Real Sociedad vs Barcelona 1-2 Highlights & Goals Resumen & Goles 2020


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9 comentarios:

Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez:
Why does it say 3-1 in the title??
Jeevan Rai
Jeevan Rai:
Omg it happen already 😱😱😱😱😰😰
Farrel Ivander
Farrel Ivander:
Lord😭😭 and grizie is have a very big change
Omar Faise
Omar Faise:
Sonam Zangpo
Sonam Zangpo:
Where is Umtiti wall
Haitham Alallam
Haitham Alallam:
It’s not the real one
Ramesh Lama
Ramesh Lama:
Old Match deceiving people ... this match will be away from home ground for both team.
Haitham Alallam
Haitham Alallam:
The time is not right too
Why does messi shoot do slowly.... Next time ill pray for his strong shoot