Ranking Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's Top 10 goals for Arsenal

A close look at ten of the best Aubameyang goals so far, which is your favourite?

#arsenal #aubameyang

Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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100+ comentarios:

Xhaka The Goat
Xhaka The Goat:
Carried us for 2 seasons in a row, this season he’s been poor but don’t disrespect him, needs better service
จิรายุส จุลปานะ
จิรายุส จุลปานะ:
Thank you Auba for everything he did for your former club Arsenal, I wish you well at Barcelona in Spain, goodbye.
Richard Vallejo Garcia
Richard Vallejo Garcia:
"Cometh the hour , Cometh the man" my favorite goal and commentary. Love this man.
Big man george Gunner
Big man george Gunner:
We want him back just imagine this pepe keeps his form with auba top class again
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
Really hope he can get his top form/killer instinct back! Because if he does he’s the best goal scorer in our team by far!!! 🔴⚪️👊🏻
Jack Moehrle
Jack Moehrle:
Imagine the scenes if we didn’t choke that olympiacos game
จิรายุส จุลปานะ
จิรายุส จุลปานะ:
Thank you Auba for everything, you always been my favourite, you did all your best, scoring more goals, doing your iconic celebrations, and you did helping your former team Arsenal to win trophies in 2020, goodbye and I wish your luck at Barcelona in Spain.
C C:
Either use a counter-attacking system to accommodate his playing style, or move him back to left wing and sign a taller CF with Lacazette's abilities in tight spaces/ hold-up play. Starting both Aubameyang and Lacazette together in our current system makes inconsistent results, because it doesn't utilize Aubameyang's pace well
Eri B
Eri B:
Aubameyang wasn't at his best this season and he still got double digits
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma:
Thanks for making this video.. May be some fans will remember what he has done for the club in recent years❤️
Sudarshan G S
Sudarshan G S:
Best Henry successor we've ever had. Good luck at Barca and thanks for the memories mate!
Petr Moravec
Petr Moravec:
When commentator says: "Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1." It always warms my heart. ❤️⚽🔴⚪💎
Not Covfefe Kpop - 1k sub goal!
Not Covfefe Kpop - 1k sub goal!:
All class from this man. I really hope he stays with us
In Auba we trust, he will be back 🔴⚪️
Wiktor HD
Wiktor HD:
I was at that Aston Villa game 2019, what an absolutey electric atmosphere it was after the 3-2 goal. I love my club and will always to it. COYG!!!!!. Hope Auba will be back to the best form and score many more goals for Arsenal.
Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza:
Hopefully he will score more bangers next season
big mike
big mike:
So sad to see how its ending, but ill never forget what he did for this club and that FA cup he won, just like we dont forget Ozil and Sanchez
Ezenwa Johnbosco
Ezenwa Johnbosco:
He is already a legend
I feel like Arteta made the mistake of playing him central striker. He needs his place to run.
Over the first two seasons, auba was great but now I’m thinking about Martinelli starting infront of him
The goal against Valencia should be somewhere in here
Sapnil RC
Sapnil RC:
2:21 Is no one gonna talk about the assist? 🔥
King Auba 🔥🤩
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler:
He's one of the best finishers in world football, but if you don't feed him he dosent score.
Alexb142 Butler
Alexb142 Butler:
It’s been tough for aubameyang but him nketetiah and lava have been looking sharp in the warm up games them 3 are gonna produce in the season coming up and hopefully against Chelsea today
Football Agenda ZA
Football Agenda ZA:
Reasons why I would never disrespect Auba is how well he plays when the team plays his type of football and he is leading the line.
Carlos NC
Carlos NC:
In the following season a Martinelli-Aubameyang-Saka trident would be incredible
James Pace
James Pace:
can't wait to see this man back at his best
The King Of The Emirates❤
Davidson Ewuzie
Davidson Ewuzie:
Who else is here to see this after he signed for Barca?
This Homie would be great for a counterattacking team: most British and Scottish and Anglican teams, German teams like when he was in Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad, Porto, those kinds of cool guy teams
j achuts
j achuts:
Bring neves and bissouma and we will improve our midfield
Wow never realised how similar that goal vs Fulhham at craven cottage looked to Ramseys exquisite goal the year before!
Emanuel Hdz
Emanuel Hdz:
Thanks for the memories Auba but he was never worth his massive contract because of his age. Should’ve accepted any bids we got him for him before we renewed him
Cpt. Martin Walker
Cpt. Martin Walker:
2:25:- Commentator says Pierre-Emerick Aubame"yong" 😂😂
Jokes aside, I really hope he comes back to his lethal form next season. COYG 🔴⚪🔴⚪
Stand up against Penphis fanboyism
Stand up against Penphis fanboyism:
Thanks Arsenal. U guys helped us get back to the top
A I:
How did that first goal Vs Valencia not make it?! Wow
Fudbal Highlights
Fudbal Highlights:
Auba is fast and clinical finisher at the same time, that's rare 🤤🤯
I've slandered him recently, and I regret that. But seeing this makes me so sad cause it sums up our decline as a club too. Please Auba, we need you to take us to CL this season. You can rest come june. Just one last dance.
i hope Aubameyang is top scorer in this new season
0:39 to 0:42 I score the same free kick goal with this player in dls 21 😂
mark jeffers
mark jeffers:
God when he's good he's good just hope his heads right for the next season and we get like 8 players of good quality in too we need them ....too many average players at the club
How are you missing all his goals against valencia, minus the tap-in?
Kish Esprit
Kish Esprit:
He had two very good goals vs Valencia
Fat cow gaming
Fat cow gaming:
He is a beast and that's all you need to know
kaleb zewdu official
kaleb zewdu official:
Fiza Amani
Fiza Amani:
Please come back stronger next season Capt!!! we miss you on pitch!!
Auba the legend ❗️❗️❗️😄😎😜
That fa cup final goal was magic
24-7 TT Plumbing & Heating
24-7 TT Plumbing & Heating:
He carried us for 2 seasons has 1 bad a year and every one says he a write off please put some respect on his name .

Henoc Trejo
Henoc Trejo:
Bienvenido al Barcelona 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Notice how most of the goals was before he signed his latest contract as of summer 2020
Bahiru Teklu
Bahiru Teklu:
We missed the real classic aubameyang
Donald Bitome
Donald Bitome:
To make these great goals useful, we should have a great defense
Raymond Fisher
Raymond Fisher:
Thanks for the memories Auba
I'm surprised he actually managed to score more than 10 tbh
AintWorried BoutNothing
AintWorried BoutNothing:
He only scored 13 so might as well of ranked them all!! Hopefully he’s back to his old ways next season though because we can’t have another Ozil situation on our hands.
Akinpelu Fareed
Akinpelu Fareed:
More of this is coming from this star player next season
Dvaan Patel
Dvaan Patel:
In my opinion as an arsenal fan after all the goals this guy has scored the top 10 should be changed around
Jeremiah Alphonso
Jeremiah Alphonso:
back here when he's turned up for the nld 😎😎 my captain aubamebloodclaatyang 🔴⚪
He will be back this season. The guy is class and just needs better players around him.
Jahlight Rahmiel
Jahlight Rahmiel:
One of the best strikers ever
Dick Truesay
Dick Truesay:
He really was so deadly
Tayo Danz
Tayo Danz:
We can hope all we like but unless we start creating more chances, Auba and any striker you can think of to replace him, is going to feed off scraps and rely on individual brilliance to get a decent goal tally (which is unsustainable). The system is awful, it's one sided, very passive and lacks penetration through the middle. It needed a #10 to work better and we decided to oust our only one, and then introduce ESR in Dec/Jan when the season was already ruined.
Irsan Janie
Irsan Janie:
Legend ⚡
Layla Majiet
Layla Majiet:
Hope we get Auba back to his best
David Wanjiru
David Wanjiru:
How can *that* goal vs Leicester be missing?
Minh Quân Đặng
Minh Quân Đặng:
Thanks and all the best Aubameyang, gunners love you
Hikidun M
Hikidun M:
Gd luck with Barca - great goals.
He needs to move to a top 4 club
Parvez Khan
Parvez Khan:
"and Emirates Stadium goes ballistic", seems that commentator's favorite line..
Charlie Gauvin
Charlie Gauvin:
Nothing but bad associations from that Olympiacos overhead. Like others in the comments hoping we see Auba back to his best this season, lord knows we need him.
Katlego Chuchu
Katlego Chuchu:
My dream is to play for this team
Lesky Hype
Lesky Hype:
The goal against valencia was underrated
Need kelvin phillip in Arsenal next season
Aideearmeen Duaraoh
Aideearmeen Duaraoh:
Lacazette top 10 plsss🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Welcome to Barca champ 💙
Anvay Sharma
Anvay Sharma:
The most important thing next season is aubameyang scoring again not the signings not the manager or defense it's him
Vipin Mp4
Vipin Mp4:
Welcome Barcelona 😍😘
World Summary News
World Summary News:
He is the best arsenal player, no 2 is Gibbs, no 3 is almunia, what a keeper, no 4 is bergkamp, last but not least, T Henry 14
My g Aubameyang 🔥
Sidney Brasil
Sidney Brasil:
Arsenal YT be like: We don't have enough auba goals to put an all goals video like saka and pepe

Let's go for all time best goals from auba😂😂
Splayz gaming
Splayz gaming:
Arsenal is the best team in epl
Petr Moravec
Petr Moravec:
3:52 👌⚽🔥🔥🔥
Rhyal Sawyers
Rhyal Sawyers:
My player my captain
Arjun chithran
Arjun chithran:
Welcome to barca💙♥
Major Brix
Major Brix:
Aubameyang, Aubameyang, Aubameyang !! 🎶 🎶
Pierre Emerick Auboomerang, classic PNP baller who’s a cold finisher and nothing else
Adetunberu Adelegan
Adetunberu Adelegan:
The free-kick is cool 😎
Matt John
Matt John:
Pls get a proper no. 10.. This man needs service.
Can you do laca next
Jorge Marron
Jorge Marron:
Acá agarrando fuerzas para no venderlo en el fantasy después del -1 que me dio en la última fecha.
Bruno Fingal
Bruno Fingal:
Who’s here after he left😢
ayrton cavalcante
ayrton cavalcante:
Vamo Barça!!!
Our best player since Alexis Sanchez. You will be missed
suropi Margo
suropi Margo:
No.9 I see no one is playing in the arsenal anymore except pepe..maybe Pepe soon
Eduardo Carrasco
Eduardo Carrasco:
Lee Gunner Exposed
Lee Gunner Exposed:
Aubameyang will be back next season trust.