René Higuita: The craziest goalkeeper in history! - Oh My Goal

He’s without a doubt the craziest goalkeeper in the history of football! René Higuita was a Colombian goalkeeper, and between his crazy outfits, his insane footwork and his unbelievable Scorpion Kick, he just might be the most unforgettable goalkeeper of all time.


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Football Crazed - Highlights and Compilations
Football Crazed - Highlights and Compilations:
That scorpion kick will forever be iconic 😲
Today it is not oh my goal, it is oh my save
Disco Cristiano
Disco Cristiano:
Yet he’s still not an icon in fifa
M.A.K 11
M.A.K 11:
That scorpion kick save is like the bicycle kick for goal keepers
Super N.
Super N.:
So this channel didn't show the video of Rene actually doing the save.
That pissed me off a great deal
Valentine Beats
Valentine Beats:
Chu Qingyan
Chu Qingyan:
1:24 incredibly good at free kicks

*shows him miss a free kick*
naif al sahil
naif al sahil:
if this goalkeeper was on fifa 19 he would be a 5 star skiller
jose Cortes
jose Cortes:
Im proud to be a Colombian🇨🇴
blue bot5556
blue bot5556:
Wasn't the shot on his scorpion kick save offside?
William Chamberlain
William Chamberlain:
1:28 how did you pronounce wembley????
Omar Hassan
Omar Hassan:
Craziest goalkeeper ever😎! Nice Video!
"He was excellent at free kicks"
(Shows him kicking it wide) 😂
The reason he will be remembered for his scorpion kick
Really ''good'' on freekicks he says and takes a clip when he misses haha
Lemillion Nation
Lemillion Nation:
Legendary moments are always against england lmfao. Zlatan and Maradona would agree
Aayush Mishra
Aayush Mishra:
Can you make a video about Gerd Müller
panos fragos
panos fragos:
We really need to make FIFA put him as an icon +1 if you agree
Elad Eric
Elad Eric:
He is a legend
Game changer
This man deserves a medal
Master Beethoven
Master Beethoven:
The editing on this video is giving me a headache
My guy 123
My guy 123:
How he said Wembley made me laugh to much
ii _FancyLLama
ii _FancyLLama:
IIIII am rené rené rené higuita the creator of the scorpion kick IIII am rené rené rené higuita if only other golies knew my trick
He should be an icon in fifa
O'nesty TV
O'nesty TV:
He just loves playing 😂
Hazem khedr
Hazem khedr:
Oh my goal: we need more goalies like rene higuita

2018 champions league final: we have karius
Goalkeepers will never do what he did mad
Rezwan Ahmed
Rezwan Ahmed:
Rene higuita: keepers, don't try this (scorpion kick) at field
On this day, 24 years ago, this was done.
Valentina Echavarria
Valentina Echavarria:
48* goals in his career.
Serbian girl
Serbian girl:
I've seen Higuita's 'scorpion kick' when I was a little girl&then I knew for shure that football is my bigest passion.When other girls asks me why I love football so much,I just show them the clip with 'scorpion kick'&then they,at least,shut up
George Turquoise
George Turquoise:
Thank you sir Rene to make rule for us ( goalkeepers). I'd really love to help my teammates by this way.
De-Graft Turkson
De-Graft Turkson:
Sad to not see him play 😢.. All I see is Courtois and Karius
"...or even Messi"-I like this guy
I was waiting for that clip of scorpion save😑
Alexis Abarca
Alexis Abarca:
He deserves an icon card in fifa 20
stunt 107
stunt 107:
am the best and the greatest ⚽football legend in football history and i even change the rules of football even pele, messi, cr7, cr9 e. t. c, look up to me as their idol......
am dreaming please don't wake me up 😂😂😅😅😁😁
Yashin also know as the “black spider” is the best goalkeeper of all time he’s even won a ballon d’or
Rxley ._.
Rxley ._.:
People: on my god what a goaline save. Me: he could of just catched it.
Amon Junior Rukundo
Amon Junior Rukundo:
This man, hahahah he really did it, salute
Lurgs How To Guides
Lurgs How To Guides:
It's Wembley not Wimbly! Yeh he was a great keeper, that scorpion kick is now legendary
JJ's Footy Skills
JJ's Footy Skills:
He would of saved David Beckham's half-way line goal with the scorpion kick in 1986
His dribbles was the best, some of them was just out of this world ballsy🤣
Rodrigo Millán Saavedra
Rodrigo Millán Saavedra:
Make a video about Jorge Campos, the goalkeeper/fordward man
Killer 380
Killer 380:
He was called offside in 1995
BuzzSaw 0102
BuzzSaw 0102:
The first time I watched him on youtube I was amazed, long live el scorpion kick.
Croq Eu
Croq Eu:
What a talent that man
J_o3r 24
J_o3r 24:
U didnt name ter stegen when u said goalkeepers that are good with their feet, Wtf man
Imagine if he missed it
Dedy Rustandi
Dedy Rustandi:
One of the craziest goal keeper of all time, love to watch he played, very entertaining, eccentric
Svart Afghan
Svart Afghan:
Oh My goal really takes out the best of a player
Very big fan
“We need more people like him”
Hamayun Jatt
Hamayun Jatt:
that beat at the end of the video tho🔥🔥🔥
any body knows about it
Please make about milovan rajevac penalty curse next.
Raymond Sanchez
Raymond Sanchez:
I love Rene Higuita he's a great legend and he will always be even if he dies
Bofat Tech
Bofat Tech:
I loved watching this guy play those days, he was just crazy. Love huiguita
Gamezstaa Studios
Gamezstaa Studios:
Rene Higuita, the best goalkeeper in the world. 👍
Tawhid Ibne Mamun
Tawhid Ibne Mamun:
My most favourite goalkeeper ❤❤
Cesar Batres
Cesar Batres:
Oh my goal pls do Jorge Campos the best Mexican keeper search him up pls like so he can see
allisson soooooooooooooooooooooooo good with his feet
md rubel Ali
md rubel Ali:
Wow. Really a legend
James Jay
James Jay:
Best Keeper ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏽
Y W:
One of the very interesting goalkeeper lol
Aman Srivastava
Aman Srivastava:
this channel is still getting views because of its outro song !!!! XD
ms. ripley
ms. ripley:
🦂 kick !!!

He's a revolution.
Tin Mumin
Tin Mumin:
I'm a Simple People
I See Oh my Goal Upload
I'm Alway Late
Jonathan Wisdom
Jonathan Wisdom:
Im 15 and I remember seeing this on tv one time and im glad I saw this I 2020
My 2nd favorite goalkeeper of all time but Oh My Goal needs to do a video in the mexican goalkeeper jorge campos
AWPS Renewable Energy, LTD
AWPS Renewable Energy, LTD:
What happened to him after his career ended? . Thank you for sharing
2:42 see how he says "even Messi" at the end, implying the best
"loco" means "crazy"
I love your channel. Though at times I have to scroll back to hear your pronunciation again.
Bartek Bajończak
Bartek Bajończak:
3:06 he looks like ronaldo nazario ! Haha
Music and football.
Music and football.:
Love Higuita ! The kind of player who played football for fun. Here in 🇧🇷 we love Higuita.
Rishikesh Narayan
Rishikesh Narayan:
My favourite goalkeeper. Nice video and I love(O My Goal).
And CHILAVERT ?, he is a legend too, make a video of him, thanks!.
alfred chandi
alfred chandi:
Him: he was good in scoring free kicks😀

Then shows him miss a free kick😂😂😂😂👍
1:29 wimbly LOL
Bumba komt in je dromen
Bumba komt in je dromen:
0:10 anybody heared a colombian goal?!
TSM MRcrAbs:
I love this man!
Sede Chielie
Sede Chielie:
The best goalkeeper of all time., no doubt 👍
La Croqueta La Croqueta
La Croqueta La Croqueta:
The Legendary Rene Higuita 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Fungstion Style
Fungstion Style:
Oh my goal please make a video about sir Alex and Ronaldo relationship
The Loqicest
The Loqicest:
One of the greatest sweeper keeper
Jorge Vidal
Jorge Vidal:
Do a video over the Mexican goalkeeper/Striker Jorge Campos him and his crazy football skills along with his crazy kits
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Craziest keeper of all time. That scorpion kick will live down the memory for years to come
Mega Cat
Mega Cat:
I am early!!!But it’s late
Sajan Jose
Sajan Jose:
Everyone is saying that they are 1st so I am 2nd
I will get my Redemption
I will get my Redemption:
I just visit and watch oh my goal because of the narrator of it's videos he is such a legend his voice 🤣👌
Alexis Pap
Alexis Pap:
Shashank Raghuwanshi
Shashank Raghuwanshi:
He's one sandwich away from fat 😁😁
Santiago Gutierrez
Santiago Gutierrez:
i still watch this to this day
Christian Paredes
Christian Paredes:
Just found this and said wtf how come I haven't seen this
Qi Heng Ng
Qi Heng Ng:
Oooooooh I thought he was jullit, the Netherlands legend, this whole time
Bahubali Jpt
Bahubali Jpt:
What’s the music @the end of video?
Xavier Ortiz
Xavier Ortiz:
What's up with the highlights? Couldn't find one of when he played in professional clubs? Lol
Buell04 Uribe
Buell04 Uribe:
Respect 👍
GRT Frags
GRT Frags:
I love dramatic music at the end
hxvoc _
hxvoc _:
the title should be changed from oh my goal to oh my save
"Rene Higita"?? Wow