Reacting to Luka Doncic’s game-winning buzzer-beater against the Clippers in Game 4 | Get Up

Mike Greenberg breaks down highlights from the Dallas Mavericks' 135-133 overtime win in Game 4 against the LA Clippers to tie the series 2-2. Then P.J. Carlesimo joins Get Up and reacts to Luka Doncic's game-winning shot as time expired in overtime.
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100+ comentarios:

Marcus Black
Marcus Black:
It was just Refreshing to hear the “BANG” again
Levin Long
Levin Long:
As a King's fan I'm speechless. How do you not draft him.
Daryl Harris
Daryl Harris:
Mike Breen doesn't bring out the double "bang" for fun, just for epic moments like that right there!
PG13: "tHaT wAs A bAd sHoT"
J Alves
J Alves:
Luka, Tatum, and Mitchell going to take over the league
Two Man Game
Two Man Game:
The birth of a legend. Time to acknowledge greatness
TenThumbs Productions
TenThumbs Productions:
"BANG BAAAANG" Great call, you could hear his voice crack on the second one. 15 more years of this kid? More? The league is in trouble. I wonder what the first high profile free agent will be to sign with them.
Reggie Miller had 8 in 9
T-Mac had 13 in 33
Paul George had 9 in 45
Slique Vic
Slique Vic:
Usually only Steph Curry gets Mike Breen that excited.
To think Luka and Devin Booker would have been in the same backcourt 🤦🏾‍♂️
People forget Luka has multiple Championships in Europe as a teen. The guy is a winner.
Switch out
Switch out:
Shaq: that’s not impressive. Steph, harden and lebron can do it

Me: it’s impressive bc he’s only 22 or 21 years old and is being compared to the greats of our generation.
Furious Rivera
Furious Rivera:
Luka "Skywalker" Doncic . The force is strong in this one
Vinotha Raghu
Vinotha Raghu:
We are searching for George Paul. Please let us know if you see him.
Marcus Black
Marcus Black:
For some reason it still felt like PG got the game winner hit on him😂
Mavs crowd would`ve loved that shot, also miss seeing Cuban reacting to moments like these too.
B U:
"Are they in trouble". ESPN after any team loses a game.
King L
King L:
You know it's serious when there's two "BANGS".
Brian Cheng
Brian Cheng:
The kid has potential to be GOAT. He's better than anyone at the same age.
Sachin Malhotra
Sachin Malhotra:
Luka is the best 21 year old I’ve ever seen in my entire life!
this young and modest MFer will own the league for the next decade
Kent Bathan
Kent Bathan:
Mama, there goes that man👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 This guy is too good at age 21🔥
PG “Every shot I take is a bad shot”
The internet has broken Paul George smh
I kiyani
I kiyani:
How is LUKA still only 21 years old 🤦‍♂️
Woke AF
Woke AF:
Boy George better start showing up for work, or else the Clippers are sunk
Boy George with 9 points yesterday and did nothing to stop Luka
Shooting 27% for the series
The world is watching you fail. What are you going to do about it?
We just entered into luca's era
Andre Xavier
Andre Xavier:
Legends don’t live forever, embrace these moments. ✊🏼 One in the making.
I know I’m not the only one that heard that fart at 6:01 🤨
Slim DaReaper
Slim DaReaper:
Love how ESPN and the NBA are minimizing the Harrell situation... Yea, hypocrites in the front of the world...
Tony Iommi
Tony Iommi:
Paul George already in his legendary playoff mode
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons:
6:01 my man is so relaxed, he lets one go while speaking
Izzy Lozada
Izzy Lozada:
6:01 anyone hear that lmfao?
Owolabby Azeez
Owolabby Azeez:
How’d the Suns not draft Doncic to pair with Booker? Oh wait it’s the Suns typa thing to do 🤧🤦🏾‍♂️
He cold 🥶 🥶🥶🥶
demetrius scales
demetrius scales:
When Mike Green Yell BANG!!! You know it’s real.
ahmadou djarouha gassama
ahmadou djarouha gassama:
Can we talk about the reaction of the great Shaq: who says he is not impressed when only two players have achieved such a performance 🤷🏾‍♂️
Is there something missing?
Vincent Louise Beltran
Vincent Louise Beltran:
Imagine if this is on the Mavs' homecourt
Lakers 2k
Lakers 2k:
This is his second year!!!
Jim Papageorgiou
Jim Papageorgiou:
He travels forward in time, sees all possible outcomes, returns and makes the play. That is Luka's game. Always has been. We tried to warn you when he came to the NBA. I am calling Dr. Strange as his nickname
Cesar M.
Cesar M.:
Luka "Levels" Doncic. There's levels to this.
L.J. de Paepe
L.J. de Paepe:
What a pleasure to see this guy play.
Sometimes it feels like others need to rethink basketball when you see what he does out there.
Jeremy Gathers
Jeremy Gathers:
The nba’s future is in good hands
Man how cool was that I'm not a mavs fan but I'm a fan of basketball and that was amazing. Also shaq stfu
gurinder singh
gurinder singh:
You know the playoffs getting serious when you hear the 'BANG' in round 1
Kwesi Miller-Greene
Kwesi Miller-Greene:
Paul George - That was a bad shot
jordan-esque. GOAT glimpses. not a fan of luka but credits must be given. he's amazing. hat's off to this guy
William Daryl Nebie
William Daryl Nebie:
How do you play 34 minutes off the bench 😂😂. Doc rivers really wants Lou to get that sixth man of the year again
James Epstein
James Epstein:
When he put up that shot I said ”thats a bad shot”
Guess I was kinda wrong or whatever
edward timothy
edward timothy:
Shaq: I've seen that
guesley jeanbaptiste
guesley jeanbaptiste:
The best is yet to come for Luka he is just getting started and his only 21 omg 🤦🏿‍♂️
PG13 be like: “Another one”
Mar Joshua Homeres
Mar Joshua Homeres:
And he's only 21 years old. what happen when he reach his prime 🤣😅😁😂
JRM 33
JRM 33:
I would love to see the Mavericks bounce the Clippers in the first round! Go Mavs
John Munoz
John Munoz:
If Paul George continues to shoot like this, then the Mavericks are winning this series
Ryan Fischer
Ryan Fischer:
He did this on a bad ankle too.
That Japan Guy
That Japan Guy:
Absolutely crazy..... Not human!!!!

Love from Japan!
KnightBlitz _
KnightBlitz _:
I wonder how they are able to play Saints row beats for highlights I've always wondered how and why? 🤔
Ariana Reeder
Ariana Reeder:
doctor: “you have 6 minutes and 43 seconds left to live”

Sambo Rambo
Sambo Rambo:
I love how the Baaanng is now iconic
North Gaming
North Gaming:
Paul George has officially been exposed.... really thought he kould koast behind Kawhi...
marcus simmons
marcus simmons:
WOW! Talk about getting hot at the right time! 🔥🔥🔥!!!
Lol greeny had no clue what Steph was talking about when he said "BLOUSES!!!"
Luke Bashian
Luke Bashian:
It would be mad seeing Doncic vs Mitchell they’ve been by far the best players in these playoffs so far
jeremiah matthews warren
jeremiah matthews warren:
I love this dude man 🤞🏿❤ luka doncic just special
Kemuel Sanchez
Kemuel Sanchez:
Rick Carlyle with the sly at&t endorsement right there 😂
Arnab Sinhababu
Arnab Sinhababu:
This really reminds me of Curry hiting the gamewinner 3 from way downtown against OKC in game 5 of WCF.
greenie was speaking so fast I had to check whether my yt speed was normal
Sage of Weebs
Sage of Weebs:
It's scary knowing this guy isn't even 25 yet.
Imagine if there was a croud😭 WOULDA BEEN SO LOUD😂
Savage Juan
Savage Juan:
Can he get some respect yet?? Or yall still doubting 😂
a r
a r:
A worthy word from our friend Mike Breen:


Love it
Alex Doumas
Alex Doumas:
I had never yelled BANG! BANG! louder in my life.
Lucho Montana
Lucho Montana:
6:01 what was that noise 👀
Max Wastell
Max Wastell:
Pains me to be a clippers fan and also a huge Luka fan 😭😭 hurts to lose but it's nice to be right about the guy I said before the draft would become the best player in the league when people said he'd struggle
How old is he? yeah, he is 21 years yet!!
Im looking foward to his growing
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
Luka is........"The Chosen One"
Nowitzki be like: You have learned well, young padawan.
Banks the halo great
Banks the halo great:
Don't let pat fool you Don't play defense he just be out there running around" Russell Westbrook about Pat 😅😅🤦🏾‍♂️
neo munoz
neo munoz:
6:00 headphones on
Vava Vava
Vava Vava:
As a long time Hawks fan, I cried when he had a Hawks Cap on at Draft Night, Then cried harder when he took it off.
New Era
New Era:
But all around great interview
Marcos Acosta
Marcos Acosta:
I screamed SO LOUD when he hit it
Tube Tube
Tube Tube:
All these highlights and watch them lose of the get to the finals.

I want to see LAL vs LAC
JE Mane
JE Mane:
Greatness Wow
Emilio Sánchez Giralt
Emilio Sánchez Giralt:
It feels like Heaven beeing able to have watched live this kid for 4 years in Madrid, here everybody knew what esa going to happen with him in the NBA, it was obvious for us.
Moments when you miss the crowd
Steven Perry
Steven Perry:
Been telling y'all since before the draft, Don Luka, silky smooth, AND NEVER SCARED.
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant:
I will do that multiple times next year
Luka the Bazooka 🔥🔥🔥
Antoine Robinson
Antoine Robinson:
😂 it's goofy handles like his and Queen James that also make me miss Allen steeze Iverson.
Predator Productionz
Predator Productionz:
Imagine if they still had dirk in his prime too
Pandemic P felt dangerous last night 🔥🔥🔥
Ate Shampoo and Bubbles
Ate Shampoo and Bubbles:
The best among the triple dirks! :D
Mario hanan
Mario hanan:
The announcer reminds me of the Pittsburg penguins announcer lmao.
Devonte F.
Devonte F.:
BANG!!! BANG!!!! It’s a joy to hear it again bruh I swear
1:31 When your idol is Vassilis Spanoulis
Meanwhile, every pundit: Clippers is the team that will win. They absolutely just load managing this time. They will perform at the finals