Red Hot Chili Peppers The Forgotten Guitarist Jack Sherman, Pre John Frusciante, Hillel Slovak

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With new of John Frusciante rejoining the Red Hot chili Peppers I thought it would be a good time to revisit the story of Jack Sherman in the band's history

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100+ comentarios:

I just heard the news
RIP Jack Sherman
Christian Esposito
Christian Esposito:
Dave navarro??????
Brady Connor
Brady Connor:
I think people remember Sherman more than they remember Arik Marshall
s staners
s staners:
Dude, True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes, Get Up and Jump, as well as Green Heaven is some of Sherman’s best work. Sad he didn’t get more dues than the other members.
He’s not forgotten in my book. My favorite riff of his is Get Up and Jump. Shout out to Arik Marshall aswell!
Alex Mackey
Alex Mackey:
Anthony looks like such a d-bag prancing around on that stage.
RIP Jack
They think of dave navarro, not 3.. they think of 4.. Another ill prepared video.
Kanthaka the white
Kanthaka the white:
Should have been inducted in the hall of fame R.I.P
Michael V
Michael V:
Jack Sherman is amazing. Grand Pappy Du Plenty is one of the best instrumental tracks of all time.
Erik Lawson
Erik Lawson:
I was a big RHCP fan in early 90s. I think it's shitty how they did him for Rock hall of Fame. Glad Frusciante has rejoined but wonder what would happen if people trolled them about Jack Sherman. Lol.
Reuben Raya
Reuben Raya: didn't mention Dave Navarro. So technically he's the most forgotten RHCP guitarist, even by the YouTuber.
Rest in peace, Jack.,
Ângelo Lima
Ângelo Lima:
RIP Sherman! Thank you for being part of the family... 🖤
cosmic politician
cosmic politician:
I love rhcp but I'm going off Anthony at a rapid rate!
Back when the Peppers were Awesome! Love the old school albums. Ironic & sad that Sherman didnt get a check until the band hit it bug. Goddamn Anthony Keidis is such a douche.
Hey Yo
Hey Yo:
I wonder how many trips Anthony Kiedis made to Epstein's Island? He is known for liking very young 'looking' female fans....
H.S. Darke
H.S. Darke:
John's coming back!
Shamit Bikram Shah
Shamit Bikram Shah:
Musicians stealing from other musicians are low
I’m just glad John’s back
JT LeMay
JT LeMay:
I was JUST listening to one hot minute first the first time since the 90s. Like 20 minutes ago
RevenantRoad Records
RevenantRoad Records:
Rest easy, Jack Sherman.
Livingston Conant
Livingston Conant:
8/20/20 RIP Jack
DeWayne McKnight? He was in for a while before John came around! Dh Peligro was on drums.
Rock Landers
Rock Landers:
Nobody forgot hillel, he died and the real RED HOT chili peppers were formed
Jawbreaker 13
Jawbreaker 13:
He just died... RIP!
thrashed potatoes
thrashed potatoes:
Arik Marshall's if you have to ask performance was top notch
majestic nine
majestic nine:
R.I.P. Jack Sherman
Eighteen Rabbit
Eighteen Rabbit:
Actually, I am the forgotten guitarist of TRHCP. My name is Ron Devere but everyone including the band and everyone who ever saw me perform with the peppers seems to have forgotten.
Ham Head
Ham Head:
David Nissim
David Nissim:
I just heard that he passed away. RIP
Into the Sarlacc
Into the Sarlacc:
R.I.P Jack Sheman! keep rockin’ in Heaven 🤘🏼
James Cotner
James Cotner:
Six guitar players all together.
Buffy The Nazi Slayer
Buffy The Nazi Slayer:
Geez they love kicking people out of the band hey
Mitch Clark
Mitch Clark:
Honestly, the band could have stood up for Jack at the Hall of Fame if they wanted to. I doubt the Hall of Fame would have fought them. It was definitely a snub by the band and there is no excuse for it.
Josh Klinghoffer???
Moving Socks
Moving Socks:
I grew up with his son and knew Jack, he recently passed away from a heart attack. Rip.
SmartGUYcontrolzz A.T
SmartGUYcontrolzz A.T:
Never forgot about the OG sherman best guitar player out of them all hate he was gone before it all really took off 💯
Necesary Evil
Necesary Evil:
I thought this was about Dave Navarro 🤣
Eeeither way do some Janes Addiction vids!
Matthew F
Matthew F:
Drugs are great.
Joe Dirt Jr
Joe Dirt Jr:
RIP jack.
Raisa Cherry
Raisa Cherry:
Anthony was so cute with that burgundy hair 😍😍😍😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤
Carlos P. Castaneda
Carlos P. Castaneda:
After watching your channel for a while, your voice reminds me of the channel Guns N Roses Central. . .
No love for Arik Marshall! The other forgotten guitarist 🎸🎸🎸🎸🌶🌶
whaddabout Davey boy?
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford:
Do a video about when nickleback tried to play a metal festival and they booed him relentlessly🤣🤣 I cry laughing watching Chode Krudder try to get the crowd back.
I love this channel, greetings from a fellow Albertan!!
Vasco Frederico
Vasco Frederico:
Rip for Jack Sherman✌️!
John Frusciante is BACK !!!
Flea and Les Claypool need to do a dueling bass' show.
Jake Hackl
Jake Hackl:
Moab T. Frican
Moab T. Frican:
Hell yeah, love Get Up and Jump! I like that album too
Brandye Nycole
Brandye Nycole:
RIP Jack
Renata Sings Linda Ronstadt And others
Renata Sings Linda Ronstadt And others:
Graham Kristensen
Graham Kristensen:
It sucks that this band can't hold on to a guitar player.
alex chalakee
alex chalakee:
Every band that got huge has many ex members that probably want a cut of the money.
Satyr Angel
Satyr Angel:
u mama
u mama:
In order to forget him, I'd have to have known him to begin with.
Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz:
Wtf? How about dave?
Tito Lebowitz
Tito Lebowitz:
James Cotner
James Cotner:
Anthony is really starting to annoy me
Brent Scott
Brent Scott:
You forgot Dave Navarro
Awesome upload! I love the Chili Peppers!!!💘
RIP Jack Sherman.
Jack Gusting
Jack Gusting:
RIP Jack Sherman...
Mt Sand
Mt Sand:
Rest in Peace Jack Sherman
chester kolb
chester kolb:
i love this guitar player
Timothy Bolt
Timothy Bolt:
Arik Marshall?
Nilay Mishra
Nilay Mishra:
RIP jack Sherman
B W:
Be cool if jack Sherman got together and start a band with hank Sherman from merciful fate it could be called Sherman and Sherman or just the Sherman's
Shawn Marseguerra
Shawn Marseguerra:
Flea doesnt even Mention Jack in his book Acid For the Children
Speculation aside, Kiedis is a d-bag. After reading his autobiography I hated him and understood much more clearly why John and him didn't get along. Flea, being the incredible being he is, seemed to hold the whole thing together.
katherine hunter
katherine hunter:
Rest in Peace Jack Sherman.
Aaron Pannell
Aaron Pannell:
Did he write good times boys!! That's such a great song
Thor Carlton
Thor Carlton:
I love when people who were barely in big bands for a minute act like they're getting ripped off because they aren't rich off of what they did. He played on the first album, not BSSM or Californication.
Daniel D
Daniel D:
Anthony and john are both junkies john got river phoneix into drugs
Shawn Marseguerra
Shawn Marseguerra:
David navarro
There's also a forgotten bassist of Metallica , Ron McGovney
john doe
john doe:
Not forgotten amongst peppers fans like me.
vegans must always be bullied regardless
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith:
I think the narrator needs to go back and do his homework. As soon as I found out that this video was not about Navarro, I was out.
We Need Jack Back!!
St-Christian Aldrin
St-Christian Aldrin:
Jesse Tobias?
Live Wire
Live Wire:
Vegan healthy living= dead before the other guys doin all the dope
Tales From The Lotus Podcast
Tales From The Lotus Podcast:
Mothers milk is where they started getting good anyway
Andrew Rand
Andrew Rand:
I wonder where Jack Sherman is today
Alain Johannes.
Alex Gidiotis
Alex Gidiotis:
What about Dave Navarro?
Larry David
Larry David:
First album is great in places the guitar sounds are wild. But hillel was much better for them. AK is a complete wanker of a guy.
Erica Dahlstrom
Erica Dahlstrom:
Should consider himself lucky, 1 bc the big boys should have got any royalties from the first lp,since rchp ripped them right off,2 when they got into rnr Hof, I'd been happy not to be part of the worst band in history. They Fu in suck
Brendan Hird
Brendan Hird:
First view
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones:
They sound like Seinfeld theme tune music to me.
Φωτεινή Ηλ
Φωτεινή Ηλ:
Lol how John Frusciante is forgotten when I personally have a fan page on insta I constantly post him and everyone comments how much they love him
RevenantRoad Records
RevenantRoad Records:
Dude. Well done.
While Jack Sherman is a sorry whiny individual, he's a great guitar player and deserves to be acknowledged.
Bruce Gruben
Bruce Gruben:
Yeah flea compared to Geddy Lee, Les Claypool, John Paul Jones. Get a grip.
Ernest T
Ernest T:
A true RHCP fan would never forget Hillel Slovak.
Bruce Gruben
Bruce Gruben:
One of the most overrated band ever. Mediocre at best. Guitar vocals bass mediocre. Drums are decent.
A G:
It isn’t the Hall of Good Guitarists. It isn’t the Hall of Guitarists that Helped. Seems odd that a dude who has been in the entertainment biz since the 90’s was never told that the Hall of Fame is for people that are Famous.
John Chedsey
John Chedsey:
RHCP is one of those bands that seemed cool when I was 18 but now just seem like a bunch of jokers. Sure, Flea is immensely talented, but I can't think of a single reason to ever play any of their albums from start to finish...especially with Kiedas' bad singing.
Daniel D
Daniel D:
Flea is gross almost 60 always half naked on stage