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100+ comentarios:

Patrick Stone
Patrick Stone:
Jesse Lingard being this seasons final goalscorer shows just how mental this season was
itzpardoxdafirstnlast #FreeLamptey
itzpardoxdafirstnlast #FreeLamptey:
Our condolences to the man who bet Jesse Lingard won’t score a goal only for the 27 year old seal a win for United in the 98th minute. May he Rest In Peace 🙏.
I think we can all agree that Sheffield United finishing 9th was the most unexpected result we could’ve predicted
posit 247
posit 247:
why does masterbucks on some of his thumbnails look like he's just farted in the middle of class
Fun fact: The 3 teams that got relegated this season (Norwich, Watford & Bournemouth) where the same exact teams that got promoted to the Premier League back in 2015.
Alex Gardner
Alex Gardner:
Bournemouth got relegated because some bloke forgot to turn Goal Line Technology on
Kushal Yadav
Kushal Yadav:
Honestly, this was the most unpredictable season of the PL
David Berry
David Berry:
The Origi goal vs Pickford was last season, if it's the one I think you're thinking of. But to be fair, Origi had 2 goals against Pickford this season.
Alvaro Rey
Alvaro Rey:
Day 76 of me asking TheMasterBucks to sign Marvelous Nakamba.
Jacob Raw
Jacob Raw:
To be fair, this season was the season of surprises and lots of people had shambolic predictions
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses:
Imagine that west ham stadium in the chmpionship my god that would be depressing for them
Scott Young
Scott Young:
tbf who could've predicted Sheffield United to finish midtable or even stay up?
I’m so sad about Bournemouth. They almost made the great escape had it not been for villa having a great end to the season.
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
The job Dyche is doing at Burnley is super underrated, he’s built a compact PL-squad, goalscoring threats in Wood and Barnes, workhorse midfielders like Jack Cork, and a stable back 4. Either of Burnley’s CBs walk into Arsenal’s defense afm
Sebastian Rengifo
Sebastian Rengifo:
Make a set up new set up video since you’ve recently moved!
Raph 22
Raph 22:
3rd place
Injuries all season
Worst side in 30 years for 6 months
Put some respect on Ole Gunnar Solskjaers name
Mate , just call us Sheffield United like you wouldn’t call Manchester United just Manchester for 3 minutes whilst you rate their season , first you say we “weren’t that great coming out of the championship “ which if you watched last season you’d know you were wrong and Then you can even get our name right
"Sheffield weren't great in the championship" clearly if he can't even get our name right, how's he supposed to know anything else about football? Clearly didn't watch a single game by us last season. Guardiola, klopp, mourinho etc all say they've never seen a style like ours and we play great football. We've done that for 4 years. But hey, what do they know? This guy says we're basic so his knowledge is on point.... 👌🏼
Peter SG
Peter SG:
I want to see your predictions about the Champions League final 8 in August. 😉
Hammer FD
Hammer FD:
As a West Ham fan, I’ve never been so offended by something I 120% agree with when it came to us 😂😂
Help a golden egg reach 2k Subs
Help a golden egg reach 2k Subs:
No one expected united to go on a winning spree lol.
Alvaro Rey
Alvaro Rey:
Day 76 of me asking TheMasterBucks to sign Marvelous Nakamba.
Da Slayr
Da Slayr:
I love Pierson he is such a good manager, he was one of three of the only teams to beat us and was unfairly sacked and that’s y watford went down
Edge Clan
Edge Clan:
that 0.01 percent chance came in clutch for blades when he said his predictions. get in.
Shashwat Ravi
Shashwat Ravi:
The origi goal against everton you talked about was last season
The transfer window is 10 weeks starting tomorrow
I beg you do a Fifa 21 Everton career mode, because:
1. We need a rebuild
2. I would love for you to retire as Leighton Baines in a player Career Mode & then use mods to make him Everton manager, such a legend
Catarama Treenage
Catarama Treenage:
So sad seeing Bournemouth going down, my favourite bottom 10 team

Hope they get back up

And I SWEAR if they sack Eddie Howe I will march down to Bournemouth and I will protest (Hopefully with others) and I will stay as long as possible, he is one of the greatest manager I have ever seen, After that Burnley season I thought he was Crapper than Crap but then he brought Bournemouth from League 2 to the Prem and he then became one of my favourite managers of all time
Absolute Legend
Injured Hungrzard
Injured Hungrzard:
Chelsea had everything against them:
-They loss Eden Hazard who carried them, and was involved in 50 of their goals
-They were forced to hire Lampard because nobody wanted the job
-Our team was already terrible lsst season
-They had a transfer ban.
-Again Eden Hazard carried the team, without him they would of finished 10th
-Wrong team, wrong time, this season was exactly the year where a rebuild was needed instead they had to take players from the acadamy to fill in the spots
-THEY HAVE KEPA, worst save percentage, out of 14 shots he let in 11. They are basically playing without a keeper.
Robbie McLaughlin
Robbie McLaughlin:
Origi's header against Everton happened in the 18/19 season
Kavabunga Man
Kavabunga Man:
Everyone was saying Chelsea will be lucky to finish even 6th i love when people are wrong
Mmeli Zuma
Mmeli Zuma:
This man backed Chelsea for 6th wow.

The as a Chelsea fan I was lowkey expecting mid table without hazard
Zero Hero MZHDTV
Zero Hero MZHDTV:
16:16 was last season big boss
Swaggy Xabi
Swaggy Xabi:
Ive not been this early since the the first episode of forest green rovers 🥺
Lukas Marcel
Lukas Marcel:
Leicester ALMOST got ucl football but at least the got Europa league.
Trap Town
Trap Town:
That Origi goal against Everton you're talking about wasn't this season. That was around Christmas last season. Still good video.
Sheggger Linton
Sheggger Linton:
This just feels like you’ve got 0/20 on a test hahag
I don‘t know why or how but I had sheffield at 6th.... I always predict the season by covering the table and filling in the results of each matchday. After all games I checked the table and Sheffield was somehow up there😂
Danny ings scoring 20 plus goals was more highly unexpected. Gr8 job for him
Jerry Folias
Jerry Folias:
Lol I didn’t get any of my predictions right either 😂
gamer izationn
gamer izationn:
Dont forget about man utd finishing in 3rd. They have a beast of a team since they played after the lockdown
Ethan Pledge
Ethan Pledge:
I find it funny how Andrew Robertson has more premier league goals than lingard 😂😂😂😂
Marvin Steve Diaz Perdomo
Marvin Steve Diaz Perdomo:
My Prediction Were Similar To The Actual Table In Top 4 But I Had Wolves In 4th
Bfc Clarets
Bfc Clarets:
It’s like you forgot Burnley finished 7th a couple of years ago with the shit you’re chatting
Connor Thew
Connor Thew:
With the ole thing yeh he may be long term but look at what happened with Spurs and Poch. Nobody thought that after last season he would be a manager that would get sacked this season
Shrek Lover69
Shrek Lover69:
The late divock goal was last season
Josh shipp
Josh shipp:
I wasn't expecting Sheffield United to go 9th but they do have a good goalkeeper.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez:
When are you gonna do the ucl predictions that are starting in August?
G0ldenJackHammer 3
G0ldenJackHammer 3:
I closed my ears when you spoke about west ham bc it was a horrid season for us
Andrew Vaughan
Andrew Vaughan:
‘That Origi moment’ against Everton Jay was last season 😳 Easy mistake good vid
William Barratt
William Barratt:
4:00 I can’t stand as a villa fan when people say they are doing a Fulham we had 18 plauers we needed to buy 5 to even be allowed to play let alone good players also when had no scouts and our sporting director (suso) was horrific and cost us out of signing kalvin Phillips and benrhama along with that we bought player for the future in konsa targett guilbert douglous luiz and Wesley
Sam Tate
Sam Tate:
love the content mate👍 keep up the amazing work, been here since the leeds career mode
demir niue
demir niue:
masterbucks has the very rare virus called "predictingburnleytogetrelegatedalmosteveryseasongitis"
luke goozee
luke goozee:
Uglyer version of Werner top video maker tho. Love the content
Mohamed Shalaby
Mohamed Shalaby:
That sound quality needs to be fixed
Elvin Olin
Elvin Olin:
This video 2 years ago is how i found you 🔥
Luxury Lifestyle
Luxury Lifestyle:
Man citu definitely not the best premier league team there's been teams like the united 99class & arsenal invincibles etc etc.
K B:
I’m saying this now I don’t see Burnley getting relegated in the next 4 to 5 seasons
Seanachie's Court
Seanachie's Court:
i actually had united 3rd chelsea 4th xD i missed city and liverpool though haha
that guy shane
that guy shane:
Swear the origi goal he is talking about at 16:30 was last season lul
Devaldy Jonathan
Devaldy Jonathan:
istg if u still gonna put liverpool 2nd again in the next prediction
To be honest i dont know
To be honest i dont know:
At the beggining of the season i played soccer manager (its kinda shit) and i got sheffield to 10th and i went "yes this is amazing" Oh well
Cool Ronny 1234 aka generic username
Cool Ronny 1234 aka generic username:
R.I.P the beard
Pieter O
Pieter O:
I love how you are pissed off af west ham haha!
Matt Wilcks
Matt Wilcks:
The Liverpool one was so bad. Everyone knew Liverpool were going to win even before the CL final.
That’s the worst one imo.
Ricky Dong Dong
Ricky Dong Dong:
I’ve not been this early since Richie Towell was top scorer for Salford.
Samuel Santos
Samuel Santos:
I haven’t seen you since your World Cup knockout stage predictions 🤣 nice to be back
Luka Magic
Luka Magic:
16:15 that was last season
Vice Breaker 717
Vice Breaker 717:
Jesse Lingard was one of the most unpredictable players to be the final goalscorer
I’m so happy we are staying up. #UTV
Hopefully half our squad won’t be injured next season
Did he photoshop his eyes bigger in the thumbnail? 😂
Gz Arkai
Gz Arkai:
In my opinion Spurs performed bad, because they were still with the CL final lose in their mind and couldn't really get in their good form.
Shaun Kennedy
Shaun Kennedy:
Yea so the Origi winnier against Everton was last season 😂😂
All Things SW
All Things SW:
I seem to be the only one who got Leicester bang on at 5th. Pretty proud of that haha
Been waiting lmao
Arda Tukenmez
Arda Tukenmez:
great video j. im a proud dad once more.
David Quintanilla
David Quintanilla:
I can’t watch this entire video. Can someone please just write what his prediction list was so I can visually compare his predictions with the real table
Gareth Ellis
Gareth Ellis:
Leicester with no champions league football 😭🥺
Marco Lecouvey
Marco Lecouvey:
Does he know sheffield don't at in the premier league
lmao i remember you were the idiot that said you'd bet your house that liverpool wouldn't win the league
gamer izationn
gamer izationn:
Usually when i see videos like this i get bored. But watching masterbucks doing it. Its just entertaining
Alan Jnr
Alan Jnr:
Idc who is taking the prem by storm every year I always predict Newcastle to win
Hector Summers
Hector Summers:
15:05 relied on Glenn murray🤣🤣mate watch some footie I think he has started about twice this season ffs
Wolves fc
Wolves fc:
If you told me before the start of the season that Bournemouth would go down I would have been devastated and wouldn’t of believed you
Krashaon 62
Krashaon 62:
No one would’ve believed Manchester United would’ve got 3rd 6months ago 😂
Reece Toolan
Reece Toolan:
Thanks for realising your mistake with Leicester
Dylan Godfrey
Dylan Godfrey:
Pickford spilling the ball and keeping it in play happened last season 2018/19
Leo DC
Leo DC:
Remember it is mikel Arterta first job and he came in December when the club was in a mess
Chris Wilder and Sean Dyche are proving to be underrated managers.
RTG Underdog
RTG Underdog:
why did you just lose 30k subs swear you was on 699k now it says 670k?
Morgan Watkinsonsonson
Morgan Watkinsonsonson:
Why do you do that weird thing with your eyes in the thumbnail
Devin Szajner
Devin Szajner:
Man City lost Kompany! End of story
Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell:

Friendly feedback, you SIM too many matches because you are worried the episodes will be too long. Trust me they won't be.

Myself in particular and others generally wouldn't be subscribed if we didn't like the videos!!!

Also be nice to see the great Leeds United in some live matches in the video and the same for fans of other clubs who don't feature often if at all because you sim all their fixtures.

Not having a go, just providing friendly free advice as a supporter of your channel.

PS. Number of Masters FC videos uploaded today = 0. Unacceptable 😉
So you know nothing about football
What else is new?
This guy gets videos out so fast
ArctixHype II
ArctixHype II:
Had that gut feeling Sheffield would stay up, and I was right!
3/10 didn’t predict corona fc as champs this year 🙄
Joseph Coppola
Joseph Coppola:
Where is the video that you make fun of sunderland not getting promoted this season?
Sheffield United is performing like an overclocked pc