RIP Eddie Van Halen | Hollywood CANCELED | GoT LOTR? Joe Rogan v Spotify #RIPDoctorWho

Eddie Van Halen has passed away at age 65 from cancer.
after talking about Eddie we will get into the planned show. Just found out while setting up live stream.
Today we will discuss Hollywood's uncertain future. Joe Rogan trolling Spotify. The Batman delay. House of The Dragon casting. Concerns about Lord of the Rings on Prime. What could have been with Doctor who and that RIDICULOUS Timelord Victorious crossover and some Star Trek stuff. All this and whatever you want to talk about.
#RIPEddieVanHalen #Hollywood #LOTRonPrime

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Rokas Rerroca
Rokas Rerroca:
My man, much respect for sharing. It takes heart and courage to put yourself out there; thank you. You look like you're on the right path to "enlightenment"...I wish you continued success on that journey.
Mat Nov
Mat Nov:
Is it true that Season 1 of most modern shows is a mild setup for a totally woke season 2? 🤮
Aaron Asmus
Aaron Asmus:
Rip Eddy.
Steven Kraft
Steven Kraft:
Gary, the indictment in Texas is against the Cuties movie for promoting the sexualization of minors, not against the poster for promoting the movie. The laws being enforced are already on the books. I won't be surprised if more states announce prosecutions against Netflix over this.
Hayden H
Hayden H:
Eddie knew 🌎 was flat.
See Long
See Long:
If you want to learn rock guitar tapping, it has to be songs like "Eruption", "Spanish Fly", "Hot For Teacher"...
RIP Eddie.😢Forever in guitar heaven.🙏
Drakior Perun
Drakior Perun:
Local Theater near me that was independently owned had to close their doors permanently due to Covid... They worked so hard on that place and made it amazing, really sad to see it go.
Kanou Earmenow
Kanou Earmenow:
Austin Woods
Austin Woods:
Great stream!
the saint
the saint:
1st taste of freedom I had I went to tenet it was incredible I search every week for my next film and there is absolutely nothing on its garbage!
Alex Game
Alex Game:
Wife cameo was very funny! ;)
Panthera Tigris
Panthera Tigris:
Hey step bro I am stuck
David B.
David B.:
I am new to your channel(and enjoying) but did not catch the live stream. Thank you for sharing so many personal things; you have my sympathies.
Jason Godfrey
Jason Godfrey:
Read 'Invisible Man' by Ralph Waldo Ellison. I think there will be a lot more invisible men after this.
>Matrix IV
>In production

Jeremy Hopkins
Jeremy Hopkins:
Hey Gary, really appreciate your thoughts and I'm so sorry for the stress on your family and if I was in your situation, I wouldn't be handling it with the same fortitude.

Hope you mind but I slight different perspective for at least some of the Disney employees. The vibe I got from my friends and colleagues that work at feature animation is that it's not a punk rock, look at us we're so edgy atmosphere. It more of a quiet, intense, people cranking to get footage approved by Friday and it's not really different than any other modern studio in that regard. Production pushes artists hard now-a-days because there's lots of fussing with story and boards have to be presentable to executives and test audiences. Sometimes it helps and other times, it doesn't work out but the production delays alway slide downhill. The poor folks in comp or retakes just have the worst, unreasonable schedules. So why take film work? Well, the cynical answer is, at $55 - $60/hour it pays more than the lumberyard - an honest answer given to me by one of supervisors who seemed like he hated his job. My answer is, I enjoy working with certain artists and making a product that is difficult to create alone since very few people excel in all areas film and design. Gentleman like Eric Goldberg at Disney or James Baxter at Netflix (Animation division) are lovely, talented people and giving mentors. But you're right, the studio system isn't listening to their audience if they continue to make studio camels, it will continue to build anger, resentment and bitterness. Sadly there's not much artists can do about corporate decisions. What we should be doing as workers in the entertainment industry is reminding the audience how grateful we are for your support. Hopefully we can find better ways of making quality content without supporting larger corporations but while the industry is in the middle ground, just wanted to add for myself and for some of Disney/Netflix animation colleagues how grateful we are for your support. Thank you for watching and for caring enough to share your thoughts!
Russ Williams
Russ Williams:
The poster for 355 (1:48:03) looks good... not in that it makes me want to see the film, I just love the B&W photos over the super-saturated paint-effect flags.
Anxious Neck Games
Anxious Neck Games:
Captain Plague Rat is ingesting the entire Republican Party. Thoughts?
How would rabbi not be able to be jatzi? There have been jatzi priests in Croatia in ww2 who have been mass murdering people.
Season 1 is always a trap. Just don’t watch any Hollyweird shows.
Ric B
Ric B:
he died long ago fools didn't notice...hhaahaha. just too busy.....
The Nile Ue Ue Fly
The Nile Ue Ue Fly:
2:36:38 Couldn't care less.
I thought it was hysterical to be name dropping from rehab - sounds like something Eddie would have thought was funny too. He didn't hide the fact that he'd been in rehab a few times. TMZ sure does have their sources down. I'm glad he had family - lots of people in California are still not allowed to have family. Cancer sux - we've lost many friends and family to it. Valerie is Wolfie's mom and they still had a great relationship. You continue on but you don't recover from loss.
Linda Alexander
Linda Alexander:
I will never join on someone that says GD so terrible !!!!!!
Richard March
Richard March:

2020 sucks balls.
CNN News Salem Saberhagen
CNN News Salem Saberhagen:
timestamps for the headlines would be nice