RIP Jack Sherman (1956 - 2020)

(Red Hot Chili Peppers)
RIP Jack Sherman (1956 - 2020)
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RIP Jack Sherman (1956 - 2020)
Noble Failures
Noble Failures:
I read Scar Tissue and and as hard as AK tried to malign him, it was clear to me that Sherman was a total pro all the way and held up heroically amongst drug addicted brats. RIP.
agung andy
agung andy:
He's always part of the Family, RIP Jack Sherman.
RIP Jack 😢❤🌶🎸
RIP to this wonderful guitarist. Big thanks to him joining the band and recording the first Peppers record after Hillel left. Thet record had some good songs on it, and some really great guitar work. He'll be missed.
RIP, The forgotten RHCP guitarist. We'll remember you bro!!
Shumba Chidawo
Shumba Chidawo:
Fly on Jack
May Funky Sun bless his Soul
Nathan Meyer
Nathan Meyer:
Like George Clinton said to him, “The Funk knows what you did for it”.. God Bless
majooor tom
majooor tom:
wonderin where his soul is now !! 💚
jenny L
jenny L:
Rogelio Valenzuela
Rogelio Valenzuela:
RIP :(
RIP :(
Matthew Garcia
Matthew Garcia:
Good god I know frucianti is a better song writer when it comes to making hits but this dude you can tell has more chops and knows how to solo with more melody
Samuel blinne
Samuel blinne:
Rest In Peace
Benjamin White
Benjamin White:
RIP Jack! Wish you got better treatment from Peppers as you helped a ton in early days. Travel well my friend.
Mateus Papini - Rogrão
Mateus Papini - Rogrão:
Karen Smith smith
Karen Smith smith:
Tompa Noname
Tompa Noname:
Rest in Peace man. Much love from Croatia.
Oak Wind
Oak Wind:
What a legend. Green Heaven changed my life. I hope to be sharing a stage with you guys within two years. Much love from the Southeast. Y’all are the best in the west, but I’m the yeast of the east. Watch me rise
He was such an amazing dude. RIP Jack
Felipe Jimenez
Felipe Jimenez:
He was just so talented and powerfull with his music
Rhuan Carlos
Rhuan Carlos:
Obrigado Sherman, descanse em paz
Sally Sturman
Sally Sturman:
A true friend who I already miss. Rest in Peace, Jack.
Mr. B
Mr. B:
RIP Jack, you where never forgotten nor shall you ever be.
RIP Jack
Rest In Peace Jack😢 Thanks for hours of conversations on Facebook😢
F.A.Z Frunky
F.A.Z Frunky:
Cuando comienzan a morir ex integrantes por vejez ya te empiezas a preocupar :(
William Manning
William Manning:
Man died on my birthday Red Hot Chili Peppers was always my favorite band
Raisa Cherry
Raisa Cherry:
This breaks my heart into,why on earth he was ignored,I just don't get it!what was his fault 😢😢😢💜
Aztec Whistle
Aztec Whistle:
Thank you for being there for us and the Chillies. You tore it up RIP Sherm.
Marie Lindevall Stauss
Marie Lindevall Stauss:
Rip Jack 😢😢
Shannon's World
Shannon's World:
Condolences go out to past and present members of the chilli peppers RIP
Mommy wheres daddy
A delicacie from him
Jack’s mother died 10 days before her son. Those news were too hard for Jack, seems it was the main cause of his heart attack...
Riccardo Musiu
Riccardo Musiu:
Hi friends ... I suddenly heard about the sad news ... I was so sorry ... We lost a great musician, the first Red Hot Chili Peppers records with his unmistakable style were fantastic.
RIP great Jack 💖💐🎸
Good bye,jack...
Rest in peace...
Rosaria Oliva
Rosaria Oliva:
- Manu -
- Manu -:
The transition to the sky hahajahahaha
Łukasz Majewski
Łukasz Majewski:
RIP :( part of rhcp has dissapeared
Stuart Lusk
Stuart Lusk:
A phenomenal player and all around good guy. He could be very abrasive and eccentric at times, but that was just the way he was. I’m glad to have known him as a fellow musician and as a friend. He will he missed.
Devon Wilson
Devon Wilson:
Een unique guitarist!
HNzero ghoul
HNzero ghoul:
Craig Nuttall
Craig Nuttall:
RIP jack x
Yehoshua Hozias
Yehoshua Hozias:
RIP Jack
Tupack ._.
Tupack ._.:
Descansa en paz, Jack Sherman
wiki ziki
wiki ziki:
Wasnt he the first guitarist in rhcp?
katherine hunter
katherine hunter:
Rest in Peace Jack Sherman.
Luiz Frusciante
Luiz Frusciante:
My condolences, Jack Thai people cheer everyone.
Brian C
Brian C:
Damn that sucks
Viper Hyper67
Viper Hyper67:
fiuu fiutt xoxo
fiuu fiutt xoxo:
Covid? :(
Dave Johannes
Dave Johannes:
Anthony and Flea are hypocrites..........
I want a new head
I want a new head:
Who is this guy?