Rayo Vallecano vs Barcelona 1-2 Extended Highlights & Goals 2021

Rayo Vallecano vs Barcelona 1-2 Extended Highlights & Goals 2021
Lionel Messi, Frenkie de Jong Goal
Barca Highlights

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Ahmad Marwan Hadid
Ahmad Marwan Hadid:
De jong is a complete midfield 🙌
I love this new team of barca, it's young good players but they failing to score
Another Useless YT Channel
Another Useless YT Channel:
That's how you make highlights 👍👍
Cándy Röhán
Cándy Röhán:
LM10 is back, 1 assist and goal
Drakon Official
Drakon Official:
8:20 si hubiese sido gol del Real Madrid el Var a esto lo daba como habilitado...
Manda Sangma
Manda Sangma:
Eduardo Perez
Eduardo Perez:
Vamos Barça 🤪
Ana Fernández García
Ana Fernández García:
gracias por el video completo del partido y tan rápido!
Juanma Alonso
Juanma Alonso:
Gracias por el video
Powerful Shahid
Powerful Shahid:
Superbly Timing.......Two Goal.
Danny Ramirez
Danny Ramirez:
Me da risa la cara de Messi en la miniatura xddddd
Captain Strange
Captain Strange:
Forgo had a great game
femi Finu fabi
femi Finu fabi:
ഈ കളിയിൽ മെസ്സി നല്ല ഒരു ചാൻസ് കളഞ്ഞു കുളിച്ചു
Mohd Faizul Mohamad Anuar
Mohd Faizul Mohamad Anuar:
IMO Mingueza and Araujo are the pleasant surprise for the season. What revelation by Koeman..
Magar Babu
Magar Babu:
Love u messi
Barça Herb.
Barça Herb.:
Lets go Barça and win Copa del Rey Trophy 2021👏👏
Visca Barça 💙❤
ժօcԵօɾ sԵɾαղցҽ
ժօcԵօɾ sԵɾαղցҽ:
Cross bar chathichu
Philip Blake
Philip Blake:
Kilson Beny Jr.
Kilson Beny Jr.:
Vamos cules ✊🏿
Roi M bagre
Roi M bagre:
El espíritu del dios barça sigue ayudándote 😇🙏
Terima kasih
Hiếu Lê
Hiếu Lê:
5:54 perfect curve
Rachana Amul Parikh
Rachana Amul Parikh:
0:54 that dribble though
Paolino Silipino
Paolino Silipino:
Sempre forza barça
William Arnold
William Arnold:
Queremos la narracion en español
Rangiore Culture
Rangiore Culture:
We should work on buying a well equiped striker with good qualities
De jong well played
Football Master
Football Master:
Fressi ya con tu record de partidos en copas del rey 76 no es necesario que la ganes, igual te regalarán otro balón de oro 🤦‍♂️😩😆
Izal Wazza
Izal Wazza:
Parvana VR
Parvana VR:
Malyali barca fans undO...😍
Marcelo hudson gentil Moreira
Marcelo hudson gentil Moreira:
Visca Barça
Yulien Khen
Yulien Khen:
De Jong on fire
Brian Dwi
Brian Dwi:
de jong now is a striker lol
Mansoor Kuttiyeri
Mansoor Kuttiyeri:
Visca barcelona
witness takarusenga
witness takarusenga:
Ruiq puig
Niranjan k
Niranjan k:
Griezmann 2 assists again
Capt Lücïfer
Capt Lücïfer:
Messi De jong🤩😍❤
Shashwat Kumar
Shashwat Kumar:
Firpo is useless.
Real OG
Real OG:
What's Wrong with Spanish refs these days ? Messi & Second Trincao ones should have been a Penalty . Last season Barcelona players were getting speared , while if Air touches opponents players ,ref would give a freakin Penalty , this seaoson both Real & Barcelona are getting hammered by Bad decisons , it's like they want another team to win .
Osarobo Desmond
Osarobo Desmond:
The king Lion Messi Is Back With A Bang.
Real OG
Real OG:
That's the Reason Messi's Messi , scoring a Goal like Messi did is Nothing big but those Passes that He Made to De Jong & To Alba is why I consider him On another level .
letkhohaofrancis Baite
letkhohaofrancis Baite:
Very poor vedio quality
Don't put score in the clickbait