Ram & Salisbury vs Cabal & Farah For The Title | Monte-Carlo 2022 Doubles Final Highlights

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40 comentarios:

el flug
el flug:
Thank you for putting on some doubles. It is amazing to watch them play
Jason Leach
Jason Leach:
It’s truly been awesome to see more highlights on doubles
Salisbury was really the MVP
Chopper Fox
Chopper Fox:
Salisbury impressive performance on this finals.
Willie Lee Jones Jr
Willie Lee Jones Jr:
I hereby nominate Rajeev Ram to the hall of fame!! Awesome doubles!!!
Lovely Day Today
Lovely Day Today:
Nicely done Ram and Salisbury! Glad I got to watch the whole match 😁
Gabriel Pereira
Gabriel Pereira:
Joe Salisbury is the best player in the World, by far (double)
neru rune
neru rune:
good angle first point. the volley is absolutely amazing.
The best tennis player in Britain is now Joe Salisbury.
Keep the doubles coming! Love the doubles game
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
There is usually drama in doubles as always. Good match.
Great highlights. You can see why they are the top ranked team! Absolutely no let up!
Ace MacGruber
Ace MacGruber:
More doubles please. Thanks
Elquien Elquien
Elquien Elquien:
I think that semis and championship match they should play a full third set.
Te Aorangi Harrington
Te Aorangi Harrington:
Love Doubles...These guys are the best in the World. So much to learn from watching them Play.. More Doubles Highlights please
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez:
Fuerza Cabal y Farah !
Salisbury raised his game at the key moments and that was the difference there.
Mark Phifer-Houseman
Mark Phifer-Houseman:
Put up more doubles! Cultivate interest
Cricket lover Abdullah
Cricket lover Abdullah:
Joe Salisbury OMG!!
5:37 He's in hurry for some rest 😂😂
Doubles, weekend warriors can relate 2... ❗
Simon Levante
Simon Levante:
Again, I wish Tennis TV would stop putting the thumbnail photo of the winner on the video. It spoils watching it. It almost makes it pointless to watch and kills the suspense. Do a spit screen thumbnail of both teams.
Rog Chang
Rog Chang:
Ram & Salisbury well deserved champion. congrats.
Juan Jose Cordova
Juan Jose Cordova:
Salisbury was on 🔥 fire
Monika Jameston
Monika Jameston:
Double is more interesting than singles.
Jan dara
Jan dara:
Great match!
Oh, now they remember that the tournament also hosted doubles segment.
Lets go to my fellow Hoosier, Rajiv!!!
Awang Safri Safri
Awang Safri Safri:
Wonderful games
Amazing match
nice match!!!
Ze Tristan
Ze Tristan:
power of that ram
poorvi pramod
poorvi pramod:
Joe Salisbury is an elite player
Karma Cleansing As It Is
Karma Cleansing As It Is:
Brilliant match....
Иван Мамонов
Иван Мамонов:
Joe goat
Rafa Undisputed goat
Rafa Undisputed goat:
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year
I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2022
Joshua Chan
Joshua Chan:
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer:
Karthik Veldurai
Karthik Veldurai:
LeGoat JaGoat
LeGoat JaGoat:
Angle is poor