Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo 7-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - La Liga 05/03/2016 HD

Title: Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo 7-1 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - La Liga 05/03/2016 HD
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eal Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane insists he is focusing on the end of the league season, despite the distractions of transfer rumours and the upcoming Champions League final.

Barcelona have already secured a third LaLiga title in the last four seasons, leaving Real to try to overcome a three-point deficit to city rivals Atletico and claim second place in the table.

Zidane’s side take on Celta Vigo in their final home game of the campaign on Saturday, with an away tie against Villarreal then followed by the Champions League final against Liverpool.

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M Putra63
M Putra63:
Miss ronaldo playing in real madrid again😭
Jrcηo Ɱusic
Jrcηo Ɱusic:
Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Best Player In The World♥️
Karaniano Singh
Karaniano Singh:
Ronaldo has no need of dribbling
He can score from standing at real Madrid goal side
Alex Iulian
Alex Iulian:
I watch those videos and realise that Real Madrid Was soo good
Wary Gamer
Wary Gamer:
CR7 is the king of football ⚽️👑
Kin Kin
Kin Kin:
CR7 is the best soccer player in the universe⚽️⚽️🎖🥇🇵🇹
Leidiane Miranda
Leidiane Miranda:
cr7 melhor da historia
El Cabo
El Cabo:
8:48 Ronaldo's family
Irina Grigoryan
Irina Grigoryan:
Real Madrid❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
I love Real Madrid i, happy that they win
Ronaldo !!! 4 GOAL OMG!! i love you so much 😘
bis shall subba
bis shall subba:
Andrew Thurber
Andrew Thurber:
I love watching videos like this, were all I hear is the atmosphere of the stadium, truly refreshing.
the skels BG
the skels BG:
1:09 Look For behind Cheetos Boy
rom turgeman
rom turgeman:
I was there😁
Leidiane Miranda
Leidiane Miranda:
4 gols Caracas ele é foda cr7
Hussein Majed
Hussein Majed:
4:32 what a goal from CR7
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez:
The good old days
Abhi h.d
Abhi h.d:
Ronaldo changed the game after second half and it was a god level gameplay by Real Madrid
alexandre mvoula
alexandre mvoula:
Ronaldo est vraiment trop fort
roshan raja
roshan raja:
Miss these days.
borkooo 111
borkooo 111:
Cr7 king
Ellis Ghassemi
Ellis Ghassemi:
Good job Real Madrid u won again I am a MANCHESTER UNITED fan but real brilliant game and Ronaldo
Nikolas Charalambous
Nikolas Charalambous:
Who noticed that the time went from 43 min to 40 min
Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa:
Cr7 jogou liso!!!!
Noor Deeq
Noor Deeq:
This match reminds of Ronaldo playing for Madrid. Old days are gold
jung heasther
jung heasther:
BEST OF BEST RONALDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maxamed maxamud D.
Maxamed maxamud D.:
My names mohamed caqli mohamoud dirie i always like and support real medrid
Yandel Vladimir
Yandel Vladimir:
Days When The Real finishs the game since the first half
5:24 the face of the dude in the stands behind the steward tho
Carlos Suárez 1E41
Carlos Suárez 1E41:
Lo Que Dejo Ir Florentino 😥😥
Бекболат Темирхан
Бекболат Темирхан:
Рахмет, саған Криштиано.Сенсіз футбол қызық емес.
Kara Şimşek
Kara Şimşek:
Aliana Wood
Aliana Wood:
In the words of Drake: "Why you keep on shootin' if you know that nigga dead.? That's the only kind of thing that gets you some respect."
María Guadalupe Soto garcia
María Guadalupe Soto garcia:
Estuviera padre que el Real Madrid vs América
ALEX the player Il madridista
ALEX the player Il madridista:
In This match ronaldo played amazing , im remember
Kara Şimşek
Kara Şimşek:
M Abdurrachman Rizky
M Abdurrachman Rizky:
King football and amazing player.
Christian Castro
Christian Castro:
I love watching videos like this, were all I hear is the atmosphere of the stadium, truly refreshing.
Elias Gabriel
Elias Gabriel:
7-1 ? Why does That score remind me of the "pentacampeao" ? 🤔 🇧🇷 B R A 7 1 L 🇧🇷 kkkkkkkk hahahahahaha 😂
Nikolas Charalambous
Nikolas Charalambous:
Also 53 min to to 50 min
Leroy Zwane
Leroy Zwane:
When cr7 had god like powers
kerem eren
kerem eren:
Cristiano 🔥💜
นาย นาย
นาย นาย:
Temel Abdullh
Temel Abdullh:
saymam ronaldo o 2 golü atarken dk 53 tü 50 oldu sonra 49 oldu
Ameth Wangsha
Ameth Wangsha:
Best ever.....😍😍😍
Daniyal Khan
Daniyal Khan:
But only the king can do it that's Cr7
Benjamin Baker
Benjamin Baker:
The grammar in these comments are hurting my brain
Ander Mendieta
Ander Mendieta:
Hùng Dũngtg
Hùng Dũngtg:
5:03 good
Toasty Wafflez
Toasty Wafflez:
5:04 plz do more replays
Kellen Weiss
Kellen Weiss:
Wow, Asensio looks a lot different now.
Mr_ Adekvat
Mr_ Adekvat:
Раньше Реал поражал всех , А сейчас что? Скатился вниз
Khoa Minh
Khoa Minh:
Gon reman hay
jay low
jay low:
They used to seem unbeatable huh..
Kamsan Jet
Kamsan Jet:
I like cr7. I watch it many times but i still want to watch..
GT_ 810*
GT_ 810*:
How times have changed.....
Ahmed Rahim
Ahmed Rahim:
Loads of empty seats. Why is that?
MIke Cole
MIke Cole:
🔥 Excellent. Every day better🔥. Earning money online is becoming more and more possible and easier. I also get better every day 💪
mike zhang
mike zhang:
Ronaldo is a beast on and off the field
ajaykumar reddy
ajaykumar reddy:
Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale 😍.. missing those days
أيأإد وؤهيب
أيأإد وؤهيب:
Shery Khan
Shery Khan:
7.1 hahah love u cr7
Francisco TB
Francisco TB:
RM 7---CV 1 = 7.1 millones de visualizaciones 2019
Really miss this moment! Please back cr ronaldo to real madrid #back ronaldo
Ternyata angka 7 adalah angka kberuntungn..
Meme Box
Meme Box:
Sri Lanka Sri Rama Jeyam take Aravindasamy 177
Adarsh B S
Adarsh B S:
They lost 1-7 but the goalie was actually doing a really good job.
Mind blowing match no words to express my feelings
Dom Zaiem
Dom Zaiem:
The GOAT of foot ball
_FoxyBall _
_FoxyBall _:
Back when they knew how to score goals
maximus alexander
maximus alexander:
Champions league 2017/2018 final...
02 legends of a Team in world football...
Its not which team will win.
Its the priviledge n the honour of watching Liverpool n Real Madrid play.
I'm sure past heroes n football legends of these 2 teams will b watching dead...or alive. Wil be AWESOME!
Nugraha 1996
Nugraha 1996:
You're the best CR7
Can't have that shit in Madrid lmao
abilbing 17
abilbing 17:
Arnav mathur
Arnav mathur:
No commentary?
Ze ToR
Ze ToR:
5:13 whyyy
Good old days back when Ronaldo was in our team
Noor Deeq
Noor Deeq:
I feel like crying when I see Madrid playing like this and Ronaldo and zidane part of the team. Old is gold
Niall Mckane
Niall Mckane:
Who’s here now he’s playing for juve
Manful Magic
Manful Magic:
Cahad C/cali
Cahad C/cali:
Mahad quruxlaw
Amit Gurung
Amit Gurung:
Were is those goals from real madrid now a days?😱
Malick Khan
Malick Khan:
Mine football legend Cr7 😍😍
Love U sir am big Fan Ov U 🙌🙌
Just Football 😍❤🙌
Me encanta cuando Cristiano le va a tapar la celebrada la cámara por el tío de seguridad
어어 좆두~ 대세는 메갓이다
Cristhian Cáceres D.
Cristhian Cáceres D.:
No podrí
a cansarme de ver jugar al bicho, impresionante!
Carrik Carrik
Carrik Carrik:
Cr,7 love you
Jimmy Logan
Jimmy Logan:
The abusive rest philosophically trace because flight frequently fasten excluding a daily quotation. picayune, rampant message
MR. googlep
MR. googlep:
Wtf 8:49 how you can play with mobile when ur father ronaldo score goal Wtf
Huyhoang Vu
Huyhoang Vu:
Trang lịch sử fifa khi nào mới có tiếp 1 huyền thoại như CR7.
Wassim Belal
Wassim Belal:
Where is this Real Madrid now?
เดดา นานา
เดดา นานา:
Alexy clc
Alexy clc:
Ronaldo King for ever LEGEND ! hala Madrid y nada màs 😍
Pessona English
Pessona English:
The Steward always blocks Ronaldo's celebration
Binto Babu
Binto Babu: