Real Madrid BEAUTIFUL Football under Ancelotti

Real Madrid BEAUTIFUL Football under Ancelotti
#RealMadrid #Football

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El Rey Jiren
El Rey Jiren:
Cristiano Ronaldo was the boss in Real Madrid Counter Attacks
A G:
CR7, Benzema, Bale and Di Maria created magic.
Alonso14 RM
Alonso14 RM:
Ronaldo, di Maria and Marcelo all playing on the left side was a cheat code in 13-14
Love Zizou, but Ancelotti is underrated
Raoul Awe
Raoul Awe:
Wonderful moments. Our attacking was from another planet. Wow.
Ronaldo involved in almost all play.
Complete Attacker!
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed:
9:12 that pass from bale🙌🏻🔥
Ricardo Reina
Ricardo Reina:
2015 madrid was fire even if they didn’t win anything they were really good, just unlucky
Diego Leiva
Diego Leiva:
The BBC James and Isco on his prime 🔥🔥🔥🔥
My Fav Manager after Fergie Carlo's a genius look how he transformed Everton . Real will always owe him for La Decima
DxR _
DxR _:
Isco on his prime 🔥🔥🔥
Anekwe Cross Kenneth
Anekwe Cross Kenneth:
When isco still knew what he was doing on a football pitch. His dip in form has been amazing
Sagnik Ghosh
Sagnik Ghosh:
Cristiano's vision and passing abilities are most underrated I have ever known. Imagine calling him "can't even pass","no vision for playmaking","only wait for tap in" etc etc...

Also, Bale and Di Maria in a suitable system and good co-operation, would tear any opposition apart.. even today

Hala Madrid 💪🏿💪🏿🔥
Archillies Mteketa
Archillies Mteketa:
Karim benzema was involved into every attacking move! The guy is awesome! BBC at their best! Bale is lost , cr7 is gone... Karim is there ! Life goes on! That was superior attacking forces
Timothy Myers
Timothy Myers:
James was used perfectly for us those days ❤️
Nand Kishore
Nand Kishore:
Benzema was and is such an integral part of our attack ❤️❤️
Rohit Vishwakarma
Rohit Vishwakarma:
notice how james flourished so much in ancelloti's era
Jeet Sonwani
Jeet Sonwani:
Oh god can’t believe we had this creativity in our squad seeing the endless crossing under Zidane make me sad.
Gabriel González
Gabriel González:
I almost forgot how good the BBC really was
John Leyland
John Leyland:
And now the poor sod is with a Mickey mouse club .Everton 🤣
laa a
laa a:
I miss 2014/2015 , very catchy even with no title that season.
Tsar Nicholas II
Tsar Nicholas II:
Real Madrid under Ancelotti played the most beautiful football ever
Robert Micallef
Robert Micallef:
The saddest is I miss hearing "real madrid's second goal"
Gonzalo Ventura
Gonzalo Ventura:
I loved that Di María 😭😭❤️
Mathematics Learn with new ideas
Mathematics Learn with new ideas:
This team made me real madrid fan for lifetime
Real ATBC:
I think in minutes 7:15 zidane because the hair and see the number and name he is morata🤣
4:17 everytime I see it I just laugh 😂😂
Its a shame that this team didn't win anything in 14/15(beside the Supercup and CWC)! They deserved atleast either La Liga or the UCL but still what a team this was!
Bignick 214
Bignick 214:
Good video I luv how much effort u b putting in 😍
Tactical Genius
Tactical Genius:
There so many assists keypasses dribblings like this in Cristiano's career.
But some people intentionally hide these things when they speak abt cr7.
Kenton Duncan
Kenton Duncan:
Watching this after we lost today 😭
Real Madrid always return to the top.
En lo Bueno y en lo Mal #HalaMadridyNadaMas
Galactico 999
Galactico 999:
The best goal under him was scored on the minute 92:48
Guess which one?
Luis Escobar
Luis Escobar:
*i miss this Real Madrid :c*
Alessandro Nesta
Alessandro Nesta:
Best Coach ever!
I have just beautiful remember with Legend Ancelotti in Ac.Milan my favorite
רועי שלמ שכטר
רועי שלמ שכטר:
our team under ancelotti was like a work of art come to life
Mayur Rane
Mayur Rane:
That was the first class final in Lisbon
1:42 lol that guy predicted the future
Ranjan Bhandari
Ranjan Bhandari:
Damn every goals were initiated from left side. What a combination it was from ronaldo and marcelo and di maria for sure.
rajarshi dey
rajarshi dey:
Zinedine zidane more likely to be future real Madrid coach ❤️
Love Margarita
Love Margarita:
CR7 was super peak under Ancelotti’s era. This guy could do everything
mumuk kololo
mumuk kololo:
ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ

I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii hq
Praveen Balajji
Praveen Balajji:
This the type of attack we require this season 😭
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
My favorite 3 games under Ancelotti:

1.- Real Madrid vs Atlético de Madrid (La décima)
2.- Real Madrid vs Barcelona (3-1)
3.- Shalke 04 vs Real Madrid (1-6)

Wonderful moments :')
spacey shakespeare
spacey shakespeare:
Madrid were just an "only La Liga" team before Ancelotti, he made them Europe King worthy again.
Luke Texter
Luke Texter:
They wore White
They wore black
They wore Blue
They wore pink
Most importantly they scored
wied you
wied you:
Bale amazingly good when he has short hair, but he didnt realize that.
Maxi B
Maxi B:
08:48 🤣🤣🤣 his voice! 😅😅😅 thank you for making me laugh 😁😁
Miss the counter attack ❤️
Arber Feka
Arber Feka:
Sergio Ramos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Gawr Honey
Gawr Honey:
"supa Squad"
Jair Hernández
Jair Hernández:
Super Squad! I miss this team. I really do
3:43 isco vs iniesta😍😍
When slenderman shows up: 8:49
H A U D Eツ
H A U D Eツ:
everywhere King Ronaldo 🔥🔥🔥
Fahrizal Saugi
Fahrizal Saugi:
14/15 was super squad 🔥🔥🔥
FC Tony14
FC Tony14:
Di maría in his prime 🔥
Nania stefany
Nania stefany:

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop pres
l'un de l'autre.
Sandya Aditya Erlangga
Sandya Aditya Erlangga:
real madrid with ancelotti was a masterpiece
Excellion Supreme
Excellion Supreme:
This team played wonderful football under him.
Ancelotti was so unlucky not winning anything from the major trophies in his last season.
Wish he would've stayed...
Unfortunately our president sold him:(
Good Luck
Good Luck:
I really miss this "super squad" 💔🖤
kiran lama
kiran lama:
pepe was so decent in ancletto time 😂😂😂
Mysterion ???
Mysterion ???:
Ancelotti uno de los mejores tecnicos que he visto 😎👌🏻❤
*SUPER SQUAD* halam madrid from *MALAYSIA* 🤗😍
Hatim Hatimo
Hatim Hatimo:
Nika Nika
Nika Nika:
Gjoka Soni
Gjoka Soni:
Whene You notice than Zidan was one important member of His staf..whene He win la "decima"
Ahmed faiz kc
Ahmed faiz kc:
In many Ronaldo's goals,he starts the counter and he finishes the counter👌🔥Those days were❤️💥🔥👑#hala madrid 🏳️❤️
Edison Matute-Salazar
Edison Matute-Salazar:
I love the live commentary!! Keep it up man!
Ali Hsbs
Ali Hsbs:
Memorys 😍😍
Muhammad Aldi Permana
Muhammad Aldi Permana:
Counterattack is always beautiful
Trincao la pulga
Trincao la pulga:
Super Squad 🔥 miss this real madrid 😭
MehdiHidde 4
MehdiHidde 4:
What A Team! Hala Madrid❤
Kamlesh Mukhopadhyay
Kamlesh Mukhopadhyay:
Miss James 😔
Thinesh TPY
Thinesh TPY:
May I know this videos bgm name. Thanks to all
Mo Ibra
Mo Ibra:
take me back to the days of the super squad
Hicham Smd
Hicham Smd:
Super squad ❤️
Digital Cutz
Digital Cutz:
Ancelotti and Zidane thank you both for exploiting this team to its max. Your work has made so many memorable moments for us.
khun ronald
khun ronald:
I miss those days 😭😭😭
Lopes João
Lopes João:
Olalalala quelle équipe 🥰
MehdiHidde 4
MehdiHidde 4:
MehdiHidde 4
MehdiHidde 4:
ØらΛ௱Λ ϦΛнΛн:
Best names and best team in the world 👑❤️ 😍
Deepraj Shrimali
Deepraj Shrimali:
Super Squad! 🔥
Anirudhan KS
Anirudhan KS:
E Q U I P O 🔥
Malek Fekir
Malek Fekir:
Super squad 😍
SanJar Gamer
SanJar Gamer:
Super Squad♥️♥️♥️
Yussif Ganiyu
Yussif Ganiyu:
The top three created a lot of magic in 2013/2014
Vipon Kamango
Vipon Kamango:
Best time I have ever had in my life in football at Carlo Ancelloti era
Super Squad !!! ;)
Konoha Studios
Konoha Studios:
Super squad💯
Channel moods
Channel moods:
*"super squad"*
MehdiHidde 4
MehdiHidde 4:
Hala Madrid❤
Wazir Afrasiab
Wazir Afrasiab:
can anyone tell me the name of this audio track ?
Arman Rahimzamani
Arman Rahimzamani:
It was the SUPER SQUAD. I miss this team.
Ben Ben
Ben Ben:
Benzema does and sees things that others can't.
احمد سعيد المشهداني Ahmed Saeed Al-Mashhadani
احمد سعيد المشهداني Ahmed Saeed Al-Mashhadani:
رزقني الله صوت جميل فوظفته في قرائه القرآن فهل اجد من يدعمني ولكم جزيل الشكر والتقدير
اخوكم من العراق
Saif Gebreel
Saif Gebreel:
Summer 2014 is undefeated for me as the best year ever. This team was one of the contributing factors
Жафар Акбарханов
Жафар Акбарханов:
Absolutaly briliant😍😍
Angel Falcon
Angel Falcon:
How I miss this Madrid.