Reaction to Dustin Poirier knocking out Conor McGregor at UFC 257 | SportsCenter

Stephen A. Smith and Chael Sonnen react on SportsCenter to Dustin Poirier knocking out Conor McGregor in the second round of their rematch at UFC 257.

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100+ comentarios:

Jace macfie
Jace macfie:
Can we stop acting like Dustin isn’t a Elite fighter?
Mike 649Foxx
Mike 649Foxx:
So much respect for Dustin, the way he celebrated showed just how classy a man he really is.
Korey Knepper
Korey Knepper:
Conor wasn't sluggish, when you hit that nerve in the calf it goes up to hip. Dustin literally took out his front leg, he couldn't move. It's a lot easier to hit someone when they can't move
Jake Owens
Jake Owens:
"Hes a cold blooded killer" they said
"Hes on a whole other level" they said
"He's gonna knock Dustin unconscious in first two minutes" they said
I know a guy who wasn't listening 😂💪💯🦐⚜
AgentCody Banx8
AgentCody Banx8:
I'm so glad Dustin won. Just shows how much growth he's had as a fighter. Conor was piecing him up but the calf kicks and the grappling let Dustin gain confidence until he turned it on. When Dustin turns it in, he doesn't miss. Amazing performance
Zayed zihan
Zayed zihan:
Stephen A's analysis was pretty good in this video. I'm surprised he pointed out Conor's takedown defense and mentioned he ain't ready for Khabib. That was pretty good observation.
SAS:” how are you gonna beat some of the elite fighters?”
Dustin Poirier IS that elite fighter, genius. There’s a reason he’s 6-1 in his last 7 fights.
Jason Markel
Jason Markel:
I personally thought Conor looked great. I really think it was a credit to Dustin. He attacked the leg and took him out.
Nate Dogg
Nate Dogg:
For those non-casual UFC fans, we knew Dustin had a good chance to KO Conor, because he is an elite top 5 light-weight and easily the hardest opponent Conor has faced besides Khabib.
Enough with the excuses.. my god give Dustin his credit, He attacked the calf and took away Conor movement and turned it into the dirty boxing match and he’s the best at that. Enough with the excuses
Carbon Dated
Carbon Dated:
They hated on Steven A when he said he didn’t see anything when conor beat cowboy. He was correct.
Phil Saraceni
Phil Saraceni:
Coming from a Huge McGregor Fan! Dustin Looked amazing! Super happy for him!
Joe Blunt 420
Joe Blunt 420:
Over the past year the low calf kick has become the most dangerous weapon in MMA and Connor has been out of the game Dustin took advantage of that and beat him with it he also refused to play Conor's game and stand in striking distance he shook the world and it was awesome 😎
Casa Green Eagle
Casa Green Eagle:
Conor before the fight : This is the Best Shape of My Life
Stop Tellin
Stop Tellin:
Dustin deserves this bro. Not a lot of people know this but there was a beautiful moment after the khabib fight where one of the kids of the royal family in attendance went to Dustin and pointed at His eye. He asked if that’s where the pain was but Dustin looked at him, shook his head no, and then pointed at his heart showing where the pain was.
"Motivated McGregor" 🤣🤣🤣
Roy B.
Roy B.:
Chael "I scream because I have concussion" Sonnen!
For some reason Conor in this fight reminded me of Tony Furgeson's fight with Olivera - he just wasn't the same fighter we are used to seeing. But good on Conor for staying for the interview and taking the loss like a champ - I'm sure he'll come back even better than before.
Ivan H
Ivan H:
Dang, Steven A practiced saying "Nemegemedov" for this segment 😳. He was on point!
love Connor but inactivity only affected his timing and inability to properly turn and check those kicks give dustin and his team there credit they did there homework and they took advantage of Connors wide stance and switched it up on him from wrestling to trading punches to constant calf kicks
Cheal was on point as always but Stephen A game has risen also. He knew exactly what happen in that fight and was as accurate as Chael was. Great combo...... Nice guys......
Mojtaba Sayyad
Mojtaba Sayyad:
Before the fight: This is the best Conor ever. Focused Conor is scary
After the fight: Conor was not ready. Lay off damaged him.
COMMEEEE ONNN. Give Dustin his due respect. It's not just about Conor.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
Everytime I see Stephen A on every segment, I remember Charles Barkley...."They ain't goanna work me like a dog and not pay me." 😅
Clot-in-Eye Joe
Clot-in-Eye Joe:
enough with the excuses! max holloway hasnt sparred or trained in striking in like 6 months and he looked better than ever. stop giving mccasuals excuses for mcnuggets
I don't see anyone else talking about Conor's comment about "I may just back off and get some rounds in". He had Poirier hurt in the first. Poirier has admitted this. Conor did not respect Poirier's ability and seemed to treat him like a sparring partner that he could have his way with. Poirier landed a good counter shot and went all in. This was the difference in my opinion.
I thought he lost, straight up. As a big Conor fan, this was so sad to watch because it looked like the version Conor that wins fights, no excuses. Hopefully he finds something to bring him back one more time.
777d7777 777d7777
777d7777 777d7777:
Conor s best chance at winning was winning early and Poirier took it away by grappling for the first 2 minutes of the fight and did a great job working on Conor s calf which Conor had little to no answer for and Poirier was just the better striker especially after limiting Conor s movement due to the leg kicks
Poirier is just the best lightweight in the world right now with Khabib retired
He should fight for the title next (probably vs Oliveira if not then vs Chandler or Gaethje(tho gaethje would need a statement W first))
Jarran Tyler
Jarran Tyler:
Dustin is just continuing to prove how dangerous he is in the octagon ... each fight he shows massive improvement/skill.
And what makes him such a great fighter is that he's a real HUMBLE dude and acknowledges his weaknesses and then perfects them. I hope today proved to the World how great of a fighter he is.
Jin Sakai
Jin Sakai:
"what about when he gets to the elite"

Bro, do you even know who Dustin is?

People need to realise they can't judge these men off there results with Khabib. The Eagle proved he is genuinely levels above anyone in that division...the most talented and stacked in the company.

Porier is a monster, him and Charles is the only fight to make if you don't crown Dustin after that
Alex Eddy
Alex Eddy:
Wow Stephen A with his first right analysis in this sport of all time congrats bud!!!
Poirier didn't wear McGreggor out. Poirier damaged Mcgregor's leg so bad with kicks that it went numb and then McGreggor couldn't move out of Poirier's punches fast enough to not get knocked out. McGregor said this at the UFS press conference after the fight and then McGregor limped off of the stage because his legs still hurt after the fight.
James Pomeroy
James Pomeroy:
Chael Sonnen's regular speaking voice is the same as when you introduce your grandpa to earphones for the very first time, and then ask him what he thinks of them.
J. Barclay
J. Barclay:
I can't see how these guys had Dustin as the underdog going into this fight! 🤣
Jason Mardonio Meza
Jason Mardonio Meza:
I think inactivity played a huge part but to me i feel it was a wrong move for Conor to bring in his original boxing coach for this camp. Conor's style is usually quick on his feet in and out and this time he took more of a flat footed guard up boxing approach. I believe Conor's original old boxing coach is good for Conor for a boxing match. For a rematch with mayweather or a pacquio fight but not for MMA. or people this could be a case of Conor slowing down with age at 32. Some fighters blossom at an early age like Mike Tyson. Conor definitley has not looked the same since beating Eddie Alverez and winning the lightweight belt becoming the first ever champ champ. I think its impossible for Conor to have the same drive today like he did trying to make the UFC because back then he was broke and starving. Now he is rich coming to a fight in a huge yacht? Nah dont work like that. Conor said it himself years ago..." This is a brutal sport. Get in get rich and get out". That is what Conor should do but selfishly i hope he comes back because i love to see him fight.
Conor hasn’t been the same since he lost against Khabib. He doesn’t have that same atmosphere of fear around him as he used to. back when he was double champ he was feared and he thrived off it. He became arrogant and complacent, and he lost what made him.
Michael Bisping still the best analyst in the game. Also the most entertaining IMO. ESPN should show him some love.
Ireland Irish
Ireland Irish:
Well done Dustin, you outclassed Conor and fully deserved the win 👌💯✌️
Hats off to you 👏👏👏
Respect where respect is due 🤝👏👏👏👏
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
“The Megamedov”

- Stephen A. Smith
SushiCry Streams
SushiCry Streams:
Stephen actually said something that made sense about mma in this video wow
Henry Mendez
Henry Mendez:
Inactivity definitely played a part... and Dustin had a great game plan. Conor can comeback, but he needs to get active !
benito wong
benito wong:
Steven A tiene cara que jamas ha practicado ningun arte marcial. Pero muy buenos comentarios en cuanto al desarrollo de la pelea
Everytime I see Stephen A on every segment, I remember Charles Barkley...."They ain't goanna work me like a dog and not pay me." 😅
this is exactly what's we've been waiting for
Torarin Vik
Torarin Vik:
Im not a Conor fanboy by any means, but I saw some weaknesses from Dustin. He absorbed some huge shots(good chin), so a rematch with Conor or even Justin could potentially knock him out.
Anthony Alvelo
Anthony Alvelo:
Stephen A and Connor both guaranteed a win for Connor. Stay humble gentlemen
R. Louis
R. Louis:
Wow, Khabib is not only the Champion and owner of the lw belt, he literally is the belt everyone wants to fight for 😀👍
Angry Rantman
Angry Rantman:
Stephen A Smith and Conor both are humbled
Was I the only one who was scared for Steven A Smith when it was his turn for his opinion after UFC fighter gave his insights 😂😂😂😂
Conor was not slow or sluggish. He was precise with his strikes and even Dustin said Conor had him hurt. The leg kicks added up and got Dustin that win. In the 2nd round you can see the leg took a toll so Conor started missing strikes badly.. Dustin closed the distance and unloaded.
I don’t like how they are leaving Oliviera out of the equation.
I have never been so proud of Stephanie A he finally learned how to watch the fights
Props to Stephen A. Smith. His MMA analysis has improved dramatically! You can clearly tell he went back and made it a goal to master the intricacies of the sport.. If y’all remember he even did some MMA training in the gym.

For all the talk BLM does, SAS actually took action and I can say he legit gained his black race a ton of respect with his example of taking blacks where they’ve never been before. Thanks to him, BLM in MMA.
Rozennberg FRIDI
Rozennberg FRIDI:
When Stephen A. talks about MMA i die inside.
Shaw197 Jay
Shaw197 Jay:
Stephen A is a jack of all trades. He give an explicit breakdown
Let's face it, the Conor that we saw in this fight is the closest thing to the Conor during his 15 fight winning streak. Dustin is a different fighter as well. A former interim champion, a more mature and skilled fighter who knows how to execute his gameplan.
So Chael`s "excellent" analysis is that Conor had ring rust, was sluggish, because he fought only once last year? Well, Dustin also fought only once last year, so why didn`t he have ring rust, or was sluggish? Great job Chael....
c00chie catcher
c00chie catcher:
There’s nothing to it other than the fact Dustin was the better fighter. Give Dustin his respect. Nobody deserves more recognition and respect than Dustin.
We need that " Karate stance " Conor McGregor! Bouncy and fast !
Dustin hit him with all the Infinity Stones. "I went for the head"
Dan X
Dan X:
Conor's team said he was in the best shape he's ever been. But they were wrong ladies. Those leg kicks by Dustin was the key to his victory. This bloke followed a good game plan. Respect to the bloke
Oh shoooots!!! I thought Mcgregor won from the news push app notification on my iPhone . I didn’t read it thoroughly and just assumed it was him winning a TKO . LOL , no way ! This is cool !! Congrats Poirier
Bebe Soto
Bebe Soto:
Stephen has now right talking about MMA and especially with these two beasts
mikeyb byekim
mikeyb byekim:
1:25 ya but that KO of Poirier was basically the 'punchers chance' which he went down and couldnt recover before McGregor pounced on him. Should've been a different fight. Actually many of conors fights should've been different. But he's still a great fighter.
Citizen of the World
Citizen of the World:
Does Stephen A's contract include no sleep? Let the man rest its like he's working 24/7
AVE -:
I ain’t see one Conor fan mention his inactivity now all of them mention it as the excuse...
D.K. Davis
D.K. Davis:
Give Poirier credit on the hand work...he literally chopped McGregor down with punches....
Kevin McCaleb
Kevin McCaleb:
Y’all sound more like y’all making excuses for McTapout than giving Dustin his just due. He ate MCGregor’s best punch, shrugged it off and gave McGregor the business. Stop with this “McGregor had too much time off, he’s sluggish” bs
Cengizhan Şenkal
Cengizhan Şenkal:
Let's all admit that Poirier is right to think that one win doesn't make you a candidate. I know Chandler is ready to that level but as a respect to all other fighters, he needs to built his way up. Oliveira for example, is way more worthy regarding work he put on the table
Ross Herriot
Ross Herriot:
He looked better at 170... seemed like he had no energy dropping back down to his original weight.
Andrew james
Andrew james:
People don't give dustin credit he's probably on the greatest run for a lightweight ever
Troy Suther
Troy Suther:
I like having Chael w Stephan A. Great pairing of personalities, one mma rep, and one sports rep. Both veterans
P C:
When most MMA fans can break down a fight post show better then Steven A Smith, you have to wonder what ESPN is doing
Frank V
Frank V:
The biggest problem for Conar in this fight was his approach. He needs to get in his opponents head before the fight and fight an emotional fighter who fears his left hand and is also angry enough to make stupid mistakes. You take that advantage away and he is not at all as great as people though he was. That is why I say guys like Jon Jones are the true martial artists in this sport and he can overcome much much worse conditions than soft Conar.
Demian de Jesus
Demian de Jesus:
ESPN just can’t let Stephen A get some rest man
My respect for Dustin has gone way up lately
Trainer pool
Trainer pool:
I literally stopped believing in Porier pre fight because he was being too friendly with McGregor and I thought he was afraid again.. man was I wrong
Jake Marez
Jake Marez:
Dustin proved he’s a top 3 fighter for real now it is confirmed !
Bar Hopper
Bar Hopper:
Took Floyd 10 rounds to knock out Mcgregor.

Poirier: Hold my beer
Petyo Lobutov
Petyo Lobutov:
Stephen A. Saying Nurmagomedov is the thing that I didn't know I needed to hear 😂😂😂😂
Aguilera 23
Aguilera 23:
Smith said Conor couldn’t grapple with Dustin 😂 dude he took no damage used the fence to get up and won the clinch every time ! Great take down by Dustin but cmon this man don’t know mma
Dancing _Reaper
Dancing _Reaper:
I think both Arguments are correct. Dustin fought a great fight with a great game plan that humbled Mcgregor. I also agree that Mcgregor needed to fight at least 3 months after the Cowboy fight he is definitely not Octogan sharp... he has to fight within the next 4-5 months maybe against Hooker like Chael says.
Dylan Maloney
Dylan Maloney:
Conor didn't predict a 2nd round KO. He said he would put him out inside of 60 seconds...
Dylan Carey
Dylan Carey:
The fact that Stephen A. has a better post fight analysis than Chael is absolutely insane....c'mon Chael...
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks:
Jeesh! Can't you guys just say that Poirier won? Conor himself did. And I have to had it to Conor; for all his boasting for all his intimidation tactics, for all of his swagger; he was still gracious in defeat. Now, just drop the act and get into a precision state of mind and fight like the champion you are.
Mr. Juiceballs_Jr
Mr. Juiceballs_Jr:
I feel Conor was to stiff, look at his other fights he’s loose and fluid, I feel like this is why he lost
Jenom McLovin
Jenom McLovin:
I just can't wait for uncle Chael's new videos. And that makes you wonder just how good is Dustin Poirier.
Camilo Pardo
Camilo Pardo:
Poirier does everything right and wins convincingly by KO yet they still only talk about the guy who's got knocked out and wasn't win since 2016
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo:
Stephen A work ethic is legendary
Reggie Robinson
Reggie Robinson:
Floyd came off retirement... and still 50-0.. Connor is a professional, he knew coming into this fight that Dustin is the most dangerous one left in the division. He should have been ready period! no excuses
T Iger
T Iger:
STOP talking about Connor and give the well deserved credit to Dustin, who was spot on tactically tonight.
Give him a re-match with Khabib, (and a big cheque), or let him and Chandler fight for the belt.
Dominic Bongiorno
Dominic Bongiorno:
Why is everyone forgetting that the one guy that deserves a title shot in this division is Charles Oliveira. Outside of him, Dustin deserves it. I say Dustin vs Oliveira for the belt.
So Black
So Black:
Conor can’t get away with being so inactive. Especially when he has 3 fights in the division. He is so far behind the Top 3 LHW. And he should forget about Khabib, unless he wants Khabib to be judged for war crimes
Net Guru
Net Guru:
BS from the start, Conor was not slow we all seen him. Conor had said before the fight that was his best version of him and his trainer said he was in best form. One thing about fighting is that the fight can turn around at any moment.
Mohamed Benz Audios
Mohamed Benz Audios:
Dustin has improved a lot since Um faced Khabib nurmagomedov 💪and learned from that fight and now has a crush on Conner 👏👏👏
I don’t know how I predicted this right I said Dustin Poirier would win without a KO in the 2nd round
I'll bet listening to Stephen A try to analyze MMA makes Chael want to laugh out loud.
Alberto Esquilin
Alberto Esquilin:
Stephen a: Right now I don’t wanna talk about this sh*t
Crazy that in his last 6 fights, McGregor is a .500 fighter.
1 Bwash252
1 Bwash252:
History shows that most fighters with McGregor's attitude don't last to long at the top