos Rafa good luck with the rest 💪🏼🎾
Admir Botusha
Admir Botusha:
Seeing a full crowd got me confused thought the game was from today
Zed Earl
Zed Earl:
I like many others was bamboozled and then I heard the crowd 30 seconds in 😂😂
Arpan Das
Arpan Das:
I realised this is from 2019 after the camera panned on the crowd
Jay Choe
Jay Choe:
2:27 I am here for this shot
Jason Self
Jason Self:
That's just incredible tennis on both sides. So many micro adjustments to strategy and the defense level was so high that every winner required world class precision.
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops:
Wait, what’s the crowd doing th.... oh
Aleph Null
Aleph Null:
I was so worried that I missed this for a second lol.
Denis Ciuhat
Denis Ciuhat:
Can't believe players like tsitsipas have won this tournament and Nadal hasn't... like I know indoor hardcourt isn't Nadal's strongsuit but come on! I really hope he wins this year, just like I do every year haha
BBC's basement
BBC's basement:
Got me confused with all those time zones and timings smh
Syn het
Syn het:
8:00 from the *WHAT* ?!
javier jesus baladés
javier jesus baladés:
What a fantastic match, hope to see another masterpiece from these two in a few hours.
Coin Chaser
Coin Chaser:
Hopefully today's match will be like last year....
Jai Sharma
Jai Sharma:
1:01 made me flinch.
naresh taduri
naresh taduri:
Didn’t see the score and watched this fresh highlights, what an 🤩 entertainment
ATP has such a great lineup. I wish we could find a less corrupt organization though. Pervs and monsters have been running the show for too long
Germán García Martínez
Germán García Martínez:
Nadal gives me the chills with some shots and his comebacks, man... It´s true.
Years enjoying with his performances and still able tu surprise.
I have grabbed my hair around ten times in this video.
Martin Schmidt
Martin Schmidt:
I thought this is from this year, but then I saw the audience ...
Themba Mabona
Themba Mabona:
....what?! Amazing highlights, yet I feel 100% bamboozled....
Richard Huang
Richard Huang:
No mask at all made me double check when this was happened. Definitely thought this was this year's.
Olly Paton
Olly Paton:
Let’s go Rafa, make the SF 🔥
Bhudeb Barman
Bhudeb Barman:
Great Confidence by
Vamos rafa Nadal ❤❤❤
Fraser Macdonald
Fraser Macdonald:
this is a COVID superspreading event!
Sherif Frem
Sherif Frem:
Thats 2019
simon Eds
simon Eds:
Who else thought they missed the match
Fas mas
Fas mas:
Points highlighted : 50 points won by Nadal 2 points won by Tsitsibas, you think the match ended 6-0 , 6-1 for Nadal why such biased highlights when new generation players play against big 3
In 2019 ATP FINALS ,There were Many Brilliant Games.
Violy Andaya
Violy Andaya:
Love watching this...thank you both...high level of tennis
Giordano Valdez
Giordano Valdez:
Am I the only one that watched this until the end and realized that this was back in 2019..
Aditya Vadali
Aditya Vadali:
2:32 Haha
Julio Grijalva
Julio Grijalva:
Unbelievable, what a performance!!
Leonardo Stucchi
Leonardo Stucchi:
Until I read the comments I thought it was today match!
Stocky Guru
Stocky Guru:
I thought this was 2020 😂😅
It's a good thing we're finally getting rid of those useless line judges: 3:58 It's like keeping switchboard operators while there's an automatic way of doing it
Sym Link
Sym Link:
hope to see the same score today :D
Nathaniel Kang
Nathaniel Kang:
How many fans are there? Sounds like a decent amount and made me realize how much I miss fans :(
Christian Tanner
Christian Tanner:
Interesting post in the middle of 2020 finals...
Terry P
Terry P:
This was a good match!
El Long
El Long:
Great highlights, but I wish the thumbnail didn’t show the winner
Rusda Yati
Rusda Yati:
Nadal beats the last year in form champ in a crazy level of game. Wt this level performance he has huge chances to bag more GSes next year.
Robert Bilson
Robert Bilson:
Basically, this is a do or die match for both players.
Having been a huge fan of Rafa throughout his entire tennis career
I'm supporting Rafa.
Tennis is Life
Tennis is Life:
Crowd ❤
Igor Pezzotti
Igor Pezzotti:
I think it's going to be a difficult match to nadal, and in the hard court he struggles a little bit. But it's rafa
Nadal VS madvedev would also be match to see skills of next generation against top two. Amazing display of top quality tennis by these youngsters.
Shravan Manohar
Shravan Manohar:
Nadal's gonna win straight sets .
Henry Dayan
Henry Dayan:
So I went to check but I did notcheck the title so I was convinced that this actually just happened lol
Thomas Brunkle
Thomas Brunkle:
Man the crowd made the ATP Finals so special. Best venue and atmosphere in tennis imo.
Rafa made so many great net points to compensate the absence of Roger😃
Laoya puka
Laoya puka:
Haven't seen Nadal play at the net so much for some time now. His volley has always been the second cleanest next to Federer (among the big 3)
I wish you guys wouldn’t give away the winner in the thumbnail every time.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan:
Ahhh😳😳😳 2019
Hussein Falah
Hussein Falah:
Unfortunately Medvedeve screud up and rafa didn’t reach the semifinals
Horst koston
Horst koston:
is london over wearing masks?
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer:
Stop playing with us Tennis TV 🤣
You know half of us never read the full title.
"OMG FANS ARE BACK😨" Wait I've seen these outfits before?
reads title *2019* Oh😐
Joku heppu
Joku heppu:
Brilliant display by Nadal. Keeps getting better by the match.
mohab galal
mohab galal:
Nadal seems so much younger in this one ! Mentally and physically he looks like 25-26 years old nadal ! I love it vamos
Oh, at first I think they already finished their match in this year's finals.
Karol Lenart
Karol Lenart:
Lol for a while I was thinking this is 2020... Nice trolloing at Tennis TV :D
Azhar Asim
Azhar Asim:
Rafa the king of Tennis
Dard Dilon Ke
Dard Dilon Ke:
They had some fascinating battles with Mubadala one of them.
Ionut Bortas
Ionut Bortas:
It's this from this year?
Jong Amali
Jong Amali:
No more social distancing in london?
Adiatma Adi
Adiatma Adi:
Osama Bin Lovin
Osama Bin Lovin:
If only Nadal didn't get injured throughout this tournament, he could have lifted that trophy for the first time.
I still can't forget nadal didn't make it to the next round because medvedev can't win anything.