Remembering actress Cloris Leachman l GMA

The Oscar and Emmy winner, who died on Wednesday at 94 years old, was beloved by generations of fans over a career lasting more than 70 years.

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100+ comentarios:

Jimmy Garland
Jimmy Garland:
I will always remember Cloris Leachman for her incredible Talent and her absolute kindness! I was just a kid when I met her I was 16 or 17 and she treated me like I was someone very important to her! You may not remember people's names or other info but you will always remember the way they made you feel! Thank you Cloris, your kindness made me feel like a zillion dollars. And that is my truth! Save me a good seat and I will see you again someday! For now, enjoy Paradise and forever and, fly sweet spirit, fly high and proud! You were someone very special and thank you for stopping by this planet that is not always known for its kindness. You made a difference and I will always treasure that!
Cathrine Zaccaginini
Cathrine Zaccaginini:
I love her acting.She will be miss so much.
Amazing actress. Rest in peace.
Games and Toilets Productions
Games and Toilets Productions:
She was so fantastic as an actress of various films. One was castle in the sky. RIP cloris
Gloria Pak
Gloria Pak:
May her soul Rest In Peace.🕊
She was an amazing actress.
She will be greatly missed.🙏🏻❤️
Barbara McKee
Barbara McKee:
I love you Cloris Leachman! I miss you already. She was one of the greats. She could do it all, particularly comedy with Mel Brooks. To quote the actor Edmund Gwenn on his deathbed, “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” RIP Cloris.
Lisa Ryherd
Lisa Ryherd:
So sad to hear this, she was a brilliant actress!!!
No, not MawMaw! I loved watching her on Malcolm in The Middle, Raising Hope and so many other shows and movies. She was a great actor. And so hilarious! RIP.
Janet Wells
Janet Wells:
She was such a great actress. Unforgettable!
She was stunning, even in her latter years. She aged beautifully and gracefully, of course she was a spitfire with incredible wit. She was a master of timing. She and Lucille Ball were comedienne trailblazers.
Her spirit will continue to entertain folks forevermore. She was love and light. ✨💫🕊💫✨
I have watched her over many years and thought how underrated she was. She deserved so much more and now she is gone and her legacy lives on.
Shelley Ross
Shelley Ross:
We're losing everyone we grew up with.
Raven Moonsinger
Raven Moonsinger:
How I loved Cloris Leachman! One of the favorite characters she played was "Phyllis". Also her performances in Young Frankenstein and History of the World. She made the world laugh and she was one of the greats. First Mary, then Valerie, Georgia and Ted. They've all left us and we're left with only the joyful memories of the laughter that will live on only in reruns. RIP.
Amazing woman she will be missed. Condolences for the family. Rest In Peace wonderful lady.
Mermaid D
Mermaid D:
I loved her so much in malcom in the middle and raising hope. ❤️ I loved her cameo on The Office. I will miss her dearly. I pray for peace and healing for her loved ones. Thank you cloris for bringing me so much joy in my childhood.
Ms Mills
Ms Mills:
She was beautiful, sassy, funny and talented. I aspire to be half the woman she was.
Young Frankenstein was amazing! She will be missed
Sharon Powell
Sharon Powell:
She was so funny. I loved her.
Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper:
Just recently saw all of the episodes of Malcolm in the Middle where she plays Grandma. RIP 🤍😔🕯
She will be missed and forever loved.❤
I had just been watching clips of her including her Oscar speech a couple weeks before she passed away. She is a gem. Rest In Peace, Cloris and thanks for the laughs and talent.
Jennifer Beth
Jennifer Beth:
I will always remember her in the Beverly Hillbillies movie and The Facts of Life. RIP Cloris
She willbe greatly missed ! Very fun woman whose acting career touched every generation.
The state of Iowa is in mourning for our beloved talent and star from Des Moines. Cloris Leachman is our finest entertainment export.
May she Rest IN Peace ❤️
Michael Milano
Michael Milano:
In love with her. RIP Cloris
Ask Me If I Care
Ask Me If I Care:
Such a national treasure! RIP
Ami Stenson
Ami Stenson:
An amazing woman, she lived such an inspirational life. Rest In Peace. ❤️🙏
She was a great actress.....may she Rest In Peace!
Lori Touma
Lori Touma:
She was incredible and was in every show from along time ago!!!
Young frankenstein, high anxiety, history of the world and all the other Mel Brooks movies. Her role in the longest yard, an raising hope. She was a legend. RIP Frau Blucher (Horse whinnies)
Karen P
Karen P:
May she be Resting in Eternal Peace 🙏🏼 😇. She was soooo funny and a great actress. My deepest condolences to her family, friends and fans 🌟⭐💜
Ronnie Peterson
Ronnie Peterson:
Let us remember the Oscar and Emmy winning actress whose portrayal of all these good and significant role in characters on her kiddie program who left this world from natural causes passing away in Encinitas, California, from barefoot pictures to her Oscar winning drama and a string of films like The Last Picture Show and Young Frankenstein not Frankensteen, she help her role of Phyllis Lindstrom and how a store helper on NBC Comedy led through guest starring roles and as a celebrity with her partner Corky Ballas at the ballroom for ABC celebrity dance show which led to Maw Maw in the fox comedy series toward the 2010-2014 series. We all been blessed to see that funny woman in the 70s. Cloris Leachman gone at aged 94.
Video Poker Gal
Video Poker Gal:
I loved her acting! RIP 💖
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor:
This is "Y" I love GMA!!!! You captured the very "essence" and beauty of an extremely versatile & talented woman. Too many characters + performances to count, but she was also Grannie in the Beverly Hillbillies Movie. Bloopers on that was priceless! I life well spent on entertaining US!
Sheryl Simmons
Sheryl Simmons:
Cloris was one of my favorite actresses. One of the best!😊 RIP 🌺
Andy Roo
Andy Roo:
Cloris was such a funny actress. I purchased "Young Frankenstein" just to see her character, again. She could joke with the guys or have tea with the ladies. May God rest her soul.
The truly great actors know how to leave a little bit of themselves in every character, so their audience can connect to a part of the real person who brings life to the character.
LOVED her in Raising Hope and that small part in The Office. RIP 💔
Faith Bell
Faith Bell:
Loved her so much. RIP beautiful lady.
Mirco Albucci
Mirco Albucci:
Wonderful performer, you'll be alive forever in your unforgettable characters!!!!
Larry King, Cicely Tyson and Cloris now gone all within days of each other ....RIP to them all
Julie H
Julie H:
What a wonderfully funny and beautiful lady! I loved her in everything. She was so talented!
Crystal Telf
Crystal Telf:
Rest well Cloris will be missed!
Kadeem Gomez
Kadeem Gomez:
I watch The Croods: A New Age and sadly I think this was Cloris Leechman’s final movie. But she is a true legend. I love her as Phyllis on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Rest In Peace.
You will be missed, Cloris Leachman 💔
anthony morris
anthony morris:
she was amazing in the twilight zone episode "its still a good life" . may she rest in peace.
I actually sat next to Cloris on a flight and spoke with her. She was dressed incognito with blue jean overalls, keds white tennis shoes, sunglasses and huge floppy hat. I didn't know who she was until she was speaking with the crew: that voice was familiar so I asked her if she was Cloris Leachman and she said yes. We spoke during the entire trip. She was so funny, sweet and pleasant. Cloris, rest in Peace.
Cheryl Hannon
Cheryl Hannon:
Will always miss this awesome lady.
Trevor McBride
Trevor McBride:
Always loved her in everything. Grew up watching her. A super lady. RIP.
Nan S
Nan S:
She was awesome in Raising Hope.
Catherine Roubicek
Catherine Roubicek:
She still was rocking it at her age at 94
Lawrence C
Lawrence C:
One of a kind, RIP Cloris
Sir Rami
Sir Rami:
She absolutely carried both Croods films. It won’t be the same watching them without her.
R.I.P to an amazing actress
Anita Richmond
Anita Richmond:
Aww just found out through this broadcast that Cloris Leachman has passed away ,my deepest sympathies to her loved ones she will be missed.🎟
Lisa 1734
Lisa 1734:
Great actress!
Saw her on Two and a Half Men and she still was great!
Bruce Beamon
Bruce Beamon:
We are losing SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE from the arts that entertained US though the years ( TV / Movie ) including Cloris Leachman , I always enjoyed her on screen and in interviews
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn:
Great films she was in like Young Frankenstein, Scary movie 4, Especially The Croods as Granny and many more. RIP 🙏 Cloris Leachman.
Robert Trepagnier
Robert Trepagnier:
Great actress and lady
Bran Brandebury
Bran Brandebury:
I loved her in Malcolm in the Middle. Rip in peace!
Love her.
Mark Gately
Mark Gately:
She was in almost everything as I was growing up over the decades she would keep being indifferent feature films or television shows it was like an old friend that was always there although she will always be a standout as Phyllis
Silent Night
Silent Night:
She was great. So sad no matter her age. R.I.P Cloris.
Great great actress! One of my favs! Loved her. RIP my dear sweet lady 😖❤️🌟🌹🌹🌹🌻🌻🌻☀️
sandra morey
sandra morey:
Did she really play the piano? We loved her as Grandma on Malcolm in the Middle. We'd see her name & we would pay attention. RIP
Clary Espinosa
Clary Espinosa:
RIP Cloris you were always a great actress. Thank you for the laughs
Gee Trieste
Gee Trieste:
One of the original 'mothers', Ruth Martin in Lassie too!
Also was the mother in "A Good Life", the classic Twilight Zone shocker with Anthony, the 6 year old boy with godlike powers.
Amazing range from those to Nurse Diesel.
Michele Huffman
Michele Huffman:
Such an incredible lady and actress. She could play any role. I just loved her personality. She was the best friend everyone wants to have. Fly high. Cloris.
Adam Ahmad
Adam Ahmad:
when it's your time to go- it's your time to go.thank you for all the laughter you brought will be missed, Mrs Leachman.
Red Fox 333
Red Fox 333:
RIP Ms. will be missed
There is a star 🌟 shining the brightest in the heavens now known as Cloris. We only need to look up, look skyward in sadness or loss of her. You will be bathed with the warmth, light and love ❤️ that is forever Cloris Leachman. Always able to bask in the joy she created on earth 🌎 now too in the heavens. You will be missed, but never forgotten. #RIPClorisLeachman
Tonya Cowan
Tonya Cowan:
She was funny as hell in Raising Hope.
A woman of infinite jest. RIP my sweet.
David Fiore
David Fiore:
Saying goodbye to characters Leachman voiced:
Goodbye, Dola (Castle in the Sky)
Goodbye, Yoshie (Ponyo)
Goodbye, Eliza M. Feyersied and Dr. Doofenshmirtz's mother (Phineas and Ferb)
Goodbye, Gran Crood (The Croods)😭

R.I.P. Cloris Leachman.
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez:
Rest In Peace Cloris 😢
Renee Alcorn
Renee Alcorn:
In the early 1970's we were heading to the UCLA Mardi gras and Cloris Leachman was stopped in the middle of the road , lost We stopped behind her and she came up to the car. My friends mom gave her directions. I was taking cloris picture from the backseat. She opened the back door laughing and said take a picture with the door open it will be a better picture.. then she got back in her car and still went the wrong her sense of direction was bad but her comedic whip was on point.. rest in peace beautiful soul ...
Cory Carandang
Cory Carandang:
Rest in peace Ms. Cloris
What is happening this week? Cicely Tyson and Cloris Leachman! I am glad Ms. Leachman was not a face lift/tightening actress. I admire her not only for her acting ability, but in aging gracefully and beautifully. You could recognize her to the end.
Barry McCreary
Barry McCreary:
She was one of the best
bag ofhammers
bag ofhammers:
If anyone hasn't seen it, PLEASE watch The Last Picture Show. She is phenomenal in it
C VodtheMod
C VodtheMod:
Love, loved her.
Another amazing artist gone from us. I can't take it anymore.
Stacey Houston
Stacey Houston:
RIP Cloris ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
Maria Costa
Maria Costa:
Rest in peace dear one💔😭🙏
Wendy Nicklin
Wendy Nicklin:
Rest 💕 in peace 🙏
Daniel Kubacki
Daniel Kubacki:
RIP Cloris Leachman
stephen fermoyle
stephen fermoyle:
HI HI !!!! WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER !!! i did not know she did all those great things WOW RIP
Apocalypse Plough
Apocalypse Plough:
The women from the Mary Tyler Moore show died in a very short period of time. First Mary, then Georgia Engel, then Valerie Harper, now Cloris Leachman. All in about a 4 year span. Spooky.
I really liked Cloris Leachman. RIP.
My husband and I had dinner near her and her friends in a wee town near Anacortes, Wa Years ago! We were humbled to be in her presence Rest In Peace lady
Marie Dupre
Marie Dupre:
Loved her will miss her 😢
Im sad that what i know or remember her from is scary movie 4, when she played Mrs norris. tho i believe she did an excellent preformance cause i havnt seen that movie since it got out in movie theaters in 2006 and i still knew that that was her. Rest now.
Chester Lane
Chester Lane:
She was fantastic in facts of life in the 1980's when replaced charlotte rae in the show itself and I will miss her very much
Linda M. Washington
Linda M. Washington:
Oh No I used to watch her on the facts of life, my deepest condolences to her family& friends heaven gain a funny angel🙏🙏🙏
Angela Yancey
Angela Yancey:
RIP Cloris Leachman 1926-2021😔🙏❤️🌷!!!
One of my favorite actress and comedian! Frau Blücher 🐴 😂🤣 Rest in love and best times remembered. Happy journey’s
Andrea Brown eyes
Andrea Brown eyes:
R.I.P Beautiful Lady
I loved her in Spanglish and how she wiped the nose of her crying movie daughter :) She was fantastic.
Rockman IXA
Rockman IXA:
Se was brilliant as Ida on Malcolm In The Middle.