Rashford & Martial seal Derby win for the Reds | Man City 1-2 Manchester United | Highlights

Enjoy the best of the action as goals from Rashford & Martial secured three points for the Reds at the Etihad Stadium. Watch extended highlights on MUTV later this evening.

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100+ comentarios:

Aidan Straughn
Aidan Straughn:
Who's here after we smoked them again
Waz1N Games
Waz1N Games:
Who's here after Man Utd won 2-0 at Old Trafford?
Let's take a moment and give it for ole for beating pep and mou in a single week
Daamin MC
Daamin MC:
That's what happens when you dont lose faith in your team even if they're mid table...
Isa Yousaf
Isa Yousaf:
Just like Rashford, Manchester is red🔴
Im a city fan, but Solskjaer is making himself a recovery
Rajat Nayak
Rajat Nayak:
Being a Real madrid fan, I appreciate how Ole did today. Magnificent
Teguh Haryadi
Teguh Haryadi:
what you gonna say immature fans

appreciate the process. we won we lose that's the game. we don't say ole out everytime we lose. be patient
Shawn Henderson
Shawn Henderson:
Who else noticed the thumbnail of rashfords hair😂
I haven’t seen sterling after the match, he must still be in wan Bissaka’s pocket
Gokul Ananth
Gokul Ananth:
Sterling must have felt so cozy in wan bissaka's pocket that he never left😂
Sterling: Catch me if you can.

Wan Biassaka: Breach me if you can.
Liverpool and Manchester United only top 6 teams that haven’t lost a game to other top 6 opposition
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar:
And we beat city again , three times in a season . 😂
Ernest Chui
Ernest Chui:
Normal back pocket: Wallet, keys etc.

AWB's back pocket: Raheem Sterling
no one
no one:
And after Fred started eating centre with mcsauce.... we finally forgot about herrera
Hamiisii M.
Hamiisii M.:
I wish Lingard passed to Rashford , we'd finis them off early

great game though
We could have scored 5 goals in first half, outstanding performance by mun.
Defence was the best so far.....
City painted Red!!!!
Spout2878 Dip
Spout2878 Dip:
Did anyone notice the scott smile when he was fouled
Juso Ljesnica
Juso Ljesnica:
I have to say fred is starting to improve,he is included in attack and defences.
Eriko Rahmadha
Eriko Rahmadha:
I start crying when Ole huge De Gea and face the fans
Texas rattlesnake
Texas rattlesnake:
Its obvious that Sterling was takin a nap at AWB's pockets...so far the best right back in Europe..a. real slide tackler
Mr. 🕷️man💥
ibra danish
ibra danish:
plastic fans..
starts throwing something when they lose..
FRED is just brilliant. He is becoming a beast.
AWB 🕷 man.
Apex Predator
Apex Predator:
"He's given it!"
"Of course I don't see how he couldn't " 😁😁😁
Mohammad Sayuti
Mohammad Sayuti:
Can I issue a police report?

I still can't find Sterling since the game
Yoga Natarajan
Yoga Natarajan:
Who is here after we won 2-0 at home
Ian Patrick Inguito
Ian Patrick Inguito:
AWB to Sterling: "You Shall Not Pass!" <3
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
Why isnt rashford hitting the crossbar in there.
Prastav Z
Prastav Z:
We beat Spurs and City in the time of 4 days without Pogba

With Paul we'll start destroying
John Eminah
John Eminah:
I really love the dynamism of United's front three Rashford, Martial and James. Their pace, interchanging of positions and direct runs towards goal makes them very difficult to defend against. I'm not a fan of Solksjaer but at least he and LVG sets the team up to attack in the big games unlike Mourinho who's main focus was not to lose the big games. No wonder LVG had the best record among the top 6 teams in his time at United and Solksjaer always has a great record against the top 6 teams. You must be proud , play your game and let these top teams worry about your attack as compared to being on the defensive all game waiting to be used as cannon fodder.🤷‍♂️😄😁😆
Preston F
Preston F:
now only if Rashy can stop playing "hit the crossbar challenge" great game
Pantaleon Hellas talaros
Pantaleon Hellas talaros:
Why do they never have De Gea’s saves
divij dhingra
divij dhingra:
Manchester is RED.
Manchester United Forever
Amsyar Aqhari
Amsyar Aqhari:
What's with Rashford's hair in the thumbnail
lukas diamant
lukas diamant:
Manchester will be forever red ♥️🖤
Gupcha Simba
Gupcha Simba:
Manchester is Red... Manchester was Red...and Manchester will always be Red.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Glory man united
A fan from Tunisia ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Could have been 4-0 up on half time... This game had me at the edge of my seat. Ole's philosophy's starting to take hold. A mid field of Fred and Mc Tomminay, with Pogba in CAM is truly scary.
sardi manu
sardi manu:
Rashford, James, Fred, Wanbisaka, Degea, Tominay the best 👏👏
Flame ARS
Flame ARS:
2:31 how can some fans say ole out. Look at his passion for the club. He still cares for the badge. I think ole deserves at least two more years to manage man utd. Cuz the team is very young with high potential. So we cant expect a lot from them. Give ole and the lads time. They will grow and rule both manchester and England.
Elie Mutia
Elie Mutia:
I think this is man united is the only team that can defeat Liverpool🔴⚫️
Noer OZL
Noer OZL:
Yuvraj 11
Yuvraj 11:
Manchester is Red!🔴
Daniyar Orazbayev
Daniyar Orazbayev:
0:01 This decade ends on December 31, 2020, you fools :)
Manchester Is RED
Rashford evolution is increasing drastically
Looking forward to get higher in the table
Manchester United :like
Manchester city :just watch this
Olerilwe Ntsie
Olerilwe Ntsie:
AWB is definitely the best defensive right back in Europe my man of the match and the whole team defended as a unit and played together
Anshu L
Anshu L:
Without ederson city would have been humiliated😂
Gupcha Simba
Gupcha Simba:
I like when they walk on ground with Man City's Batch under their feet😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sterling having nightmares at his birthday
Obitrice For life
Obitrice For life:
Ole at the wheel again 😂
Joe Swarbrick
Joe Swarbrick:
I wouldn't change being a United fan for the world. UNITED🔴🔴🔴
Krish Chordia
Krish Chordia:
Thumbnail: *It looks like Rashford's hair is holding an ice cream*
André Luis C.De.O
André Luis C.De.O:
Rashford e Bissaka 🔥🔥🔥
My two bæs
My two bæs:
This is how we should play let them young bucks run crazy!
Agung Agumy
Agung Agumy:
manchester is & always red 💪💪
AWB is a monster! Haven't seen a defensive masterclass like that in years.
Savage Gamer
Savage Gamer:
Hmmm in the thumbnail it looks like there is something on Marcus rashford hair
I really don't want to see pogba back anywhere near this team.
Mark Abraham
Mark Abraham:
bruh what happened to rashfords hair in the thumbnail lol
vidite futsal
vidite futsal:
Manchester is red 🔴🔴
Will Tek
Will Tek:
I tight slap to the face of those plastic fans demanding Ole out.
Ole nvr complaint abt key players's injury as other managers do. Yet he focussed on giving chance to the youth.
I sense this is the end of our nightmare. This is the beginning of Ole's Managerial Legacy.
2020 will be Man Utd's year.
Yusnan Baihaqi
Yusnan Baihaqi:
Strong agains top teams, and weak agains underrated teams...
Desmond Lim
Desmond Lim:
When I organized a running Manchester United race that day is this. When I finish running go to seat on the floor and watch everyone fell super happy!!!
Mouna Zadzad
Mouna Zadzad:
Manchester is red ❤
JmanG Jakey
JmanG Jakey:
I love Oles reactions to our goals and our wins! True passion ❤️
What a game to watch! GGMU MANCHESTER IS RED🔴
M Williams
M Williams:
All of a sudden we beat Mourinho's Spurs and Man City
Jonathan Jordan
Jonathan Jordan:
united strategy : Rashford fall formation 🤔
We got Mcsauce and Fred
And Manchester is Red 🔴🔴
Ghulam Al Hubest
Ghulam Al Hubest:
Man United 4-0 Chelsea
Man United 1-0 Leicester
Man United 2-1 City
Man United 2-1 Tottenham
Man United 1-1 Arsenal
Man United 1-1 Liverpol

This is Man United!! Glory Glory not Blue 🔥
Edy N edy
Edy N edy:
What a great performance 👏👏👏👏
Manchester is Red 🔴🔴🔴🔴
congrats ! on a roll, but this is obviously the statement result you've been looking for
Radja Fiko
Radja Fiko:
im starting to think that when we lost againts other club, is just ole strategy to imprint the “style” play. Because United since fergie left aint got any style of play. props to Ole! GGMU
Mario Nelson
Mario Nelson:
Great win ❤️❤️❤️ But I still get annoyed that DDG with his size never comes out and rule his Box
Suryansh Arikaervula
Suryansh Arikaervula:
Dan James is our most underrated and unappreciated player. He is CRAZY fast and gives a Lotta assists.... We need to appreciate him more than we do. Just because he hasn't been coming on the scoresheet doesn't mean he is a bad player. If you see the Way he plays he has both attacking and defensive duty, distributes the ball like a beast. We bought him for 15 MIL to be a bench player and now he is starting game in and game out and performing in really well in each and every one of them. This is was the best (tied with PSG ) game we've played under Ole.
Glory Glory Man United
Meow Animasi
Meow Animasi:
I Love this Match...
I Love MANU Forever...
I feel otw trending 1 in indonesia yt..
Rama Manyama
Rama Manyama:
After this season Rashford will be a geneus
Sungkar Cityzens
Sungkar Cityzens:
It's hard when we lost against United , but it's harder when we lost against Liverpool,
Best wishes,
City fans
MahaT MJ
MahaT MJ:
I was desperate for this highlights 🔥😂 who else was like me
will stephenson
will stephenson:
When you realise Man Utd have more subscribers than Man City
Guardiola :

"M.U has score in our home, TWICE, TWICE!!!!"
Look at the cover of this video : Marcus rashfords hair has a ponytail
Koqoh Imano Al Harits
Koqoh Imano Al Harits:
And now we need Creative midfielder like Bruno Fernándes and maybe timo werner for a striker and a defender
When passion meets oil money
And Big Club(Man United) vs small club(Man City)
Eric Wong
Eric Wong:
we're back with a bang! now for the top 4 to secure CL football next season..p/s Pogba can leave for all I care!
Mata Ikayo
Mata Ikayo:
Up man utd , GGMU 🔴🔴🔴 red is the color
jagardo 97
jagardo 97:
Ole has beaten jose and pep in the same week. How many managers can say that😄
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon:
Sterling thought he was gonna break his hoodoo against us today, and got dealt with from AWB 💯
tantoo Hermes
tantoo Hermes:
Manchester United fans : 😍
Manchester United fans when they realized they just helped Liverpool winning the league : 😖
The commentary lol
Ole at the wheel lol hes the messiah keep him at the club for next five years please
Abas Rooster
Abas Rooster:
Love MU.❤
Love ole❤
Vincent Kipchumba
Vincent Kipchumba:
We wonnnnnnnmnn!!! Who is against me?
rajeev bhargav
rajeev bhargav:
2:39 wait thats 40,000 empty seats
S M:
Tirumala Venkatesh Akula
Tirumala Venkatesh Akula:
That cheer at 1:10 ..that is what I missed from recent years
I know united has transfer targets like maddison and halland but they need better defence
Sumer Singh
Sumer Singh:
Can someone explain to me what’s happening to Rashford’s hair in the thumbnail😂?