Riverdale Cast: Real-Life Couples 2020 Revealed! |⭐ OSSA

Riverdale's cast have had quite surprising real-life romance updates in 2020.
Breakups, divorce, pregnancy, and new relationships of Riverdale actors are exposed in this video!

Madelaine Petsch aka Cheryl Blossom broke up with her long-term boyfriend, musician Travis Mills, in February. But the ex-couple remained good friends, supporting each other on social media.
Skeet Ulrich who plays F.P.Jones is a proud father of the 19-year old twins, Jakob and Naiia. Apart from that, the actor has been divorced twice, and his third engagement was cancelled in 2017. Supposedly, Skeet is single now.
Vanessa Morgan aka Toni Topaz married a baseball player Michael Kopech in January. In July Vanessa announced her pregnancy, but sadly, her husband had filed for divorce shortly before that.

KJ Apa as red headed heartthrob Archie, has been in a new relationship with French model Clara Berry since February. And he doesn't shy from posting some explicit pictures of his girlfriend on Instagram.
Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, has been dating her co-star Charles Melton for about a year, before they called it quits in December 2019. Now Cami is dating fashion photographer Grayson Vaughn.

Cole Sprouse better known as Jughead Jones recently confirmed that he broke up with Lili Reinhart in March. He was rumored to be connected to model Kaia Gerber, but the two are just friends.
Lili Reinhart aka Betty Cooper came out as bisexual this June. She also opened up about her battle with depression, commenting that it's not connected with her split from Cole Sprouse.
Charles Melton as Reggie Mantle has been allegedly single since he broke up with Camila Mendes. Still, the fans ship Charles with his movie co-star Vanessa Hudgens.

Mädchen Amick who plays Alice Cooper, has been happily married to songwriter David Alexis for 28 years. Together the couple has two grown-up children.
Mark Consuelos aka Hiram Lodge is a devoted family man, too. Married to TV host Kelly Ripa for 24 years, he is a father of 3 kids.
Casey Cott who plays Kevin Keller is very private about his love life, but his Instagram feed has two sweet pictures with a mysterious brunette.

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Never Mind
Never Mind:
Wtf why did you show lili crying in the thumbnail as if she was crying over the breakup?
The person reading this is going to be successful in life
Lila Zante
Lila Zante:
I actually cried when Lili and Cole broke up tho
caitlin haxby
caitlin haxby:
why tf. Vanessa was married and pregnant then divorced. why do men
Erin Reed
Erin Reed:
If you look up 'Vanessa morgan' it says her spouse is madalaine petsch
cactus juice
cactus juice:
" let's put a picture of Lili crying which is actually completely out of context *just to get them views* "
Kylie Ferris
Kylie Ferris:
I would normally like but you got a few things wrong. And if you are caught up with Riverdale you would know that F.P Jones is a good father! get your facts straight
icecream princess
icecream princess:
I love Cole sprouse and lili reinhart they where meant to be
Molly Yates
Molly Yates:
Vanessa's bisexual and Michael plays baseball.... where are you getting your info from?
Josephine Chan
Josephine Chan:
Why are so many facts here wrong 😭😭
Lili was crying about her dog cause it might die or did I’m not sure but clickbait
Honestly you should take this down. Yes Lili and cole broke up. Please respect and don’t post about it. Then go around making the thumbnail her with another guy for clickbait. 🙄
Idk Why I’m here
Idk Why I’m here:
Vanessa isn’t straight in real life what
S K Doyle
S K Doyle:
You can just tell when a woman is bisexual. You can feel it in their energy.
Angel Leh
Angel Leh:
Vanessa Morgan’s husband is a baseball player not a basketball player btw
kxteiia !
kxteiia !:
I’m getting real annoyed 😶 Skeet Ulrich dates Megan Irwin! 😌
Lauren Osburn
Lauren Osburn:
Dude that wasn't Lili crying over the breakup, your absolutely vile and disgusting for using that picture in that way. She was upset about her puppy Milo in that picture, stop being so insensative.
Michael Malaret
Michael Malaret:
Michael kopeck is a baseball player not basketball...
Bea 21
Bea 21:
Jooo I didn‘t even know madeleine and her boyfriend broke up Whattttt?!?!
nae vibezzz
nae vibezzz:
Its gonna be a weird time trying to make season 5 of riverdale
Franco Pereira
Franco Pereira:
Betty cooper and Jughead forever❤️
Aniya Black
Aniya Black:
Y’all got a few things wrong 😂
Abby R
Abby R:
This is so factually wrong it’s funny.
Artemis Wolf
Artemis Wolf:
I wish Lili and Cole stayed together they were good
All the veggie stans out there: YES VEGGIE FOR LIFEEEEE
Laila Petaway
Laila Petaway:
Lili's not even 24 yet
leave them alone, none of this is any of your business.❤️
Tagataro Lian
Tagataro Lian:
awww , poor girl , and that other girl dosen't look 16 , she looks 25 omg , how to look more mature when young ? and how to not look younger when older , this is the dilemma
Gil Hood
Gil Hood:
Why am I watching this at 1 in the morning?
Blossom_ ASMR
Blossom_ ASMR:
Dude why does hirams real son look dead on him 💀👀I thought it was son who was playing young Hiram!😂
Dancer Girl
Dancer Girl:
Is it me who just realized that Veronica/CamilaMendes is Shawn mendes and Camilas names mixed
Anime Lover
Anime Lover:
I got sad when I seen Lili cry don’t show that I thought something was wrong
Gabbie Loves Unicorns
Gabbie Loves Unicorns:
I'll take him if he's single lol I won't do that to lili but still 😏
Cassie Medina
Cassie Medina:
Kopech player baseball not basketball
Bratzyy Dylii
Bratzyy Dylii:
Uhm isn't vanessa bi?i think she literally said it herself somewhere. get ur facts straight
Lili and cole are Back tugheder and this is the real important thing, she and cole are a favolous couple buth theyr relashionchip is really privat. Sorry for the bad english i’m italian
charlie reese
charlie reese:
A basketball player😂 he’s a baseball player FYI
caitlin haxby
caitlin haxby:
skeet isn't single he's dating a fair younger lady
Skeet has a girlfriend. A 20 something year old Victoria secret model.
Aly Beverly
Aly Beverly:
Mädchen looks wonderful at 49, I thought she was at least 10 years younger, she's gorgeous, hope I can look as good as her when I'm her age 💕💕
Ledger Wight
Ledger Wight:
Dude I was shocked when I saw lil Reinhart was bisexual
Sabin Lama
Sabin Lama:
I want lili reinhart and cole again ❤
Samantha Rea
Samantha Rea:
Shreyasee Kar
Shreyasee Kar:
Cole & Lili are my fav 😍❤️
Maddy T.
Maddy T.:
omg i was wondering why the teen hirim looked so much like him😂
Grapê Wølfìê
Grapê Wølfìê:
Ok you shouldn't post about this.. because people's relationships or lives are none of your business, i don't know who you are but it isn't your place to post about peoples lovelife or relationships, some of the video may be ok to post about but still you shouldn't post about this. Hate on me all you want i don't care. Edit: also where the hell did you get all this info!?
Esmée Bengall
Esmée Bengall:
These must take so long to make/edit
Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart❤️
I'm so happy for Mädchen :)
Anna Dedon
Anna Dedon:
what is the thumbnail it’s such clickbait lili wasn’t crying over a break up she was crying because her dog got big by another dog
Oluwapelumi Theresa
Oluwapelumi Theresa:
Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart forever💫✨
Darren Bartley
Darren Bartley:
Vanessa has always been my all time crush! Kopeck gave up everything that I dreamed having.
JaeJoyCas 671
JaeJoyCas 671:
i hope they get back together 😭😭❤
Victoria Rose Sylvester
Victoria Rose Sylvester:
Kj is 23 not 20
Adi Flores
Adi Flores:
Wait wait wait now she gonna have her baby now AGHHHHHH
Prudence Dougi
Prudence Dougi:
I was gonna watch this but a ad showed up and Camila Mendes was on it
Philomena Stefanny Peter
Philomena Stefanny Peter:
If I didn't read all the comments I might believe what she said 😂
Readjusts Crown
Readjusts Crown:
Yes to Cole and Lili fixing their relationship
Skeet definitely has a type😂
A R I A N N A:
i hope cole and lili get back together 😭
Ines Chaabene
Ines Chaabene:
7:37 I hope so
Dewood Andre
Dewood Andre:
When is Varchie going to start darting🤔??? Because I'm waiting that and i'm not the only one.
Hazel Mona
Hazel Mona:
I think lili and Cole spouse should date again there too cute I wouldn't see Cole with anyone but her there too cute together!
Brozlynne Beckford
Brozlynne Beckford:
This is ✨I n s e n s e t i v e✨ and ✨c l i c k b a i t✨
Nirjona Rahman
Nirjona Rahman:
In Bengali "Apa" means sister 😑
my fav (s) couple offsets are either Jughead and Betty (Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart) or Madelaine Petsch and Travis Mills
GeForce 2.0
GeForce 2.0:
Did she just call Micheal kopech a basketball player omg I thought you learn your facts before you start these videos 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
Atlantic x moon
Atlantic x moon:
*suite life fans* well looks like he didn’t forget to cherish her this time :)
Jose De Faria Costa
Jose De Faria Costa:
Quando sai a nova temporada de Riverdale ?
Cool Devil
Cool Devil:
I didn't know Madss broke up with her Bf..Soo she is alone noww😔She need mee😱😱🤣😅
Ruzan Melikian
Ruzan Melikian:
I see the Armenian flag in the back!
Savannah Wolf
Savannah Wolf:
There’s so much drama 🤣😂🤣😂
necromancer 100
necromancer 100:
The thumbnail is so messed up....wtf !? Screw this channel
Joana Estrada
Joana Estrada:
I'm so confused LIlli and Cole broke up or what because I'm so confused like oh my gosh I thought they were still dating
Myli_slay 10
Myli_slay 10:
i want the to actors that played betty and jughead to get back together
Ingrid Sofie Ovedal
Ingrid Sofie Ovedal:
Vanessa Hudgens belongs to Zac Efron❤️
Monky Dollqueen
Monky Dollqueen:
A man tells his doctor, Help me. I'm addicted to Twitter!" Sorry, I'm not following you." 😂🤣
wait did she just call him basketball player?!
Addy Holmes
Addy Holmes:
I am a big fan on Riverdale though 😁
Riverdale TextingStorys
Riverdale TextingStorys:
The first one was lie
mikela lechner
mikela lechner:
i thought cole and lili were done??
We live here Here
We live here Here:
Wait there is season5??
Melinda Piette
Melinda Piette:
There are so many errors here I'm losing count
i am the 5,1k liker :o
Skylar Young
Skylar Young:
michael kopeck ( i think thats how you spell his name) she plays baseball instead of basketball
Noora Ilona
Noora Ilona:
I love Medelaine and Travis they are so cc
Gabby Cloudyxn
Gabby Cloudyxn:
Betty cooper is bi?-
Shawnee Edwards
Shawnee Edwards:
Cole a simp
echsi jae
echsi jae:
Why the thumbnail tho...
Abby Koziel
Abby Koziel:
I hope Lili and Cole get back together
Abigail Gerber
Abigail Gerber:
What about archies dad
Unique Gilliard
Unique Gilliard:
love all of them
Courtney Washington
Courtney Washington:
i loe this ya,ll an fine this on nexflix
Netfix is the best Netflix shows
Netfix is the best Netflix shows:
Michael kopech is a baseball player not a basketball❤
Fakunle Elijah
Fakunle Elijah:
I so much love Betty and Veronica and for the male...Archie and Jug
Hannah M
Hannah M:
If you happen to know who Casey’s current love is....keep it to yourself.
Arikalea Hackley
Arikalea Hackley:
Jordi Paredes
Jordi Paredes:
Uhhhh Michael Kopech isn’t a basketball player smfhh🤦🏻‍♂️. He’s a baseball player. Pitcher for the Whitesox
Jason Reyesmedrano
Jason Reyesmedrano:
Vanessas baby is gonna be born on the same month as me!!
Sarah ZHelper
Sarah ZHelper:
I'm pretty sure both Vanessa Morgan and Madelaine Petsch are bisexual