Riff-Off w/ Jamie Foxx & Ansel Elgort

As James starts a Dogs In Sunglasses bit, Jamie Foxx interrupts James wondering why he isn't doing any music and challenges James to a riff-off with a special appearance from Ansel Elgort and The Filharmonic.

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100+ comentarios:

The Filharmonic
The Filharmonic:
We had a great time singing with Jamie, Ansel, & James - thanks for watching, everyone!! 🙃🎶🇵🇭
Eva Carter
Eva Carter:
Idk why I always expect Ansel to have an British accent
Marisa Williams
Marisa Williams:
Did Ansel just get me pregnant? Yes, yes he did....
Sukayna Khalif
Sukayna Khalif:
Here are replay buttons that’s resets ansel singing. It just costs a like. 👍🏾

Ruthi MontParr
Ruthi MontParr:
Ansel Elgorts voice is the definition of eargasm
Breanna Lake
Breanna Lake:
I just want to take a moment to appreciate Ansel's parents for creating him.
Alessandra Rigi-Luperti
Alessandra Rigi-Luperti:
I feel like James would be the perfect voice for a disney sidekick character who's quite extra but loveable
I never understood why people thought Angel Elgort was so attractive...
Now I understand.
julia staat
julia staat:
I made a comment that aged very poorly. You'll never know what it is now.
zoe mccabe
zoe mccabe:
And boom.... ansel suddenly made every girl watching this pregnant 🤷‍♀️
Jamie Foxx is a gifted musician/singer, dramatic actor and, oh yeah, a brilliant comedian. Damn.
Amalia Rose
Amalia Rose:
Petition for ansel to be on carpool karaoke !
Yanga Beja
Yanga Beja:
"Ansel I got this, he is singing Holla back girl, he aint no girl... "..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tabi Etten
Tabi Etten:
So... are we gonna ignore James singing Hollaback Girl
Everyone is talking about Ansel, but what about the fact that Jamie Foxx is multi-multi-talented?
Prayawolfie ps
Prayawolfie ps:
Ansel in that bomber-jacket gives me that highschool golden boy vibe that girls will try to get their hands on him.
8:40 Ansel’s like I knew girls would fall for me singing like that. Yep.
GamingWarrior 04
GamingWarrior 04:
James has to do one of these with Brendon Urie from Panic At The Disco I think that would be AMAZING!!!
Some of y’all are forgetting that Jamie Fox was Chosen to be ray Charles in the movie Ray. He did a great job portraying him and his vocals are amazing.
Jully Hon
Jully Hon:
Everybody's talking about Ansel but did anyone mention that Jamie Foxx has never aged and never will?!?!
Eesha Singh
Eesha Singh:
Listen to Ansel's song called thief...
william eyelashes
william eyelashes:
Who's here for Ansel? Just me? Okay okay.....
Jason Poissant
Jason Poissant:
Ansel was def the "Baby" in this one! When it aired:
Jamie = 49
James = 38
Ansel = 23!!!
"He over hear singing hollaback girl and he aint no girl" 7:35
Whoever marries ansel, they the luckiest girl alive.
Nate Stern
Nate Stern:
Jamie: Lets do songs from baby driver.
James: procedes to not
Madison Kersey
Madison Kersey:
ansel elgort just made me fall in love with him in 1.5 seconds
Amelie Kouma
Amelie Kouma:
we still have dylan o'brien❤️
Julieta Florida
Julieta Florida:
"oh my god.. you just cursed Jesus"
Celina Cadore
Celina Cadore:
Jamie Fox: “maybe there’s a world where we are all good singers”
Me: “maybe but not this one”
a dt
a dt:
ansel could run me over and i’d apologize
Kathy Q
Kathy Q:
ansel sang one line and i literally went "what the f**k?" out loud .
i was not expecting the theatrics from jamie, but he killed it.
Alrich Rooy
Alrich Rooy:
Jamie, James, how yall just gonna let Ansel come and Beyonce yall like that?
I knew I shouldn’t have watched this 9 months ago. I’m too easy 😉🤰🏼
8:11 James is me when I watched this video and heard Ansel sing for the first time
Litzzie Rea
Litzzie Rea:
I was rooting for him we were all rooting forhim how dare he 🤢
Tyra Wideman
Tyra Wideman:
I swear James is such a dork I love him 😂😂😂
Hannah DeCou
Hannah DeCou:
*_Ansel starts singing_*

Hapina Hepi
Hapina Hepi:
Jaimes personality is so good, he is soo funny. Damn i love him
my love birds say I purple you
my love birds say I purple you:
Can't trust men at all now
he talkin bout being a hollaback girl.. he ain't no girl
Katie Tikao
Katie Tikao:
Jamie Foxx is a gift 😂😂👏
B.S Sipan
B.S Sipan:
baby driver can sing, hes hot, he can act, he can drift... thats a blessing of a child right there
Mr Moon
Mr Moon:
Alr who’s here after seeing how much he’s packing
Tate Tatey
Tate Tatey:
This didn’t age well. Ansel i really expected something good from you
these comments didn't age well
DisneyGirl 4life
DisneyGirl 4life:
Ansel is an amazing singer. I had no idea he was that talented. Incredible
Ansel is taller than i thought
Katie Louise Kenna
Katie Louise Kenna:
When ansell started singing u could see in james eyes that he was amazed at ansells voice
Jaydon Urlich
Jaydon Urlich:
jamie's dab was very subtle but effective in making me realize the seriousness of the situation
Starlise Jun.from.17
Starlise Jun.from.17:
He doesn’t look like a rapist but.. u never know
Jojo Antony
Jojo Antony:
Jamie Foxx is just wow
Michael Meetre
Michael Meetre:
Ansel got me pregnant and I'm not even a girl
Hannah Goddard
Hannah Goddard:
james’ face when ansel started singing was like :o
Kwabena Dennis
Kwabena Dennis:
Jamie always sings like he is doing impressions
Dylan elwell
Dylan elwell:
I still want a full easy Sunday cover from Ansel
Damn Ansel was one of my favorite celebrities, so upsetting to find out about what he’s done
cent cruz
cent cruz:
the comment section did not age well.
stonks stonks
stonks stonks:
am I the only one who feels something like masterpiece when Ansel come in ? He's like an angel or something?
Smalls 2020
Smalls 2020:
Why didn’t anyone clap when Jamie Foxx entered the shot???
anabelle harrison
anabelle harrison:
I wouldn’t even be mad if Ansel got me pregnant then never talked to me again
Will Tai
Will Tai:
James really needs to invest in security that specifically targets random filharmonics from infiltrating the set
Adarsha Shah
Adarsha Shah:
Who’s here after a girl said Ansel assaulted her?
Alex Or Ally
Alex Or Ally:
To help you, the riff-off starts at 3:33
Maddie Theo Rose
Maddie Theo Rose:
I think he is the only male singer who has the voice that sounds same in his videos and off the video .
Love you Ansel Elgort !!!!❤❤❤😘😘😍😍😍
Leidy Enciso
Leidy Enciso:
Everybody who didn't know he actually sings so well, go to his channel & listen up because he's so good at his own 😍
Sam Masghati
Sam Masghati:
I don't know why my ears are so wet right now #nsfw
Alexa B
Alexa B:
Ansel just took my virginity.
Laura Leigh
Laura Leigh:
Every Like this comment gets is a thanks to Ansel’s’ parents...
King Kal
King Kal:
I was not expecting Ansel to be able to sing but when I heard him I was like O........M.....G
Lia Kiflu
Lia Kiflu:
That acting though😂and Ansel got me shook when he opened his mouth and that voice appeared from literally nowhere!
i still kinda wanna see dogs in sunglasses
Kacey Collard
Kacey Collard:
Is it just me that noticed at the end were they all sang together their voices went really well together
You can here for 8:01

Your Welcome🤗
elsie salinas
elsie salinas:
“...oh my god... he just cursed Jesus”
R W:
My only question in life: What else can Ansel do?
im hurt that ansel’s probably sexually assaulted somebody he used to be my fave bruh
devin lynn
devin lynn:
There’s no way in hell Im the only person In this world that DIDNT know he could sing 😩😩 Coden ( it however it’s spelled) can sing but Ansel threw me off 😍😍
Ashley Seider
Ashley Seider:
Ansel in his dressing room “No one puts baby in a corner.”
Ava Delmonico
Ava Delmonico:
when ansel started singing wow just wow
laura victoria Valdez Germez
laura victoria Valdez Germez:
Jamie Foxx is the freaking Truth. James is so damn good. This is absolutely amazing.
This is absolutely legendary. I never comment on YouTube uploads but this deserves it lmao this is so good.
TWNS 10:
Funny how he can’t do shit like this at 2020 Golden Globes
Zein Farshoukh
Zein Farshoukh:
I just took a pregnancy test and turns out I’m pregnant. Ansel you’re the father .
Th3 Madst3r
Th3 Madst3r:
That little smirk Ansel gave at the end of his song... He knew he killed it lol.
Elizabeth Perez
Elizabeth Perez:
We just need to appreciate how purely golden Ansel is❤
Henk Vrijhoeven
Henk Vrijhoeven:
Damn, he got some moves at the end. Kinda reminds me of a young Travolta. They look like they're really having a lot of fun.
Nakayla Smith
Nakayla Smith:
Lola Max
Lola Max:
8:00 you're welcome 😊
Please tell me I wasn't the only person who didn't know Ansel had a voice as smooth as velvet?!😍
Keirah Barnor
Keirah Barnor:
Loved James and Jamie but at the end hit me Ansel voice 😍😍😍😍
This is the best one by far !!!!
Lisa Z
Lisa Z:
Ansel's voice literally killed me I want to listen to it every single day
10:28 made the whole video. He could be a singer. Like seriously.....
Blair Elliott
Blair Elliott:
I live for the acting bits that James does, especially at the end when he gets "upset"
Jenny Lau
Jenny Lau:
Ansel Elgort ’s voice just slapped me in the face with pure beauty...I did not see that coming
Chris Hicks
Chris Hicks:
2:33 - Bizarre Inc. 'I'm Gonna Get You' drop 🎤....walk off 😂🤣😂
Hamda Qaisar
Hamda Qaisar:
8:00 is the reason why I came here
Alison Jones
Alison Jones:
9:06 Homie in the back trying so hard not to laugh 😂😂