Real Valladolid vs Barcelona [0-1], La Liga, 2020 - MATCH REVIEW

Arturo Vidal scored the winning goal, as Barça just about saw off Valladolid on Saturday afternoon - courtesy of Lionel Messi's 20th league assist of the season in La Liga. What did you make of the performance? And what did you make of Quique Setién's decisions?

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I thought the first half was really encouraging... but what on earth happened then in the second?!
Colin Jensen
Colin Jensen:
I almost died laughing when I saw that Valladolid guy getting a free 1v1 with Ter Stegen and then he tripped. Even Ter Stegen was laughing🤣😭
Here is my take on this performance:
-In the 1st half it would have easily have been 2 or 3-0
-In the 2nd half we looked slow and sluggish and if not for M.A.T.S Valladolid could have scored at least one goal.
-We looked descent in defense but we lacked pace.
-We clearly lacked actual wingers in the second half.
-Riqui Puig and Antoine Griezmann were subbed off too early.
-Luis Suàrez wasn't the right man for this game.
-And we just lacked consistent fluidity
Gitansh Jain
Gitansh Jain:
I watched Man city after the Barcelona game and they were so good. Chances after chances because they don't play players like Suarez!
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta:
Messi gives so perfect pass to his teammates and they cannot even return him a good pass..
That second half was one of the worst Barca performances I have ever seen...
Webb Santiago
Webb Santiago:
*Puig was not playing in the right position, he is a CM, setien put him at messis role and it didn't work, Griezman should have played with another striker either Suarez or Braithwaite and then messi behind them, with puig at mid*
Emmanuel Morton
Emmanuel Morton:
That’s what we get for having 6 players who are 31 years + and Suarez playing like a pregnant woman. We need to wash and refresh Barcelona with young, good and hungry youngsters else we will suffer if Messi leaves. We might also suffer in the champions league if we continue like this. We still shouldn’t give up tho. Vesca ell Barça.
go go go go go go
go go go go go go:
Messi’s new record for La Liga yaaaay, Also I think the lineup was good but I disagree with subbing in Suarez for Griezmann after half time.
Phil Jones’s Memes
Phil Jones’s Memes:
When you’ve got Lahoz refereeing, you know that theres going to be loads of cards and there were a lot. Jordi Alba really needs to learn how to shut his mouth when Lahoz is the ref.
Tobechukwu Ikeh
Tobechukwu Ikeh:
I wonder why Griezmann was taken off, even though he missed some chances, at least he was in good positions, but Suarez was a disaster. Utter embarrassment
Abha Agrawal
Abha Agrawal:
Suarez was so bad. Semedo was amazing, but the second half formation really hurt him. The substitutions were terrible. Ter stegen was brilliant once again.
Abhinav Pandey
Abhinav Pandey:
First half was actually one of the most attacking and beautiful game I've seen from Barca in like 3 seasons..taking off Griezmann, Puig, Lenglet was a mistake but again..if he won't try those right now, we'll go in CL without knowing what we can do and what we can't!
Tushar Garg
Tushar Garg:
Introduction of Suarez in place of Griezmann was a big mistake!!
Keep up the exceptional work Jamie Well I’m extremely glad we got the win because everything else about that game especially in the second half was extremely underwhelming...abysmal in fact I think it was fatigue but still, I’m being strict because this is Barca...BARCA! and right now we are not performing and I’m sick of it.😔, apart from Roberto , Semedo, Vidal, Ter Stegan and Pique everyone else was awful and honestly shouldn’t play next game after their performances, we were so flat , no energy no urgency to get another one , especially in the second half , the only form of attack we had was down the right because Semedo today was brilliant , reminded me of Dani Alves. I love Leo but today he wasn’t great , yes he got the assist and did some volley passes we’re simply out of this world but apart from that and a freekick he wasn’t good enough and needs to redeem himself next game, ffs man all I want is for us to play well mannn. STAY SAFE PEOPLE VISCA EL BARCA 🔴🔵❤️
Mudassir Adam
Mudassir Adam:
I can't imagine this team playing Bayern
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta:
We really really need a no 9 !!!
The More suarez plays the more he gets worse😓
Praneeth Kumar Sajulu
Praneeth Kumar Sajulu:
I just don't understand why did Setien change the formation in the second half, when we were playing so well in the first half?
I died when Suarez tripped on the ball, that happens to me when I haven't played Football for 3 months and they play but for a pro like Suarez😂😂, turning point truly was the Puig substitution
Franz Noronha
Franz Noronha:
Taking off Riqui was a bad decision from Setien!
Mike Toreno
Mike Toreno:
This is the true meaning of:
Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half.
Get well soon Jamie 🙏 , remember to take breaks if u need them bro , we will always be here man , keep up the tremendous work man your work rate is so so good 👏
Lo Low
Lo Low:
The second half was dreadful, just a mess. I can’t even begin to explain what happened, we’re lucky we didn’t lose the lead.
Experthead 805
Experthead 805:
Bro with a performance like the second half we will lose by 20:0 to Bayern in the cl if we even get past Napoli.
Denis A.
Denis A.:
brilliant game from Somedo. He could havwehad at least 3 assists and a goal
All of our rhythm in attack gets destroyed because of Suarez , he is the only one on the team that consistently falls over the ball because his dribbling is abysmal , constantly keeps killing attacks🤦‍♂️
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma:
I just LMAO when I see Suarez trying to dribble
Thabiso Tumisang
Thabiso Tumisang:
Same with Vidal, the man offers nothing in possession apart from the goals he has scored. This team can't even do counter attack only because of this aging squad.
That second half all the players looked so tired as if they couldn’t keep up and our tempo was draining away. Taking out puig was a bad play in my opinion. He could have kept the flow going.
Pique and Ter stegen saved us from losing 5-1 today
Dan Addo
Dan Addo:
Suarez will score 1 wonderful goal to OVERSHADOW all the USELESS football he plays in a game. BARÇA need a COMPETENT STRIKER. The fitness level of the PLAYERS (5 /10)
Joshi Naivil
Joshi Naivil:
What the hell Suarez was doing???he didn't even pass , even he couldn't capitalize brilliant assist from messi
Dimitri Persad
Dimitri Persad:
We need an angry rantman for Barcelona 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
5 Seconds of One Direction
5 Seconds of One Direction:
never thought i'd ever say this but our defence has somehow been the best part of our squad recently
Ayyitsabe _
Ayyitsabe _:
The lack of energy during the second half was disastrous from the aging squad. Setien also had the audacity to take Puiq out who was brilliant and energetic.
Nep Vape
Nep Vape:
Show some love for our boy NELSON SEMEDO with LIKE, Barto tried to swap deal him with other players , but he's a hardworking and talented player. Barca will be fool to sell him where a decent RB is scarce in the market.
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma:
Samedo was very enjoyable to watch in the first half continuously making the overlapping runs ,and in the second half it seem like samedo never crossed the half line
Kumar Rajadityam
Kumar Rajadityam:
What on Earth we r playing man!We struggle almost every team and found tough to win even against B class teams.
Setien is Valverde 2.0.
1.Under Valverde,even tough we struggled away from home but it was assured that we will be playing gorgeous football at Camp Nou and we used to win by like 4-5goals (unlike some rare exceptions)
But but, Setien's team struggle to score even a single goal,wtf possession matters if there's no end product.
2.Valverde used to make amazing subs and Messi was featuring with god like stats, unlike Setien whose subs are feeble and Messi is on the worst year of his footballing career, according to his footballing standards.
Messi and ter stegen should move out of this club asap,where their brilliance and potential won't get wasted and can reign their dominance again in the world of football
mathias pedersen
mathias pedersen:
The chance Griezmann had at 11 min. shows he lacks confidence. All the way, he is looking for Messi, instead of taking his own chance. What a shame.
Ishan P
Ishan P:
Riqui puig is just phenomenal man!! He is just insanely talented!! I just hope Pjinic does not eat up his minutes next season!! He should be an undisputed starter!!
Pratick Kafley
Pratick Kafley:
I really hope griezmann had another problem that forced him to be subbed off at half
Russell James
Russell James:
Since setien arrived Messi just hasn't been the same! He's suffering and it's costing us!
RealTalk with Phil
RealTalk with Phil:
I'm just watching this game to anticipate best possible lineups for next season and seeing other players get game time, not because I'm expecting any miracles for league title.
This summer we should sell Suarez and bring in a new striker with good finishing and good pace
Asika Chibuikem
Asika Chibuikem:
Riqui Puig is that energy in the midfield that transmit to the final 3rd, he removal always slows down the pace of the game. He was the change in the game
Jonathan Rambarran
Jonathan Rambarran:
The new system seems great with roberto and semedo at the back. Gives more security at the back against counters. And the second half seemed like they were testing how well they could handle pressure, because against Bayern there will be a lot of it. This new system could be used. Hope Griezmann recovers quickly and fully...
Random Gamer
Random Gamer:
That game was sad to see. I was nervous in the last 15 minutes of the game.
Football in Shorts
Football in Shorts:
Not considering the fluffed chance,Griezman was a lot better than Suarez IMO..
If these players are going to play next season as well then there is no chance for winning any titles next season
Dhanush Jayaramu
Dhanush Jayaramu:
Whenever puig and ansu are on the pitch the game is automatically quick or else it becomes lethargic
Dad Monster
Dad Monster:
This was definitely one of the last games to try out underdeveloped formations and combinations in professional matches. We still got our points. Honestly I believe they need more team building activities, unfortunately that seems difficult given the current climate. Even in the countries that are in better shape. When it's all said and done, we've gained some knowledge. It's how we put it into practice that matters.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Gravity town
Gravity town:
Save some praise for our shaqiri boy,
Brilliant all round and no crosses swept past his legs/head except 2.
Also managed to avoid a card from lahoz after much of a rant.
Suarez played like your uncle after the barbecue
saurab dhakal
saurab dhakal:
1st half was very good becoz barca players were energetic but in second half all the ageing players came on and one more thing is the games are being played in every 3 days with short time for rest, i think this is the problem. Against Villarreal they had almost 1 week break and just see they played the full game with energy.
Leon&Co Gaming
Leon&Co Gaming:
The game was very bizarre, the first half was stunning, but the 2nd half was confusing and lacklustre. I think taking Puig off changed the game...
Swapnanil Kundu
Swapnanil Kundu:
I think the changes in the formation we saw from Setien in the second half was some random experiment to prepare for the Champions League, nothing to worry about that. And also I think Setien wanted to give some of the players like Araüjo and Firpo some game time ahead of UCL.
Richy Kaweesa
Richy Kaweesa:
That first half line up was brilliant!!! All that remains is Dejong and we will be fire!!
Zlatiano Ronaldhimovic
Zlatiano Ronaldhimovic:
I was expecting Barcelona to score at least 3 goals🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Well let’s be happy for the 3pts and the clean sheet💪🏾
I see griezmann in our starting lineup and we are already playing a man down! 😂😂😂
Jon Phøenix
Jon Phøenix:
Moreover, in the recent matches, while consulting match stats, I discovered that Leo was the player who incurred the most turnovers(ball losses)... He definitely needs players around him so he may rest a little... I hope we'll not see that type of match Vs Osasuna.
Honestly wondering if these players could actually keep up this intensity because we’ve always seen a drop in the second half in the past few games.
Rohan Shukla
Rohan Shukla:
semedo for me is really underrated. We should really start giving him a lot more credit for all of his runs and his pace
Raheel Qureshi
Raheel Qureshi:
all the negatives apart... I am excited to see Puig and De Jong in the midfield play together and yeah Semedo was also fantastic.
I feel this match was just an experiment, and that Barca will return to the system being used previously, Setien is just trying to get the best tactic and performance from the players before the Champions League
It’s just shocking and frustrating really how am I gonna take time out of my day to watch performances like the second half. We have no clue how to counter attack we get close to the box and then we just start walking and mess it up for ourselves. This was Against Valladolid as well this was so poor we don’t know how to end games early on
Thanks for posting James. And get well soon!
I Think we'll need something special to clasp any silverware this season.
Andrew-William II Mbatia
Andrew-William II Mbatia:
I hope you’re well Jamie... another underwhelming performance but we can only hope for the best... Força Barça 💙❤️
Sanmay Chakrabarti
Sanmay Chakrabarti:
Setien changed the formation in second half because Semedo was finished by constantly attacking. Puig had work the most and was probably very tired, which started showing in his passes, swaping with rakitic was probably a way to bring in fresh energy. However, rakitic being the new rakitic, the plan backfired. Lenglet and busquets swap was also for the same reason, but the problem was our bench has 0 versatility right now. The very fact that our wing backs had to play as wingers showed it.
Sidharth Pradhan
Sidharth Pradhan:
What an encouraging first half, fast, precise and entertaining. Second half should have lost us the game many times over. Should have played braitwaite along with Griezmann.
Hayden Gutierrez
Hayden Gutierrez:
rique puig shouldn't have been taken off, we need his energy for the full 90 mins. thank god we have ansu next match. play Braithwaite more often too -> he is always jockeying and making runs in between. there's also so many times griezmann is running between defenders and no one is picking him those passes
As always, on point with the reviews. Hope you recover quickly!
Santosh Bhusal
Santosh Bhusal:
I think what setien did in 2nd half was that testing each player and was looking what they can offer.I think he is using these last 3 games to find right players at right spot so that he can train them accordingly in 3 weeks period before champions league game and also at the same time ,not lose the game and keep pressure on Real Madrid.
Sohel Mokashi
Sohel Mokashi:
Var is saving real madrid and ter stegan is saving us from Humiliation
Siddharth Vaz
Siddharth Vaz:
Setien heard me by switching to a back 3, but that only makes sense as a formation to accomodate 3 central attackers. The formation that would really suit them is the one employed by Atalanta with 2 no. 10s behind a 9 or the 2 strikers and one cam as that employed in the previous 2 games. But either way, 3 at the back to accomodate that front 3 is key.
*suazrez never score an expected goal😢*
*He missed a lot*
Emmax endowed
Emmax endowed:
I’m really tired of this promise promise promise. I just don’t want to soil my emotions with Barca’s woe
shehu musa
shehu musa:
It just makes me remember emery in arsenal.A coach that changes formation alot is an indication they have not master a system yet ,such coach can't be a Barcelona coach
Joseph Bello
Joseph Bello:
Suarez’ ball control is the worst I’ve seen from any striker in my life
Griezmann is injured and said that his season has already ended what are your thoughts??
semedo played really well last night specially in the first half
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma:
If that was old Suarez or Martin on those 2 through balls ,then it would've been a one on one vs the keeper
Ishan P
Ishan P:
I think the team we’re looking really really fatigued!! Man the second half was not encouraging at all but it was weird !!
No I'm Spartacus
No I'm Spartacus:
Semedo man of match for me. It will be interesting to see if he stays or goes in the summer. The game it self was definitely a game of two halfs. We keep pressure on Madrid.
Luke 008
Luke 008:
Hope your feeling better soon Jamie. And hope we can find the right system and get past Napoli in the UCL
Dorgan Joseph
Dorgan Joseph:
Semedo is really good... It's delightful watching semedo play but Barcelona doesn't value him
Yes. Semedo and puig was very good in the first half
AS domain
AS domain:
It's quite clear we need to play Griezmann as a second striker if we want to use his full potential or have any kind of game changing affect
David Hrabec
David Hrabec:
You cannot really blame Setien, when average age of the squad is above 30, which is alarming. You cannot play beautiful football with overpaid, overaged primadonas.
That suarez dribble where he forgot the ball made my day😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Dude plays like a 3yo kid wtf
Obiorah Callistus
Obiorah Callistus:
I love this 3 back defense because Roberto helped in the midfield even as a center back... Maybe we should switch to 3 4 1 2 formation
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
I’m not gonna lie, I knew this formation wouldn’t work because we played this formation with Real Betis and we lost. This time we won but not confidently. But I’m not angry, the players are just extremely tired.
Messi 10
Messi 10:
If we continue to play like this then trust me there’s no chance of winning the champions league. Bayern or city could win
Provido Keli
Provido Keli:
when playing alone upfront and having defenders following its alot of pressure and with no player coming to assist it becomes difficult to finish the move see also the keeper covers the goal space so moving to the right would be better but defenders are already there. this game starting greizman and if not suarez breithweit would be more better
Rahul Vispute
Rahul Vispute:
Right now i think gasperini is a best coach .. He's tactics is lit 🔥🔥 .. Team like Atalanta is on 3rd position in seria A & also reached UCL semi finals .. I think Quique should use his formation ..
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez:
Pique has been amazing. But as the last season, when he is amazing the team sucks
Can someone pls tell me the last time Messi was played through on goal?
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
The first half was really good but I don't know what happened in the second half. We were quite poor in the second half but I don't understand why Suarez keeps on starting. He's declined heavily and offers nothing when he doesn't score. He needs to be dropped man. But nevertheless a win is a win. We move on
Skeleton X Soul
Skeleton X Soul:
Guys setien is experimenting with the line up give him the time he will do good..
Mickie Morris
Mickie Morris:
I don't understand why Setien is still changing systems.
The formation against Villarreal is the only solution with Messi in the middle
Yung Harry
Yung Harry:
Today Greizman has a night mare..he couldn't pass well and he almost had an open goal but unfortunately he missed it 😢