Riqui Puig ► Crazy Skills, Goals & Assists | 2019/2020 HD


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48 comentarios:

His running with the ball reminds me of Messi. Hope Arteta snipes him. Though he doesnt seem to score much?
Adel AS9
Adel AS9:
He is amazing player 🙂
Riqui has a lot of media, Barcelona is changing the style and I think it would be a useless part of the squad that needs pressure all the time!!!
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse:
If Barca needs to sell, then why can't they sell Busquets? His passing is still good but he is slow now and can do no defence. He is old too and can't be used for long either. Other midfielders can have more playing time as well. Why are they sacrificing a prodigy for a player who doesn't have much left?
El Nacho Fantastico
El Nacho Fantastico:
Why do you have to rápe my ears while i am looking at a football video?
Túlio Gabriel
Túlio Gabriel:
_devia ser titular junto com o de jong_
Till Berzel
Till Berzel:
Welcome Bayern!!🔥🔥🔥
3 Kop
3 Kop:
Come to Ajax little bro
Rajdeep Majumder
Rajdeep Majumder:
And they are going to sell him for Pjanic.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
IR Football HD
IR Football HD:
ansu the beast
ansu the beast:
lord koeman says to go on loan and has been our best midfielder
Thabiso Chokoza
Thabiso Chokoza:
Perfect player for Pep
dedy ikhwan
dedy ikhwan:
Inter please sign him...
cancel no1
cancel no1:
Welcome to psg
Synyster Wait for it
Synyster Wait for it:
When la cantera tiene más el estilo del juego desarrollado que del mismo primer equipo
Daily Play
Daily Play:
Move to Liverpool 🤩👍
Top parceiro
Sanket Pawar
Sanket Pawar:
Bayern best club to grow for him no pressure .Bayern need Thiago replacement .
pedro coval
pedro coval:
F c porto????
l I
l I:
Pin me
Flavissimo 07
Flavissimo 07:
Calm app
داهية العرب
داهية العرب:
Another bojan kerkic
Alberto Zamarripa
Alberto Zamarripa:
First Song ?
How the fk Barcelona want to sell himm????
Son Kipgen
Son Kipgen:
Luv ur videos bruvv
S A:
Wellcome to Escaleritas
Kio 10
Kio 10:
He'll be a Bayern player before the transfer window ends.
Muryllo Gabriel
Muryllo Gabriel:
Koeman não te quer? Cuca tá te esperando no peixão
pedro coval
pedro coval:
Anda para o f c porto
your number plz
Audi Azham
Audi Azham:
Idk but he dribbles too much when there is golden opportunity, just like messi in valverde era. But hes young and prospectful.
Wellerson Oliveira
Wellerson Oliveira:
Tem tudo para ser o novo Iniesta
Rafael Quintana
Rafael Quintana:
He is good but, he is also too weak. Maybe he needs to grow up a little bit, in size, at least.
Green Glass
Green Glass:
He would be great for Man Utd, Liverpool or Manchester City!!
Óscar Sánchez
Óscar Sánchez:
Koeman vete del Barça pero yaa
Eldin Demirovic
Eldin Demirovic:
Good for Bayern, he is good player but has some small things that need to be trained he will become the next Thiago Alcantara so Bayern can make him one of the best midfielders
El Profesor
El Profesor:
Meanwhile Koeman can't fit him in "his system". What a joke. Riqui Puig is our best midfielder, the guy with that Barca DNA, who has that tiki taka mentality. He is a COMPLETE midfielder. DON'T LET HIM GO, EVEN FOR A LOAN! #RIQUISTAY otherwise #KoemanOut
Aaron Hounsrou
Aaron Hounsrou:
Welcome to bayern
Bra Xbrain
Bra Xbrain:
Best midfielder
Ayman El Bahri
Ayman El Bahri:
Frenkie and riqui best midfielder of Barcelona
Bavarian Goat
Bavarian Goat:
Koeman said he wasn't in his plans so i want Brazzo to make a move and bring this guy to Bayern that would be amazing
zak progii
zak progii:
koeman is blind man
Enzo Gauna
Enzo Gauna:
Esta verde
Cristiano Biraghi
Cristiano Biraghi:
Give us Puig and 50m for Lautaro
M Liev Tolstoi
M Liev Tolstoi:
Welcome to Chelsea
Glen Rwodzi
Glen Rwodzi:
Three things this kid needs to become the superstar we hope him to be:

- Confidence: Not shy away from doing take-ons or impulsive creative passes and shots. He has it in him, he can produce moments of brilliance throughout the game. [At this stage he only has a few; the rest of the time he does boring routine things like the rest of the normal players]. It seems the purpose of a larger portion of his dribbles is to get AWAY from defenders to get to safer ground instead of BEATING THEM to go wherever he wants.

- Calmness on the ball: he seems a bit rushed and Jittery when he has the ball in more intense situations; that reduces his ability to make full use of his creativity. Having the ball shouldn't be a 'flight/flight' situation; it should be peaceful, a chance to do some fun creative stuff. Remember how calm [but deadly] Xavi and Iniesta were on the ball? Messi too; cool as a cucumber but lethal.

- Carry on being humble and work his butt off! Nothing as irritating as hyped up so called 'wonderkids' who stop growing/improving once people prematurely call them 'prodigies' after witnessing one/ two moments of brilliance.