Reaction to Dustin Poirier knocking out Conor McGregor at UFC 257 | SportsCenter

Stephen A. Smith and Chael Sonnen react on SportsCenter to Dustin Poirier knocking out Conor McGregor in the second round of their rematch at UFC 257.

#UFC257 #UFC #McGregor
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100+ comentarios:

Angry Rantman
Angry Rantman:
Stephen A Smith and Conor both are humbled
Lakers Today
Lakers Today:
Stephen A should stick to basketball, his mma analysis is so amateur
Jake Owens
Jake Owens:
"Hes a cold blooded killer" they said
"Hes on a whole other level" they said
"He's gonna knock Dustin unconscious in first two minutes" they said
I know a guy who wasn't listening 😂💪💯🦐⚜
Korey Knepper
Korey Knepper:
Conor wasn't sluggish, when you hit that nerve in the calf it goes up to hip. Dustin literally took out his front leg, he couldn't move. It's a lot easier to hit someone when they can't move
Mike 649Foxx
Mike 649Foxx:
So much respect for Dustin, the way he celebrated showed just how classy a man he really is.
Jace macfie
Jace macfie:
Can we stop acting like Dustin isn’t a Elite fighter?
Roy B.
Roy B.:
Chael "I scream because I have concussion" Sonnen!
I don’t like how they are leaving Oliviera out of the equation.
Casa Green Eagle
Casa Green Eagle:
Conor before the fight : This is the Best Shape of My Life
Zayed zihan
Zayed zihan:
Stephen A's analysis was pretty good in this video. I'm surprised he pointed out Conor's takedown defense and mentioned he ain't ready for Khabib. That was pretty good observation.
"Motivated McGregor" 🤣🤣🤣
Carbon Dated
Carbon Dated:
They hated on Steven A when he said he didn’t see anything when conor beat cowboy. He was correct.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
2014: bald guy lost
2021: bald guy lost
"If you give it, you must be able to take it" - Old man in pub
Jason Markel
Jason Markel:
I personally thought Conor looked great. I really think it was a credit to Dustin. He attacked the leg and took him out.
Ivan H
Ivan H:
Dang, Steven A practiced saying "Nemegemedov" for this segment 😳. He was on point!
Graymont to Los Angeles
Graymont to Los Angeles:
McGregor is like the Dallas Cowboys: a loser who is great at marketing.
Enough with the excuses.. my god give Dustin his credit, He attacked the calf and took away Conor movement and turned it into the dirty boxing match and he’s the best at that. Enough with the excuses
Citizen of the World
Citizen of the World:
Does Stephen A's contract include no sleep? Let the man rest its like he's working 24/7
Oussama Ben La-dead
Oussama Ben La-dead:
Stephen A: " Khabib Niggamedov "
SAS:” how are you gonna beat some of the elite fighters?”
Dustin Poirier IS that elite fighter, genius. There’s a reason he’s 6-1 in his last 7 fights.
rhydon my tauros
rhydon my tauros:
calf kicks worked because connor had a low flat footed boxing stance instead of his usual on his toes karate stance. He got away from controlling distance and being in an out and tried to just walk down and box dustin.
Derius Jones
Derius Jones:
Max should be in this segment. Send SAS home And let the man sleep.
Bar Hopper
Bar Hopper:
Took Floyd 10 rounds to knock out Mcgregor.

Poirier: Hold my beer
I have never been so proud of Stephanie A he finally learned how to watch the fights
Dustin hit him with all the Infinity Stones. "I went for the head"
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
Everytime I see Stephen A on every segment, I remember Charles Barkley...."They ain't goanna work me like a dog and not pay me." 😅
Oh my goodness imagine Jake Paul’s reaction 😂
James Pomeroy
James Pomeroy:
Chael Sonnen's regular speaking voice is the same as when you introduce your grandpa to earphones for the very first time, and then ask him what he thinks of them.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
“The Megamedov”

- Stephen A. Smith
Marcus Williams
Marcus Williams:
Can somebody tell Chael to use his inside voice my god man
Demian de Jesus
Demian de Jesus:
ESPN just can’t let Stephen A get some rest man
Truth HurtzButHealz
Truth HurtzButHealz:
Charles Oliviera: "I really really really dislike this segment."
3:31 - i can't stop seeing Cleveland Brown in my head.
G Mac II
G Mac II:
Let’s be honest, those silk sheets gifted by Floyd feel different. He’s no longer hungry.
Oh shoooots!!! I thought Mcgregor won from the news push app notification on my iPhone . I didn’t read it thoroughly and just assumed it was him winning a TKO . LOL , no way ! This is cool !! Congrats Poirier
Everytime I see Stephen A on every segment, I remember Charles Barkley...."They ain't goanna work me like a dog and not pay me." 😅
V Twin Power
V Twin Power:
People got mad at me when I use to say Connors days r done, he has too much money now to dig in n fight. Hes made it n it's time to go home n enjoy!
this is exactly what's we've been waiting for
SushiCry Streams
SushiCry Streams:
Stephen actually said something that made sense about mma in this video wow
It’s important that mcgregor gets knocked out at least once a year
For entertainment purposes 😂🤩
AgentCody Banx8
AgentCody Banx8:
I'm so glad Dustin won. Just shows how much growth he's had as a fighter. Conor was piecing him up but the calf kicks and the grappling let Dustin gain confidence until he turned it on. When Dustin turns it in, he doesn't miss. Amazing performance
WilsonBlock100 Radio
WilsonBlock100 Radio:
for espners watching, we skipped straight to Stephen's part lol
John Wick
John Wick:
Conor mcgregor predicted a 2nd round knockout he didnt expect to be the one to get knocked out cold intro
Jake Marez
Jake Marez:
Dustin proved he’s a top 3 fighter for real now it is confirmed !
ESPN literally making SAS work for every penny they paying him 😂😂
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
Everytime I see Stephen A on every segment, I remember Charles Barkley...."They ain't goanna work me like a dog and not pay me." 😅
Greg Skinner
Greg Skinner:
they be havin steven a cover EVERYTHING 😂
Bones “BonesJustice” Justice
Bones “BonesJustice” Justice:
Coming from a Huge McGregor Fan! Dustin Looked amazing! Super happy for him!
Chris Neagu
Chris Neagu:
Conner is getting humbled, by the end of the year he's gonna turn into Ghandi
AVE -:
I ain’t see one Conor fan mention his inactivity now all of them mention it as the excuse...
Alex Eddy
Alex Eddy:
Wow Stephen A with his first right analysis in this sport of all time congrats bud!!!
Jenom McLovin
Jenom McLovin:
I just can't wait for uncle Chael's new videos. And that makes you wonder just how good is Dustin Poirier.
Christopher Hamer
Christopher Hamer:
"Dustin's sumo style is the reason my connor lost. Poirier out weights him by 30 pounds." Skip Bayless
kalan terry
kalan terry:
Y’all tripping Give it to Dustin nobody even gave him a chance now all I’m hearing are Excuses
I told my wife that Dustin was going finish Conor this time around. Look I was right
Rarshi Bond
Rarshi Bond:
"ref i had all i can take, its time for me to hibernate" - also credit HaHa Davis
Denzel Watchington
Denzel Watchington:
*Wow, Congrats on the tighty whitey night, Dustin!*
Rob The Yorkshireman
Rob The Yorkshireman:
Well, I enjoyed this immensely!!!
Lucas Nauan
Lucas Nauan:
LMFAOOOO imagine bringing Stephen A. to comment about a UFC fight
ESPN in shambles rn
Nicholas Everett
Nicholas Everett:
I'll bet listening to Stephen A try to analyze MMA makes Chael want to laugh out loud.
Mr. Juiceballs_Jr
Mr. Juiceballs_Jr:
I feel Conor was to stiff, look at his other fights he’s loose and fluid, I feel like this is why he lost
One can only try to understand an equal, judgement occurs from a pedestal ✌️
Willis 6
Willis 6:
“I’m in the best shape of moi loif”
Jake Rafford
Jake Rafford:
finally, time for some in depth analysis
Lenny Marcus
Lenny Marcus:
Oh it's Stephen A, I'm sure this is going to well researched and balanced
I don’t know this reporters name but he’s my favorite reporter.
We need that " Karate stance " Conor McGregor! Bouncy and fast !
Pavle Stanisic
Pavle Stanisic:
It should have been uncle chael and bisping reacting to the fight
Conor is done for, he got exposed when he fought khabib and now he’s just a punching bag.
King K. Rool
King K. Rool:
This made my day.
Michael Santiago
Michael Santiago:
Stephen a just left the set and they was hey hold on we gotta fight at 12 lol
love stephen a but he probably doesn't even know what MMA means or stands for :)
Bebe Soto
Bebe Soto:
Stephen has now right talking about MMA and especially with these two beasts
MaCeo Millions
MaCeo Millions:
The ref saved Connor's life!
Caramel Shoes
Caramel Shoes:
I watched until Sonen started yelling at me
D Nixon
D Nixon:
They slaving Stephen A smh
Rob S.
Rob S.:
Idk why they're asking the dude on the right detailed questions about MMA
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
It’s actually 1-1 so rematch makes sense
Dominique Henry
Dominique Henry:
"Come get these hands n go to slumber land" credit haha davis
Javier Porro Suardiaz
Javier Porro Suardiaz:
We should get McGregor vs el Cucuy Ferguson. That'll be awesome to watch!
Michael Bisping still the best analyst in the game. Also the most entertaining IMO. ESPN should show him some love.
Although i will say it seems after the last humiliation he endured commenting on an mma situation, steven A has learned a little about the sport before speaking again.
Tej Lim
Tej Lim:
When you get rich your not the same anymore end of greatness for CONOR MCGREGOR, I'am very lucky and proud to witness all he brought in the UFC time to retire man spend more time to your family be a good father and husband enjoy life lodi you got nothing to prove you already proved the world and the mma what a legend you are
Luke Chandler
Luke Chandler:
Floyd fought once a year and never lost
Lord 2wice
Lord 2wice:
Conor got knocked the pluck out 😂
Troy Suther
Troy Suther:
I like having Chael w Stephan A. Great pairing of personalities, one mma rep, and one sports rep. Both veterans
Lets talk to Stephen A who knows nothing about MMA😂
Mike M
Mike M:
Khabib made him humble Lol Irish whiskey stocks went down.
I just rewatch conor fight with alvarez, and dam he look so different, conor is so much weaker than that time. I agree with chael man, connor need to be active. Start it over again or might be retire
McGregor was always more hype than fight. He was exhausted in the 2nd round. He's always tired.
Solo Leveler
Solo Leveler:
It's time for the CM Punk vs Conor Fight!!!!
Alex Eddy
Alex Eddy:
Chael gonna get in trouble for that bellator glove in the background
Nate Dogg
Nate Dogg:
For those non-casual UFC fans, we knew Dustin had a good chance to KO Conor, because he is an elite top 5 light-weight and easily the hardest opponent Conor has faced besides Khabib.
Mike Cali
Mike Cali:
INACTIVITY ? What an excuse. He fought OLD Washed up Cowboy in stages fight after 2 years of inactivity and NEVER mentioned that before
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez:
So Dustin gets no credit for having a perfect game plan and executing it perfectly? I swear Smith needs to get in an octagon to learn some respect for the fighters.