Reds run riot against the Saints! | Manchester United 9-0 Southampton | Highlights | Premier League

See the best of the action from an astonishing night at Old Trafford as the Reds ran out 9-0 winners against Southampton in the Premier League.

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newlink production
newlink production:
Brendon Dutra
Brendon Dutra:
When you play on the "beginner" level on FIFA just to free your anger
This is LITERALLY just the goals and red cards.
Gbenga Webo
Gbenga Webo:
I'm mad that the commentary team didn't appreciate scott mactominay goal
It was superb
Tebak Siapa aku?
Tebak Siapa aku?:
Lord Lingardinho after scoring 2 goal for west ham vs aston villa : "miss me?"

MU : "not really"
Ash Scott
Ash Scott:
Guy who scored the own-goal was probably quite relieved to see a few more go in. At least he didn't make them lose 1-0 in the final minute.
9 men 9 goals : Easy
Jordan Knight
Jordan Knight:
Greenwood had a very underrated performance, credit to him he was fantastic!
ManU: 0 - 0
Admin: 3 min highlight
ManU: 9 - 0
Admin: still 3 min highlight
Henrik Ibsen
Henrik Ibsen:
Im so happy with Cavani - perfect signing!
Anders Björklund
Anders Björklund:
@Manchester United Please include more build up footage when showing goals. Would've loved to see Lindelöf's stunning pass to Rashford in the build up for 1-0!
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος:
It was unfair . I mean , what the saints can do against Red Devils ? GGMU
Trilok Ramdass
Trilok Ramdass:
On 2 occasions, Southampton played football like a game of cricket!!!😂😂😂😂😂

First Leicester in October 2019, and then Man Utd in February 2021!!!😆😆😆😆😆

In both games, Southampton lost 9 wickets!!!😅😅😅😅😅
Sports fan 74
Sports fan 74:
The Mctominay goal is the most impressive. Anyone who plays football knows the technique in that shot is really difficult to pull off 👌
Is it only me or anyone else can watch this 100 times and still not get bored!!
Лукас Гарсиев
Лукас Гарсиев:
now imagine Bayern München x Southampton
Fayyaz Ahmed Rai
Fayyaz Ahmed Rai:
Felt sorry for Southampton🙁 Great work from Man United😉 as they took their chances.

Im a Barca fan though........but i respect every team.
Affan Hermieda
Affan Hermieda:
Can't believe that this team (South) used to be our opponents in the EFL final back then.
well done lads 🔥
ASMR Sensations
ASMR Sensations:
The 2nd Red Card really killed them, 30 more minutes and it would have been 20-0
Cilacap JawatengahVEVO
Cilacap JawatengahVEVO:
Kenapa ngga di genapin 1 lusin aja sih, tanggung banget deh...
Bravo MU
You can see the pain on the south Hampton coaches face
azwanfairuzi yahya
azwanfairuzi yahya:
James is all over in the front line and never stagnant...awesome!!
Croz Raven
Croz Raven:
Great match & the team should really performed like this more consistently.
Peter Daniel
Peter Daniel:
And Man united didn't over celebrated it, i respect them for that. They all knew it felt worst for them
ASY Motovlog
ASY Motovlog:
I see an Scholes trademark shoot in McTominay's goal 🔥🔥
On Eath, We Rise
On Eath, We Rise:
This was such a great game and such a defeat too 😂😂😂
Prince Afolabi
Prince Afolabi:
What an incredible performance. Up Manchester United!!!!
Kelly Bankz
Kelly Bankz:
The Mctominay goal is my favorite🤠🤠🤠
Marc Aomine
Marc Aomine:
When Martial wants to play football there is the result ( brace 🔥)
Christian van Heerden La O
Christian van Heerden La O:
I remember I was talking to my friend and this one arrogant Tottenham fan let's call him Spursy.
Spursy was making fun of me as a United fan and gradually as the 90 min passed the Chelsea guy, the Everton guy and the Aston Villa girl all started laughing at Spursy
What a fantastic game🔥
I love how the Southampton manager is just there laughing
Blue Hair Shanks
Blue Hair Shanks:
Martial confidence back up. Bruno back assisting. Shaw still outstanding. Finally a clean sheet. GGMU
Coré Suárez
Coré Suárez:
Cómo dijo el Kun: Bueno... Vamoh a jugá 😂😂
Aydin İlyasbegrin
Aydin İlyasbegrin:
What a win! What a team! 😍👊
Zie 05
Zie 05:
What a match 🔥
R J:
History in the Making ❤️
TaBong Prestige
TaBong Prestige:
McTominay is Roy Keane, Carrick. The boy gives it his all, all the time!!! He's gonna be here for a long long time and he's gonna be a legend. You just watch. GGMU♥️
The Crowd must have gone crazy in this match but covid again did it all
Hari BirdPoint
Hari BirdPoint:
Important win, but still respect opponent 👍
John Ronan
John Ronan:
Mctominay never ceases to impress me!!!
Gupta General Stores
Gupta General Stores:
That McTominnay goal was so easy on the eyes. Smooth as butter.
Chinonso Okoroafor
Chinonso Okoroafor:
I was actually feeling bad for the Southampton's boss🥺. The pain in his eyes made me teary😢. I'm a Man Utd fan.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy:
Cómo dijo el Kun: Bueno... Vamoh a jugá 😂😂
Wow!That's a huge result,hope you get back at the top of the table
Andre Thomas
Andre Thomas:
Here u can see that lightning does struck twice😂😂😂
Frank Servant
Frank Servant:
Thank you ref for the win
-_- 0.0
-_- 0.0:
Southampton: Let's just play this game

Man Utd: *Peace was never an option*
Mobile Games KH
Mobile Games KH:
wow wow wow! What a Great Victory! Cheers.......... for Manchester United!
Holden Cross
Holden Cross:
All these goals were beautiful.
M Tredy Parta Wijaya
M Tredy Parta Wijaya:
That's passion 1:11 love it!
Kareem :
Kareem ::
Mctominay deserves more credits and praises. His performance today corroborates why coaches get obsessed to him. Kudos to the entire team
If Southampton player gets a red card the score is 9-0 confirmed once again!
Lord Lingardinho after scoring 2 goal for west ham vs aston villa : "miss me?" MU : "not really"
Adrian Williams
Adrian Williams:
Came here to make me feel better about the 1-1draw 😭😭😭
El Robe
El Robe:
Todo mi apoyo Ánimo y fuerza para todos
Class 🔥
Farhan Syabani
Farhan Syabani:
On Fire🔥
Aracle Wellbad
Aracle Wellbad:
Great goal from martial
South Africa - Gone Viral
South Africa - Gone Viral:
awesome game Man united this team forever lets gooo reddds
Football Now and Then
Football Now and Then:
We donate this win to all mothers out there, carrying us for nine 9 months just as united carried the saint is not easy
Tay YH 郑义衡 • 31 years ago
Tay YH 郑义衡 • 31 years ago:
mctominay scored the best goal imo
Wojtekk Gie
Wojtekk Gie:
Alex Santos
Alex Santos:
Cavani ótimo atacante
Lol Channel
Lol Channel:
Seneng banget liat MU cetak gol sebanyak ini 😊
Jurgen Klopp in his house right now: ohh what a surprise, Man Utd scored a goal from another penalty.
Zak Kazi
Zak Kazi:
Excellent goal by Martial and Big McT
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr:
Even in Rugby matches players struggles to score so many goals
Abhishek RC
Abhishek RC:
I wish United scored 3 less goals here against a 11 Southampton players, 2 more goals against Sheffield and 1 goal against Arsenal.
Then the riot frenzy about scores should have been justified.
Reece Baptiste
Reece Baptiste:
💯💯 I am so sure that we are making champion league
United can either make me happy for the whole week or miserable. But I’m glad this coming week I’ll be going work with a happy mood knowing my team won 9-0😍👀
Emmanuel Shefa-Graham
Emmanuel Shefa-Graham:
Awesome video! I believe we will win the premier league next season
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb:
The 2nd Red Card really killed them, 30 more minutes and it would have been 20-0
Aman Wrld
Aman Wrld:
Just wow🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️
senni bgon
senni bgon:
Even in Rugby matches players struggles to score so many goals
Prenish Baniya
Prenish Baniya:
When we win, admin is rocket at uploading highlights
Jed Shackleton
Jed Shackleton:
I'm an Everton supporter, and I am a little nervous going into the next game after seeing that result. I just hope we keep the score down ir nick it at the end.
I thought this was a dream when I was watching it yesterday! 🔴GGMU🔴
Also still mad that Martial never scored that chip. Could've got his 2nd hat-trick, and it would've been 10-0! Still brilliant game though.
Sugeng Riadi
Sugeng Riadi:
Glory Glory Glory 😍😍😍😍
how have they managed to make 9 goals and 2 red cards into a 3 minute video😭
Sujan Vamathevan
Sujan Vamathevan:
How was it only 3 minutes of stoppage time? The number of goals, subs and the time wasted on VAR. I wanted 10 ffs and to break the record instead of tying with it 😂😂
Fungusz _
Fungusz _:
Jan Bednarek:
Own goal ❌
Gave away penalty❌
Sent off❌
Lost game 9-0 ❌
Tsholofelo Moshayi
Tsholofelo Moshayi:
I like man united so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fakihi Salumu
Fakihi Salumu:
I'm so glad to be a Manchester united fan!!!!!!
Imagine winning 9-0 and the commentators dont even seem slightly excited.
Baggio Cara
Baggio Cara:
Wow! What a competitive league 😂
Ajay San
Ajay San:
GGMU 👍👍👍
Respect for Both Teams.
Son Of Logos
Son Of Logos:
Greatest win since 8-2 against Arsenal.GGMU
Max Pulgar
Max Pulgar:
Ole the best DT in the world history ever!!!!
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
What a match😂
Ayyub Yanuar
Ayyub Yanuar:
Southamton kena mental sih ini asli !Wkwkwk
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo:
The Mctominay goal is the most impressive. Anyone who plays football knows the technique in that shot is really difficult to pull off 👌
A wanderer
A wanderer:
This video will go down in the history books 🙌🏻
Castro Omondi
Castro Omondi:
Leicester: I don't think any modern team can equal our 9:0 at southampton

Man utd: hold my beer 🍻
Koffi Gaston Yeouye
Koffi Gaston Yeouye:
Besides these high scores, we should work hard for the champion title !
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh:
When the other team has as many players as your goals