Remembering Tanya Roberts - Star of "Charlie's Angels" and "That 70's Show" Dead at Age 65!

Here are my memories of Tanya Roberts, the beautiful actress who gained fame as Julie Rogers on "Charlie's Angels" and then went on to have a great career in both TV and movies. R.I.P. Tanya!

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Jeffery Steen
Jeffery Steen:
She had the most beautiful eyes!
Scott McGraw
Scott McGraw:
This is sad. I loved Charlie's Angels, but loved her as Midge Pinciotti on '70s. She was comedy gold. I'm still sad about Dawn Wells, now this. I pray her family to have strength in this sad time. RIP.
Real Truth
Real Truth:
I'll be honest...I don't like how 2021 is starting off.
Cathy Riggs
Cathy Riggs:
I liked her in Charles Angels. May she RIP.
cindee D
cindee D:
RIP Tonya. Jaclyn Smith said of her that she was even more beautiful in person and that she loved the street edge that she brought to the show.
Heather Whittaker
Heather Whittaker:
So sad ..this has been a horrible ending to a horrific year Dave..thank you for your videos, they present people in a lovely way.
Johnny Beane
Johnny Beane:
Loved her in "A view to a kill".
Raw Bacon
Raw Bacon:
Her husband was only 60 when he died, seems like they both died about 15-20 years too soon.
Todd Hilley
Todd Hilley:
The sexiest Charlie’s Angel . As beautiful as any of her cast mates if not more so .
Helane Solomon
Helane Solomon:
Sad sad sad. She brought a renewed energy to Charlie's Angels. Very beautiful woman.... another loss ...
pam ogburn
pam ogburn:
I thought she was so beautiful in "Charlie's Angels", "Beast Master", but her best was "That 70's Show", I really am sad about her passing. Heaven has become more beautiful.
This is sad news. I wasn't totally familiar with Tanya's time on Charlie's Angels as I stopped watching by that point. If they are airing old Charlie's Angels episodes anywhere, maybe I'll catch an episode or 2 to see what I missed. I remember her more from Sheena, Beastmaster, A View to a Kill , a couple of erotic B-movies, and That 70's Show. I hope that she had been happy and living the good life before she passed on. 65 is far too young. Thanks Dave for posting this lovely tribute. RIP, Tanya.
Shawn Fisher
Shawn Fisher:
A woman who looked great with any hairstyle or color, and those gorgeous eyes. R.I.P. my dear.
Robert Jelgersma
Robert Jelgersma:
I did not know Tanya passed until a couple minutes ago. Just got this video in my feed. Tanya had some of the most beautiful eyes. She will be missed. Thank you Dave for yet another awesome tribute.
Chester Benjamin Lane
Chester Benjamin Lane:
I love her as Donna's mom on that 70's show
Jared Wignall
Jared Wignall:
Wow, I didn’t know she passed away until now. It’s a shame, she was a fantastic actress. I know she had been retired for sometime, but who knows if she wanted to return to TV or movies at any point. Now, we’ll never know if she had that itch to act again or not, but we do have her memorable characters she played throughout the years. May she Rest In Peace.
LegendaryWolf Shirou
LegendaryWolf Shirou:
She was still gorgeous at 65😫
Sam Dooley
Sam Dooley:
Ok, was she not one of the sexiest ladies of all time?
Lord Faladar
Lord Faladar:
why am I only hearing about this now. so saddened by our loss of this fabulous lady
jacqueline russell
jacqueline russell:
Wow she was also a Bond girl I just watched her in a James Bond marathon😞😞 Continue to rest in peace TONYA🙏🙏🙏
2021 is starting out rough too. I love her in a View to a Kill.
Braidwood Inn
Braidwood Inn:
Wow wasn’t expecting that. Sad news
Damien Christ
Damien Christ:
That was her on that 70 show! Oh my gosh I never knew.
Alas poor Tanya, the only woman to be a Bond girl and a Charlie's Angel, hilarious on That 70s Show and sexy as hell on Beastmaster, RIP.
Johnny Future
Johnny Future:
I was introduced to Tanya in Beastmaster. I fell in love with those eyes. Ohhh those eyes! If anyone had eyes that would make you instantly fall in love with, it would be Tanya. RIP Tanya.
David McKinney
David McKinney:
Oh my goodness I hated to hear that. May God bless her soul and many actors have been passing away lately.. thanks for the video in letting us know God bless you and your family 🙏
OMG -- This is the first I've heard of Tanya's passing! May her soul rest in eternal peace...😔🙏
RIP. This is really shocking, that's very young. She was always very beautiful.
Johnny Beane
Johnny Beane:
RIP Tanya Roberts
Very sad. She was different than most celebrities.
Mark Walters
Mark Walters:
“Wonderful lady.”

You got that right, Dave.
Gus Lakis
Gus Lakis:
Life is so fragile, a beautiful woman gone so soon, R.I.P. Tanya.
Mac Conmara
Mac Conmara:
I woke up this morning to this sad news. RIP Ms Roberts.
william S
william S:
I'm seeing this 12 hours late, Dave. More crushing news . Tanya was another "one of a kind" beautiful actress who will be missed. She was mesmerizing in Sheena ( I have it on VHS ), even though it was a little corny. To this day I retain my love for all my favorite ladies. She was close to my age. It makes you think "Why is this happening" ? RIP Tanya . ♡
The Batman
The Batman:
R.I.P. Tanya Roberts, you shall be missed. I remember her coming into Charlie's Angels. Her character was a refreshing change from Shelly Hack who, even though I liked her she just didn't seem to fit.
Phillip Medina
Phillip Medina:
Beastmaster one of my favorite Tanya Roberts movie. May she rest in peace .
Mark Payne
Mark Payne:
Such a shocker!!! Tanya as Sheena has always been my dream girl. She has always been beautiful, but in that film, at that moment in time, she was perfect.
RIP Tanya! Sheena is in heaven now.
Albert Nada Retro
Albert Nada Retro:
Problem with Roberts character was she wasn't a cop, she was a model. If they'd made her a cop it might have worked.
Stephen Crane
Stephen Crane:
I still remember my mother's look of horror when she realised that I'd got her to take me to see Sheena, a supposed PG film, which had Tanya Roberts very naked in it. Rest in peace beautiful lady, thank you for being one half of the double team (along with Sylvia Kristel) that put me on this life long journey of the love of the female form.
Bob Silver
Bob Silver:
Even when she was in her 50's and 60's, she looked young
Oh no! This is so sad and shocking.
Jason Daniel
Jason Daniel:
I only learned of Tanya's passing just a few minutes ago. I honestly thought she had many more years of life left. How fragile life is! R.I.P., Tanya. Thanks for the memories.
johnathon Partlow
johnathon Partlow:
Sorry to hear she passed away.
Richard Adams
Richard Adams:
So sad to hear this. It seemed she put her career on hold for some time when her husband became mortally ill, and I admired that. Then she came back to That 70's Show, where she brought a lot of great comic chops to the role of Midge. RIP, Tanya, you are missed.
Lowell Lucas Jr.
Lowell Lucas Jr.:
NO!!!!! She was so beautiful! She will be missed! I loved her in Beastmaster and as Donnas mother! She was witty, hilarious and a strong willed individual we'd all love ❤.
Loose Screws
Loose Screws:
I know we all have to go one day but that does'nt make hearing these things any better. She was so young..
Brad Stoner
Brad Stoner:
Dang, one of my favorite actresses of all time. She was easily one of the most beautiful women of all times.
David Datura
David Datura:
She was just great in That 70s Show. One of my top 3 sitcoms of that period. And was sad when she left. This comes as a bit of a shock as she was still young by today’s standards. It’s always upsetting hearing about people you like or admire being taken before their time. RIP Tanya Roberts.
Yvette Loshaw
Yvette Loshaw:
I didn't hear of this! Thanks for posting!
James Mitchell
James Mitchell:
Wow first Mary Ann and now Midge. My mom always said celebs die in threes so I wonder who's next.
Gary J Skadra
Gary J Skadra:
Loved her on "That 70's Show" and of course she was hot😍
R.I.P. Tanya. Gone too soon😞
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison:
I remember the first time I ever saw her. It was in the film "California Dreaming" and I actually said to myself "she would make a really good Charlie's Angel". I guess I am a little Psychic". And then there was "Tourist Trap" which I'm a huge fan of as well. She was a beautiful, remarkable, special human being and she will be greatly missed. My heart is soooooo sad. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Crazy Hank TV
Crazy Hank TV:
So sad, far to young
Jason Blake
Jason Blake:
I just heard that she's still alive,do a vid on it
Mr Williams🥋🥊
Mr Williams🥋🥊:
Horrible sad
Loved everything she was in , made me laugh my ass off in #That70sShow
May she RIP❤
Stacy Schneider
Stacy Schneider:
Thank you for sharing
chris l
chris l:
charlie's angels and that 70s show eric formans girlfriends mom. sad first Farrah now tanya. of course charlie and bosley been gone for awhile.
Kevin Slater
Kevin Slater:
When I heard Dave, it shocked me because you made a recent video on Farrah.
And now Tanya...
Once again, you never really know when your time is up. Sixty Five, in my opinion, so young. R.I.P. Tanya, you will be missed.
Roger Moore
Roger Moore:
The Beastmaster is a classic and also liked her on A View To A Kill, RIP Tanya.
Sea Sirena
Sea Sirena:
Sheena....” you see, even in chains we can defeat them”.
X O:
TOURIST TRAP is a horror gem starring Tanya Roberts and Chuck Connors.
She was still Beautiful when she passed, but wayyy too early, that woman was strong and extremely sweet, God speed Tanya love u always honey rip baby rip❤💥❤💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Had such a huge crush on her back in the 80s. Gone way too soon. R.I.P.
Geraldine Kearney
Geraldine Kearney:
Tanya has been reunited with her beloved husband ❤️❤️
Delta Seven
Delta Seven:
RIP a beautiful and strong women my prayers to her family my God bless and keep u
Her appearance in Beastmaster is seared in my brain. Passed way too soon.
Jeffrey DeCristofaro
Jeffrey DeCristofaro:
She was cinema's Sheena, Queen of the Jungle! To me, she will always be swinging from the vines and riding the zebra to fulfill justice! RIP Tanya!
David Ellis
David Ellis:
I really liked her in the campy The Beastmaster & Sheena. The Queen of the jungle. What a natural beauty. Very sad start to 2021. RIP Tanya.
Scarlet Red Magic
Scarlet Red Magic:
Oh my goodness there are no words except she was so exquisite she was very lovely I loved her in the movie Sheena and she was also beautiful Bond girl peace to her Blessings ✌️🍀♥️💚😑🙏🙌♥️💜💙💚😑
bigwig 28
bigwig 28:
Always thought she was a beautiful woman, inside and out. Never heard a bad thing about her. May she rest in peace.
Those Irish Eyes!! She will never be Forgotten!! RIP Tanya!!
Denise Freitas
Denise Freitas:
I'm very sad to know that, because i was a huge fan of Charlie's Angels. All my love and prayers for her family and friends.
She's alive. She's still in Cedar-Sinai Hospital here in L.A. the news here just reported.
June Corona
June Corona:
You will be missed, loved her as Midge, she seemed like a wonderful person. Rip
I love That 70s Show. RIP
Matthew Sweeney
Matthew Sweeney:
Did not hear about this. How sad. 😥 RIP Ms. Robert's.
Juan Hinojosa
Juan Hinojosa:
I liked her in everything. She was truly amazing. RIP sweet angel.
Rest In Peace sweetheart. May you be in heaven with god forever.
Tanya was so beautiful woman & talented , she left so soon so sad 😭 RIP angel 😇
Roberto Ignacio
Roberto Ignacio:
I loved Tanya. When she joined Charlies Angels as Julie Rogers she gave it an infusion of energy it needed, I wish they would have given her a full season
Stephen P
Stephen P:
Gorgeous woman with the most beautiful eyes. My favorite Charlie's Angel and Beastmaster was my favorite movie when a teenager because of her. RIP
tommy duncan
tommy duncan:
She was really hot in Beast master!! RIP
Harold Pritchett
Harold Pritchett:
such a shame she was a beautiful and very talented actress she will be missed i was a true fan RIP. Ms Tanya Roberts!!!!
Evan Peterson
Evan Peterson:
This is really sad. I only knew Tanya Roberts from Beastmaster but since I saw Beastmaster about a hundred times, her role as Kiri was indelible.
roy brocklehurst
roy brocklehurst:
Love her in the beast master she had the most beautiful eyes a very beautiful women.she took the role in Charlie angels in her stride knowing it wouldn't have been easy replacing Cheryl Ladd God bless you Tanya and rest in peace.
Paul of Iowa
Paul of Iowa:
Tanya Roberts was my favorite of the replacements on Charlie's Angels. She was also fantastic on the That 70's Show. Tanya was beautiful and talented, even in her later years. RIP.
Mark Birchette
Mark Birchette:
Wow! I didn't know! I sure hope it wasn't Covid 19! I remember all you just showed Dave. That's only 9 years away for me. We go when we're called home. I sometimes wonder why I'm still here. I have a son who was killed on Father's day 17 years ago and I'm more than ready to see him. But we don't get to choose. It just seems I'm watching so many folks I've know through growing up with them passing away left and right. From musicians, actors, family and friends. Makes a guy wonder why they are still here. Tanya was in a lot of iconic shows and Beastmaster movies are cult classics, so is Shenna Queen of the Jungle. That 70's show was my friends and I growing up. Thank you for sharing this Dave. Cheers! From, P.G.
Ismael Gonzalez
Ismael Gonzalez:
I had a big crush on her from the first time I saw her in the Beast Master!
Roger Paul
Roger Paul:
I'm very sad... Loved her in everything. Never miss an episode of Charlies Angels that 5th season...
Loved your soft, sexy voice and upbeat attitude on "That 70's Show". You were a ray of beautiful, sweet sunshine...
D L Johnson
D L Johnson:
Rest her soul. First Dawn Wells and now Tanya. May she truly rest in peace. Thanks for the memories you have given us.
Paul Murray
Paul Murray:
I am still in shock after hearing early today, from the 70s and 80s I thought she was so beautiful it is such a shame
Real Truth
Real Truth:
Dear God in heaven above...i simply can't believe they came back, once again, to announce her death! This year is shaping up to make 2020 look like a rank amature
Another sad day in Hollywood. Tanya Roberts will always be in our hearts.
Don Pruett
Don Pruett:
She was a wonderful actress and I loved her since of humor. She wasn't only Beautiful and sexy but very talented, she's going to be missed, RIP
Dizz Lexic
Dizz Lexic:
Apparently "She was critically ill from a urinary tract infection that entered her organs and bloodstream, leading to a blood infection made worse due to Roberts's history of hepatitis C" according to Wiki.
Cliff Kealey
Cliff Kealey:
I love her on all t.v. shows and in movie.Tanya will be missed.
So sad to hear this. RIP Tonya💖🙏
Interesting. My reaction at the time, and which I still hold true, was that Julie Rogers was out of place. She didn't fit in as an angel. They also made her closer than close too quickly. I absolutely hated how close she supposedly was to Kelly in the final episode. Remember, I'm speaking the character, but again, she wasn't in the angel mode and I just didn't believe she was suddenly everyone's best friend, especially Kelly's.